Will Disney Plus win the streaming wars?

Will Disney Plus win the streaming wars?

Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor of WIRED. This is Tech In 60 Seconds. Let’s go. I would be a fool to say for sure who’s going to win the streaming wars but Disney has the inside track because they can tie their streaming
offers to the whole Disney ecosystem, like their parks. And Netflix is not going to be able to make theme parks. The reviews are pretty great. Pretty cool to have noise-cancelling AirPods. It would be super good for me if my AirPods didn’t fall out all the time. On the other hand, they cost $249.00, which is a lot to pay for headphones. Yes and no. It is a national security issue. Any social platform, particularly one owned by a Chinese company, is a national security issue. On the other hand, I do think too, that the Senate is fear mongering a little bit. Alright, see you next week.

David Anderson

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3 thoughts on “Will Disney Plus win the streaming wars?

  1. felman87 says:

    I'm not sure what constitutes winning in terms of streaming services but I think Disney can compete because of its extensive catalog. Disney's classic movies available whenever. Also if Disney gives you an option between the classic version or the HD version, that's another point in its favor. I know many a Star Wars fans that will take the original trilogy, warts and all, over the new DVD and Blu-Ray versions with their extra CGI additions. Plus, there's the original shows, like The Mandalorian and all the new Marvel TV shows that can pull people in if the Disney classics don't. Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO probably won't go anywhere but the other networks with their streaming services, I doubt they'll last. I'm not saying they don't have hit shows with their fans but I do doubt they have enough fans willing to pay to make them viable.

  2. Christiaan De Klerk says:

    HBO max is doing the same connecting platforms

  3. William Webb says:

    Love that the tech guy's audio is so bad. 😃

    Somebody help Nicholas!

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