We Trained Like Superhero Stunt Performers

We Trained Like Superhero Stunt Performers

This is so next level we need to get somewhere with petitions in because we want to make sure guys are ready This is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be I feel like I’m falling behind. I think you need more time It doesn’t matter how much pain you’re in [cuz] I got to get the shot man. My head hurt I [could] really seriously injure myself kind of hitting me right now This week we’re training like Marvel stunt performers We’re going to be working with Garrett Warren and Steve brown professional stunt guys, and they are freaking legit They’ve coordinated and done stunts for movies including Logan Batman VS. Superman Dawn of Justice x-Men apocalypse ant-Man Wonder woman [and] [at] the end of our training, we’ll be filming our own short action movie inside I’m actually a lover not a fighter But I’m pretty excited to pretend beat up some people normally they don’t let the actors do their own stunts because that’s dangerous and they’re valuable to the production, but we’re not [ælis] actors, so we can do our own stuff what I’m not looking forward to is everything leading up to it when I look like an [Absolute] fool bang Bring me my chimichanga ready to be deadpool. What exactly are we getting ourselves into this week. You’re gonna be working on balling We’re gonna work on fighting reactions. You’re gonna do some wire work hand pulls and these are all quintessential to being a stunt man [we] teach you how [to] be safe while we build up your action to make it more dynamic the work that [stunt] man Isn’t just looking [like] the heroes. It’s also the [dyeing] and selling it’s all physical acting in a way We’re gonna start very simple very basic. We’re gonna start with reactions We start the session off by learning basic punches and hooks you have to be big and over-the-top And you have to hit close enough, so it looks real But not close enough to actually hit them I? Anticipated the last one I can feel it we start learning how to react to different stuff and falling to the ground I’m going to go bang and then you’re gonna take a reaction [of] mine. You can take it wherever you want and just Fall down to the Pad bang bang Don’t know where they hit. I think that was my brother. I just like wiggled Well that was embarrassing [how] am I supposed to [note] what it feels like to be shot somebody here. Gave me with an uppercut boom [that’s] I’m falling back you see I bring my chin. I underestimated severely how much goes into making a fake fight look real bigger reaction just snap your head back Keep the chin talk a little bit more Good let’s try one again this time let the reaction send you more so you shouldn’t be like boom then going, okay? I want to feel like it’s going [boom] it Just [rock] you [back] one of the things like with the sun [performance] is that there’s not a school for there’s not like an appropriate Way or the right technique for it? It’s just a matter of people from different disciplines Learning how to fall down for a living and they’re just taking that skill set and applying it to the situation I’m still really [excited], but I gotta say I feel like I was put through a blender. Why do we do this? [oh] it feels? Bad last night when I went home I had like a major spasm in the muscle in my back and a little bit limited in my mobility And I’m gonna have to take it easy today [I] know you girls are a little sore today, and so we’re gonna try and make sure guys are nice and loose We need to get some repetitions in do some more falling and then we’re gonna incorporate some of the fighting With the falling going into this I was really excited to feel like a badass. It looked like badass I [just] [knock] [your] like about us, nor do. I believe I look like that up I definitely felt like I needed to up my game [probably] [keep] [her] head a little longer I don’t know what just happened. [it] looked really good Keep it first blood being hurt is really friggin boring I’m just like sitting [here] watching them learn trying to take it all in And I’m frustrated and I’m bored and I want to do stuff [it’s] physically draining a little bit mentally draining and frustrating, but when you capture those moments It’s the most badass feeling in the world no, oh Good Really good That was fun this must be how it feels like to have an exoSkeleton [we’re] gonna be doing some wire work today gonna be pulled backwards like a looney tune I think the wire pools are gonna actually be pretty fun perhaps I’m completely wrong And [I] will be important here is we want to keep The Center aisle pretty much open cuz otherwise if I land my back And I bring my knee and my knees in myself in the face I can I want them I want you feel where the pressures coming from You ready? 3 2 1 go Boys or an involuntary [I] [don’t] know I was just like in the moment [three] [two] [one] go oh Oh, that is weird. Go yeah It was fun some of the power. I fell on my face. [oh] I feel like I just got so much whiplash I just want to be good at this stuff And it’s really hard, and it’s unfortunate that the only way to get better is to keep doing it which means more whiplash actually My back feels better, but I’m not at 100% yet, so I may not be able to do Every single stunt that we had planned, but really if I just look badass in the end That’s all that matters right what we’re doing Now is [Gonna] start working in the [falls] So instead of starting from the highest point and once over the low point and we’re gonna kept me you can reform ready to try it yeah Bye, tell my dog. I love him. It doesn’t [feel] that impressive It’s not that high but then I am up [there] it is quite high to be landing on your back You know look forward you start pressing your hips out going to your back, okay, ready [mmm]? Oh? I got on my oh oh you [pressed] off too much, okay? This time [do] the same thing, but do it controlled where you’re pressing off and out go Okay, it’s really scary and we’re not even that high off the ground, but before you criticize me I want you to try just press off you come out on your back And I’m not gonna hit my head as long She’s just step off you’ll be fine and if you do these guys were here to stay for you. Thank you ready Yep, three two one go [we] use boxes a lot whether it’s for falling into them using it for comping ideas of creating walls and areas So I’m gonna fall. I’m gonna fall onto this yep [I’m] actually more excited to jump into the box that they look way better than that heart match remember nothing changed Boxes to Pad Pad to boxes everything is the same That’s great. Well, you know when you dive in a pool And [you] like belly flop that’s how it feels to go on the mat Oh yeah, and then this just kind of absorbs it for you, and I’m like okay. Yeah, really Yeah, it sounded like a bomb exploded when you into him Thanks, Michelle We did it It is filming day eve. If you will it feels like would you off the day before a test? And you know you haven’t learned all the stuff that you need to learn so you gotta crave it in somehow I’ve taken two days off. I’m feeling a lot better today. [I] also took some muscle relaxers I’m ready to get back in the action and really learn some cool shit because Tomorrow is the big day [the] coolest part of today [hands] down was getting to be on the wire This has been my girlhood dream for my entire life This feels like an ultra Wedgie. I feel like I’m really getting the [movement] and I’m feeling pretty badass I Felt like a superhero new so cool Man, this is so much harder than it looks Being on the wire isn’t just floating through the sky like an angel it requires a lot of core stability and strength So you’re not spinning all over the place like I was a musical theater only one person got to be peter pan Now we all get to [be] peter pan. [I] want to just fly all day long. We did Everything today. We’re just having fun. It feels like play I feel like I’ve been really nervous and apprehensive this entire week about my own performance because it is really Nerve-racking doing all of these things [and] looking like a fool, but you know what today. I’m not gonna Have any shame you even step out then hit okay? I still come here and just get and let go I’m really excited I can’t wait to start seeing how everything comes together and look great. Hopefully eventually by the end of the day I know. I’m only fake throwing these guys, but it still feels really cool I am just super grateful that I actually can participate today and actually learn some stuff Once I start getting the fight choreography down I feel so badass This is how I’ve always wanted to feel in life so my back felt pretty good today But today wasn’t super physical tomorrow is going to be a 12-hour day multiple takes. I’m just really hoping that my back holds up I’m really nervous that once all the spotlights on me that I’m gonna get really nervous and everything up It’s gonna be a lot in one day. I just hope I pull it off It’s been a massive transformation the girls are all working very very hard I’m concerned about them Staying safe because if one one gets injured or makes mistake or falls the wrong way and does get injured. It’s Gonna put damper on the rest of the day, it’s filming day I’m a little bit nervous, but I think it’s gonna be really good. I’m feeling fairly super, but not fully super yet I feel like the nerves are coming Okay, the first shot of the day. I injured myself I thought I was gonna be the one to get hurt But then Kelsey goes and hurts her ankle right off the top and now I don’t know what we’re gonna do I’m worried about Jordan the whole time. Oh Really bad [affair] check out brad. We go. [I’m] gonna calm down [actually] just need to assess [go] fast this is really frustrating and I feel like it’s my [fault] but Yeah, it has to be my fault [right] cuz what else is it? It’s just like I landed the wrong way area where I sing her and making sure she’s okay And we’re just all having our fingers crossed that we’re still gonna get the awesome action scene that we want I Think I’m just a little bit Yeah, I want to try for one and if at the top I’m like no [luggage] shut it down trying to make you put your boot on is it ok [bye] hobble? I got an injury in the middle of it putting fine doing a holla run out Yeah, I don’t want you guys running so fast coming out the doors. I’ve never injured my ankle before It’s just really threw a wrench into the day You know the show must go on thankfully as the day goes on the stunt guys are so a game that they work around it Flawlessly, and still make all of us look awesome. [I] Felt like a superhero today dang it was so fun. [it’s] crazy How many times we rehearsed our sequences this week? But you don’t really become the character until you’re fully in the moment and all the cameras are going I’m not blown away that we were able to do the stunts We did, but I am blown away that we were able to actually pull it off and have it [look] this good I cannot wait to see the final product which you’re going to right now boom [you] think the other two try guys are jealous over what we have you like our fashion or our intelligence [all] [right] well [alright] while your love is oh yeah, I know I got me a 2g on the sweater. It’s really hot actually anything. It’s good though. It’s a case Where you guys think you’re going look at all these sexy, man. [let’s] oh my goodness surprise [ups] like crazy [it] has [a] new book here what everyone is doing what hey? You can ask me to go with you even so I knew it rolla screams oh Keith and zach have been kidnapped this looks like a job for That would be a really good time for us to have a team name Beat Chekalin Keith are you okay? Yeah? I’m doing all right. How are you you just I worry about you. I worry about you. [oh] yeah, you’re never gonna get away with this [uh] Right on time. I got this I’m supposed to go first Whatever you want to use [tale]. Whatever yeah. Yeah, I don’t know [oh]. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry me oh sure, uh Okay, [there] next door Well if it isn’t the powerpuff girls Legal would never let us use that name? Give it up. You were so easy to find well Joke’s on you. I knew you would come which is why I brought insurance I thought this was like a fun thing, but I want to go home now, please We’re sorry they tied us up so quickly. I wanted to be compliant. We were so good. Why? [instructed] I got this the [Ba] go leave on save the bomb The bomb go to the [hate] where the wars right right okay? Okay? Okay? Go go which way? All right Thank you for sending us Okay, what if we were called the extreme team? [no], whoa? We should take a selfie with it. Oh probably not a good idea Who’s the bomb? Hashtag yolo because I might die Oh tell see did you figure that [bomb]? And that’s why we’re danger league no

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