Why Does Disney World Take Your Fingerprint?

Why Does Disney World Take Your Fingerprint?

A common question asked by Disney newcomers
who are visiting the parks for the first time or maybe researching before their upcoming
first trip is “Why does Disney scan your fingerprint?” So today I’m going to talk about just that. How Disney scans your fingerprint, why they
do it, and what implications it might have on personal privacy. So if you’re looking for the really short
answer I’ll say this: it’s not to track you or put you in some Orwellian master database. It’s essentially a preventative measure
to combat ticket fraud, and it’s due to the way Disney sells their tickets. You see, Disney wants you to stay on Disney
World property for as long as possible. The resort is so large and all-encompassing
that every extra day you spend there is another day you’re paying them for the hotel, another
day you’re buying their food, their drinks, their snacks. So in order to incentivize you to stay longer, they price their park tickets so that after the 4th day, each additional day costs less and less. That means that in the end a five-day pass,
at the time of this recording at least, would cost you $395, but a ten-day pass would cost
$445. Only $50 extra. Think about that. Fifty bucks for five whole extra days at the
parks! Of course there are all the added costs like the hotel and food, but that’s the part Disney doesn’t want you to think
about. Now if you do think about it, there’s a
pretty simple scheme within that pricing system that makes it very easy to exploit. Let’s say I want to go on a five day vacation. I could pay the $395 for a five day pass or
I could buy a ten-day pass for $445, use five of the days, and then sell the pass and it’s
remaining five days to someone else at a discount for say, three hundred bucks. Suddenly I’ve gotten my five days of Disney
at a net cost of $145, and some other person is getting their five days at a discount too. Everybody wins! Except Disney, and they’re not about to
let themselves come out behind in this. So how does Disney prevent it? Your fingerprints. Essentially in order to stop the fraud, Disney
needs to link an individual to each ticket they sell. More importantly, they need a fast way to
do it. Sure, they could match up names on the pass
with the guest’s IDs, but that process is slow, especially when you consider that daily
attendance to the parks numbers in the tens of thousands. So fingerprint scanning acts as the biometric
used to match your ticket to you so that you can’t turn around and sell it to someone
else later on. But how do they do the scanning, and should
you be worried about your privacy? Well, as expected, Disney says you should
not. In fact, according to them they’re not actually
scanning your fingerprint. I mean, they are, but they also aren’t. It’s… weird. You see when we think about fingerprint scanning
we usually think of something like this. A machine that scans an image of your fingerprint
and stores it or matches it to a saved fingerprint in a database. What Disney’s system does however is scans
your fingerprint and measures three points on it. From that they calculate a unique number that
then gets tied to your ticket. What do they measure and what’s the calculation? Well, we don’t know, and that’s on purpose. The minute that info gets out it becomes that
much easier to circumvent the system. Disney then dumps the scan and keeps the number. Every time you use the ticket after that,
it makes sure that number still lines up. That number remains tied to your ticket for
up to 30 days after your ticket expires or gets used up. And that’s really about it. It doesn’t go into some database. It doesn’t get used to track you. After all, they don’t need your fingerprint
for that, they’ve got your Magic Bands. In any case if you still find yourself uncomfortable
with the idea, you can choose to opt out of the fingerprint scan and instead show a picture
ID to confirm that the ticket is yours. Disney obviously doesn’t advertise this
too much because it really slows down the process of letting guests in, but the option
is out there. So should you worry? Well, that’s ultimately up to you to decide,
but personally, I don’t think so. They don’t have a motivation to steal your
fingerprint and store it away. Their motivation is to prevent people from
selling tickets secondhand and cutting in on their profits. Sure, this might have seemed like an overkill
solution a decade ago, but with fingerprint scanning continuously increasing in popularity
as form of biometric ID, it just kind of seems normal now.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Why Does Disney World Take Your Fingerprint?

  1. YinYin wu says:

    How often do they clean the fingerprint scanner? Someone might scratched their butt hole before using it.

  2. Steve Calitri says:

    Disney wouldn't have to worry about ticket fraud as much if they didn't totally price gouge their customers.

  3. Daniel Proctor says:

    Idk like 60ish% of this is wrong. All it does is take a picture of the shape of whatever you put on the glass. The technology really isn't THAT complicated to actually measure your fingerprint. If it were, it would break down a lot more and Disney doesn't care about your fingerprint. Disney looks like a mysterious monster when you don't know what they actually do.

  4. Diego Sarmiento says:

    For everyone that’s not educated on this topic and are so rude to the cast members in why they are being pressured to put their “Fingerprint”. Well your incorrect!
    The bio metric is simply taking a picture of your finger just like a camera would be. It takes that finger and it Implies it to your ticket.The main reason why this technique is used is so no one tries to get in with someone’s else’s ticket. Also to insure that that family does not mix the tickets with another member of the family. So it’s NOT a fingerprint it’s not taking the Diameter and Grooves or DNA like some people think it does!

  5. Richard Vidana says:

    So my cousin was in a cartel on got his hands chopped off.. what would they do in that situation?

  6. The eel says:

    That’s how Disney works…

  7. Lisa Trudi says:

    Rob please have a look at some of the comments from Disney park greeter. You have your facts wrong. Please can you make a video correcting this.

  8. Glue Nerf says:

    1971 hahahahahaha
    Good one

  9. Parallax says:

    Why is everyone so opposed to a security feature? – Don't do anything wrong and it'll never even affect you.

    How would you feel going to a park, where there are people who have potential to cause unrest and more importantly are a threat to other people's wellbeing? Now I'd prefer to have my photo taken, my fingerprint taken, and my bags checked every single time I go into a park, than being in a park where nobody can be held accountable for any wrongdoing they do.

    People need to get a grip and stop expecting that every action a large corporation does has a sinister motive.

  10. Mahavir Bhakta says:

    So they are creating hash keys of your fingerprints?! thats actually kind of……efficient.

  11. siracha.mp4 says:

    its awesome that he has a miniature people mover on the top of his shelf

  12. Andrew H says:

    Is it sad that you can sell a fingerprint with just some Elmers glue? To apply the print to the new person some super glue then dissolve the elmers glue.

  13. Sharkboyryan says:

    Six flags does it too it’s easier and faster and gets the entrance line flowing faster.

  14. werr3222werrr says:

    Too bad I don’t have fingerprints

  15. CobraGaming520 says:

    Another cool thing they do is take a picture every time your ticket is used. If your fingerprint ever doesn’t work they can look at the pictures of you and see who last used it.

  16. Ashton Whitaker says:

    So they can sell your information and documents to an torture auction website, so just like Hostel… Duh, everyone knew that!!!!

  17. Minecraft Creeper says:

    Then why don’t they just use fingerprint as the ticket, then there is no need to waste the paper

  18. Van The Cookin’ Man says:

    I was just at Disney last week. I got a 2 day pass 1 park per day. The first day they didn’t take my ID or my fingerprint. The second day they did my finger print.

  19. Macbatizzle says:

    I'm just gonna stay for 10 days lol

  20. Jarid Gaming says:

    Disney World should check if you are a Sex Offender with your fingerprint.

  21. TheYoutubeGuy says:

    My old school had it so you pay for food with a finger print.

  22. Dracolith1 says:

    So someone could use the first 5 days, but instead of scanning their finger.. they scan a fake finger. To the buyer of the pass, they ship the fake finger to be used with the pass.

  23. John Burningham says:

    Maybe they will stop ripping everyone off with super high admission prices so you can stand in long lines and pay for overpriced food and junk.

  24. Anthony Villanueva says:

    Because they clone you to add more people in the parks to make it seem like they're busy.

  25. MWB Gaming says:

    So there's one set of rules for them and a different set of rules for you?

    What happened to free market capitalism?

    You buy something, it's yours to do with as you wish, which should include reselling (isn't that how capitalism works?)

  26. TheReal_ist says:

    I have psoriasis they will never get my real fingerprint WOOOHOOOO.

    Take that Disney u ass holes

  27. introverted wifi says:

    I've never been to Disney world and lemme just say

    What fuck is this

  28. ERUS THE DEER says:

    disney Fingerprint, my finger are too small for the system fuck off

  29. Zeyo says:

    I actually managed to get passed the fingerprint scanner once while using reused tickets. My mom and sister didn't, and had to buy their own, but it just glitched for me.

  30. Paistin Lasta says:

    Why would you want to stay there for more than one or two days?

  31. DarkFetti says:

    Forgery 101…I’m just gonna use my brain. Press you finger on to a little slip of fabric that the customer uses when you sell you ticket to them

  32. Josh Fiore says:

    What if you cut your fingertip?

  33. dknowles60 says:

    any place that wants my fingerprints dont need my business

  34. Open Minded says:

    They are helping the elite scum with survalence and establishing the new world order and implementing the mark of the best.

  35. Phil Rabe says:

    So how do they enforce lifetime bans? I used to give myself unscheduled backstage tours of the Haunted Mansion both parks, and PP's flight Orlando. [in the 80's] I'd never try it today figuring they finally have infrared cameras back there.

  36. jonny5777 says:

    Another great video Rob. And Fuck you Disney for calling reselling a ticket fraud!!! That's like making reselling a car illegal.

  37. David Schneider says:

    Fraud? Why doesn't Disney win if you re-sell a pass? Isn't that person still paying in the park for those 5 days? And if they never use it, that's $50 of profit off a 5-day ticket. I don't buy it.

  38. Havi g says:

    Disney is a scam

  39. Fly Beep says:

    Oh boy, that wouldn't fly in any EU country for any reason. Americans going with this are gullible idiots. Dineyland Paris doesn't do that and if they did, they'd be in trouble for sure.

  40. Paul says:

    You called selling your ticket to a 3rd party "Fraud". It's not fraud if you sell something you own in good faith and are upfront to the buyer about what they are purchasing.

  41. christian DONLEY says:

    Haha that whole reduce the days after a certain amount is so ingenious

  42. Glory Grace K. says:

    I thought you where going to say it was for safety reasons, because of all the little children there.

  43. clutch2827 says:

    Fk Disney. Paid 300 for lunch and got food poisoning.

  44. Ccoolflamexxz says:

    Everyone does it lol 6 flags n more so

  45. danixdefcon5 says:

    What the video described is how all fingerprint scanners work. At least the ones used for biometric authentication.

  46. MsgNinja *King of Pigs* says:

    It would be funny that if a someone have no fingerprint because of past accident didn't opt out of fingerprint scanning.

  47. a301989 says:

    I went to Disney in 2014, they asked me to scan my finger, I declined – they said “ok” and I moved on

  48. Master_Keyblade says:

    Is this a new thing? I’ve never heard of this

  49. Tyler Durden says:

    What kind of idiot would let Disney scan his finger… Everything Disney is retarded!
    400$ LOL … What ….

  50. Rickey H. says:

    I miss the plastic ID cards that they use to have back in the early 2000's.

  51. anikun2013 says:

    ok, i know im just over a year out on this, but the fingerprint tied to a ticket thing does not fully apply to cast member sign ins — as in people who can get signed in via friends or family members who work for disney (or in the case of WDW, reedy creek improvement district) — as the pass used to sign in said person is still in the name of the cast member, so im thinking those passes clear their fingerprint data at the end of each day after the parks have closed

  52. Andre Bowling says:

    Was just there, didn't scan nothing but took a picture which I didn't care about wasn't planning on shooting up the place, or going ignorant iwas there for my daughter who is 5

  53. Paul Thomas says:

    Next will be the Retinol scan?

  54. Mayra Aguilar says:

    Ten days of Disneyland! That's too many days. I don't know if anyone can stay that long

  55. InventorZahran 327 says:

    I thought it was used to prevent registered sex offenders and other known criminals from entering the property…

  56. fall22123 says:

    We just went there in May for 3 days. That was more than enough Disney. I couldn't imagine spending more than 5 days there.

  57. Ajira Revani says:

    Why the fuck I am watching Disneyland videos?

  58. Marans Candy says:

    I can imagine some people getting triggered by the stormtroopers marching through wielding laser guns.

  59. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    I thought it was safety reasons

  60. KaputPictures says:

    Disney didn't scan my fingerprint when I went last year to Disney land Paris

  61. Ray Kehr says:

    It’s so once you buy a ticket you’re the only one who can use it, you can’t give your ticket away. Pretty slick marketing move

  62. Todd says:

    We're talking about Disney here. I'm guessing it's that Orwellian thing…
    I don't believe that Disney doesn't have alterior motives here. Wasn't FaceBook cooperating with the government by handing over mass data?
    Didn't ISPs get caught handing over data to the government about its end users?
    Disney can say whatever they want but in the end you'll find out that the finger print matching to the name database, is just that, a database.
    Then Disney will say, Oh sorry we should have told everyone that our database was hacked or something like The government told us we had to give over all the data, our hands were tied, sorry!
    Everytime you submit to anything that can id you from biometrics, your damn info is in some damn computer somewhere.
    Disney can say whatever they want.
    I say show us proof your not data gathering and compiling names and fingerprints.
    Till that time, I'm opting out. When they say that opting in is mandatory and you can't opt out – question their damn motives!!!

  63. Captain Ducky says:

    How many people actually have the ability to take 2-weeks consecutively off, anymore?

    More and more people are working two part-times jobs because full-time jobs are more and more difficult to get around the world (specifically in regard to the US and full-time workers being expected to receive insurance, it's cheaper, and more sleazy- depending on the job field- for a workplace to just hire several people on part-time than one on full-time that would get the hard-earned that all consistent and hard workers deserve).

  64. immcguyver07 says:

    That is nice that they don't make people aware of the opt out. I felt pressured into violating my religious beleifs at the check – in.

  65. MusicMathecian says:

    Here in Dubai, most of the theme park here has fingerprint scanner.

  66. Onkel Addi says:

    but only in usa the disney land in france dont do it

  67. Jefferton Ahyeeoobee says:

    my dad's finger was sweaty and he got locked out of the park for the rest of the day

  68. Thomas Jeffords says:

    What happens if you damage your finger print say a bad cut or a burn

  69. Dutch Van Der Lindé says:

    That thumbnail is like 1000 IQ

  70. Vince Pale says:

    Neat, like password hashing!

  71. Fleischhamm3r says:

    They dont Scan your Finger in Paris tho…

  72. sonny lee says:

    Is this a new thing?

  73. destrocrimson says:

    thats what they SAY but yea *dons tin foil hat

  74. f off says:

    I was at the Disney park in France and i dont remember being treated like cattle

  75. Federico Olivares says:

    Yeah….. i dont trust em

  76. George Ascunce says:

    It’s a common practice with all major theme parks . Just to make sure that it’s your ticket when you get in. Really just protects their bottom line with ticket sales, and to a lesser extent no one can go in with your ticket if you lose it .

    People are making too much out of nothing

  77. Geert van 't Zand says:

    Who tf goes to Disney for more than 2 days?

  78. Psychozen 71 says:

    So what about twins

  79. Isaias M6D says:

    I used my dads band cause we had the same color band and the finger let me pass and happend to him too soo do they realy idk oh and how i found out was I got a fast pass for expedition Everest and he didn’t so when I went to go on the ride it wasn’t my magic band so I went and got mine from my dad and it had the ticket my mom even checked if the ticket was on MY band and it was so I got through the security without my band so do they really check your print can someone answer me????

  80. Kemuel Perez says:

    I went back in 07 and never got scanned. I went a few years before that and I did.

  81. Zacri's Horrible Art says:

    What if you have no hands

  82. yuvgotubekidding says:

    If they didn't protect their price structure in this way they would be out if business.

  83. hismario123 says:

    Yeah lol my parents got scammed because of the finger print thing

  84. spiddyman007 says:

    Cause world domination

  85. Joshua Graham says:

    It didn't when I went in 2008

  86. scottap05 _ says:

    What happens if you only have a one day ticket? Why do they still scan your finger for that?

  87. declan tideswell says:

    I’m pretty certain they keep them all on record

  88. K Bonner says:

    I just thought that they scanned your fingerprint so that if you lost your ticket nobody could get back in with your ticket other than you.

  89. Sophia Foster says:

    Lmao when I got my ap and they took my finger print I looked at the cast member and said there selling my finger print to the government

  90. Savion Dean says:

    Universal does it too

  91. surfmotor says:

    I asked this question when i went to disney world. Now i have an answer. I still thing they keep the prints and either sell or work with the govt and give them the info.

  92. Anzuis 20 says:

    I understand if other more important things require my finger print… but Disney???? Idc about fraud!! Disney doesn’t need my finger print and they ain’t gonna get it sorry not sorry.

  93. Apple Guy says:

    Anybody who can afford a 2 day pass has got money. Disneyland is for people who are rich.

  94. Q Series says:

    Just sell your ticket 30 days after going there

  95. Mickey Mouse says:

    Just something I needed

  96. Lynn .D says:

    I would refuse to have my fingerprint scanned

  97. Ida DeLucia says:

    Fingerprint scanning is intrusive no matter how you put it. Who knows what Disney has in mind. I'll use my ID.

  98. Brian T says:

    I can save $395 by just not going. I come out ahead. The other guy who doesn't buy my ticket or theirs comes out ahead. Disney? They can kiss my …

  99. Tappa Tappa says:

    F**k Disney

  100. sadman hoque says:

    that 'number' is basically the same as your fingerprint, computers work with numbers not images, any computer storing your fingerprint is basically doing it with numbers

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