Who is Torrboar? (the EPIC storytime animation channel intro!)

Who is Torrboar? (the EPIC storytime animation channel intro!)

People call me Torrboar, the animator Nope, no one calls you that ahh.. hi! I’m Torrboar, and this probably going to be my channel intro for now I’ve always been horrible doing this thing and I usually, like, record all my audios like a gazillion times before I upload them but
I’m going to try to do this one and just one take like for no reason I don’t even know
why I’m going to do it this way but yes, I am I make animations and I’m still adjusting my styles but it doesn’t really matter if you’ve been following me if you’ve been following
me for a while you would know that I make storytime animations and also some other funny short clips that’s based on either my experience or things I
imagined or things I’ve heard so yeah that’s it I you don’t really know like what else to say and I know I didn’t really talk
much about myself in this video but this is my channel control it’s not about me, myself so if you guys are interested maybe I’ll make a draw my
life video in the future yeah and if you’re interested in any other kind of
videos that you think I should be making comment down below and maybe I’ll see
them so… yeah remember to subscribe and also, hit that bell thingy yeah that’ll
make me really happy I guess and if you don’t I won’t love you anymore I’m joking yeah since you made it all the way here already I’m definitely going to love you oh alright if you want to talk to me all my
social media links are in the description so maybe you can find me
there okay, buh-bye

David Anderson

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59 thoughts on “Who is Torrboar? (the EPIC storytime animation channel intro!)

  1. Frazzi Animations says:

    That was then most epic intro I have even seen •o•

  2. Bucket Zombie says:


  3. WhoIsCoty says:

    You’re the god

  4. My Animating Gecko says:

    Welp, your animation is silky smooth, like Domics. Then you got me over here who's like Sr Pelo inside TheOdd1sOut body

  5. Kanetale says:

    Have you ever considered putting some upbeat music in the background?

  6. Junpei Animates says:

    I love this intro! Are you planning on collaborating sometimes in the future?

  7. Bacon Painted says:

    Is this a 500 sub special?

  8. CCA Animations says:

    This is very good! 😀 also you should make a video about kaiju
    also I can't go on social media sooooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Jackson Likes Bagels says:

    an epic d o o d

  10. adam animations says:


  11. Animatian Official says:

    Awesome bro!

  12. Vault Dweller Carmelo Johnson says:

    I have no word dude…

  13. Aneoohh disio says:

    Yay your not dead. Great vid by the way

  14. Nonoparty Animations says:

    You ARE our animator super hero lol

  15. Eidorian Kun says:

    You’re getting a lot better Torrboar! This is supercool!

  16. Nonoparty Animations says:

    I’ve been following you for a while now and I really like what you do! You inspire me everyday to put more effort in animations and you even inspired me to learn more anime and learn your style. Your a huge inspiration to me, and I am excited to see where this channel goes! ?

  17. Aneoohh disio says:

    Sans in smash bois

  18. Space Bubbles animations says:

    You were right this is a epic video

  19. MTG1 says:

    Nice vid bro this was the best youtube Intro I have ever seen keep up the good work BTW I feel u bro I struggle with rec my audio once It usually takes me 3 or 4 attempts

  20. Paper Verse says:

    Very nice intro boi

  21. Dumhappy says:

    Nice intro wow!

  22. Dominic Draws says:

    woah this is epic

  23. Blue Krait an eddsworldgurl says:

    Ye, you pretty awesome?

  24. cgreen339 says:

    you’re doing my intro next right!

  25. Xx Nadimation xX says:

    Looks really cool!!
    Love this part (0:03) so good :0000

  26. Rad Parkour says:

    Yes do draw my life I know it will be interesting ?

  27. DTk Animations says:

    What can I say it's torrboar ? ?

  28. zyanit says:

    pun this for no reason

  29. JuiceBox Animates says:

    Thats a relief for a second their i thought you weren't gonna love me

  30. Econicanimations says:

    I thought your name is tour-bar when I first saw you

  31. MY H3AD says:

    Wow is that Thor and super man combine

  32. WarriorCookie says:

    Nice and epic intro! I really like the way you draw yourself lip sic! I’ll be sure to check out your story time vids!

  33. squink oplurp says:

    Damn dude awesome intro u are a hero at animation!!!

  34. Nova/Animations says:

    this is glorious

  35. DoCoi says:

    this's really an epic intro, Torrboar

  36. The Dark One says:

    Great trailer video

  37. Yui Kipz says:

    And yes id love a draw my life video, im gonna be here till the end.

  38. Chillio says:

    lovveeee it 🙂

  39. Lofi Animator says:

    superman lol

  40. Hannah Madar says:

    Your drawings are so cool! Excited to see your channel grow, good luck!!!

  41. Cheeseball The great says:

    Dude you really deserve more subs

  42. Aplixaty says:

    That intro was awesome ??

  43. Voodoo animator says:

    Do draw your life!!!

  44. izzy but animated says:


  45. sunny goodra says:


  46. PeachyHydra says:

    Wow bro I love your style soo much your frames are fluid and feel very in motion the whole time great job ?

  47. Animatian Official says:

    If you ever make another channel trailer, could you like add some people in to say what they think of your channel!

  48. Ray Rich Brown says:

    Wow, top quality bro! Love your vids, thumbs up ?? please do travel story animations ?

  49. yellowduckie says:

    Your too underrated

  50. Haaish Malik says:

    Ths is epic

  51. Cheeseball The great says:

    I was here before your 100 I’m so proud

  52. Communimate ANIMATIONS says:

    Great intro man; oozing with personality! And good to know that i'm not the only one who re-records their audio a million times XD. One stutter and I have to do it again

    Also that's one epic Octopus 0:54?

  53. dannyeet animation says:


  54. Coco Bean says:

    This is SO good! Severely underrated

  55. Sinefx says:

    Nice animation. 502 new friend and bell on. I hope make same. like 66

  56. Iggy Gamer XD says:

    That's hard work how u made it

  57. What is life? says:

    You earned yourself 7 subs
    ( ima sub on all my accounts )

  58. Brayden Bacon62 says:


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