Wreck-It Ralph 2 DISNEY PRINCESS Clip – Ralph Breaks The Internet

Wreck-It Ralph 2 DISNEY PRINCESS Clip – Ralph Breaks The Internet

Woah, woah ladies I can explain See um. I’m a princess too. Wait. What? Yeah Princess Vanellope von Schweetz of the Sugar Rush von Schweetzes I’m sure you’ve heard of us – it would be embarrassing for you if you haven’t. [nervous laugh] Pocahontas: What kind of a princess are you? What kind? Rapunzel: Do you have magic hair? No. Elsa: Magic hands? No. Cinderella: Do animals talk to you? No. Snow White: Were you poisoned? No. Tiana: Cursed? No. Rapunzel & Belle: Kidnapped or enslaved? No, are you guys okay Should I call the police? Ariel: Then, I have to assume you made a deal with an underwater sea witch, where she took your voice in exchange for a pair of human legs? No! Good lord who would do that? Snow White: Have you ever had true love’s kiss? Ew, barf. Jasmine: Do you have daddy issues? I don’t even have a mom. All: Neither do we! Rapunzel: and now for the million-dollar question Do people assume all your problems got solved because a big strong man showed up? Yes, what is up with that?! All:She is a princess! [Snow White sings] Whiffy or is it wifey, why don’t we just go in? And we are online Cool We are going to the Super-excited is one minor thing. What is the internet? Holy cow. Look at all this stuff Really in these 10 child stars went to prison number six will amaze you Redirecting to eBay ladies and gentlemen the next item up a black velvet painting of a sorrowful kitten It’s like it’s looking into my soul. Yeah, that one’s really gonna haunt me for a while Thank You Lucy good see I don’t understand why people like this game raised in milk shake It up pick it pick The kitty for a little while no the kitty gets the milk shake the bunny

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph 2 DISNEY PRINCESS Clip – Ralph Breaks The Internet

  1. Flicks And The City Clips says:

    Ralph Breaks The Internet Deleted Scenes & Cameos video just uploaded! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEpODT0S4o

  2. Mark Angelo Concepcion says:

    I can't believe ariel is black now. wtf

  3. Soumod Self says:

    ههه هفوة رائعة

  4. Huck & Kass says:

    All my princesses are here!!! OMG!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Otto von Steinberg says:

    That room would be a great place for a gas chamber

  6. Justin Eves says:

    This is a great fun part of Ralph' breaks the internet

  7. rakhi desai says:

    Reassess s ex S 🏐 ylłhhrjj handy-dandy

  8. Cameron Jacobs says:

    Jasmine: Do you have daddy issues? Vannellope: I don't even have a mom. ALL: Neither do we! Me: Actually, that isn't true.

  9. 김수광 says:

    My Top 10 Disney Princess
    1st Belle
    2nd Rapunzel
    3rd Jasmine
    4th Anna
    5th Elsa
    6th Vanellope Von Schweetz
    7th Ariel
    8th Mulan
    9th Moana
    10th Pocahontas

  10. Various purpose says:


  11. AvaFromEngland says:

    I believe in women’s rights, but Jesus Christ! Almost none of them did it without the help of a “Big, strong man”.

    The most independent lady in that room was Elsa. She didn’t need a guy to swoop in and save the day, what saved her and Anna was sisterly love.

  12. 樊栋岩 says:


  13. Juan Mendez says:

    Why does sleeping beauty still have the needle

  14. Ghada Queen says:

    What the name of film?

  15. Patch Rodriguez says:

    Pause At 0:03 Or 0:04 That’s How The Fight Begins

  16. maya cute says:

    Lucu banget sih bikin pengen ketemu

  17. Sherly Lim says:

    .Liked.. 👍

  18. nisa rojas says:

    “I don’t even have a mom!”
    “Neither do we!”
    Thank Walt for that

  19. nisa rojas says:

    Pocahontas’ hair is flowing when there’s no wind. RIP physics logic

  20. JoeKenneth says:

    Disney Princesses in one movie please! ❤️

  21. Chris Hoon says:

    How about Ralph meets the Disney Villains?

    Ralph: "Wow, guys! I'm a villain too."
    Captain Hook: "Wait, What?"
    Ralph: "Name's Ralph, Wreck-it Ralph. From Niceland, doing my job as a Bad Guy in the game that against the hero called Fix-it Felix."
    Jafar: "And just what make I ask is the kind of villain are you?"
    Ralph: "What kind? I'm…uh…"
    The Evil Queen: "Can you…"
    (transform into an Old Hag)
    The Witch: "…transform?"
    Ralph: "No."
    Dr. Facilier: "Have Dark Magic?"
    Ralph: "No."
    Yzma: "Got worthless henchmen?"
    Ralph: "No."
    Maleficent: "Try to curse anyone?"
    Ralph: "No."
    Gaston and Jafar: "Force a girl to marry you?"
    Ralph: "No."
    Scar and Hades: "Murder your own brother in cold blood?"
    Ralph: "No. That's getting ever worst! Ever I have a family member."
    Ursula: "Would you like to gives someone a choice. But to make a deal, at the cost of their voice?"
    Ralph: "No way! How could I do this horrible thing?"
    Frollo: "Have you ever believe that gypsies are the root of all evil?"
    Ralph: "Er.. what are gypsies?"
    Ratcliffe: "Do you have Royal Issues?"
    Ralph: "I'm No King!"
    Everyone: "So do us!"
    Gothel: "And here's a million-dollar question. Do people think you're pure evil, but when in reality, you'd describe yourself as misunderstood?"
    Ralph: "Yep, that's actually pretty accurate. But what that for?"
    Everyone: "He's a Villain!"
    Queen of Hearts: "Off with his head! It's just a joke."

  22. rogersaway says:

    Ralph is a bad guy

  23. Sempaii Wacky says:

    Jasmine:Do You Have Daddy Issues
    Mal:So I guess that’s why you left
    Hades:Your better with those daddy issues
    Jasmine: -0-

  24. Logan Bowen says:

    My favorite Princess is Ariel

  25. Charles Williams says:

    Can you imagine if Wonder Woman, Xena, Leia, Azula, Nausicaa, San (Princess Mononoke), She-Ra, Kitana, Mileena or Starfire did a crossover with the Disney Princesses?

  26. alaa bodair says:

    Love your videos 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. Sravanthi Vaddi says:


  28. sridevi killamsetty says:


  29. P.j. W says:

    Where is princess Leia❓⁉✴🌟✴

  30. Blood Be Spilt. says:

    I'm here just to assume if this was 2019 Jasmine, Dalia would be the only one laughing in the corner and then the only one calming the princesses down when they circle Van.

  31. gustabo diaz says:

    me gusta la pelicula

  32. Djihane Khenchela says:

    جميع الاميرت

  33. انس المجنون says:

    واو كلش حلوووووو

  34. Iso Gyro says:

    Goes to glasses guy


  35. ArtLand says:

    Very good 💕🥳🌈🌸💜⭐️🎀💚

  36. Umida Bu says:

    My top 10:
    1. Anna & Elsa from Frozen ( what? I can't pick'em! Go along with it)
    2. Rapunzel (or Belle)
    3. Belle ( or Rapunzel if Belle makes it second)
    4. Merida (definitely)
    5. Mulan
    6. Moana
    -Let me squeeze her somewhere here: Venelope
    7. Fiona ( Where is she? Seriously, where is she? Oh yeah, wandering somewhere in Dreamworks)
    8. Ariel
    9. Pocahontas
    10. Aurora
    Snow-white, just so you know, you're never getting into my list. No matter how hard you try. Get over it. ( I mean I brought Fiona here, despite the boundaries, so this one didn't' make it). And you know what? Don't ever sing again. Also, next time stay behind Merida. You're blocking her.

  37. Tika Nur says:


  38. Irma Sevin Garcia says:

    Distribución y Svalbard nlkz.x

  39. Оксана Упхолова says:


  40. Anthony Barratt says:

    I'm happy that the fake snow queen and her bitch made up sister didn't get any screen Time and IT'S TIME STOP WORPSHIP FROZEN OKAY!

    Hell I was happy Rapuzel got more lines on the movies because I wish it focus on her being the leader, and simply enough wish Disney expo do a sequal on her.

    Also Good to see Raja, and also making of Meria Scottish accent RACIST!

    and also Moana their which is a plus "your welcome" is better song then let it go.

    Yeah when I see them I wanna bitch slap em.

    Also The rest are okay
    Also happy mulan back as well who brought me honnor to us all AND SECHWAN SAUCE!

  41. Arwa Hala says:

    All of the pricess

  42. Ali Ali says:

    رواع قصص المرات

  43. Ernest Thompson says:

    Sleeping beauty is so funny lol I'm 24, years old and I'm still watching princess movies

  44. أسامه الرفوع says:

    كتير حلو انابحب الأميرات

  45. shahan khan says:


  46. اعشق تراب العراق says:


  47. Danny Miranda says:


  48. Kaique Dias says:


  49. Thomas Greenwood says:


  50. Firdaws Elkissani says:


  51. Sachi U says:


  52. Gordon Hutabarat says:


  53. Aman Sembhi says:


  54. Masm _ says:

    ,bmvbM,NBCNVCNCNBV CBC,bn,bxmcn., B ,?.h,!BNvx,m.

  55. Clariz Querijero says:

    Sec hi

  56. สุกานดา พลหาญ says:


  57. Newton Duran says:

    que genial

  58. alisi puloka says:

    elsa should not be there elsa is a queen and

  59. Devin Multani says:


  60. lololol fpfpfpfp says:


  61. حنان امي ابوية الغالي says:

    اكو عربين رجائأ ردو علية

  62. Gebo99 Gobe77 says:

    It's so funny his son wants to pinch his cheek until satisfied

  63. rafidah marif says:

    But i love isralph and elasa and anna and mermaid too and many princesses i dont wgar name of princess ok sorry

  64. unknown says:

    the fact that they were ready to attack a little girl

  65. HERETICIAM 777 says:

    mirror, mirror on the wall whos the most ghetto of them all

    Mirror: Cinderella for tryin to scare a lil girl with a broken glass slipper

  66. MJ Tassou says:

    i hate today's disney barf!

  67. Detective Pikachu says:


  68. Siah Rickards says:


  69. Cul Doode says:

    Good thing they didnt find… if you know what i mean

  70. Detective Pikachu says:


  71. Liza Liza says:

    Pleas lwant frozen 2😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  72. II TauRuS II says:


  73. Luyet Hra says:

    why does rapunzel still have long hair when she cut it!!!!!!!!

  74. MOPAR ARTS 392HEMI says:

    Worse movies ive ever watched

  75. Steffi Sarmiento says:

    Aw looks like baby moana 3:22

  76. Keith Rosal says:


  77. Wsjvhk G says:

    La mejor película

  78. Pranjal Aswal says:

    You all people are mad, do you even notice that Elena of avalor is not there

  79. aakksshhaayy says:

    Jasmine brandishing the lamp lmaoo..

  80. AngryBird 69 says:

    Elena is missing

  81. Koharu Hinata says:

    Poor Bunny!
    He saw the Pancakes and was like "OMG!!!"

  82. Love Pedz says:

    That red hair girl has been my favorite. ❤️

  83. Regie Gapayao says:

    Davao conyo brought me here. Haha

  84. TheDiamondLord says:

    Since star wars belongs to disney now, wheres leia?

  85. Noah Brown says:

    counting the possible vanellope murderes

    merida was about to shoot her with a bow, mulan was gonna slice her to smithereens, belle was gonna kill her with words in a book, elsa was going to freeze her with her powers, rapunzel was gonna use the awesome frying pan, ariel was going to straighten more than just hair out with the dingle hopper, jasmine was going to hit her or poke her with genie's lamp, cinderella was going to slice her with her glass slipper, and pocahontas/moana/tiana were going to bludgeon her with a staff/oar/rolling pin and finally anna was going to use her classic fists. P.S i have no idea what snow white or aurara were going to do

  86. Sharon Holderfield says:

    I love theys

  87. nan nan says:

    That lil kid playing in her tab is Moana right?😂😂
    Hit like if you notice

  88. Free Tea says:

    she is a filipinaaa!

  89. Sunkised says:

    The parents of Mulan and Rapunzel are still alive

  90. Micca Khair says:

    What the name movie plis?

  91. gabriel fychok says:

    This is just freaky

  92. Dream Boy says:

    3:05 what happend to the rabbit ?
    Is he explode ?

  93. Nej Scarlet says:

    There are 14 princesses there 💙

    1. Jasmine – Aladdin
    2. Snow White – Snow white and the seven dwarves
    3. Cinderella – Cinderella
    4. Pocahontas – Pocahontas
    5. Elsa – Frozen
    6. Anna – Frozen
    7. Moana – Moana
    8. Belle – Beauty and the Beast
    9. Aurora – Sleeping Beauty
    10. Tiana – Princess and the frog
    11. Rapunzel – Tangled
    12. Merida – Brave
    13. Mulan – Mulan
    14. Ariel – The Little Mermaid

  94. Marsyita Fatmy says:

    Vanellope is the only princess who can drive

  95. Antonina Fryca says:

    I love that Mandy Moore is here as Rapunzel too

  96. Roty Haku says:


  97. Chawnee Coleman says:

    The lack of Megara is shameful.

  98. Ishtihak Iak says:

    I like small Disney princes ❤❤❤❤❤

  99. Night shade says:

    So no magic hands, no magic hair and can't communicate with animals?

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