Why Don’t We – Who Knows Each Other Best? | Radio Disney

Why Don’t We – Who Knows Each Other Best? | Radio Disney

[INTERPOSING VOICES] His finger is crooked. [INTERPOSING VOICES] What’s it’s Why Don’t We! And we’re going to see
how well we know each other. What’s my favorite Why
Don’t We song to perform? I know it. It’s “Trust Fund”. You got it. Oh, I should have known that. Exactly the point. What word or phrase
do I say all the time? I got it. Daniel did raise
his hand first. Ah, dang it. You gotta answer it now. That’s my answer. That is wrong. [LAUGHTER] Boyos. That’s the correct answer. What is my favorite
go-to dance move? Jay? Well, it could be one of two. It’s either this, or this. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one. Yes! If I could speak another
language, what would it be? It’s either one of two. Spanish or French. Spanish. Yeah, but you did say
you wanted to learn French. So that’s what through me off. Yeah, you did. I got this app to learn,
and it didn’t help at all. Spanish! It’s Spanish. What is my go to snack? Wait, I think- Chips and salsa. Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. For some reason, I wasn’t
going to guess that one. If I wasn’t a singer,
what would I be? A firefighter. What? What’s my favorite
ice cream flavor? I’ve got it. – I definitely came.
– Please, bro. I actually don’t know this. I raised my hand first. You saw my hand
go up way before. I did see Daniel’s hand. God! Mint chip. Yeah. It’s mint chocolate
chip, not mint chip. No, he says mint chip. What is my biggest fear? You know I did it. You know I know. The ocean?
Yeah? No? You know I did it,
you know I did it. What? I thought you used to
be scared of the ocean? No, no, no, no. I was next. I was so next. Jonah, Jonah, Jonah, me. Jonah, me! I’ll hug your legs. All right, I’m going to need
a thumb war between Daniel and- At least rock,
paper, scissors. OK. Rock, paper, scissors
between Daniel and Jack. Rock, paper, scissors, soup. Rock, paper, scissors, soup. Scary movies. Yes. Three points, baby. I went from zero to hero. If I were a pizza- If you were a pizza? If I was, what would be on it? Oh, Zach got that one. Cheese, with
extra cheese, baby. And extra- Wait, he didn’t
finish his answer! And extra bread. No, I got it, I got it. Extra cheese, extra sauce. Yeah! Which one of my shoes
has the word right on it? The left. Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] My left shoe does have
the word right on it, just for anyone who didn’t believe. Well, I guess I
know us the best, so thank you for watching. Thanks. You all are awesome. We love you.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Why Don’t We – Who Knows Each Other Best? | Radio Disney

  1. Itzel Herrera says:

    DANIEL I speak Spanish !!!

  2. JustSomeoneElse says:

    Trust Fund Baby will always be my favorite

  3. JustSomeoneElse says:

    Who else caught the reference in 2:00

  4. Limelight&beanz says:

    Can we just take a minute of how zach and jack are matching like jachary is real😂😂😂

  5. Limelight says:

    Daniel through 1:58–2:00 and I oop-

  6. Christina Thouki says:

    We love you too…
    2:58 watch Jack’s face…😂❤️

  7. ouch that hurt says:

    poor Daniel

  8. selenophile says:

    When Jonah literally knows no one

  9. maraiswdwx says:

    2:44 Daniel
    thank me later 🙂

  10. Audra Connor says:

    Jack getting mad is so cute

  11. Janely GuzDiy says:

    Omg Daniel i can teach you how to speak Spanish 💕🤗😱

  12. thebest_limelight says:

    zach: what is my go to snack?
    jack: jumping up and down 😂😂

  13. Teets Aubrey says:

    Extra bread

  14. Kenzie Besson says:

    Jacks confidence is 💯

  15. Mochi Mochi says:

    2:00 corbyn is talking about in too deep "I use to be scared of the ocean" and I think no one understood him 😂😂

  16. Ariana says:

    Omg😯 Daniel pants ☺😂 ahemmm

  17. Mary Waters says:

    2:06 Zach "Jonah, me I'll hug your legs!"

  18. Asia Asham says:

    Oh my gawd look at jack is face when he lost 😭

  19. Xxleda_ PlayzxX says:

    2:33 Daniel tries to cover uhh… it

  20. Scarlet Tejada says:

    Daniel I can teach you Spanish I am Dominican of course

  21. valerie says:

    i felt so bad for daniel that he had to stand sideways at the end for the last question

  22. Izzy B says:

    aw poor Daniel, he must have been so embarrassed : ( stop making fun of him comments.

  23. Marializ Espinal lopez says:

    Daniel I can teach you Spanish

  24. Emma Rose says:

    jack has to jump for attention. 2000th comment

  25. Emma Rose says:

    Me knows all of these
    also me: I don't know everything about them

  26. Keira Flaherty says:

    “Cheese with extra cheese baby
    and extra”
    “Wait he didn’t finish his answer!”
    “And extra bread!”
    Why Zach is my favorite member

  27. Melissa :D says:


  28. Sophie Thompson says:

    "Mint chip." 😂

  29. Alex Wolf says:

    0:44 Daniels accent when he says his first questions

  30. Ashley Yellow angel Queen says:

    Me: 😂🤣😂🤣😂 im sorry i cant🤣😂🤣😂

  31. Theee Ratatoullie says:

    oof daniel ………

  32. Hao Bui says:

    Clip Tik Tok❤👍👏

  33. Taehyung's kookie says:

    Jack is me around tall ppl😂❤ shout out to all the shorties😆✋✋✋✋✋✋

  34. Olivia Jerez says:

    1:07 I speak Spanish and French !!!

  35. Olivia Johnson says:

    Cheese with extra cheese baby and extra bread😂

  36. Ally Seavey says:

    Am I the only one who can never watch this video cuz of Daniel-

  37. Alyssa Wooddell says:

    Oh ummmm Daniel "someone" looks excited 😂😂😅😅😉😉

  38. Danielle Aylward says:

    I am afraid of the ocean toAnd my favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream and Oreo and vanilla in the Polian

  39. Danielle Aylward says:

    I love your music

  40. Betsy says:

    2:45 ummm Daniel….. ur ykw is out💀😂

  41. Niyati Padiki says:

    Daniel: "I went from zero to hero!"
    Me: "You were always my hero!!"

  42. Khayra Valdivia says:

    I'm fluent in Spanish I would be honored to teach daniel

  43. Huda Haron says:

    Jonah we are same, I'm scared of scarry movie too haha

  44. ÍtźÖvÿ Bôîî says:

    awww they are just a babies😂

  45. Carolina Benedetta Guarienti Torello says:

    1:48 find someone who looks at you the same way Zach looks at Jack

  46. Michael Marcial says:


  47. Semire Ramadani says:

    Jack's rlly dissapointed at this vid lol
    And the way he jumps when he raises hes hand its just😭😭😍😍

  48. Maica Mesana says:

    Used to be scared of the ocean…

  49. Keira Flaherty says:

    Um was Daniel hard in this video or were his pants too tight?

  50. Keira Flaherty says:

    Um was Daniel hard in this video or were his pants too tight?

  51. Keira Flaherty says:

    Um was Daniel hard in this video or were his pants too tight?

  52. Keira Flaherty says:

    Um was Daniel hard in this video or were his pants too tight?

  53. Michiko lee says:

    Everyone knows Jonah the most they had a compitition over it

  54. Melody Lei says:

    "iTs mInT cHoCoLaTe ChIp, nOt mInT cHiP" jack said that with so much sass, i cant-

  55. macarena valenzuela says:

    3:13 <3

  56. Linda Beyda says:

    Hahahahahah by jonah "Mee jonah me!" Like they're in skl

  57. Moriah Jones says:

    Corbyn: "I thought you used too be scared of the ocean?"

  58. Mahima’s Comment says:

    Jack’s curls 😭

  59. Ally Cervantes says:

    I love Daniel’s voice

  60. Slime With Animal Love says:

    Jack and I have the same birthday! Happy late birthday Jack!

  61. anna beth says:

    poor daniel :/

  62. Sxphiecapel 06 says:

    0:50 when Corbyn gets rejected by the jack

    (the editing was bc Corbyn got autocorrected to Corbin)

  63. Cambra Palmer says:

    Corbyns turn:
    Zach: Cheese and extra Cheese!
    Me: And extra christina COUGH

  64. Nadia Valencia :D says:

    Daniel's "I went from zero to hero" was the cutest thing I heard today

  65. •Itsuki_chan 13• says:


  66. No Name says:

    1:57 everyone in class, if the teacher wants an easy answer 😂

  67. Serra Uyar says:

    3:13 Jack ahahajskwks

  68. { Lazy Mellow } says:

    2:59 Poor Jack😂😂😂
    Edit:Look At His Face


    2:18 but paper beats rock so Jack should've gotten it… 🤷‍♀️

  70. Evelin Mejia says:

    I can speak Spanish

  71. Onlybrooke4life says:

    0:47 you see Jack taking a little peak of Daniel’s pants 😂😂

  72. Saeyoung Choi says:

    2:27 Corbyn's shaking with laughter 😂😂

  73. Dominic Homer says:

    I Love U Why Don't We

  74. •Vapy • says:


    Jonah: what is my biggest fear?

    Corbyn: the ocean?

    Jonah: No

    Corbyn: I thought you used to be scared of the ocean

  75. Brooke Myers says:

    did anyone else yell i love you too when zach said we love you. no just me? ok 😂

  76. Malaika Brown says:

    I feel bad for Daniel like if you see it

  77. Sara says:

    Jonah with his hands on his hips and his leg popped out is sending me

  78. wow_sunset says:

    Daniel : goes home quickly *
    Again Daniel : burns pants

  79. Anita Vance says:

    2:07 zach – jonah me! i’ll hug your legs 😂

  80. Chrisné Coetzee says:

    I was smiling the whole way through this vide, it's so cuuuteee

  81. Carol Fahy says:

    1:57 look at jack 😳😏

  82. layla neild says:

    Zach: If I wasnt a singer what would I be?
    Corbyn: A firefighter

  83. Piper arcand says:

    ok but i feel bad Jonah did not get to talk at all 🙁

  84. Singing Seavey says:

    Jonah clearly didn’t have his coffee this morning

  85. Whïte Rösë Gacha says:

    The first thing I saw when I clicked the video was Daniel's thingy……

    Edit:First time commenting this type of comment…

  86. Anber says:

    Poor Daniel

  87. Javiera Salgado says:

    Why did Daniel sounded British when he said His questions?! To me atleast he sounded

  88. T r i n i t y says:

    It's not that I was looking I naturally look at people's outfits and I just noticed

  89. amanda roach says:

    Firefighter whaaaa

  90. hope herron says:

    is it just me that noticed at rock paper scissors between jack and daniel that jack did paper and dani did rock, jack should of won at rock paper scissors! HOLD UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!! I JUST REALISED THAT IF WE ADD THE FIRST LETTER OF DANIELS NAME TO JACKS FIRST LETTER OF HIS NAME WE WOULD HAVE DACK ERASE THE C AND WE'D HAVE DAK!!!!!! DO U GET WHAT I MEAN!!?? SPOILER: DAK AND BRODY!!

  91. sihan siregar says:


  92. Katie Swanson says:

    Trust fund baby is my fave too!

    Love you jack 😘

    Your so short :3

  93. Clarissa M says:

    Jack : I got it I got it
    Jack : Please bro

  94. fan lyrics says:

    jack: Daniel did raise his hand first
    yeah something else is also quite… raised

  95. mel mirandafuerte says:

    daniel your just like christian

  96. Slay Z says:

    Zach: "jonah jonah jonah me!!!" it's so cute😂

  97. Snorwyn Is cool says:

    Spanish claro p el español es lo mejor jajaja no mentira, yo se ingles The spanish is difficult to learn?I think no because I speak spanish duh

  98. Aliya Natasya says:

    Daniel…your pant…umm…nvm😅😂

  99. Ashley Yang says:

    why is Jack so cute ;u; ? and it think it's so sweet that they all raise their hands when it was Jonah's turn

  100. yarel mejia says:

    2:23 "I went from zero to hero!"

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