We Transformed Into Superheroes! • Ladylike

We Transformed Into Superheroes! • Ladylike

– Wonder Woman was great. – But what we’d really like
to see is Wonder Women. – So in a sea of superhero
movies full of boys, – we decided to bring some
more ladies into the mix. – It’s Ladylike, and today we’re getting transformed into badass superheros. (explosion) (dramatic tone) – I love superhero movies. I feel like they always
come out in the summertime. Like you go into the theater
with reality in your mind, and coming out feeling like the world was bigger than you thought it was. – The only superhero movie that I’ve seen and enjoyed is Wonder Woman. It was just so cool to
see a woman up there being so badass and defying the societal and gender norms that were placed on her. – I love superhero movies. I see probably every superhero
movie that’s actually good. – When I was a little kid, I didn’t really look up to superheroes. I was like a nerd. I didn’t really relate to stories where people didn’t talk
about, like, their feelings. – I definitely didn’t read the comics, and when I would watch movies growing up, like as a younger kid, I would get really confused
with the storyline. Now that I’m older and
can really appreciate the value of superheroes,
I’m much more interested and invested in their backstories and figuring out exactly
what their deals are. – I’m being transformed into Batwoman. And I’ve heard that Batgirl is
queer, which is pretty cool. Also, apparently her character was, like, a circus performer. I was thinking that was cool
because there’s probably a lot of, like, acrobatics
involved in her fighting style. – I’m getting transformed into Jean Grey because I think Jean Grey is probably the most relatable
superhero I’ve ever seen. I’ve grown up with her, I went
and saw all the X-Men movies. She literally has incredible mind powers. I love the fact that she can, like, put her thoughts into
other people’s minds. – I picked She-Hulk. One of the things I
really like about She-Hulk is that, like, she’s very muscly. And, like, obviously all
superheroes are very muscly, but I feel like the women are
sort of, like, less muscly than the men, but she’s
just like bulky and big and I appreciate that about her. – I’m going to be transformed into Storm. The fact that she can manipulate and control weather at a moment’s whim. So she can literally create a rainstorm around her, but can stay completely dry. And that just means bitch, stay away. – I’m going to be transforming
into Wonder Woman. When I think of Wonder
Woman, I think of strong, powerful, don’t give no fucks, woman. – Superheroes feel like they’re
very socially acceptable, and, like, I’ve never felt
like I fit into that mold. – I think I can count
on one hand many times I’ve seen, like, superheroes that resonate with me, and half of ’em are guys. – How many Chrises are
there, how many, like, Bills? And you know, it’s like, I don’t know! But it’s like, how many
Gal Gadots is there? One. – When I was a little girl, there were three main superheroes. There was Superman, Batman, and the Hulk, none of which represent me at all. I mean the Hulk, little me. – If you want to love media,
you sort of have to swallow the fact that it’s not
gonna represent you. You get older and then you
start to think about the fact that, like, you never really
were able to look up to people that, like, looked like
you, or that could conceive of a life that was,
like, similar to yours. You know, all of your heroes were sort of existing in some other world. – Seeing myself represented
as, like, a queer woman is definitely starting to get better, but seeing myself
represented as a Latina woman is still something that I
feel needs to get better. – I think it would be nice
to see people like me, but I also know that
that’s not going to happen, and so I’m gonna have
to be my own superhero. – I’ll know the comments
you’re about to write on this video before
you even type them out because I’m Jean Grey, bitch! – It’s gonna be fun,
let’s go kick some ass. (thunder) – So back when X-Men came
out like 10 years ago and Famke Janssen played Jean Grey, I just really loved her portrayal of her. I feel like 15 years ago,
we didn’t really see women who were, like, tall and
broad-shouldered and broad hips and were just, like, Amazonian and built. I love seeing that. – Even though she isn’t my true identity, it is cool to see someone up there that I can be like, hey,
if I dressed up like her, people would say you look like her. – I didn’t really wanna pick
a lot of the Asian characters, just because from what I can tell, there was a lot of, like,
Oriental stereotypes going on, so I was like, at least
Batwoman’s got, like, a fully-developed story,
it’s gonna be fun. Also, her tights, less scary. – What I’m most nervous,
but also most excited about is getting silverish-gray hair, and then that in conjunction with just the entire outfit and all of the moves, it’s gonna be very far from
the Freddie that I know and that you all know, but I’m excited. – I am like a little afraid that it’s not gonna look as cool, my
muscles are not that exciting. I mean not to toot my
own horn about my calves, but my calves are pretty good. – I think I would want to speak every single language, or
just to never be tired. – Once you’re actually
in, like, a real fight or a real, like, life or death situation for other people, that’s when I think pausing time would be very useful. – I would definitely have
telekinesis ’cause I just wanna, like, clue in to what people are thinking. – If I had a superpower,
it would be pretty much the same exact power that Storm has, except in stead of her making it rain drops, I wanna make it rain men. – I think that, like,
actually a lot of problems would be solved that way
if people could just, like chill out at like the
drop of, like, a button. I could be Chill Out Man! I could be Dial It Back Woman! Not as catchy as Chill Out Man. – I totally would love to be a superhero. That’s like a fun little
fantasy at the back of the head. I feel like I see comic book’s depictions of superwomen with thongs and capes, and, like, basically a bra. I don’t get to wear that
today, so I’m happy. – Jean Grey and Storm have
a really dope frienship in the X-Men universe,
so I’m really excited to see how that manifests IRL. – You could talk all the time about, like, oh, like, we’ve seen one person like you in this position, and I
think there’s a lot of power, in, like, seeing people
like that over and over. It’s important for people to
see imperfect me be She-Hulk. – I feel like I am a powerful person, like when I have to, like, rev myself up because of I’m already in at rock bottom, then I rev myself up and
I am able to succeed, but I don’t necessarily
feel like I have access to my superpowers on a day-to-day basis, and I’m workin’ on it. – Wonder Woman was kind of created to have a pro-feminist agenda. I’m so excited to be able to embody that physically for a day. – I’m ready to get Stormed up. – Let’s do this! (Dramatic tone) – I’m gonna tell you one thing,
Spandex does not breathe. – We’ve transformed into a lot of things, and I think this is my true alter ego. It’s adding some zhush to
my vibe, and I’m excited! – This is crazy. I haven’t seen myself yet, so I don’t know what it looks like altogether, but this is the most
costumed I’ve ever been. – Okay, I feel very
angry because I have been in hair and makeup since
1:30 and it’s now 5:30. – I feel like this is what I would wear if I was like, I’m gonna go rob a bank. It’s like no one would see
this and think it’s me, and I think that’s pretty cool. – I just love how every aspect of this costume is connected. The gloves are connected to the torso are connected to the boots. It is a lot of reflective Spandex, so we ain’t hidin’ anything. – It feels secure, it feels snug, I feel like I’m ready for combat. – The hair and makeup was
relatively quick though, since she does kind of
have a classic look. When she pulled out the lasso, I was like, oh my god, a lasso! – I do not feel very intimidating, which I think is important
for a superhero to feel, but I don’t normally
know what I look like, so I could look really scary
right now, which would be cool. – I have really bad astigmatism. I’m gonna have to get really close to this mirror to see what I look like. It is my fatal flaw as
a hero. Let’s do this. – What?! Wow, I’m a badass. – (laughter) This is wild! I’m scared of myself. My shoes are so cute though! – That’s so cool, yeah, I
definitely don’t look like me. Wow! I might be intimidating. – Oh my god, what?! Simultaneously the coolest and nerdiest I’ve ever looked in my life. – Oh! This wig is my favorite! What I love the most about this outfit is that it just looks so icy, like, have a very cold heart and have
zero time for the riffraff. I’m feeling a lot of kinship
with Storm right now. She’s like a goddess, she’s a queen. – I kind of just wanna go walk
around Hollywood right now, which probably wouldn’t be weird. Pop my hip out a little bit more. This is so cool. – What I like about She-Hulk
is that she sort of, like, she shows up on the scene and you don’t really notice other people, and that’s definitely what this accomplishes. – Wow. I might be intimidating. I don’t think people would really think that I would be a great
fighter, but in this, I think it’s potentially
a little bit convincing. – Wonder Woman’s badass,
so I look awesome. I do feel powerful. Seeing yourself, like,
armored up and suited up is not something that happens every day, at least in my life. – I think Storm is really cool because she’s very in tune with nature, and she’s very in tune
with weather manipulation and storms, and it’s,
like, such a powerful superpower to have, and I
definitely feel that way. – I definitely can feel
the telekinesis coming in. The wig is the center of the telekinesis. – I like the idea that she’s so different and so unlike what you would expect. It feels nice to not,
like, feel like there’s only one perfect way to be a hero person. – I feel like a really scary magician. I could punch somebody, this is cool! – Lots of booty back there. Thank God a customer gave
me these booty shorts. – We’re talking about superheroes and women and being strong. I can’t help but notice
I feel like a stripper, and if I were a stripper,
Storm would be my alter ego and I would be like chocolate thunder. Ahhh, Ahhhh. – This makes me feel, like, way more, like, womanly for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s
like basically Spandex and I can see every curve. This has probably been my
favorite transformation. – I feel like I would
like me when I’m angry. – Batwoman is aspirational. I like that she’s pretty sarcastic, I like that she’s got a wife,
at least in some iterations. – You have a shield, should have a sword. Wonder Woman is wonderful
and I’m here for it. (explosion) – I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I put on that costume that I felt badass. That hair and that wig,
woo, made me feel so good. I don’t have that much
hair, and maybe if I had that much hair, I would feel
like I could go kick some ass. – It felt good to disappear
into the jolly green giant. Once I had, like, the veins
and the muscles and, like, the chiseledness, it was like I felt good. – I appreciated the costume. I definitely appreciated
how scary my face looked. Every time I wear a
wig, I just wanna, like, hehehe, like giggle like
a little school girl. By the time it actually came down to it, I was like, you’re not Jen
anymore, you’re somebody else, and that somebody is really
good at crackin’ skulls. – It was an armorfull transformation. It blew my mind, I did not expect it to be that true to Diana. I definitely felt like a badass when I was walkin’ around in it. I was like, oh, I see why she stands with her shoulders so back. – I was expecting to feel cool, but I didn’t expect to feel, like, icy. I really wanna see if the
way that I felt inside kind of translates through photos. I hope that I really brought it home. – There’s the nerves of seeing a picture of yourself are always gonna be there, so I might as well just bite the bullet and show me the goddamn photo. – Oh! Hello! These full-body shots, I’m loving these. I don’t think I expected
it to look this good. Sometimes that resting bitch
face really comes in handy, ’cause then people are like,
oh my god, you look fierce! And you’re like, it’s just my face. – Oh wow! Holy shit, look at that! You know, I just never know
what to do with my hands. This photo I like because
you can definitely see the mask full on,
so it’s pretty spooky. It’s fun to see yourself as somebody else. – Oh my gosh, like, I think
there’s just something about thigh-high boots
that just makes you feel like a thick Snicker bar. The full-body photo, I think I was kind of getting into the groove
of, like, the photo shoot. I didn’t really know
what to do with my body. I think that’s why the
close-up photo is my favorite, ’cause I think I kind
of got into the groove of the photo shoot and
really leaning into Storm and everything she stands for. I love it. I love everything about it. I’m really happy I chose Storm. – I’m like the sexy booger
from the Mucinex commercial. All the parts of my face that I don’t like feel so much more powerful now. It feels good to see
myself as something cool. I think I look good this way.
I think I’m a good She-Hulk. Anyone wants to make a
movie, please call me. I’m available, literally all the time. – Wow, it is so cool to see
yourself as a superhero. Like you know you’re a badass deep down, but to see it manifested on
the outside is really awesome. I expected to kind of
look like me in a costume in these pictures, but I
really do look different. I look like a completely different person. This is my superhero alter ego. Feel cosplay a little bit, you’re gonna feel like a superhero. – Everyone looked amazing. They all looked incredible. – It’s just so easy if you put a woman in a situation where she feels powerful, it’s just natural, you look amazing. – I think there’s something very, like, you know, kind of inspiring
about seeing yourself this way. It is really fun to
just be like, hey like, I could be a superhero, or you know, I could get beat up by a villain and then I could beat up that villain, and then I could kiss a pretty woman, and then I could take that woman down to EJ’s for a nice steak dinner. (dramatic music)

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