Zombies Z-Cap with Bucky 🍤 | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel

Zombies Z-Cap with Bucky 🍤 | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel

( music playing )( crowd gasps )( chimes ring )Welcome to the Seabrook Museum. Now, I know I need
no introduction. My reputation as cheer star and all around incredible
human being precedes me. But you may as well be dazzled.( air horn blows )It’s not every day
these jazz hands toil in a summer job, folks. My aunt Mayor Missy
insisted I take the gig because my cousin
Addison’s so fired up – about zombies.
– I am way fired up. And who better to share
the proud history of Seabrook than it’s most famous
and beloved hero? – Hey, Zed!
– What’s up? This way, folks.
Double-time. Welcome to Zombie Town, okay? 50 years ago, a freak accident turned half our city
into hideous zombies.The were quarantined
in Zombie Town
until Z-Bands were invented
to curb zombies’ appetite for all you can eat brains. Though it did nothing
to curb their appetite for, uh, odd decor. Behold, the Z-Band. It’s nearly as powerful
as the electricity of a well-executed
Mighty Shrimp cheer. And so, in the spirit of
Seabrook’s generous hospitality,we, you know, opened our armsto welcome zombies
to our school.
Hanging with zombies
can be hazardous. You could end up at
the reject table like that. Bucky:So, Seabrook became
the first-ever
integrated human/zombie school. As you can see behind me, we built them their own
state of the art classroom with their very own teacher. Let’s do some grammar
or something. This is supposed to
be Chemistry. Look, 45 minutes ago
I was a janitor, kid, – so bear with me.
One zombie named Zedstarted making trouble,
breaking rules. Zed: What am I doing? I’m on my way
to football tryouts. Oh! Yeah, I know
it’s a high-risk move. But I got smarts
and stealth on my side. ( grunting ) Zed snuck onto the football team
through the back door cheered on by
his crew of zombies Bonzo and Eliza
and his little sister Zoey. – ( growling, barking )
– Good boy. And of course,
who connects with Zed?My oddball, loves everyone,white hair hiding,
wig-wearing cousin Addison. – What’s your name?
– Addison. – Woman on PA: All clear.
– Aah! Zombie! – ( groans )
– So sorry. My parents
have always taught me that zombies
are disgusting dead-eyed freaks, but you’re not hideous at all. What a lovely spot
for a date, Zed. ( chomping ) Eww. Gross. ♪ What could go so wrong
with a girl and a zombie? ♪ Uh, I’ll tell you.
Everything. – That’s a mere technicality.
– ( air horn blares ) Welcome to trophyville! Boom! Look at all this bling. The cheer squad is Seabrook’s
winningest institution. And I don’t want to
take all the credit, but who has two thumbs,
a perfect smile, and can do a flawless
no-hands chin chin into a kick-twist basket toss? – This guy.
– Go, team, go! The Mighty Shrimp! Football, on the other hand,
was the ZOAT.“Zee Worst Of All Time.”But Zed wanted to change that,
and cheated.
Yeah, Zed’s a cheating cheater. I just need
a little zom-boost. He got hacktivist Elizato hack into his Z-Band
and jailbreak it
so he could use
his zombie strength
to win football games.Announcer:
Seabrook wins? Wow, a win! It was a scary moment. – And bam!
♪ Bam ♪Zombies became almost popular. We had to bravely
expose their secret, and so I took matters
into my own hands. Well, not into my own hands.
Into the A.C.s’ hands, really. I wouldn’t want
to scuff my manicure.So the A.C.s hacked inand turned them back
into their true selves– brain eating zombies. ( growling ) And it all went exactly
according to my plan. – Until it didn’t.
– ( roaring ) ( alarm blaring )Things got a bit nasty,but the Z Patrol
got things under control. Guys!
Hey, these are my friends! We don’t have human friends. And that’s when Addison lost it. – ♪ I’m gonna stand ♪
– ( crowd gasping ) Pulling off her wig in public
without a hairbrush? The shame!Tragically, we did not winthe cheer championship.Let’s go Seabrook Cheer! Get off the stage, zombie! But something
extraordinary did happen. ♪ We were made for this,
there’s nothing we can’t do ♪Is it wrong to say
that I saved the day?
Well, I would not disagree. – ♪ Get fired up ♪
– ( crowd cheering ) And to be clear,
I’m not anti-zombie. I’m just pro winning. I’m even willing to
give zombies a spot on the cheer team. They might make good throwers. That is, if they can survive
the rigors of cheer camp. Look, zombies
and Seabrookians are united and living happily
ever after now. You’re welcome. Yes?
What’s that exhibit?( music playing )I don’t know. But if it’s not about Bucky,
why should I care? ( wolves howling ) You know what? Let me
show you guys to the exit. Thank you all
so much for coming. That’s it. That way.♪ Bamm, oh, man, oh, man ♪♪ I’m the man, bet you
can’t do it like I can ♪
♪ Bamm, oh, man… ♪

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