Time for the big reveal. Can I get a drumroll please? Oh my gosh, it’s really her! Students, welcome to your first day on Princess
Studies 101. As you know this is a brand new class this
semester, and I, Mrs. Lancer am your teacher. Wow, Princess Studies? You Miss Lancer? I had no idea you taught anything other than
dance. Ooh, I have a bouquet of surprises. This is gonna be awesome. So, um what is Princess Studies 101 by the
way? I’m snow happy you asked Elsa. Princess Studies is the studies of well, princesses
and other heroines from storybooks and the galaxies far, far away. Uuh! Wow! What! I know. Fabulous, isn’t it? But here’s the best part. Commence the projection. Can anyone tell me who this is? I can. That’s Megara or Meg for short. She’s from ancient Greece and she’s best friends
with Hercules. That’s right Ariel. Meg is sassy and very independent. Now who is this princess? Huh, I know. That’s Anastasia. She’s the lost princess of Russia. Everyone thought she was gone forever. Wonderful Belle. Yes, Anastasia displayed great courage on
her journey to find her family. And who is this? Uh, that’s Princess Leia. She is the leader of the Rebel Alliance that
they formed to defeat Darth Vader in Star Wars. That’s absolutely correct. Princess Leia was a great leader. Now who is this princess? That’s Princess Fiona. She waited for years to be rescued from her
tower, poor thing. I know what that’s like. Exactly Rapunzel. But instead of a knight in shining armor,
Shrek the ogre came for her. And last but not least, who is this? That looks like Giselle. Didn’t she live in a storybook and get pushed
into a wishing well? Indeed Jasmine. Giselle was magically transported from her
storybook world into the real world looking for her prince charming. She is kind and very optimistic. Wonderful job ladies. Now we have a super special announcement to
make. An announcement? Is it a pop quiz? Not exactly. Tomorrow, a brand new princess will be joining
us here in princess studies for the day. Wow, a new princess? She’s coming here to our class? This is so exciting. Wait is it one of the princesses we learned
about today? Snow my gosh! It is. But like I said I’m full of surprises. Instead of me telling you who it is, I’ll give
you a hint. Wings! That’s it? Yap! Now, put your thinking caps on, tomorrow each
of you will be guessing who the new princess is. And whomever guesses correctly will win unlimited
free milkshakes from MilkShakies, ha ha ha. You guys, who do you think the new princess
will be? The hint was wings, very tricky. Well, Meg rides on a pegasus which is a horse
with wings. Giselle has winged birds that follow her everywhere. Fiona sings to a little bird in her movie
too. Anastia sings a song about dancing bears,
painted wings, things I almost remember. And there are aircrafts called T-wings in
star wars, so it could be a hint for Princess Leia. So girls, how’s your first princess studies
class? ha ha ha lame! Aghh! Look who it is! Always a prince in waiting, never a king! Ha ha I’ll have my day in the sun, just you
wait! You’re actually in luck Hans, there’s a new
princess coming to Princess Academy tomorrow. But I’m sure she won’t even give you the time
of day, so don’t even bother. Woo, a new princess you say, hmm. That’s right, we get to guess who she is. And if we’re right, we win unlimited milkshakes
from MilkShakies, I love MilkShakies Yap, I bet you wish you’re in princess studies
now! Catch you later Hansie pooh. Those princesses think they’re so clever. I’ve got to find a way to win those milkshakes,
and marry the new princess of course. But how? Students, today’s the day. I hope you’ve returned to princess studies
with your guesses. We spent all day trying to figure out who
the new princess will be. Wonderful! Who are your guesses? I think I’m gonna go with Meg. I guess Princess Leia. My guess is Anastasia. I’m gonna go with Fiona. Oh, man. That’s a lot of pressure, but I think my guess
is going to be Meg also. Is that your final answer? Aah, can I pull the audience, for the friend? Nope, sorry! Well that looks like everyone. Ehem, you forgot the Hanster, coolest guy
in school. Hans! What are you doing here? Well you kept telling me how cool Princess
Studies was so, I met with principal Pumpernickel and switched classes. Marvelous! Another student with a lancer answer. And who do you think the new princess is Hans? Mmmh! Aggh, it’s the perky one. I was hoping it was Princess Leia at least
she’s a rebel. My guess is Princess Giselle. Okey-dokey, time for the big reveal. Can I get a drumroll please? Ta-ta. Hello everyone. I’m just tickled pink to meet you all. Oh my gosh, it’s really her. Giselle I love your movie. Me too, it’s one of my favorites. I can’t believe you’re here at Princess Academy. I have got to tell Anna about this. Well, I’m a big fan of yours too. All of you. Do you any questions for me about my adventures? Oh, yeah. Pick me, pick me. Yes. I know you must have tons of questions for
our guest of honor. But first, we must congratulate our winner
Hans. Aghh! That’s me handsome Hans, prince charming of
the Seven Isles just looking for my princess and future bride. Oh, and free milkshakes too. Of course. Are you really a prince charming? Ah, yeah technically he is a prince. But there’s nothing charming about him. Why, yes I am. And I’m looking for my princess, might you
be that princess? Me, Princess Giselle of Andalasia? Just think of it. Andalasia and the Seven Isles combined together
to create the most powerful kingdom in the world. Well, um, this is all very sudden. I did just meet you less than five minutes
ago, but how about a date? A date is the best way to get to know someone? A date. Yeah, sure. Tell you what, how about we split a milkshake
at MilkShakies, your treat? Perfect. I’ll meet you there after class. Why wait? Let’s go now. Now? Why not? Lucky I won that gold fish game with Jafar. All right, sounds good to me. Let’s go Giselle. Well, that was rude. Making a date instead of staying here answering
your questions. That’s not like Giselle. It looks like Hans put under some sort of
spell. That was just Jafar’s scepter, I’m sure of
it. But where did Hans get it? Aghh! Looks like the villains are teaming up again. Come on girls, let us go save the day. Not so fast my little lancer vigilantes. I don’t think I heard the bell. Class comes first. But, uh, but Giselle needs our help. No buts Rapunzel. I’m sorry but we cannot afford to get any
further behind today. Now please open your workbooks to page 15. Oh man! You know, I’m not really sure how we got here,
but that was the best milkshake I’ve ever had. We don’t have many milkshakes in Andalasia. Really? In Arendelle everything’s frozen. It’s obnoxious. Huh, oh, my goodness! Hold that thought, are those what I think
they are? Peasants living boring lives not being rich
and famous? No silly, paddle boats! Come on. Right behind you. Oh Jafar, you scared me. First it’s always make me jumpy but yours
seems to be going pretty well. How do you know that? Have you been spying on me? Spying? Me? Never! I’ve just been watching from Ja-far, get it? Ha ha ha, Ja-far. Well stop it. You are in possession of my most prized object,
my scepter. I’ve got to make sure it’s being taken care
of. Oh, relax. Hurry Hans, there’s only one paddle boat left. Come on. Coming Giselle. Remember, the scepter. Ta-ta ha ha ha this is the perfect plan. Hans is trying to marry Giselle, what a trap! The rest of the princesses will be here any
second. The next day. Oh, man it’s been hours since Giselle and
Hans left for their date. We’ve got to find him. I cannot let what happened to Anna happen
to Giselle. She’s way too sweet to see through his villainous
plans. But how will we find them? All right, let’s think. If I were Hans and I had a trick up my sleeve
where would I go? The church! Deja vu, all over again. Seriously! Do you really think Hans would be so predictable? I Hans take you Michelle- Ahem, Giselle. Right Giselle, to be my lawfully-wedded queen. Marvelous, now all we need is a witness. Um, excuse me sir how about five witnesses? That will do. You guys look, Diselle is under a spell again. Hans where did you get Jafar’s ruby scepter? From my good friend. I think you might have met him. Don’t worry my little lotus flower, it’s just
a loan from old Jaf. Wait up, I thought you told me never to call
you that. Quiet you. Touchy, touchy. Jafar what kind of trouble are you getting
into now? Oh, he’s just here to be my best man. Congratulate me ladies, I’m getting married. Does Giselle know that? Of course, she’s really excited. So excited. That is not that the Giselle we know and love. What have you done to her? Oh, relax she’s thrilled I’ll prove it to
you. Wow, the human world moves so fast. Every time I turn around I’m in a new place
and a new dress. I’m confused, but excited. Oh, hi girls! See? Actually Hans, I have a confession to make. I’m here for more than just moral support
ha ha ha. What! What is the meaning of this? I don’t like contained spaces. But Jaf? It’s Jafar! What do you want with us? I just need to get rid of all of you. With all of her princess friends out of the
way then I can marry Jasmine with no interruptions. What! Oh, don’t act so surprised. First I’ll rule all of Agrabah and then the
world! Ha ha ha It’s gonna be so great. So you’re just gonna make us disappear? But why me? You annoy me. Aghh, Hans! And me? Oh sorry, you’re not really a part of this
whole thing. Ah, here you go move along. So princesses, any last words or I don’t know
maybe songs you want to sing or you might want to talk to like an animal friend or anything,
anything on your mind before you-? Goodness gracious, does this sort of thing
happen a lot around here? You got that right. Not today Jafar! Street rat, what are you doing here? When we realized what Hans was trying to do,
we figured we need a little magical help of our own. You ain’t never had a friend like me. Jafar, by the power invested in me as an honorary
Prince of Agrabah, I command you to remove that spell. Yeah, you tell him. Honorary Prince of Agrabah? Ha ha ha, please. Let me help you out there kiddo. Thank you everyone. This has been so interesting, but I do think
it’s time for me to head back home. Ah, really? We hope you’ll come back again soon. Oh I will, I promise. Need a ride? Actually that would be great. Perfect. Mind if we make a stop along the way? Got to drop off some cargo. How about some free parachute lessons boys? No strings attached ha ha Oooooh! Oooooh! I want my mummy! Ooohh! I’m okay. Lago, can you please get me a bandage. Ah, I just love it here on Ariel’s private
beach. Me too. I wonder why she asked us here today. Is it Ariel’s birthday again? Uh, I don’t think so Anna. Birthdays are kind of just an annual thing. And she sounded kind of worried when she called
me on her shellphone. Girls, there you are, thank goodness! Ariel what’s the matter? It’s Ursula, she’s missing. That doesn’t sound so bad to me, what’s the
problem? The trident of Atlantica, it’s missing too! Oh, oh that can’t be good. Do you think Ursula took the trident again? Maybe. But both of them have disappeared without
a trace. I can’t find them on my own. You need our help? Our help, as mermaids? You got it. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this. You’ll never get away with this Hook,
I am Aquaman hero of the sevens seas. Not yet old chap, everyone knows you must
collect all seven tridents to rule the seven seas. Aye sir, and we’ve got one already! For the last time this is a quindent. Five points on this thing. Count one, two, three, four, five. Silence! One must never correct the captain’s grammar. Now that we have this quindent, it will lead
us to all the others. Starting with King Triton trident of Atlantica. And once we have all seven sir? We shall defeat that Peter Pan once and for all. Dude, find a hobby already. And once Peter Pan is gone, pirates will rule
now and forever. Not on my watch. Later fellas. We’ve lost him sir. I’m aware of that Smee. Get us back to mermaid lagoon at once! Whoa, whoa, whoa, ah, whoah! Well, not the smoothest escape in history. Who are you? I’m Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman. Aquaman! Never heard of you. Huh, really! Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Aquaman,
but where did you come from? I was captured by Captain Hook and just escaped. Wait, you were up there and now you’re down
here? You’re a merman. Sort of. I’m a half-breed actually. An heir to the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis. Wow, I’m Princess Ariel. I’m heir to the Kingdom of Atlantica. We’re neighbors. Ariel! I’ve heard of you. I’d shake your hand but I’m a little tied
up at the moment. Oh, ha ha ha let me help you. We are actually looking for a trident. King Triton’s trident, it’s missing. And so is the wicked sea witch Ursula. Captain Hook is looking for that trident,
but I’m sure his plans are just as bad as hers. We have got to find him before anyone else
does. I’ve actually got my own quindent here. Quindent? Long story. This quindent can actually find all the tridents
of the seven seas. Wow, what great luck. We need a distraction. Aquaman, where’s Hook now? He and Smee are headed back to mermaid lagoon
to wait out the storm. Girls, you guys go to mermaid lagoon. Aquaman and I will find the trident. Aye, aye captain Ariel. Finally, the trident of Atlantica is mine. And it’s the real one this time. How did you steal it, oh wicked one? It was easy. That King Triton is getting old. I snuck in while he was taking one of his
midday naps. Excellent. Ha ha ha, I love it here in the uncharted
sea. So dark, so quiet, so far away from Ariel
and her swarm of princess friends. Always making mermaid potions. Back in my day you had to make a decision
and make a deal with the sea witches. I mean, it’s like make a decision already,
are you human or mermaid? This generation is doomed. So, are you just going to stay here forever
hiding from Ariel? Me, hiding? Never. I’m just waiting for the right time to strike. That storm came out of nowhere sir. I know, it was the almost magical. Looks like it’s clearing up now sir. What say we stop by the shrimp shack for a
snack, snack! Smee, focus we need to get those tridents. And quindents. I mean, yes sir. I just love mermaid lagoon. Sometimes I feel like I was meant to be a
mermaid. Me too, I can’t believe we got here so quickly. Yep the directions to Neverland are simple. First star to the right and straight on until
sunset. Aquaman said Captain Hook docks his ship here,
right? There it is now, the Jolly Roger. Aye, it seems like she’s ghosting you sir. Sshhh! How about that shrimp- Sshh! Hello sea witch, it’s Hook. Ah, Captain Hook. You know we tricked Prince Eric this past
summer. Yes, yes hello. Well, I have a plan to gather all the tridents,
are you in? And the quindents. And the quindent of the seven seas. Want to team up again? So this thing will lead us straight my father’s
trident? Exactly, we just have to follow where it leads
us. This way. Wow, is that an under water wormhole?
Looks like it, the trident must be over there. Let’s go Ariel. A quindent! What is that? Never mind, it sounds powerful. Meet me in the uncharted sea ASAP. Flotsam, Jetsam. What is it, many tentacled one? There are six small tridents out there just
waiting to be found and once Hook helps me collect them all, I will rule all seven seas. But doesn’t Captain Hook want the tridents
too? We can’t always get what we want, can we little
floopsies? Girls, look! I think Captain Hook and Smee are heading
back to out sea. Oh, no we’ve got to stop them from finding
the trident. But how? Belle do you have an idea for how to distract
them? Well, in ancient pirate tales, mermaids were
said to have magical singing powers. But we don’t have those powers, we’re just
princesses and queens with tails. The only thing I know how to do with my singing
is put Sven to sleep. That’s it. If we all put our mermaid singing powers together
then we can sing the pirates to sleep. You think it’ll work? It’s worth the shot. Man the steering wheel Smee, we’re heading
out. [Music] Do you hear that captain? [Music] Mermaids! Oh, no. Mermaid songs are dangerous, cover you ears. All right, all right in a minute. Blast, I don’t know how to steer this thing Twinkle, twinkle, littlle star, how I wonder
what you are. Girls look, we did it! They are both asleep. Aww, nighty, night pirates. Great idea Belle. Thank you. Okay, great job girls. Now, let’s go help Ariel find that trident. I hope Hook gets here soon. You are not Hook! You are Ariel and who are you? Seriously? I’m Aquaman, hero of the seven seas. Not so fast. You need seven trident to truly rule and sorry
to tell you but I’ve already called Dibbs. Oh, really? Where did you get that? It belongs to me. I am the next king of Atlantis. Oh, we’re neighbors. Pleasure to meet you. Tell you what sea witch, I challenge you to
a duel. I win I get to keep my quindent. And I get my father’s trident back. And if I win this little fight? Then you get to keep both of them. Are you sure you can beat her? Her powers are really strong. Trust me Ariel. You’re on fish boy! Get his trident. Yesss. Oh, no. Hook, where are you? I could really use some back up right now. Peter Pan! Your move sea witch. Fine, fine you win, this time. Come on. Let’s go find the princesses. Floatsam, Jetsam, follow me! There you are! We’ve been looking for you guys. Sorry, we were busy defeating Ursula. And you got the trident back. Yap, all thanks to Aquaman. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Teamwork makes the dream work. Uh, I love that. You know we princesses have to stick together
as a team to defeat villains all the time. I’m just glad both tridents are back to their
rightful owners. No one person can rule the seven seas alone. Thanks again girls. I think if we hurry, we can return my father’s
trident to the throne room before he wakes up from his nap. Taking me here Eric, it’s one of my favorite
restaurants. Really? That’s great! Add five stars and count. I think you mean Yelp, Eric. Is it me or is this salad tastes little fishy? That’s because it’s seaweed salad silly. Ah, ah that makes more sense now. Excuse me waiter, what’s the fresh catch of
the day? But of course, our fresh fish of the day is-
How could you eat fish? Let’s see what’s on the old crystal ball tonight. No. No. Ooh Ariel and Prince Eric, enjoying a meal
together having a great old time. Makes me sick. It should be illegal for a human and a mermaid
to be seen together. Um, actually, I’m great with this sea weed
salad. It tastes great. As you wish. You know Ariel, I’ve been thinking, ah, what
if you joined me on land forever? As in get married? Yeah, you know once my dad makes me king,
you could be my queen. I was thinking the same thing essentially. I wish you could be a merman. That way you could become king of Atlantica
after my father King Triton retires. Can you imagine me as a merman? Swimming around all day, avoiding sharks,
finding treasure with you? That would be so much fun! Yeah. Oh, whoa! We got a head out if we’re gonna make that
movie in time. Sounds good to me. If she marries Prince Eric, she’ll be in charge
of the land and her sister in charge of the sea. They both shall be mine. Are you excited to see the movie Ariel? Yes. I just love underwater adventures, don’t you? Yeah. You know what else I love? Popcorn! Hand it over. Hey, I thought you were gonna say something
else. This popcorn could use some butter. I think it could use my dinglehopper. Your dinglehopper? What! Don’t you use it for your hair? I used to, until I figured out how to use
it with my food. Now I use it every time I eat. Even finger foods like popcorn? Aha! Oh, man, that was crazy! Aquaman had to fight his own brother. I can’t believe it. I know. I was so scared that bad guys would end up
on top, but at the end, Aquaman saved the day. Wait, do you know Aquaman? Is Atlantis near Atlantica? Oh no they filmed that over there in Holly
Ocean. It’s kind of like Hollywood, but under the
sea. I think he lives in Atlantis. Ahaaaa! I see, okay. Well, it’s getting pretty late, I should probably
head home. Aggh! I can’t stop watching. Oh, wait a second, if Ariel marries Aquaman
then Prince Eric has no choice but to marry Vanessa, ha ha ha. For those of you just now tuning in, that’s
me, ha ha ha! Now for a little magic and voila! Hmm, now to think, where does Jafar live? He
owes me a favor. Aggh! Oh, man! The shellphone has terrible service outside
of the ocean. Iago, that’s enough with the crackers, I’m
tired of cleaning up after you. Oh, the most evil villian around
speaking. Jafar, it’s me Ursula. I mean, Vanessa. Where do you live again? I’m coming over. Ah, I’m sorry, but I’m not home right now,
I’m, I’m sick. I’m in bed. But I’m on vacation, but I’m, but I’m also,
but I’m sick but I’m also in bed, but on vacation in bed and a little sick. Don’t lie to me Jafar. You were never good at it anyway. Besides, I need a favor. Fine, fine. What is it? I need some help finding Genie’s lamp. Ha ha ha, that’s easy. Jasmine has it now and she keeps it in- Okay,
perfect. I’ll be there soon thanks Jaf, bye. Hey Flounder, what you up to? Well, I was practicing my trident skills then
I have to find Dory, now I’m doing kind of sleepy. Cool. You know what Eric said to me tonight? Oh, what? Tell me. He said I could be queen of the land one day. Oh, wow! Do you think you could make me a knight if
you do? I don’t “sea” why not! Get it? Wow, there it is! I can’t believe Jasmine would keep the lamp
in this random cave for anyone to come and steal it. Nice kitty, calm. Here kitty, fetch! Why, hello Jasmine, what brings you to me
today? Wait you’re not Jasmine. Hello Genie. Do I know you? Perhaps you’ll remember this, ha ha ha! Ursula, it can’t be! Well it is, get used to it. This is the new and improved look. Anyway you owe me three wishes. Yes, yes you get three wishes Ursula. I wish for a love spell. I wish that he- Sorry sea witch, the rule
say ‘no love spells’. Okay then, I wish to change the rules. Oh, I never thought of it that way. Did it work? I don’t know. I don’t feel different. Try and wish again. My second wish, is for a love spell. I wish that Ariel would fall in love with
Aquaman. Umm, against my better judgment, your wish
is granted master. Ha ha ha. Ariel, how are you are you just returning
from your date with Prince Eric? Yes, it was- I love Aquaman! Oh yes, I heard it was a good movie but it
hasn’t come to Seaplex Fifteen yet. No, I love Aquaman and I have to tell Eric. Huh! Wasn’t he with you watching the movie? Quick. Where’s my shellphone? I have to tell Eric now, I love Aquaman. My plan is working perfectly. Isn’t it a little creepy that you watch Ariel
all day? Silence Genie! You’re just jealous. Hello. Ariel, did you swim home okay? I really like Aquaman. Me too. It was such a great movie. So many good action scenes and- I really like
Aquaman and I want to marry him. Ha ha ha you’re so funny Ariel, you really
had me going there for a second. No Eric, listen to me, I’m serious. I want to marry Aquaman. Okay, time for my next wish. Oh boy, ahem, oh boy. I wish to make Prince Eric want to marry me. Your wish is my command. Can I go back into my lamp now? Ariel this is crazy talk, you don’t want to
marry Aquaman. I want to marry Vanessa. Huh? I want to marry Vanessa. What! This can’t be good. Okay, then it’s settled. You marry Vanessa and I’ll marry Aquaman. Have a good day Eric. Ariel, what’s the matter with you? What is going on? What are you saying? I want to marry Aquaman. I’ve got to go plan my wedding. I’ll see you later Sebastian. This is not good, not good at all! I think something fishy is going on. Help! Aquaman. Oh, hey Mira. Wait a minute, you’re not Mira! No, I’m Ariel. Hi. Wow! You look just like my friend Mira, the resemblance
is uncanny. Anyway what can I help you with? You need help saving your submarine? No. Do you need to stop your wicked stepbrother
from ruling the underwater kingdom? No. Lighthouse keeper? No Aquaman, this is serious. Okay. I want to marry you! Ah, what! I want to marry you Aquaman. I’m sorry Ariana. It’s Ariel. Look, I’m sorry you seem really nice but um,
I’ve just had this big movie come out and I’m like trying to focus on my career right
now I’m sorry it’s not you it’s me. But I have a movie too and we both like swimming
and I think we should get married. Listen, Ariel I’m sorry but I can’t marry
you. I’m not interested. I’ll call you. You know all this funny marriage spell business
is going to backfire on you. Always does. Prince Eric is never going to want to marry
you. Yeah, yeah. Sea witch, I mean Vanessa speaking. Oh, hello Prince Eric. What’s that? You want to get married right away? Sure I’ll marry you. Meet me at the chapel this afternoon. Okay bye my little schmoopsie-poo. Can’t wait to see you. Can’t wait to be married. You were saying Genie? It’s not right Ursula. You can’t mess with matters of the heart. Save it Genie. I wish for you to give me a wedding dress. Ah, ah, ah! Sorry Ursula, you’re out of wishes. All the best of luck to you but I’ll be going
now. I have to shop with all the human people? Gross! Sorry Ariel, like I said before I can’t marry
you. Bye. Wow! This girl just can’t take a hint! Waa, speaking of, look whose movies on. The Little Mermaid. Well, I’ve never seen it I guess I could watch
it. Maybe there’s some cool trident battles or
something. Whoa, no way! Vanessa is Ursula. Ariel doesn’t wanna marry me, she needs to
marry the true prince, Eric. I know. I’ll get them back together so they can get
married. Ariel, no I didn’t change my mind. Um, yeah, actually I did change my mind. Yeah, I did yeah. I’ll meet you at the church. Bye. You’re Aquaman. Yeah and you must be- Eric what are you doing
here? I don’t know how to tell you this but, Vanessa
and I are getting married right now. Ariel, what are you doing here? Have you come to try and stop Eric and our
feelings for each other? No, actually it’s okay. I’m marrying Aquaman right now. Oh, how surprising! Well are you ready to get married? What! Two brides? Is this a double wedding? Stop, don’t do it! It’s a trick. Ariel, doesn’t want to marry Aquaman. That’s what I thought. I think Vanessa or should I say Ursula here
has you all under a spell. Oh, that thing looks sharp! I am outta here. By a power King Atlan, I hereby break the
sea witch’s spell. Aghh, no! Ursula what are you doing here? And why am I in a wedding dress? Aquaman, whoa cool! I just saw your movie, loved it. Thanks bro. Long story short, you guys were all under
some crazy spell that Ursula- Ursula where do you think you’re going? Just going out for some fresh air. I don’t think so, you’re going with me. I’d go anywhere with you! To jail. I’m taking you to jail. Noooo! Praise beside and that didn’t happen!

David Anderson

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