Will Smith – Friend Like Me (The Making of Disney’s “Aladdin”)

Will Smith – Friend Like Me (The Making of Disney’s “Aladdin”)

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Will Smith – Friend Like Me (The Making of Disney’s “Aladdin”)

  1. Pvt Acc says:

    This video should've been at least 10 minutes long

  2. Thea Sandra Morata says:

    Happy birthday mena ❤

  3. James Wells says:

    This is a great video and I love Aladdin so much

  4. Anas Hudson says:

    Post Prince Ali video !! 🙁

  5. Mom2three says:

    If only this was longer! So great to see what the scene was actually like during filming, and the rapport between Mena and Will. Great job, great movie you guys!!

  6. ker 27 says:

    Today is Mena birthday❤❤❤

  7. Panchi Parraguez says:

    I wanted to see the real dancers recordingggggg

  8. CrystalClearSkai Playz says:

    Omg wow

  9. S Rss says:

    I love aladdin!!!! #aladdin2

  10. Chua Kem says:

    Wait where's the cave? Weren't they trapped in a cave? And why does genie wear a weird suit?

  11. 빙봉 says:

    뭐라는지 모르겠지만 신납니다

  12. T. O.D says:

    Awesome video????????????????…

  13. 30 seconds says:

    So cute ?

  14. Marvin Ezequiel says:

    Like ?????

  15. maria jose isaza says:

    soy la unica que habla español :u

  16. J. A. says:

    Grande Radamel Falcao!!

  17. 에른 says:

    what a incredible!!

  18. Lost RT says:

    What was this at 1:14 haha

  19. PowerRangersFan says:

    How appropriate that this is posted on Mena Massoud's birthday!

  20. Ivy Slater says:

    It's not everyday that you get to see them laughing and having tons of fun while recording, and be able to make such a GREAT movie!

  21. Sonia M. E. H. says:

    excelente de la pelicula aladdin con will smith que emocion

  22. Kevin G says:

    Will smith the best actor ???

  23. Kerry_Has_Heart says:

    I watched this move 7 times at the cinema, and as soon as I bought it on Blu-Ray I watched it 8 times that day. I swear I can’t stop watching it. ??‍♀️?

  24. Lily Emma Lindsay says:

    Happy 28th birthday Mena Massoud my celeb crush & the best one i've ever had! Mena looks so cute here. Will is hilarious. He said he whispered in Mena's ear.

  25. Adele Ley says:

    Okay, that’s amazing

  26. Vikram C says:

    Hope we can see the videos of Nicky dancing for Mena soon!

  27. Langa Gcingca says:


  28. Blasty Explodes says:

    Be our guest – It took us two years to CGI everything
    Mena Massoud – Can we top that?
    Will Smith – Maybe, can someone hold my lamp we gotta shoot this!

  29. حور خالد says:

    Is it a part two Aladdin!!!???1???

  30. Sxffs ' says:

    You see I just came down here to see if someone had 1k likes or more so I can like it ?

    My life’s going great ?

  31. Gaby says:


  32. annyong522 says:

    Happiest birthday to habibi?? the one and only aladdin for me??

  33. Catalina Rodriges Rodriges says:

    We need Aladdin 2. ?????

  34. evelyn rojas villarue says:

    Hoy justo es cumple de mena ?♥️??‍♂️?

  35. Mikayla P says:

    They released it on Mena’s birthday ??

  36. UnPana says:

    we need more videos, like this… in this song

  37. Ingrid Calderon says:

    Happiest 28th Birthday Mena Massoud ???????????????? happiest handsome actor.

  38. nature lover #1 says:

    It's Mena's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????? he's 29 now!!!!

  39. Mariana Munoz says:

    Mena es la persona más linda y bonito que e visto y Will Smith es Persona muy linda y divertida el dúo perfecto

  40. DaSugaryPanda says:

    happy bday mena xd

  41. E R I C H D E M Z says:

    Hey today is mena’s bday happy birthday Mena I love you

  42. abigail torres says:

    I love these two people are good actors the movie is the best

  43. Luis Fonsi says:

    Por que Disney Chanel no tiene sonido

  44. Elemental Hybrid says:

    For some reason The 2019 Aladdin is way better than the old animation one

  45. Cam H. says:

    Give us the sequel already ?

  46. Hana duong life in USA says:

    Those 2 have such a great friendship. It’s make me feel all warm and happy inside ?

  47. combatmaster says:

    These live action movies are good, but nothing will ever be better than the original animated ones.

  48. Tasuke Wakase says:

    Happy birthday Mena massoud

  49. Faster Jeff says:

    The acting in this movie was trash. Just watch the original, guys.

  50. Givary Lubis says:

    i get it how complicated this to make even without visual effects

  51. HPofNARNIA says:

    Will Smith was perfect for the Genie, but Robin Williams will always be the #1 Best Genie ?‍♂️ ever!
    Gosh, I miss that man, it’s been 5 years now since his death. ?

  52. Zalfa Syahira says:

    THE SCENE IN THE MOVIE IS AMAZING!! well made?? literally one of my favs scene in the movie.

  53. 이한설이 says:

    I am Korean fan♡♡♡♡

  54. Disney65Fan says:

    Happy belated birthday to Mena

  55. Alexis the kangaroo says:

    Mena is a cutie ?❤️??

  56. 안재희 says:

    Mena ~so handsome ???

  57. bearmochichim says:

    Prince Ali

  58. Farah Alivia Novita says:

    Keren bgt

  59. Mike lopez says:

    Don’t care what people think I love this movie great job everyone

  60. Magyar Posta says:

    Mena i love you! Happy Birthday!???

  61. Shelby Ramirez says:


  62. Yuuko Vukovich says:

    Onyone olse fond ot croopy thot thoy onlorgd Woll Smoth's oys ond moth os tho Gonoo?

  63. Anime Forever says:

    I am a Puertorican Fan

  64. L3murL0rd says:

    The Movie was Great i dont care what haters say

  65. Morgan says:

    This was my favorite song in the movie. The way they nailed the fun and energy from the original with a modern twist. Also, Mena was a perfect Aladdin! And I loved Will’s genie!

  66. あはは says:


  67. Gday LA says:

    My school did an Aladdin junior play

  68. 열혈냄길 says:

    뭐야 왜 이제서야 올려주는건데요!ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  69. Παναγιώτης Αργυρίου says:

    Will Smith Plans to kill Aladdin. He is evil man!!! Just joking, he's my favorite actor!!!

  70. 인생 says:

    디즈니 선생님들..우리 미나….춤추는 영상 좀 더 풀어주세요…복 받으세요…

  71. gacha life MATHEUS says:

    Alladin uau

  72. Cameran Weiers says:

    Didn't know brandon rogers could dance so well

  73. Sky Sofa says:

    Will Smith has really aged ;(

  74. dj Blitz says:


  75. Rossana Villarue says:

    Muy divertido ??

  76. maria tsigri says:

    Great movie! Truly! ??

  77. Cong Yum Lam says:

    Wil Smith is in fast furious


  78. Mariana Albergaria says:

    Aguien habla espãnol?
    Psiu :
    Soy brasilenõ?

  79. Amy h. says:

    “Seriously the best cast mate I could ask for.”
    Naomi: *????????????????

  80. White Wagon says:

    Ginnie you are in my turkey book

  81. 블루3106 says:

    유 에인트 네버하 더 프렌드 라이크 미!

  82. Sch. Video says:

    we love you from Indonesia

  83. Leandro Is Cool says:

    I loved this movie. I think Robin Williams would've been proud of Will Smith's performance as Genie

  84. Regi- Chan says:

    Come on with prince ali and speachless and arabian nights

  85. LLX_Frendlymussa 6 says:


  86. 김희선 says:

    I just finished watching it I love it

  87. Alaa Elbalsha says:

    I'm egyption and we are proud of you,Mena

  88. احمد المغربي says:

    فين العرب ✋ انا منشد ديني في حب رسول الله ? ادخل واسمع اجمل أغاني دينيه جديده ?مستنيكم رايكم يهمني

  89. Albert Kelvin says:

    Will: "Hey dude, if you mess up this time i'll have another guy just like you in ten minutes"

    Also Will: "I inspire young talent and encourage them"

  90. Crazy Mayo says:

    Wait, Will wears those clothes?
    I thought the makeup artists painted him blue!

  91. Cami Mckenzie says:

    0:06 through 6:11 ?????❤️❤️?

  92. Jose Rodriguez P. says:

    Nooo WILL SMITH Cuántos años tendrá y sigue siendo un grande actor aún recuerdo el príncipe del rap❤️❤️??

  93. Just Emma Things says:

    He can't ask for a better cast?

  94. Vasuky Vivekananthan says:


  95. Alex Parker says:

    Memo will was killing it.

  96. Moon Fun vid says:

    Will is a great actor

  97. その心笑ってるね says:


  98. Alex Parker says:

    I’m killing it out here come on.

  99. Oscarzilla Wild says:

    0:07 Hello Aladdin

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