Why Disney Gave Up On Tron

Why Disney Gave Up On Tron

It took decades, but fans of the 1982 cult
hit Tron finally got a sequel with Tron: Legacy in 2010. Not long after, Disney announced a third movie,
code named Tron: Ascension, was in the works. Then… nothing, and the studio reportedly
pulled the plug in 2015. At this point, it seems Disney might be waiting
another three decades before considering its next Tron movie. Here’s a look at why there won’t be another
light cycle trip around the Grid anytime soon. Box office dud Tron: Legacy earned $400 million dollars worldwide
on a $170 million dollar budget. And while that’s a lot of money for the sequel
to a 30-year-old cult hit, it still wasn’t quite enough to launch a franchise. For the sake of perspective, Disney’s live
action Alice in Wonderland was released in the same year as Tron: Legacy and it brought
in more than $1 billion dollars at the box office. $400 million dollars might sound like a lot,
but Disney is used to making a lot more. Not Disney enough When the Tron sequel was axed in 2015, Disney’s
release calendar was already booked pretty solid with tentpole releases like Cinderella,
The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and, yes, another Alice in Wonderland. What’s the common theme here? Outside of the Marvel movies, Disney’s live
action slate is almost exclusively remakes of its animated hits. Disney knows what works, and going with a
proven story that fans already love is far less risky that rolling the dice on another
Tron. Unless, of course, they can find a way to
shoehorn Iron Man into there… “Nope!” Tomorrowland bombed Disney pulled the plug on a third Tron movie
in May 2015, almost immediately after Tomorrowland tanked at the box office. Like Tron, Tomorrowland was an ambitious sci-fi
film with a family-friendly angle. And like Tron, it didn’t do all that well. Despite having George Clooney star and Brad
Bird in the director’s chair, Tomorrowland couldn’t clear $100 million dollars at the
U.S. box office — falling well below its reported $200 million budget. Fresh off Tron: Legacy’s lackluster performance,
Tomorrowland was confirmation that audiences just aren’t interested enough in this type
of movie. Took too long The plot of the third Tron was reportedly
going to follow Olivia Wilde’s Quorra as she ventures out into the real world. Wilde, co-star Garrett Hedlund, and director
Joseph Kosinski were all set to return. But, when filming was about to start in late
2015, Disney shelved the project. At that point, original star Bruce Boxleitner
said he was no longer interested in making another Tron, after seeing how Disney was
treating the franchise. “I’m done with it. I’ve moved on. I hate to say that but it’s been too up
and down for me.” And if they did move forward now, it’d be
pretty hard to make a Tron movie without Tron. Tron: Uprising crashed In 2012, Disney XD launched the animated series
Tron: Uprising to tie into the world of Tron: Legacy and potentially set up a new live action
sequel. The show was actually pretty good, but after
launching with nearly 2 million viewers, the ratings took a nose dive to around 300,000
by the time the first season wrapped. If Disney was looking to the series as a proving
ground that fans wanted more Tron, it pretty much proved the opposite. “Difficult proposition. Difficult proposition at best.” Toy troubles Disney makes a lot of movies, and it also
sells a whole lot of toys. A lot of tie-in merchandise was launched alongside
Tron: Legacy in 2010, but the toys and games were never really big sellers, which closed
off a potentially huge financial avenue for Disney and its partners. The Tron: Evolution video game, which served
as a prequel to Tron: Legacy, sold a mere 190,000 copies — which is pretty terrible
for a hyped game built around what should’ve been a hot property. Waiting game The time might not be right for a new Tron
sequel now. But what’s old will be new again eventually,
right? Franchises like these tend to come back around
after a while in Hollywood, and it stands to reason Tron will be no exception. If it ever does, it sounds like they at least
have a great script ready to go. “Yeah, between us, they were like, ‘This one’s
going to blow Legacy out of the water.'” So, if it took 30 years for Tron: Legacy to
get made, we can go ahead and pencil in a date around 2040 for the next one, right? Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “Why Disney Gave Up On Tron

  1. Looper says:

    What was your favorite Tron moment?

  2. Siddharth Achary says:

    Flynn lives

  3. Kentai * says:

    “not disney enough” yet they continue the marvel franchise. Not saying marvel is bad but you get what i mean

  4. TJ Cirone says:

    I loved Tron, i really hope they change their minds

  5. Gascans9736 says:

    I actually don’t mind this because imagine what the technology will be for making movies in 15-20 years.

  6. Alicia Reynolds says:

    even if there won't be another film any time soon, they'll be opening a ride in Disney World

  7. DAIT0 says:

    It’s one of my favourite movies ever it’s like to future to me but look at what greed has done to it and video game franchises of today

  8. Christian Johnson says:

    I love Tron Legacy

  9. Casiano Urbano says:

    Tron rights should be handled to someone else

  10. Felipe Lizarraga says:

    Dang, if I make it by the time tron ascension comes out, I will be 63 years old 😅, I will go and see it 😁 anyways

  11. Wayward Pony says:

    Tron is about an evil corporation trying to take over the world. Wonder why Disney would want to take the focus off that…

  12. Chris Moore says:

    I swear to god, this is IP is what Disney should be focusing on instead of the Live action remakes…

  13. Dritz Durdon says:

    Tron was an amazing movie for its time, shame Disney didn't see its potential

  14. Zapper Zapped says:

    2040, my great grandson would come and visit me in the virtual world in our own reality. So, again Tron won't be a big hit 20 years from now. So I hope Disney does the right thing. I'd pay to go watch a Tron 3D sequel in the movie theatres at a premium if they make a sequel within a couple of years.

  15. Sᴏᴜʀ Gᴀᴍᴇs ❶ says:

    Correct! I was born in 2036, and TRON: Ascension came out in 2040.

  16. shinobu sensui says:

    Come on…this movie is better than alice in wonderland dude.

  17. Cypher Punk says:

    Not Disney enough? Excuse me didn't Disney purchase the rights to Star Wars? There is nothing Disney about Star Wars. Tomorrow Land bombs and Disney decides audiences are not interested in Sci Fi movies, but then goes and buys the rights to Star Wars. Last time I checked Star Wars was not a fagged up version of a Grimm's fairy tale it was the most well known Sci Fi in history.

  18. Hashim Saleem says:

    I liked the tv series it was good but I wanted season 2

  19. Orange Muscle says:

    Tron legacy was amazing. Universal should pick it up. They could make a better ride anyway.

  20. Fela Tlau says:

    It all came to this conclusion that..,
    They are too GREEDY

  21. rzorNvme says:

    They aren’t creative or what

  22. Chris Johnston says:

    TRON: Uprising would've been perfect, were it not for those horrible pop-up ads that obscured the entire bottom of the image, where important plot points were transpiring.

  23. Steven Ashton Baker says:

    * shit sequel

  24. Brian Wallace says:

    unfortunately it's all about the money. this is very depressing. Disney needs to get off their high horse.

  25. The Slav Cat says:

    It may wasnt the right time for 2017 but it is time for 2019

  26. Kyle Lambergs says:

    external internal angry flute sounds that makes one feel unnaturally uncomfortable with angst

  27. Narn Orfyabizness says:

    Disney. Piss off and stop buying up movies that you'll screw up.

  28. Xuan Zh says:

    My fav movie deserves so much more :(((

  29. Mister Rubbernose says:

    I hate it how these movies are so underrated. They’re some of my favorite movies of all time, for many reasons. I loved Tron Legacy so much. I wish they made a 3rd one..

  30. Kenny Johnson says:

    This was around the time the bingled star wars.

    Its definitely a management problem.

  31. Alan Wilder says:

    disney is all greed they wont give tron a chance and they definitely won't give it to someone in fears someone else will make a profit out it….i mean how dare someone make more money than Disney 🤯🙄

  32. dave baggerman says:

    Hope that another company would buy the tron rights and fuck Disney they made enough money of tron… Greedy basterds

  33. Ink says:

    Instead of making badass movies that everyone likes let’s go ahead and make shitty live actions versions of our cartoons

  34. The King of Nerds says:

    Give Tron to lucasfilms?

  35. Daniel Z says:

    Nine years later I still think this movie has some of the best visual effects.

  36. Shaurab Das says:

    goddamnit i want more tron movies.

  37. Jacob Staten says:

    Wish they would have kept going with it.
    The videogame just felt clunky when it should have been a game where you have to maneuver and block because one or two good hits could end you.
    The animated show had wonky character anatomy.

  38. Flyby Gaming says:

    Key words, family friendly angle. If it weren't as restricted to that it'd be easier

  39. Zerg Zerg says:

    Make a Tron 2.O movie to bridge the gap between Tron and Tron Legacy.

  40. Zerg Zerg says:

    Rogue One worked for Star Wars

  41. ValladolidArde says:

    marketing was crap for tron legacy, Disney WANTED it to flop, they should get outta the way and sell the rights and carry on hoarding cash without regard for the fans…..

  42. Deus Ex Machina says:

    A surprising omission was that technology has had a quantum leap since Legacy. That's also a key reason there hasn't been a Half-Life 3.

    Maybe after VR ceases to be mainly a gimmick and matures to provide unparalleled experiences, another Tron could be released for it.

  43. Luke Johnson says:

    Tron Legacy was fucking great. Anybody who has anything negative to say about this movie can go fuck themselves with a nine iron.

  44. Paradox says:

    3:57 Yeah… in holywood. That's why we never got Half-Life 3

  45. Nictunes says:

    Tron needs to rebooted for games not for movies

  46. Martin Ramos says:

    That just goes to show the greed that is Disney. A movie that cost 100+ million dollars made 400+ million. They didn't like that they didn't make billions during the first week, greedy corporation. Such a shame cause I think it would've had some potential for at LEAST one more movie and MAYBE a couple more to wrap up the story. They should give the reigns to a smaller up and coming studio to make it but who are we kidding, it's Disney. They want it all or nothing.

  47. RMD shadow says:

    Tron Evolution was one of my favorite games for years and I'm still waiting for another one or at least a remake….I know it's not possible but yh…..Disney messed up big time, "not Disney enough "? And I quote someone below "not ORIGINAL enough for Disney"

  48. RMD shadow says:

    Someone start a damn petition on making a new Tron game to start the evolution to a new movie

  49. Hippity hoppity your child Is OUR property says:

    I loved tron D:

  50. Rj Cruz says:

    They gotta bring this back

  51. Ghost Pepper says:

    This is my favourite movie no matter what anyone says

  52. Cam Cappe says:

    Disney is the enemy of creativity and innovation.

  53. Justin Fencsak says:

    Do a thing on looper

  54. nkosi gardere says:


  55. Orion Herrera says:

    Bull, I had alot of Tron toys including the discs

  56. Roxxelana says:

    I've literally never heard of 'Tomorrow Land'… maybe that was part of the problem, reach?

  57. Steven Wilburn says:

    Disney dont deserve tron.fuck em

  58. Rahul ahir says:

    I loved the tron

  59. Ghost Chixo says:

    This is why Disney sucks

  60. JoAnne Mazurek says:

    With TRON Legacy I think a lot of people were disappointed that Tron had no significant role.
    A lot of us were also screaming where in the hell is YORI?????
    From what we heard the actress who played Yori was more than willing and able to participate

  61. Rahul Star says:

    We need Tron

  62. Fuston Powell says:

    I absolutely loved Tron: Legacy….Tron was Great but I think Tron legacy was how the movies should have been all the time

  63. Fuston Powell says:

    I wish they would make at least one more movie

  64. marylain69 says:

    Tomrrowland had George Clooney. That's why I didn't watch it. He's a big time hypocrite.

  65. Youtube Girl says:

    Why can't we at least get a tv series. Tron uprising didn't bomb it was loved ( especially now ).

  66. Unknownn says:

    Watch Disney bring back Tron in 2 more decades

  67. Gabriel Gonzalez says:

    Ive never heard of tomorrow land and I’m a huge sci-fi movie fan! Fudge….

  68. Raul Ayala says:

    Bummer. I thought Tron:Legacy was fantastic. I had looked forward to it for over a year and went to see it on my 16th birthday. I guess that makes me a minority.

  69. JDMCrave says:

    Because the characters didnt look as cool as Daft Punk

  70. 144tribeofjudah Seekjesusrepentofyouresins says:

    Seek jesus and repent of your sins  pray for my endurance and strength and victory over sin through Jesus Christ the one true king and god.

  71. ÌMMÓRȚĀŁ says:

    We see the next series torn2

  72. Aldwyck says:

    The new Tron Movie was better than the new Star Wars. Damn you Disney.

  73. Hanz Haxors says:

    I Will take Tron Legacy if Disney won't take it.

  74. sirlordwhitman says:

    More like…too cult. Doesnt appeal to the mass public. They tried to mass appeal it on Legacy by incorporating too many other action movie cliches like the Matrix and Star Wars. Should've kept it retro, like the first movie.

  75. Santiago Carbonell says:

    I loved Tron need another one.

  76. M.C. Maldek says:

    Tomorrowland was awesome.

  77. M says:

    they need to make another tron movie..i loved it

  78. Dutch Biggums says:

    Disney needs to sell Tron rights to Sony.

  79. Sir Loin says:

    It’s all about money. They weren’t making enough with tron. Plain and simple. Times change, people change. The people who made the first TRON are completely different than the people who made TRON legacy. And as far as the people running Disney, they’re different people as well. It’s not all about making a great movie or experience anymore. It’s all about making money. One reason why I no longer care for Disney movies. Hook, Tron, lion king, rocket man, heavyweights. Great movies from our childhood/youth. I can go on but I won’t. All I want to know is Wtf happened? I think I touched on the most important factors above. Money.

  80. VR GIMP says:

    Disney gave up on Tron because they are creatively useless recently.

  81. arbutuswatcher says:

    The Disney of today is a Black Hole (pun intended), where good ideas go to die. What they can't compete with, they buy out, only to kill it off. Walt is surely rolling-over in his grave at what they have become. So sad. 🙁

  82. Retail Mammal says:

    We need more

  83. AlexDre says:

    "Not Disney enough"?? Tf is Star Wars then ??

  84. CaYlYa says:

    It still can happen

  85. Jerlemi2 says:

    Tron legacy was ten times better than the Star Wars dumpster fires Disney put on us.

  86. Arty 50 says:

    I'll tell you the Music for from also made the movie so darn great too. It really flowed with scenes

  87. Rexx Thunder says:

    2040!! I'm old, I'll probably be dead by then! 🙁

  88. Keith Camacho says:

    The game didnt sell because Tron 2.0 is still better imo

  89. PROTOTYPE [CM]XCIX says:

    I want to see Tron now that he is no longer Renzzler

  90. amaticmk42 says:

    Why is every single bad

  91. tom porthouse says:

    While Disney may not be coming out with another Tron film anytime soon, they are currently building a massive Tron ride in Disney World and already have one in Shanghai Disneyland, so hopefully once they'er done making these incredible rides they'll go back to movies once popularity rises again.

  92. Irene Von Borstel says:

    Tron legacy is actually my favorite movie lol

  93. Neil says:

    If it's not Disney enough, then I want fox to buy tron

  94. Owen Wildish says:

    Hopefully, if a third Tron movie is made they'll learn from their mistakes, I think one of the biggest mistakes that they made with Tron Legacy was the Tron World was too grounded in the 'real' world (which the director wanted) and made what's supposed to be a computerized digital world too realistic, especially compared to the original Tron movie and wasn't as vivid.

  95. Tun Nay Thway says:

    That is why TRON disspeared and i loved that movie
    TRON was a good movie

  96. GrimReaper X35 says:

    Tron legacy was a dud because most people that saw it didn’t watch the original and didn’t know what the hell they were watching

  97. Steven Smith says:

    Tron Legacy was complete rubbish, never mind a 3rd movie, how about a second one that's not a big steaming turd.

  98. IsaacDDestroy says:

    Maybe now that Disney+ is a thing we could see a live action Tron series??

  99. Paxton Robinson says:

    Well main issue is too many fucktardness in motion are ignoring the mental enlightenment type of movie and going to the shoot them up / blow up the most toys in the movie without a plot.

  100. eric echols says:

    🤮Disney = Disaster & Destroyer of great movie franchises, need i say more? 🤨 Tron • Tron: Legacy & Tron: Uprising, are great movies, and deserves a part 3, but not by disney!

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