What if “The Amazing World Of Gumball” was an anime

What if “The Amazing World Of Gumball” was an anime

[ beeping noises ] Hi, my name is azzaz-um… [ sighs ] Hi, my name is Warwin Datters– UGH! Hi, my name’s Darwin Watterson, and this flim… and this fil… flim… …AHH… CURSE WORD! YES! YES! FINALLY! NAILED IT! [ both laughing happily ] Wait, is the light supposed to be on when it’s recording or…? [ both sighs ] GUMBALL: This is my school, Elmore Junior High! And this is the story of my life! Starring, the Wattersons as, “The Wattersons!” Tobias Wilson as “Tobias!” Nigel Brown as “The Principal.” Introducing all my other friends in, “The Amazing World of–!” [ sighs ] Forget it, who’s gonna watch that? GUMBALL & DARWIN: Doo doo doo doo doo, commercial break! ♩ It’s Baby Anais, the living baby doll! ♩ She likes to eat her cookies! ♩ It’s Baby Anais, the living baby doll! ♩ She likes to drink milk! She’s really drinking it! [ spits ] ♩ It’s Baby Anais, the living baby– ♩ AUGH! Oh forget it, man. Let’s try something else. No, no, no! This gave me an idea. GUMBALL: Baa nana nana! It’s the Anai-hilator! With realistic Kung fu karate-chop action! She can break anything with her tiny hand! Nothing can resist her! Cars! Trees! Bricks! Houses! Her own face! It’s the Anai-hilator! GUMBALL & DARWIN: Doo doo doo doo doo, commercial break!

David Anderson

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79 thoughts on “What if “The Amazing World Of Gumball” was an anime

  1. Charlles Phillip says:

    Qual o nome do artista que fez isso eu quero os hentai

  2. No need Hate by universe says:

    Nooooooooooooo My eyes and ears… Anime is ugly!

  3. Ярослав Буркунов says:


  4. HACV says:

    This comment is going to have more than Likes than Naruto has filler

  5. xXAnimeStar CutiepieXx says:

    I love the fact they say “curse word” instead of actually cursing. It’s so cute

  6. Andry Tea says:

    Nicole so cute ❤

  7. cat_ lover says:

    At least darwin is wearing pants now 🤣

  8. Cosmin Nicolas says:

    Fuckkkkkkk animeeeee

  9. Axel Cervantes says:

    0:40 Cielos, he visto muchos hidrogenos de gordos con mujeres para que esto me parezca triste :"V

  10. Злой пикачу says:

    We all watched hentai in this drawing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. i dont care bout my name fireaxe says:

    This is hell

  12. Dragon ball Super rise of the sayains says:

    I remember watching this hentai….the lesbian sex scene????

  13. Random Person says:

    Deep Breath.

  14. Emmanuel Luna says:

    Do more gumball in anime

  15. OZZY Guilty says:

    Yaaaas i want this so bad why this so short i want this for real

  16. rafael26 Lazo says:


  17. Zionzar 13 says:

    They already made a hentai about this

  18. Zionzar 13 says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1:14 traps am I right?

  19. Heloisa Almeida says:

    Aaaa q coisa lindaaaaaaaa!!!
    Eles tem q dublar isso em português
    (Quem fala português da "não gostei") ;-;

  20. speedy gomesprey says:

    i see it in xvideos

  21. itz. Ajeng982 says:

    0.59 so Cute wkwk

  22. -Rayli- says:

    русский лайкос

  23. Judy Chen says:

    What if there was more on the tape in anime

  24. Kerım dıe Deutschkartoffel says:


  25. 羅守崎 says:

    I didnt expect to see eyes like that here

  26. OreoCookie OwO says:

    *me looking at Darwin and Gumball*
    Me:Wait. That’s what the voice actors skin color looks like.

  27. Love_cute_cat _xD says:


  28. Lord Stone_Face says:

    Dude make more pleaseeeeee

  29. Celsa Parada says:

    I love it! ❤️ 💕 💗

  30. elizabeth says:

    I remember a time when hentai of this didn't exist 🙁

  31. carson has big toenails says:

    Wait why is gumball a fricking cat girl?

  32. F.B.I Officer says:

    Me:*Sees The Gumass hentai Comic*
    YouTube:You Thought I Wouldn't Know Did You😎

  33. Skyrim 59 says:

    0:42 who didn't noticed the girl was actually penny

  34. Risa Hewitt says:

    kill me

  35. Büşra Işık says:

    Animee saykooooo

  36. игры плей says:


  37. игры плей says:


  38. الشيخ توم القاهرة says:


  39. Otavio Wigert Ferreira de barros says:


  40. Roll says:

    This is so cute, every single bit of it.

    Oh. Hentai? Why? Oh yeah. Rule 34.

  41. Chucky lover says:

    Why isn't nobody talking a out Anais she is soo adorvss

  42. Sleepy Otaku says:

    I’d much rather prefer the hentai version.. I’m sure we’ve all seen it lmfao 😂

  43. Julian Lopez says:

    In scard for life

  44. Rezzlaint Gamer 2.0 says:

    Ima make this into amine periodddd

  45. Peachy Potatoes says:

    If you know, you know.

  46. The Beast says:

    ОН нарисовал хентай, у меня есть этот хентай по гамболу

  47. el Marshmellow animations and stuff says:

    1:14 1:14 1:14

  48. Alone Peixes says:


  49. Nate Maynes says:

    Love it

  50. FATİH REİS says:

    Hahahah AWESOME

  51. `Lolly pop` says:

    Lmao,Nikol is so cute EVER 💕

  52. Osman Güven says:

    Alla beranı boyle ganbol olurmu lan he

  53. AaronGamez says:

    1:05 meme

  54. Oodoos says:

    Oh fuck me, this isn't good at all, how the fuck did you loli gumball and darwin!?

  55. Stick man says:

    What…are these comments?

  56. irfan teea says:

    This is sooooooo cute Im gonna cry😭

    Edit: but… Hentai 😂

  57. Gpower10 says:

    Omg this is 😉🙃😌🙃😉🙃😉🤣😀😉🤣😅😌😅😅😀😀🙃😀🙃🙃😌🙃😀🤣😊🤣😃🤣🤣😌🤣😌😊😃🙃😃😃🙃😉😉😀🙃😉😉🤣😉

  58. moisth says:

    This is my first anime


  59. Sturmabteilung says:


  60. Chillhop Samurai says:

    @Mike Inel You Should make a "what if CHowder was an anime" after the panini remix video it could attract a lot of attention :p Just sayin

  61. el crak 007 says:

    Ojala fuera anime😏😏😏

  62. Eduardo Alfonso Quevedo Muños says:

    Minuto 1:12 muñecos de mabel y diper :v

  63. Back To The Blue Side says:

    LMAO everyone talking about hentai and I'm just admiring the great animation work 😂😂😂😂

  64. agamerslife :v says:

    I didn't like it, i look look I've it

  65. Ashley Williams says:

    Nicole looks very cute and Richard looks way fatter

  66. Random Stuff says:

    I know a friend who would literally die to see this become a reality.

  67. Joshh ??? says:

    Gumballs mom is an whole waifu

  68. Хатиман Олегович 2 says:

    That more better than original series!

  69. Victoria Flores says:

    " its Baby Anais The Living Baby Doll "

  70. Rey Trundle says:

    gumball is Naruto ? :v

  71. El Increíble Mundo De Gomball says:

    No me gusta esta serié nueva como se ve
    Son copiones 👎👎👎👎
    Los originales son mas piola

  72. Victor Lopez says:

    😭😭😭😭😭. Ingles no😡😡😡😡😡

  73. Nahuelew Nk says:

    De esto hay porno xd

  74. Daniela Braga says:


  75. julie garcia says:

    It's baby Anais the living baby doll she likes to eat her cookies

  76. 浅沼幸雄 says:


  77. Tobias Gracete says:

    Bien la animación exelente

  78. Karolina y yisus says:


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