Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

If you had to choose right now, how long would you want to live? 80 years? 90? 120? Longer? And do you think you’ll change your mind once you reach that age? Fifty thousand years ago most humans died very young. As we learned how to use the resources around us to treat ourselves, this got better and better. Today, humans are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. But this has an unforeseen consequence. We spend an ever-increasing part of our lives being sick and in need of care. Most of us will die in a hospital bed, which is depressing enough by itself. But we also have to witness the same happening to our loved ones. Except, maybe we can stop this forever. The most effective way to treat a disease is to prevent it. It saves many more lives if you stop a million people from smoking, than coming up with better chemotherapies. So why not put a halt to the cause of all disease: the process of aging. In a nutshell, aging is caused by physics, and not biology. Think of cars. Parts wear down from rubbing and grinding. Metal rusts. Filters get plugged. Rubber cracks. Our bodies are worn down by trillions of tiny physical processes. Oxygen, radiation from the sun, our metabolism. Our bodies have many mechanisms to repair this damage, but over time they become less effective. So our bones and muscles weaken. Our skin wrinkles. Our immune system gets weaker. We lose our memory and our senses diminish. There’s no such thing as dying of old age. We all die because one of our important parts breaks. The older we get, the more damaged and fragile we become until one or multiple diseases take over and kill us. Unnoticed by most of us, longevity research has made some unprecedented advances in the last few years. For the first time, we’re starting to understand the mechanisms behind aging and how to manipulate them. Aging is neither mystical nor inevitable, and we might be able to stop or delay it during your lifetime. We’ll discuss the science behind it and how scientists are trying to stop it in another video. But first, if we could, should we end aging? Is this a good idea? The end of aging or life extension makes many people uncomfortable. We’re born, are young, become older, and then we die. This has been the natural order for literally all of human history, and getting old is a good thing, right? We celebrate the idea of living long enough to experience old age. We even call them the golden years. But the reality is that everybody wants to become old, but nobody wants to be old. Think of the Greek myth of Tithonus for example. Tithonus was the lover of the goddess Eos and probably an amazing dude, because she begged Zeus to grant him immortality, so they could spend eternity together. But she forgot to specifically ask for eternal youth. Tithonus was granted eternal life, but he kept aging, unable to die. After a few hundred years, he was reduced to the size of a grape, babbling on senselessly forever. Thousands of years ago, humans already feared never-ending old age. But ending aging does not mean getting weaker and weaker. If you become too old, it’s too late. A 90 year old who stopped aging would die anyway after a few years. Too much damage has been done to his internal machinery. There are already too many surfaces for disease to attack. Instead, the concept of life extension promises to end diseases, and with them, the end of a fixed maximum age. We don’t know how much we could prolong our lives. We might make every human healthy to the currently accepted maximum age of around 120, or we might stop biological aging and disease indefinitely. Nobody knows at this point what’s possible. Okay, but even if we could achieve that, should we? Well, life extension is really just another phrase for medicine. All the doctors are doing is trying to prolong life, and minimize suffering. The vast majority of healthcare resources are spent on the consequences of aging. Nearly half of your lifetime healthcare costs will be spent during your senior years, and another third during middle age. We are actually already trying to prolong life with our current medicine. We’re just doing it very inefficiently. Trying to stop aging from happening is not less natural than transplanting a heart, treating cancer with chemotherapy, using antibiotics or vaccines. Nothing humans do nowadays is purely natural anymore, and we enjoy the highest standard of living ever as a consequence of that. What we’re doing right now is waiting until it’s too late and the machine is failing. And then we use the vast majority of our resources trying to fix it as well as we can, while it breaks down even further. But life extension still feels hubristic. Most people assume that they will want to die once they reach a certain age, and this might still be true. The idea of avoiding death entirely is off-putting for many. The end of biological aging would not be in the end of death in any way. It’s more like a summer evening when you were a kid, and your mom called you inside. You just wanted to keep playing, have a little more fun during sunset before you went to sleep. It’s not about playing outside forever, just a little longer, until we feel tired. If you imagine a world without disease where you and your loved ones could live in good health for another 100 or 200 years, how would this change us? Would we take better care of our planet if we knew we would be around longer? If we could work for 150 years, how much time would we spend figuring out what we’re good at? How much more time would we spend learning? Would the intense feeling of pressure and stress many of us are feeling right now, go away or get worse? So asking again, if you could choose how long to live right now, in good health and with your friends and family, what’s your personal answer? What would you like your future to look like? CGP Grey: But maybe you’re still unconvinced. Some nagging feeling remains. That is the Reaper whispering into your brain. Watch my video to hear what he says, and why you shouldn’t listen. Your eternal future may depend on it. Kurzgesagt: Go watch the other part over at CGP Grey’s channel, and if you’re not already subscribed, subscribe.

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100 thoughts on “Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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  2. VanMan 23 says:

    Person: haha, I stopped aging

    Thanos: snaps fingers

    Person: MOTHER FU…… (gets dusted)

  3. Ning Abaño says:

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  4. SStar Arts says:

    Ah shit another existential crisis

  5. Smita Admuthe says:


  6. Rivers Oz Moses says:

    What's with the chicken in these videos?

  7. Great Tea Taster,the first leaf says:

    I would like to live forever,like inmortality just sit under a tree, withouth worry,see the world change around me, until the universe ends and births again

  8. DEFAULT nigga says:

    That means i can perfectly rob a bank in a few years

  9. Enthar Gaming says:


  10. Wumpis says:

    Well boys, we did it. Ageing is no more

  11. Maxer13 says:

    Without considering religious reasons, living forever would be a huge mistake because humanity would overpopulate the world. Where would we get the resources to sustain so much people? Besides, it would be really boring as life can be quite depressing from time to time.

  12. yankee doodle says:

    I want to live long enough to travel across the milky-way

  13. no says:

    WheRe aRe mY BiRdS???

  14. Kepler Burger says:

    Damnit I hate ageing. It is not the concept of dieing that scares me, but the complete unceairtenty of what is on the other side.

  15. dvenom32 says:

    Hrmmm, not too sure. I guess I’ll go out like cars, “rubbing and grinding”

  16. Takefive 123 says:

    It is not that scary if viewed as just further progression of what has already been happening for the last few decades, we are just getting better at making people live longer. Besides I don't think we'll just find a way to totally end aging soon.

  17. Gl8tchy exe says:

    Uhh, we should probably not stop the ageing… bc then there would be no place for the ppl

  18. Толкинист says:

    Не могу сказать точно… Не меньше двух веков,но и не триллионы лет. Я бы хотел жить до тех пор,пока я этого хочу и мне это нужно – нет какой-то фиксированной даты. Может в 200 лет,может в 450,или 15000 лет – все зависит от того как сложится моя жизнь. А учитывая научно-технический прогресс,я бы не хотел умирать из чистого интереса – а что будет дальше,что изобретут и откроют нового? И,имея столько времени,я бы конечно вносил свою лепту в новые открытия во всех интересных мне областях знания. Хотя конечно,врать не буду,много времени я бы проводил в простых развлечениях и отдыхе.

  19. OldManBusta ? says:

    500 years.

  20. LadyRavencide13 says:

    I don't think I'd wanna live forever. Also I think old people are happy to die because they're so k of being ill and in pain. Living in good health for a bit longer would be great…. I'd have more time to work out WTF I'm gonna do with my life!!!!

    'Kay so I want science to sort me out a pill or injection to:
    – Stop ageing or slow it down cos I don't wanna be all broken and ill in the future (I'm 32 and have already put my back out twice this year FFS)
    – turn of the gene that makes you store fat!! I do NOT need this gene!!
    – hyper-activate the genes that stimulate muscle growth so I can exercise for 15 minutes but it'll have the effect of if I exercised for an hour (think lack of muscle-mass is why I keep putting my back out)
    If science could sort that out I'd be very grateful thanks.

  21. Water Sheep says:

    I don't want to live forever. I want to respawn as a goat.

  22. Kelvin Broder says:

    I'm 50, and I would say 48.

  23. Jacob Lopez says:

    No matter what people do we will never be immortal.

  24. Peaches Pan Tao says:

    If we lived too long, like thousands of years, I feel like on a psychological level we would morph into something else. It would be a kind of death. Would our changed state be better or worse? Who can say…

  25. Erti Gaming says:

    I want to live 500 or 300 idk i think is much

  26. Bot 6 says:

    Um canal bom pros Brs

  27. Michael Alexander says:

    Now… how would we transition into immortality? Old people would probably feel a little bitter

  28. Equinox The Duality says:

    If I could choose how long I lived, I wouldn't use a number to describe it. I would rather die after I have served my purpose, fulfilled my potential. I'd hate to be just wasting space, but I also don't want to waste any time before completing my journey.

  29. ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy says:

    Easy way to stop aging is to stab them can't age if you're dead 👍

  30. ItzYoBoi DatOneGuy says:

    If I got to choose I'd die right fucking now

  31. Kutluhan Bilgeşah Bayzan says:

    music is very bleak

  32. Mac N cheese says:

    5:30 the girl in the background is hanging herself

  33. Guilt Azaour says:

    this is such a depressing video :))))

  34. I deserve to die says:

    Until the end of the universe. I could play as a god who cant die and demand the best of technology to see how far we get. And then watch the universe collapse. Thats how long I would like to live

  35. Samir singha says:

    I want to live 100k years

  36. robot- sensei says:

    63 seems good

  37. Jerry Tran says:

    I want to live long enough to witness human's downfall

  38. Ya Boi Temmeh says:

    6:15 Being a god.

  39. Jean Pierre maximus says:

    What the point of living if you not feeling alive.

  40. mainraj fatima says:

    I want to live for 50 billion years..

  41. chara789 si,style says:

    70 años… sinceramente me da miedo que el tiempo continue, que la tecnologia nos domine por completo… no se… me da miedo…

  42. Kringeria says:

    me laughing at animals

    You mortals!

  43. WizardNumberNext says:

    Well I disagree
    Doctors are thinking they are trying to prolong lives and limit suffering, but current state of so called medicine is doing exactly opposite thing
    Chemotherapy is killing people (well I will make you free of brain cancer and I have a full which does it in moment – sword – this is what chemotherapy is – it is killing all cells)
    Instead just give right advice – so consuming so much carbohydrates
    I eat barely 20 grams a day and I am perfectly fine. I even run 2 miles every morning while still fasting. I fast 16-20 hours a day.
    I just have been sick. I did not know that I have been hurting myself for so many years so much. I had ordinary cold. I rather knew I had symptoms, then felt them. I was not weak and I was considering running every morning regardless. All this bad symptoms, especially being weak is result of carbohydrates rich diet. Nobody knew I was sick for whole 4 days. I left them know, as they made a remark how good and healthy I look.

  44. Preston’s & Layne’s Vlogs says:

    Suicide would plummet to 100%.

    (Edit): And life in prison wouldn't exist.

  45. Kmangod says:

    And only the rich will be allowed or can afford it.

  46. Trok kune says:

    How long would you like to live?
    55, take it or leave it.

  47. Ludwig The Medic says:

    I would do that you age until 21-25 years and after x amount of time your body just shuts down like a phone without battery. No pain, no sickness, just a human living his days until the battery runs out

  48. LVB animations and stuff says:

    Ash Ketchum already did it

  49. Meme Necromancer says:

    I would want to live for 450-10000 years, just to see all the advancements in technology and quality of life that we make. Also, it’d be nice to live on mars

  50. Stupid Jaosn says:

    how long do i want to live? until i truly, with every ounce of my being, want to die.

  51. Chris Summers says:

    Process of aging
    Physics. Cars
    Solar radiation
    Immune system

  52. Chris Summers says:

    Colonization of planets
    That idea

  53. Chris Summers says:

    Better care of our planet
    Pressure stress

  54. Xtian Alvarez says:

    I rather live 100 000 000 000

  55. Where my House at says:

    I rather have a life

  56. Şahin yaşar says:

    If you cant remember what is point of golden ages?

  57. Lamo Content Gay says:

    Fear of aging is 100% cultural by the way. The Greeks feared aging cause of their culture. But many cultures welcome aging because being young was viewed as the time the grim reaper lurks the most

  58. nicholas holland says:

    Just imagine having doctors that have lived 200 years, and a hundred of those years was spent in medicine. Presuming that doctors would want to do their jobs for that Long. How good and advanced would these doctors become at their job, and just imagine the cures scientist would be able to make if they didn't feel burnt out from aging or simply getting to old to do their jobs. We would end up in a perpetual cycle of elongating our lives. This presuming we don't get wiped out by a superbug during the process.

  59. felix andersen says:

    1. Be a vampire
    2. Wear stab proof west, and probality bulletproof west

  60. Earl Barnes says:

    The only way to combat aging….is through death….and being remembered….for Death flys down on a angels wings, it’s better to burn out then fade away.

  61. Nicho Arnaiz says:

    Death is inevitable 😔

  62. Mc Spikes2007 says:

    Im a glutton for knowledge so i say forever

  63. Koloude says:

    Id like to live as long as I see technology peaks

  64. Smoked says:

    50 years?, For me

  65. Ocean Blue Animations says:

    Imagine dying at age 69 and your son says Nice.

  66. Ocean Blue Animations says:

    Bold of you to assume I want to live,

  67. Dannyelitoxd says:

    I just wish I was young… Forever…

  68. LeCutter says:

    Actually aging is a property of biology, not physics. It's a genetic fault. Cells enter senescence because of the Hayflick limit which destroy our telomeres and that's what causes aging and decay. If we can circumvent that we become immortal-ish. The problems to immortality are far more practical than philosophical. How and where do you feed, clothe and shelter all the 100s of billions of people who would exist and never die. There are manner of biological conditions that would need to be cured before most people would ever consider being immortal. Would you like to be immortal with crippling tinnitus, back pain, schizophrenia, et al? There are plenty of things worse than dying. And ultimately, from a logical perspective nothing ever really dies anyway, it just goes on to become other things. The Universe abhors waste.

  69. Madi 7080 says:

    Women says


  70. Raa Ze says:

    i want to live until the end of universe

  71. Vie says:

    My grandparents are all in their late 80s. I'm 18. They are all pretty much the same as they have been for 20 years, just in a little more pain and a little more tired. They're not ready to die, and I'm not ready to lose them. To some people 90 is old, and they'd be happy to die at 90. I know they could, any day now. But it would feel unnatural. Even in 10 years I think it would seem wrong, like they had more time in them. Their parents were all dead much younger than they are now, and it felt right then. But with modern medicine, i don't see why we shouldn't expect to live to 120.

  72. Scooby Doo says:

    I would live until the end of time.
    I could watch my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren grow older, i could see all of the amazing achievements of future humanity, and basically it'd be amazing to never die from old age. .-.

  73. SuperKomboy says:

    Don’t give me hope ;-;

  74. Alexander Gaming says:

    To be honest, I would live forever

  75. Giorgos Ph. says:

    The population will skyrocket if we stop aging and stop diseases, bringing a whole lot of other serious problems.

  76. Venly Plays Nothing says:

    Just to think of it, We will all eventually die..

  77. Abiraj Peace Love Music says:

    I want to live until I die😉

  78. Yugi Hoskin says:

    If we slow down aging the world would over populate

  79. doggy world Vuf vuf says:


  80. Дани Пеков says:

    Who cares??
    We live for as long as our fate decides and because of the family and friends who have passed we should live and enjoy and make the world a better place for as long as we are able to. Isn't that a reason? What makes me better than the billions of people who have lived before me?

  81. Mutated Sperm says:

    This video was very informative it made me open up and think about a lot of things 🙏🏿

  82. OP GOKU says:

    thanos: i am about to end this man's whole career

  83. Lone Wander says:

    100 years of education because we live for 300 years… HELL NO

  84. EggCr0issant says:

    I really wish my grandparents could live forever. I love them so much.

  85. Carlos Dias says:

    the problem will be if some become almost imortal and others not.

  86. sillybilly98 says:

    Damn if only we could respawn

  87. Dyer Mart says:

    Creí que el contenido estaria en español y yo esperando a que llegara la parte en español, lo chido es que también le entendí y ustedes a mí igual.

  88. Dreckbob Bratpfanne says:

    How long?
    Infinite. And if i have to become a robot for that then i won't care. It's like "The 200 year man" but the other way around.

  89. Hoplasa says:

    I have never died a day in my life and i'm not about to start now.

  90. Fuffles Softpaws says:

    I'd rather stay around for ages until the universe collapses, it's always exciting what new awesome stuff will come out every new year

  91. Fahd Faiz says:

    Damn, the summer evening analogy hit me right in the feels.

  92. TheTruthLover says:

    I die when is my time to die .
    I'm not afraid of death .

  93. John Ruben Saragi says:

    4:46 What does 'natural' actually mean?

  94. Sally Stephens says:

    1 billon 679 days

  95. Mei Misaki says:

    Ok Kids, This Is How Loli’s Live Life Forever And Still Are Small As Heck

  96. Karugotto says:

    Even if we stopped aging it wouldn't be like we had an indestructible body. Our bones would still get weaker along with many other parts.

  97. Zane Kreger says:

    Id live until my family dies

  98. PlazmaBurst45 Gaming says:

    I dont think we should end Ageing (If we ever had the technology for it) because overpopulation would probably get much worse since less of us would die to old age

  99. George Billa says:

    I want to reach 150,but immediately stop even if im 20 if ww3 starts

  100. Rosario Saguibo says:

    Over-populated or something . I think we shouldn't end aging FOREVER.

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