WHO PEE’D IN DEADPOOL?  ROBLOX Superhero Tycoon Magic, Kill Quests & Boss Spawns FGTEEV #17

WHO PEE’D IN DEADPOOL? ROBLOX Superhero Tycoon Magic, Kill Quests & Boss Spawns FGTEEV #17

my name jeff stuff i wana eat this guys toes ๐Ÿ™‚ PLEASE who plays roblox? ONLY DUMB PEOPLE STOP WASTING YOUR TIME It’s the crack heads now THOSE FACES ARE SO UGLY this a show about 6 year olds and their kids NIGGAS ON CRACK my son is soo ugly i can’t stand him he cant put on head phones why am i interacting with my hideous son? why am i interacting with my hideous son? (chase sings Bee Movie) Super hero tycoon wuh OH SNAPPLES! WOAH , that guy he died and dropped all of his goodies (Gasps) whoa i’m gunna say thank You.. Jirholm! Nope ! (screams) (laughs uncontrollably) Get outta here goodies Get outta my house..Grrrr *triggered (toad voice) Here you go daddy Ohhh , he is giving it back again HAH! HA! Nooo-oo Hah Hah! Thank you! This super hero tycoon is a little different… AAH! This guy keeps climbing in my house I need to get my insurance policy… Right now! Venom is here, you see this, there is actually bosses in quest… in this version, this one is AWESOME Now, if you could… [BASS BOOST] Aggghh, NO, VENOM VENOM !! AGH thank you ON YOUR BODY, no no no, no no no VENOM! if you could destroy the boss in time to use thirteen seconds left, then he drops a whole bunch of crates with tack money and stuff Stop it, what the..how- kids choice awards…. daddy how do you.. Dude, dude look I think some body switched bodies with me Its John Doe, its John Doe somebody’s just hacked my skin your skin is mine daddy To just get some money’s Upgrade this And i’m going to fast forward A little bit cause I don’t want to keep showing- the same stuff I did in the last one and then were going the do some quest OH YES YES DUDE DUDE dude this guys awesome dude look at my body John doe is this guy John doe ? Woah what is this ohh is that a ohh ! can you switch bodies with this WOW! i am a girl ! ahh haa ha yo that is so cool dad can you give it to me i dont know how i can just switch bodies with anyone switch ahh i am chase how do you get that no no no whos killing me my cannon? no no don’t kill me with the cannon we should give your cannon a name wanna call him nick? umm no Your very funny ficky ma flick flicky mc flick the cannon daddy i have 100 stuff chase has 100 thousand cash i have 20 thousand dude what are these other things i got dude a grenade i dont wanna throw a grenade at hp games and all this cool stuff thank you guys thank you i have deadpool guys if i didn’t already say ah grenade! ahh thats cool the only problem with this game is that you gotta stick with deadpool and you got this stinking deadpool thing right here HA HA HA AAAAAAHHHHH this guy right here is awesome its over I’m sorry. Check out a hoverboard. DUDE this is awesome! how do you weeeeeeeeeeee let’s see if I can collect my cash on a hoverboard I Ready?:) WOAH! No don’t get out! NO! how am I bouncing? I dont think I can collect cash on a cookie and go, no Check this out, magic carpet! woah! Ah it’s going so fast!! (GOTSA GO FEST) oh my godness look at this am i leaving a trail of rainbows? I am , big fluffy Big fluffy duddycorns flying on rainbows This is like a really awkward start for the video, for those that dont know, this is super hero tycoon,you basically have to build this things this little guys drop down 28000 And I just have to keep buying more droppers So eventually I can get another floor and more weapons (Slow Motion) Now lets play For real for real I got all these cool items man this is crazy Sick. Buy a pistol 5000. Aww I thought I would have enough Lets see my first weapon is My katana Wait a minute… LION KING Upgrade my walls. Upgrade my walls again. Upgrade my walls again. I wanna buy an owner door Buy my owner door, lock it unlock it, lock it unlock Now I gotta buy my stairs Wow, Chase why are you giant Come to my thing so you can be a giant. Are you gonna trick me and kill me like in the last vid NO {chuckle} promise? OK Alright lemme see buy some stairs, BOOM aight Got my stairs, I’m gonna go see how Chase became a giant. Ooo look Level 2 boss… spawn 2 minutes 53 seconds OH NO your canons going to attack me! Quick let me in! NO! GO! GO! Sorry. your cannon killed me no hey hey that’s my stuff. *laughing* that’s my stuff thank you sir what else you got for me thank you sir i’m going shopping give me some more stuff sir oh no no he has to die so he can um the same items how do you throw stuff to people i do not know Its money boom YEES BOOM chase: ? im almost gonna be done with my house im coming in your house, dont kill me this time what the whose house is this? wheres chases house? jump into my house jump into mine jump in? alright 1 2 3 jump! oh i want to be antman oh yeah i have the extra thing so you
can go fast where is it? the blue thing right there this thing makes me go fast? yeah dude let me see ahhh hey hey thats me what are you doing there dudy? whats dudy doing? im that guy and that guys me its so tricky daddy the boss is coming out! shrinking potion okay we gotta grow the boss its coming out in 22 seconds okay six lets see this you ready im going to grow drink it and ahh im a giant! dude im slow m91 should i just shoot the boss? oh my gosh i am gigantic alright wheres he at? level 2 bat where is he? wheres the boss oh hes right there where? who is it phantom again? ahhh wait what the? who killed me? i’m getting my weapons come on we gotta get the boss everyone get venom k lets go everyone get venom oh wait he gave me some stuff again thank you sir (x4) i killed the boss! you did? no not yet but I KILLED THE BOSS! you did? yes! oooh i missed it chase killed the boss and look what happens when you kill the boss turn into a bunch of crates boom i get it and look its gonna spin lets see i cant see with all this stuff and i got 9000 cash get another crate boom dude why are all those things in the way how can i remove that and i got 3000 monies this is its blocking everything! boom ah ah who is trying to kill me? and 1000 monies ah no dont kill me who just got that last crate? no that was the last crate ๐Ÿ™ i got the last crate i got 18000 i got i got 100 dude i missed all the boss action next time im gonna come see him we will be right back in a little bit yay im done with my thing look im not joking im done come yes! alright guys the boss will be here in 6 5 4 look im invisible see cause i have chase’s knight cape alright wheres he at? Harley Quinn? where is it? ahh thats harley quinn? alright im getting my gun pew pew pew take this harley quinn oh we got it? no wait that wasnt harley wheres harley quinn? oh there she is i was like why does harley quinn look like a boy take this harley quinn boom boom boom (over and over again) :O we got her? YES! i got her! good job chase 2000 6000 claim it next one dude im getting alot theres no one else here wow she dropped alot of crates 4000 10000 9000 dollars! *money sound* hey i got a godbow nobody shoot me that guy superman is shooting me hey dont you shoot my son dont you shoot my son! assasin’s creed trying to shoot you i saved ya dude theres like 2 crates left no no theres 4 crates left its a race to the last crate hey you stole my crate somebody messed with me let me get this one yes yes im so slow i shouldn’t of got it yes i got the last crate! i got the last crate i got the last crate yay no no no its not green its yellow see its beautiful i like it i got all my weapons here going fast we have got 2 minutes until venom spawns so while we are waiting im gonna kill everyone i like this where are ya? ow no! hey get out of my house 40 you get a superman oh man did i get him? i got the sir i got him and who else do we get ok this guy who is that guy no daddy i have to where are you? you harley quinn! shes throwing bombs at me oh look at this sick thats awesome who killed her? *dancing to the music* alright lets see what im gonna get here see i got 2000 hey whose this little guy? i cant get him i cant get that guy im taking you with me silly die joker die joker die joker hes down joker down i died wait he died noo without me i just wanna get on of those little trophy things

David Anderson

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