Where is Bheem? | Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 1A

Where is Bheem? | Chhota Bheem Full Episodes in Tamil | Season 1 Episode 1A

Oh! oh god, where are the ladoos? Thief, someone catch him, the theif has stolen my Ladoos Oh! My leg, my leg is hurt, oh God. Oh ho Mother what happened, why are you yelling! Look there, someone has stolen my ladoos again, I’m sure it is Bheem. Let his mother come I will complain to his mother, I will make sure she beats him up. Oh ho Ma, Bheem did not steal them. He has paid money and bought the ladoos. Paid you money for them? You are lying. Show me, show me the money wait mother. I’ve kept it inside. I will get it right away. This seems much more. Should we return…
No no let it be. Good work my girl, take care of the shop Tuntun, my dear tuntun, by any chance have you seen Bheem? Where is he? No he is not here now, a while ago he was here and he bought Ladoos and went away. He bought Laddoos from you? yes Oh God. I wonder what he is upto in life, Chutki dear try finding him and let him know I am looking for him Mother, I am going to look for Bheem Hey what’s this, why are you aiming blindly with closed eyes sorry sorry chutki, Actually I was practicing the art of Blind Target. Want to be an expert like Arjun and u know, I also want to be a brave heart like Bheem. silly ! I am searching for him. I thought he was with you. His mother is waiting for him. oh yes! I think he is with Jaggu outside the Village. Follow me, we will find him. hey no – Don’t act smart. One hit on your head and you will become a round box. Everyone will play with you Oh really, u know what one blow from me and you will fly like a kite that’s cut -Upside down. hey look, Here comes sugar and spice Bholu Dholu have you guys seen Bheem? Who? That ugly nit wit good for nothing? Watch it guys. Just be careful with what you say about my friend. I will smash you Hey Raju, its Ok. It’s better to ignore them. Come we will look for Bheem. sure, sure search for your nit wit let them be, they are so boring anyway…. ha ha ha 102. 103, 104 150 Hey, where you guys going early morning? We are looking for Bheem. Kaaliya have you seen him around? Who? That laddoo thief How dare you call my friend a thief? Watch ur words? Shut up. One tight slap and the rest of your teeth will be gone as well. Oh acting tough? Looks like you have forgotten the thrashing you got from Bheem last time. Let’s ignore them all Raju come we will look for Bheem. ya ya go, keep searching Bheem, Bheem Chutki – see these left over laddoos. I am sure he went this way. Let’s go oh Bheem, why did u steal the laddoos and run away again had to lie to my mother that you paid for all the laddoos that you took away. I had to give her all my savings or else she would have complained to your mom. Chutki! You are so cute. You really care for me. Always trying to cover up for me. I dont know what to say. But I was very very hungry. Now don’t say a word, let’s go. Hey Bheem. Lets go. Your mother is looking for you.

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