What if Delibird was a Team Rocket member? [Animation] ft. J Lynn and Mikeonut

What if Delibird was a Team Rocket member? [Animation] ft. J Lynn and Mikeonut

It’s too cold I can’t go any further! I knew I should have brought some Darumakas! I’m… I’m all better! No you had to knock her out with the a damaging move! We’re here to steal her
pokémon not to heal her back up! why is your signature move so bad
oh my Arceus.. Delibird is such a useless pokémon.. I should have just caught a Zubat like everyone else Would have made this job so much easier.. Ahw thank you. Is it while you’re always walking around
with that little bag to carry Christmascards for everyone? This isn’t a bag
it’s part of my body. You don’t want to know
what kind of stuff gets out of here every morning.. hope y’all enjoyed this video.
It was a little different from usual, I just wanted to upload a bit of a short
video to ensure I could upload before new year. I have already started working
on the next one though so that one will come out, next year..
Thanks to J Lynn and
Mikeonut for voicing the characters in this video I hope you all have a Merry
Christmas. but for now goodnight.

David Anderson

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17 thoughts on “What if Delibird was a Team Rocket member? [Animation] ft. J Lynn and Mikeonut

  1. slippie says:

    delibird is the best sandwich

  2. Jay Sucks At YouTube says:

    Dude the particles and camera motion though! Did you upgrade your system or are you just amazing?😂

  3. Asiboe says:

    Ok but what if you use it as a con, heal everyone up, act al nice, and then when you’ve won their trust BAM!! You steal their pokemon

  4. Artisticookie says:

    I didn't even consider that the bag might be part of its body 😲

  5. Guy W. says:

    Lol, that was great XD

  6. Kyle Marquez says:

    Loved it! It was great!

  7. Karenwood says:

    I know nothing about pokemon but the backgrounds are gorge

  8. Pottymouth says:

    I love the bitching and ranting as you walk away. Nice touch!

  9. Mr.Y theOrangutan says:

    Pokemon has Christmas owls that give gifts out of their magic butt holes? I had no idea.

  10. J Lynn says:

    What's in the bag, mike

  11. Ghost Shadow says:

    Yes, your back!

  12. Ghost Shadow says:

    I love j lynn, so cute . ^_^

  13. jecoat says:

    Team Rocket DID have a Delibird in the anime though, and that one also accidentally healed the enemy with Present.

  14. PostMeridium says:

    This is extremly professional

  15. Just my opinion says:

    Hey I’m an new fan, I just found your channel recently and I think you’re really under rated and I love your art style!🖤

  16. Burn YTB says:

    Cant wait for The emerald video

  17. Dhv Family says:

    Love it, it was great, new friend here. Let's support together, grow together. Thanks 🍷🌟🎁💖

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