Wishinator Worries with Ethan and Cole! SuperHero Kids Noah Hope & Eden Wish Machine Malfunctions!

Wishinator Worries with Ethan and Cole! SuperHero Kids Noah Hope & Eden Wish Machine Malfunctions!

(quirky music) – OK, I just have to
attach the last wire and… (machine zaps) – What was that? – Is everything okay in here? – It’s the Wishinator 3,000. It grants any wish the user asks. – Whoa! Cool! – Like a genie! – Let me try! – You can’t touch it. I’m
sending it to the Y.G.M.C. – [Kids] What? – Youngest Greatest Minds Competition. – Eden, that’s so cool. Noah,
think of all the cool wishes we can do with this. – Not so fast. You have
to be very, very specific when wishing for something. One slip-up and the whole wish
could get turned upside down. Now I have to go get ready. I’m trusting you not to touch it. – [Kids] I wish for Ethan and Cole from Extreme Toys TV to be here. (springy bounce) – This isn’t the bathroom. – Or the kitchen. – We used the Wishinator 3,000 on you. – What’s that? – It’s a cool machine Eden made. You can wish for whatever you want, and it will show up. – Want to try it out? – [Kids] Yeah! – I wish for a clown. I wish for a virtual reality set. I wish for a Nintendo Switch. – I wish for a million dollars. I wish for a donkey. I wish for door frame. – I wish for a unicorn. I wish for a cabinet. I wish for a door. – I wish for an ice cream truck. I wish for a donkey. I wish for a house roof. (machine whistles and zaps) – [Group] We wish for… (machine powers down) – [Group] Uh oh. (gasps)
– Eden’s coming back. – What are we going to do?
It’s her competition today. – Let’s hide. (quirky music) – Oh! – Hello, machine. Wow! We
have such a big day today. This room is a mess. I wish for a robot to clean. (quirky music) – (gasps) I am nothing bot… I am Nothing Bot. How can I help you? – Hey, Nothing Bot, can you
help me clean this room? Hmph. I’m kind of hungry. Wishinator, I wish for a chef. – I don’t think this is… – Go! Hey, Eden, how’s it
going? What are you doing? Are you good? I’m hungry. Are you hungry? Let’s, uh, what’s that smell? It must be coming from the kitchen. – Uh, Nothing Bot grab the Wishinator. – Let’s go. – [Eden] Who? (loud footsteps) – Hey, don’t you look familiar? – (incoherent mumbling) – Huh! I thought my machine’s
radius was only five feet. Guess my calculations were off. Can I have a pizza? – (incoherent mumbling) (quirky music) – Thank you. – (incoherent mumbling) – I want to make some slight adjustments to my machine later. I wish for a box of spare parts. – The tools are in the garage. – Did y’all feel a breeze? (doorbell rings)
– My parts are here! Yay! (quirky music) (sighs) – (coughs) Delivery for Eden Nixon. – Oh, hey! That’s me! Thanks! – Finally, everything is ready to go. Time to see my machine off. – Guys, I don’t like lying to Eden. – Yeah, we should probably
tell her the truth. – No! She will get mad if we tell her. – Trust us. It’s better this way. – [Kids] If you’re sure. (quirky music) (machine rattles) – Great! You’re here. Nothing Bot, I wish that you would take the Wishinator to the Y.G.M.C. – Uh! Uh! Powering down. – Oh, okay, Chef Pierre,
could you take it? – I’m a chef, not a delivery man. – Mr. Delivery Man, will you take it? – Oh, I’m off the clock. It’s 5:01. – Hmph. Okay, fine. Wishinator, I wish you
would go to the Y.G.M.C. (machine whistles) – Wishinator, I wish you
would go to the Y.G.M.C. (machine whistles) – Wishinator, go to the Y.G.M.C.! (machine whistles) – Wait, wait, wait, we
have something to tell you. – Huh? What is it, Mr. Delivery Man? – He’s not a delivery
man, and I’m not a chef. – Extreme Toys TV! When
did you guys get here? – We wished them here with your machine. – You what? – We wished for too many
things, and we broke it. – Yeah, Ethan and Cole
wanted to tell the truth, but we told them not to. We’re sorry, Eden. – Oh! You guys didn’t break it. It’s just an overload. It’s an easy fix. – [Group] Really? – Just one little reset, and it will be good as
new to go to the Y.G.M.C. Guys, I really appreciate
you being honest with me. – Isn’t the Y.G.M.C. in Arizona? – Yeah. – We can take it there for you. You just have to wish us home. – Thank you, guys. That would be awesome! – Wishinator 3,000, I
wish that Ethan and Cole would go to the Y.G.M.C.
(machine whistles) – Now that we’ve got that all figured out, anybody else hungry? I’m paying! – [Kids] Yeah! Let’s go! (quirky music) (air whooshing) – This isn’t Arizona! – You think? – Make sure you like this video. – And hit that big red
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Extreme Toys TV channel. – With awesome videos! – Yes! We did a video with them so make sure to check it out, and click right here to see
another one of our videos, and we will see you there. (quirky music)

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