Your Comics Aren’t Worth That Much (ft. Vintage Phoenix Comic Books) | [Indi]android Ep. 9

Your Comics Aren’t Worth That Much (ft. Vintage Phoenix Comic Books) | [Indi]android Ep. 9

Now in life, there aren’t many certainties:
death, taxes. But, for a comic book lover, there’s one more:
A relative handing you a big, dusty box of comics and saying, “Go see if these are worth
something.” But not every issue is gonna be a pristine
Action Comics #1 that goes for $3 million on eBay. It’s gonna be more along the lines of… Ok, maybe the thing is a, is a fake. [bleep] That’s why we’re here at Vintage Phoenix in downtown Bloomington, where we’re gonna find
out: What’s that stack of comics really worth? Today, on [Indi]android. One thing that’s pretty easy is that most
of the comics that are brought in are worth very very little. [Narrator:] This optimist is Matt Traughber,
who’s been with the store since the early 2000s and appraises between five and 10 comic
collections a week. He’s also right. Most of your comics aren’t worth anything. But why? Most of the comics we see are from the 80s
or 90s to present, especially from the 90s speculation boom. Without getting into the whole history of
comics, there was a massive speculation boom in the first half of the 90s. [Narrator:] Let’s get into the whole history. From the mid-80s to the early 90s, big name
comics like Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns were grabbing mainstream attention. On top of that, news kept breaking of old,
Golden Age comics like Action Comics #1 selling for thousands of dollars. So the notion of comics as collectibles grew. People start buying into this collectability
aspect, like they’re automatically collectible, they’re automatically valuable, simply because
they’re comics – which is not true. The old ones are valuable because they’re
rare. And once most people are treating them as
collectibles and keeping them and storing them, then it’s the exact opposite of what
it used to be. The supply is simply too plentiful. [Narrator:] The gold rush had started. But in this case, the mine was printing more
gold than anyone actually asked for. Traditionally, a successful comic prints about
100,000 copies total. In the speculation boom, they were printing
millions. And the extreme example is that X-Men #1 by
Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. There are 8 million copies of that comic. And there’s nothing, there’s nothing that
sells – in the last 20 years there’s been one or two comics that have sold a million
copies. One million. So, you were selling 8 million copies of that. So it’s supply and demand. There are so many copies of those books that
for every person looking, there are, in some cases, thousands of copies. [Narrator:] For instance, let’s take a look
at The Death of Superman. This book was manufactured to be big. But now you can get a copy of Superman #75,
sealed in that melodramatic black bag, for around 15 bucks on eBay. [Matt:] Oh, six months or a year ago, someone,
as we’ve been talking, came in the front door with a box of comics and took the lid off,
and it was 160 copies of that issue. That’s all it was. The old ones that you hear stories that they’re
worth a million dollars, that’s because there’s 10 copies in existence, not millions. [Newscast:] “It’s a bird!” “It’s a plane!” It’s a corpse! Come mid-November, Superman will be flying,
alright – to heaven! [Narrator:] Ok, so the 90s kind of broke comic
collecting. But what do you do if you really think you’ve
got something special? When you bring in your collection to somebody
like Matt, he’ll look for a few things. [Matt:] Anybody who’s into comics knows some
of the key issues. They’re gonna recognize them on the spot. But not all of them. So, I will – I’ll go through every single
book and make sure I’m not overlooking something. We had that recently with the collection I
said we bought with a couple thousand comics. There’s a long run of Hulk. Whole box full of Hulk comics. I wanted to double-check I wasn’t missing
something so I pulled out our price guide and I’m looking for, kind of just in the column
there, a spike, a number that maybe shoots up. And I found it, and I go across and I read
why, and it was the second appearance of Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy. So that issue – the one before it, nothing. It’s worth a couple bucks. The one after it? A couple bucks. That issue is worth like a hundred bucks. I both know what I’m looking for a lot of
the time, but I also know that I don’t know it all. [Narrator:] Then, if he sees a few choice
nuggets, there’s more to consider. Condition: No one wants your Dark Knight Returns
if it’s been flavor-blasted with nacho dust. The market: What sells well in this area? And lastly: What’s the hype around it? [Matt:] And there are comics that used to
be worthless, and then something happens and a character catches on and suddenly people
want that again. A book like Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special
from 90…something. It’s the first appearance of Squirrel Girl. But no one cared about that for about 20 years. It was in our bargain boxes if we had it,
or, you know, all the comic shops. And then Squirrel Girl takes off and everyone’s
going through the boxes trying to find copies that haven’t been destroyed by being in bargain
boxes for 20 years. [Narrator:] If all of the above goes right,
you might have a bona fide moneymaker on your hands. But again, the real diamonds in the rough
have one big thing in common: There just aren’t that many of them. Yes, the supply is back down to normal, but
there’s plenty of them, basically. For the number of active collectors looking
for anything, there’s plenty of copies. It takes time. And frankly, modern comics are very unlikely
to ever be worth the type of prices you see from Action #1, or Detective #27, or Amazing
Fantasy #15, the first appearance of these key characters from the past. Primarily because there are so few copies
of those comics that still exist, because comics were pretty much considered disposable
entertainment. They were a few collectors, but most were
kids and people who just kinda read them. And not to mention, with comics from the Golden
Age, the 30s and 40s, you have things like paper drives during World War II that destroyed
some, you have the scare of people trying to say that comics are corrupting youth so
some comics are burned in the 50s. So you have things that really make some of
those earlier 50s and earlier comics pretty rare. [Narrator:] So the comics you got in the 90s
aren’t worth anything, and the comics you buy today won’t be worth anything. Then what’s a comic collector to do? I dunno, man. Have fun? Enjoy them? That’s what they’re for. I always tell people this: If your comics
end up being worth, you know, some great money, great. But you just got lucky. That’s not what they’re for. Comic books are entertainment. So you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth
if you’re buying them and reading them and enjoying them. So where should you start if you want to be
a collector? Start with something you’re interested in. All you care about, though, you’re just like,
‘I don’t want that, I gotta collect.’ Then you’re better off buying books that are
already worth something. Buying some of these older books and watching
them go up, because some of them have gone up tremendously. I tell people over and over, pick out something
you’ve got some interest in. If you’ve never read a comic, we can steer
you toward something, but I tell people to trust themselves. I’ll ask you what at least are you generally
interested in, point you in that direction and tell you, the right one to start with
is the one that looks cool to you.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Your Comics Aren’t Worth That Much (ft. Vintage Phoenix Comic Books) | [Indi]android Ep. 9

  1. adavari17 says:

    It's actually the first appearance of rocket raccoon

  2. Sherlock BONES says:

    Buy tradebacks.

  3. Alfonso Garcia says:

    Stopped collecting in the mid 90's when the gimmick multiple covers and re-do comic line starting back at #1. Good thing i began collecting in the early 70's

  4. Ron B says:

    Plot twist, Squirrel Girl never took off lol

  5. JFrog says:

    or maybe just do your research and pick up the books with the highest chance of being worth something based on first appearances, etc.

  6. b0bbyGQ says:

    One of my comic is probably worth 1000$

  7. Shodaximus says:

    Comics are still worth quite a bit of Money, I just got a 2 copies of Batman 89 which is a $4.00 book released last week, currently selling for $50. Not too mention I got one standard release and one of the misprints. The misprints are selling for $300-$400.00. So those key issues, and misprints still exists. And, some of the books from the 90s also sell for a decent amount of money, like my 9.8 Amazing Spider-man #361.

  8. BigDaddyCool42 says:

    Gold and silver age comics are where big money is.

  9. Symbiotespider H says:

    No duh

  10. Brad Koski says:

    These stores talk these books down but when you look at their prices, it just doesn’t add up! They’re scammers…..period!!

  11. Sophie Blah says:

    Rule #1, don't look at highest sales on ebay if you have no idea what you have, unless it's graded, you have no way to determine its worth unless you are extremely familiar with the grading process.

    #2 buy an overstreet guide, generally these estimate low or high but not too much of an extreme, it's a good basis to go off of if you're selling somthing you don't understand, you don't want to get ripped off. And make sure you have the latest edition! I've seen appraisers bring in old books to try to lowball

    #3 Don't sell in bulk, you're likely to sell something hidden in the bunch that is worth more than the whole lot you just sold

    #4 terrible advice in this video, always get your books appraised, keys are hiding everywhere, just because AF 15 is a high key doesn't mean it's the only key that matters, first appearances and even misprints can be worth more than you could imagine.

    Do you want to make a fast profit of 1k in a week one time or 25k every month? Both sides are hard work but %100 possible, I do it every day. It costs money to make money and moreover it takes some crazy memorization skills, you have to know your stuff and watch the market. It is NOT easy but I would never make a video saying your books aren't worth anything, they are worth something, whether that be a dollar or a million, you never know until you do the research and be smart with who you sell to (never sell to comic book stores….10 cents a book is the general rule there)

  12. Santiago Comics says:

    As a seller, your comics are worth a lot. Please follow me on Instagram, I specialize in modern signed comics.

  13. billy bombs says:

    great video. just read comics. enjoy

  14. Cobb 81 says:

    He keeps them al out of bags and boards. Those boxes etc. are gonna be waste paper in a few years. I would not want to buy there.

  15. Bastian says:

    Market may not be great for those only in it for money…. But it's great for those of us who simply love comics!

  16. Raul Zavala says:

    Buy only because A) Its your favorite character, B) Your favorite creative team, or C) A combination of A and B. I purged a lot of my collection as it was a lot 1990s junk that I bought just for shits and now I've pared it down to what I actually like.

  17. Philip Holbrook says:

    Most of comics are from the early to mid 70s. I recently started buying a few new comics and I buy to read and enjoy what I like. I will be 70 in August and guess I should sell my old ones soon. I laugh when I see the hoarding of every new comic by some buyers. Enjoy what you like folks.

  18. J Storey says:

    Get em graded out em up for auction

  19. Paul J landry says:

    some are worth money, a lot of them aren't but to say everything past the 90s are worthless is pretty stupid. why does that guy sell them for a living then? pretty shitty business model telling your customers they're wasting their money

  20. Gene Moretti says:

    Your talking to rookies in this video.. lol. Not true collectors….dont waste your time with this video…..

  21. J T says:

    I buy comics to read not to hope they become valuable and I can become rich. I enjoy reading the stories as the books come out. I love the events and going to the comic shop every week as part of the story is released. Recently absolutely carnage and war of the realms were a blast to read, It's entertaining. Some i keep some I just get rid of on ebay.

  22. 81artmonk says:

    I've noticed that trying to get key issues is difficult due to sellers wanting top dollar for issues that are beaten to hell. If you have an Incredible Hulk #181 with a torn front cover, missing pages and in general disrepair and you want a few hundred dollars you are simply insane. IMO a collectible like comics in really bad shape is basically worthless to very little.

  23. W. R. says:

    If you collected to make money…that was your first problem….

    Edit: I’d hate to be a comic shop owner these days….

  24. philomon jones says:

    What devalues comics is that the company re issues them and floods the market thus making your collection less profitable.for instance i was looking for avengers annual 10 which was very rare i eventually found it in my local comic book store.and now it s online everywhere.

  25. Devin Lauwerier says:

    Bought a variant last week for 8$ and its 15$ today 20$ next month :/ idk.
    But its fun lol

  26. nick longstaffe says:

    They are priceless to me

  27. Johnny Burger says:

    He said that sales are back to normal. They’re at all time lows. The comic industry has been on the decline for years and the creators have no one to blame but themselves. They made a decision to alienate longtime fans in favor of new fans who don’t exist.

  28. charlie larson says:

    So what's your words on Newsstand issues there are a lot rarer than the direct but three times as rare as a direct issue just here's a fact Amazing Spider-Man number 36 the 911 issue direct is readily available constantly where the news stand you can only buy it that month and then they take the covers off and use the covers as credit for no sale my collection is roughly about 90% Newsstand in about 10% Direct addition

  29. Edwin Camacho Rivera says:

    I once picked up a first printing of Superman 75 for a dollar.

  30. C Monster7D says:

    So comic shops buying stuff is just like going to a GameStop to sell a game. Lol

  31. rr ww says:

    your 1st appearance of Rocket Raccoon is worth 100 bucks to dis guy

  32. John Cole says:

    I Stayed through the overblown clone fisaco in the mid 90's but I left comics with that pathetic one more day/brand new day garbage.

  33. Swamp Fox says:

    A lot of comics that were not key issues are now climbing in price cause of the cinematic universe. You need to watch e bit closer bro. I just sold a spider woman 1 for 500 the other day. A year ago I would not have received 30 dollars for that comic. My point being there are more and more key issues coming every year because of the fandom rage due to the movies. Just saying.

  34. 312vandal says:

    My comics are worth A LOT….to ME 😁

  35. Duh tube says:

    Sports cards comic books are all trash now

  36. Retro Pyro says:

    "Expert comic shop guy" doesn't bag and board, just throws them in a box. Okay.

  37. Mark Ash says:

    Most of all my comics aren't worth anything….but I did start collecting Invincible when it first came out and the first 20 issues were a low print run and they actually have some value to them now. Yay!

  38. Dan Perry says:

    I have some comics from the mid 70's…Hulk,Spiderman,Thor, Cpt America/Falcon, The Defenders, Tarzan, The Eternals…ect. Hmmm, I wonder what they are worth?

  39. Peter Wendt says:

    Maybe YOUR comic books aren't worth much. But my alternate cover copy of X-Force (third series) #1 will be worth millions one day!

  40. 57 Defective says:

    Blah, my Uncanny X-men #1 in 3.5 condition is worth a couple of grand.

  41. clash5j says:

    Sold all my comics in 2001 at Jim Hanley's Universe back when they were right next to the Empire State Building. Paid for my move to Atlanta and furnished my entire apt quite nicely

  42. Kardboard Kenny says:

    i'm glad i just invested in hard drives. go snag every single dc/marvel comic from 1935-2019 off of a private torrent site and enjoy more than i'll ever be able to read.

    this poor fellow acts like the 'murican comic industry isn't on its last legs…lol

  43. Jon Bishop says:

    To many covers. This makes the book itself more of a reprint then a rarity.

  44. vincent visconi says:

    No shit that's why you get key issues who's gonna sell comics now.maby in 30 years

  45. MC TDAWG says:

    There will be a video for Pop collectors that will sound alot like this in the future. I hope those little ugly things are recyclable…

  46. Ethan Miller says:

    Can someone help me my dad has a couple copys of the spiderman comic at 3:07 is that worth anything
    Ps I dont read that much marvel more of a dc fan

  47. Steve Michael says:

    I collect because I love comics and I love history and damnit I’m proud of my collection. Money isn’t everything in life. I just bought a king pin first appearance for 450$ after negotiating 65$ off his asking price. And I’ll never sell it.

    Collect because you love it, not to make money. Invest in gold and silver and collect comics.

  48. kevin jones says:

    4:00 lol….that DKR for $300. What a steal!

  49. Zombo Rodriguez says:

    Wait "comic books are entertainment' he says so why would he be in the business then

  50. TreasuredHarte says:

    I have original iron Man 55 and uncanny X-Men 96-300 something. Plus others like strange tales, etc

  51. Lionel Jones says:

    He couldn't be more wrong, the key books from the 1940's to 1960's see maybe 5 to 10% increase per year, but the 1970's and 80's books see anywhere between 30 to 1000% increases, 1990's books are as dead as dead can be, early 2000's have some investment value as new characters are introduced and used.
    So investing in as amazing fantasy 15 for upwards of $50.000 is fine if you want the book but it has hit its ceiling over 10 years it might gain 3 to 5k but that's about it, look at the smaller priced books from the 1970's and 1980's for investment growth potential.

  52. Brian C says:

    Who’d spend lots of money on the first appearance of Squirrel Girl?

  53. Brian C says:

    I grew up in the 90s, so I knew I wasn’t getting anything valuable—Gold and Silver Age—for cheap but if you collect, you tend to stumble onto lots of lucky finds.

  54. Gordon Lumbert says:

    My experience is if they are about 30 years old 300 comics maybe a bit more than cover price. The fact many are available online and trade paper backs so not so much.

  55. Daves GoldenDuck says:

    They are nostalgic and fun to collect.

  56. Daves GoldenDuck says:

    No current comicbooks will be worth anything

  57. Keith Talaga says:

    I find it funny that there not mentioning the in the 90 money boom, the Golden Age books were pushing 50 years old. And over the 10 years the 70's book have been going up. It seem like the magic number in the money spike for comic collections is 45-50 years. So just hold on to any of those 90s Variant covers for another 25 years and you'll probably see a value in them.

  58. Aaron Weeks says:

    I have ironman #1

  59. dreamakuma says:

    I collect a lot of 50's to 80's horror comics and magazines.

    The vast majority aren't worth ten bucks an issue.

  60. Biohybrid _ says:

    I wouldn't sell from my collection at a comic shop.. I'd rather sell on eBay or any online store

  61. nathan ralph says:

    The silver age books where printed on the lowest quality paper, after 50 or so years aren't you essentially collecting dust?

  62. LC 716 says:

    If they weren’t worth anything why did you develop an entire business around buying and selling them, but tell me more 🤔

  63. G B says:

    modern comics wont be as much because they are shite

  64. akay akbar says:

    I collect panties

  65. Mike says:

    As i am getting close to retirement age I finally decided to sell my childhood collection from the 50s and 60s. I think it was the best time to do it as I see the major publishers in trouble and people my age are giving up the hobby. I don't see a whole lot of upside in the future, could go the way of stamp collecting down the road.

  66. Ryan Coulter says:

    All I have are the Spider-Man wedding dual covers and the McFarlane in plastic cover

    Local shop here in Saskatchewan did find a very early Fantastic Four comic amongst a guys attic box collection. The shop has since closed but that was the best day the shop ever had.

    Also had an early xmen that introduced The Blob but that one was in shreds

  67. Robert Enyart says:

    If it was printed in the 80s or 90s, you're looking at 10 cents a book if you're lucky.

  68. Metalllhead says:

    Ahem…..bull shit. Sellmycomicbooks . C o m

  69. studlygrish says:

    You're wrong the Disney Marvel movies have made comic books jump higher then they were before 2010. It's like anything in life a house a car a boat it is only worth what someone will give you.

  70. Mark Clark says:

    I sold my 2500 book collection in 1980 . I wonder

  71. Zam weazle says:

    Why would a SECOND apperace of Rocket Raccon in a hulk comic be worth $100??

  72. TOSStarTrek says:

    If a shop offers you cash runaway. It is typical for them to give 10th there market value.

  73. Daniel Green says:

    has anyone ever heard of suply and demand?

  74. Lee Banning says:

    I read the old stuff, by old I mean 1980s, because I loved the stories. You haven't lived until you've seen the Incredible Hulk tear down a twenty story skyscraper with his bare fist.

  75. Scarolinaviper Blue says:

    Mine are priceless…childhood memories 😁

  76. Theodore Martin says:

    I started buying/collecting comics in the mid 70's as a child.  I remember the comic craze of the early 90's post Tim Burton's Batman at the time not only were they making tons of copies to go out to the so called "collectors" but also the price of comics jumped up astronomically.  I agree you should get comics to enjoy them, not as a investment.  I have never met a coin collector who wasn't passionate about coins their history etc!

  77. larry floyd says:

    If you are a comic  lover,  collect because you like them..  don't do it to make money ..if your lucky great  but don't bank on it

  78. Josh Mitchell says:

    I've found that a comic's value is also affected by who worked on it. I've been collecting the comics where Spider-Man becomes Captain Universe, and the first few only cost like five dollars, but the one where he punches the Hulk into orbit is around ten because it was drawn by Todd McFarlane. At least that's why I assume it's more expensive. Maybe it is more rare than the others, but I think it's the art that makes it more desirable.

  79. john silcox says:

    Just after you get one read it then one two the next

  80. Stevie Beavy says:

    They always say oh that's not worth much I'll buy it from you , than sell it for 4x what they paid you than say they had to pay there rent and gas and just to live

  81. Santi. Josef says:

    As a comic book collector for the last thirty-five years you should only collect comic books if you love them or you love the art that went in to themnever going to comic books thinking that you're going to make money off of them !!had I known that I would have bought five six copies of The walking Dead number one !! But when that book came out it was so hard to find!! Leonardo dicaprio and Brad Pitt where even trying to buy their own copy of The walking Dead number one and nobody wanted to give their copy up!! That was a true rarity!! So only buy comic books if you love them!!!

  82. Jeff Baker says:

    Glad I collected mostly silver and bronze age comics.

  83. Rico Suave says:

    People that thought they would send their kids to college on "comic book investments" were ignorant clowns even back in the 90's. If you don't understand that "collectibility" is based on scarcity you deserve to waste your money. I engaged in some "responsible speculation" back then, I knew I was never going to get the next Spider-Man #1, because the conditions needed to create it would likely never happen again. But I did have the sense to grab #1's on characters that seemed to me good candidates for movies, because once a character gets a film, his origin issue is going well above cover, even if it's crap. Sure, I ended up with more turkeys than winners (Checkmate, I'm looking at you), but my Punisher #1, Hellblazer #1, Suicide Squad #1 and complete Dark Knight Returns run put together are worth more than I payed for all the titles I speculated on. I'm obviously not paying college tuition on what those books are worth, but realistically, their value has jumped as much as 2000% once they became film characters.

  84. MandoPrime1138 says:

    Not everything needs to have a monetary value. I collect/read comics because I like them and appreciate the work that was put into them.

  85. Texas Outlaw says:

    Is I’m waiting for my Wizard renewal.

  86. Todd JALane says:

    Only the firstprint #1 or first appearances are really worth anything.

  87. C. H. says:

    My collection was destroyed, found a guy in N.Y. that gave me & my bro – 80/$20.00( or 4/$1)..

    I ended up selling these books for $225.00 & 2 CGC comics ( my first ever graded books).. it was a steal, & I'm grateful for the experience. Even if i invested $120, i made $100, and chose the 2 CGC books i wanted.

    Two things:

    1. Know whats hot🔥: .. do your research. No lie, we held on to #Wizard magazines, and knew the hot🔥 issues like the back of our hands. On top of that, they listed CGC hot books📈…
    1a. So we knew what we were purging his comic bins for🤓, and we found so many books. That keen eye👀, doubled our money💲(i let my buddy throw in acouple books).

    2. 1 or 2 books: i under sold the collection, because 1 or 2 books were worth💲, maybe 30% of what i recieved, BUT because we shopped with a target to profit eventually🏚, who can argue with the 💲… a bin could be stacked for $25.00, but if you know key issues, key creators, key VARIANTS, that bin can automatically snag $75 to $100… with KEY issues in mind.

    3. Meet a shop owner🎖, and talk.. network, invest💞, find the smaller sellers, and repeat✌🏼

    I sold:
    • Xfactor 1-20s
    • 50 issues of Uncanny Xmen
    • New Mutants 2-30s
    • Cable
    • Thor in #300s
    • Ironman (Layton era)
    • Xtinction Agenda
    • Mutant Massacre
    • Inferno
    • Fear itself
    • Invasion
    • New Avengers
    • Conan, Kull
    • FF4 (Byrne era)
    • Amazing Spidey
    • McFarlane Spidey 2-12
    • image: wildcats, yungbld, etc
    • DC: Batman #227 ( 1st goth)
    • DC: original Parallax
    • DC: Superboy Lvs the Legion
    • DC: Batman 600
    • DC: Death of Supes bagged
    • Xforce bagged
    • DC: Legion- death karate kid
    • Grindel/Mage
    • Invincible
    • DC: death in the family
    • DC: Arkaham knight, bck brk
    • DC: Bat family & incorp
    • many Variants: messiah/eternals

    * and many more.. concentrating on quality creators and story arcs, we bought everything we could🐖, seemed like alot, but i was grabbing 20, 10, 15, 8, 25… and just throw it to the side, and pick the 🔥📈🔥, when i was ready.

    ** good luck, and dont waste a precious spot for garbage🏚 books📉.. comic values are online📈, definitely research, phone power 100% b4 going to shop, it matters… 💡

    * My next investment, a buddy has 50 bins, @ 3 issues/$1… im gonna go grab 300+ in the spring. In his store🏆( $1M comic store😁), He has issue💲 like: Thor "Him" issue… New Mutants #98.. 1st Supes, & Spidey… & entire runs🤦🏽‍♂️! Hes got a backroom of Autographed everything🤣… dude, Silvetri, Lee, etc… choose wisely! My buddy has continued to collect, i like to watch then #purge, the market! Clue: all crossover variants AvX types , all squirrelgirl work, all GOTG, miles 🔥✌🏼🔥

  88. Koloth says:

    This is why I buy the trade paperbacks. Death of Superman is actually a pretty decent story. And I remember the hype at the time. My uncle bought 4 copies, I bought none. But I did get the trade, it is a good read.

  89. eliquate says:

    Also, during WW2 the first thing parents donated to the war effort where comics (for paper) so a lot of them didn’t survive.

  90. Steven Thompson says:

    The comic books today kids cant afford to spend $5 on one issue they have killed the market by pricing new comics too high.
    I'll buy big collections pull the titles $10 and over flip them to another dealer for a couple bucks and sell the dollar comics kids can afford to spend $10 and get 10 comics and happy, dont want to waste my time waiting for the guy that wants my $50 comic for $10 and ebay is a joke.

  91. Jason Mckibbin says:

    Thank God for

    All those old worthless comics are now totally viable. Donate to C4K and get a full tax credit, I believe up to 5k a year.

  92. MrGrimjaw says:

    Yep comics are worth nothing since sjwscoummies/leftist invaded the industry

  93. Eric Allen Jett says:

    Had a coverless 1st app. of Wolverine that I sold for $300 some years ago….

  94. Gregory Love says:

    Mid 1990s comics where and still are awesome. Who wouldn’t like a hologram cover comic or foil cover of your favorite characters. Priceless

  95. Ralf R says:

    I just smirk with people buying bags and boards for every single pull they get at the comic store. The market is flooded unfortunately.

  96. Jordan 12905 says:

    So in other words don’t collect comics now to make money Because they are worth less than what you paid for them

  97. Charles Wallis says:

    Finally, the perfect format and platform as an explanation of the comic book collecting genre.  Kudos.

  98. Christopher Marshall says:

    80's till now are mass produced. Making them not worth much. In the 40s they werent produce in large numbers. Most were destroyed.

  99. DatBitch KeepingItReal says:

    Especially nowadays Current Marvel & DC are just putting out garbage agendas that won't sell in every comic and manga has overtook western you want a good tip just buy Old Books /Comic series this hobby isn't what it used to be

    Maybe buy some comics for those beautiful covers & hang them nothing elsez

  100. Clay3613 says:

    Well, he from Indiana…one of the worst states ever. Opinion invalidated.

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