We Threw Beads Off A Mardi Gras Float!

We Threw Beads Off A Mardi Gras Float!

Welcome to Sapphire Falls where we’re here
for our final day at this resort. It was a nice little staycation. What did think? It was nice because it was a lot closer and it’s somewhere I never thought I would stay at Universal. and it’s a lot bigger than I thought too. We just finished checking out of the room We plan on being lunch at Amatista’s
which is the restaurant on the lower level. Then after that maybe go to Universal and hang out a little bit. and then tonight we have… Mardi Gras parade! Part 2! Very exciting day of events. You
ready? Yeah! Now we’re going down, down into the
depths of the rum distillery. It’s kind of neat. This is the level for Amatista’s
Cookhouse which is where we’re gonna be
eating lunch today. The water taxi to
City Walk and any resort shuttle to any other
parts of the Resort but this is where Amatista’s is which is right here on the left looks like they’re
getting ready for lunch this is a look at their dinner and lunch menu lunch is about to be served… now and this is what the lunch menu looks like Jen: They have Flatbreads Brandon: They do and they have burgers rum cake interesting and rotisserie this is a look at their dinner menu
we’re not going to be staying here for dinner, but these are just some of the
options that they have for dinner we have a wonderful view of the lagoon where we see the water taxis to pass up We got our burger with cheddar What’d you get Jen? Jen: A turkey burger Brandon: A turkey burger? Jen: With American cheese Brandon: You’ll have to let me know what you think We just finished our lunch at Amatista’s and now we’re gonna utilize our water taxi
benefit for the last time Jen: What did you think of your food? Brandon: I enjoyed it.
What did you think about yours? Jen: It was okay. I keep trying to eat healthy at
these new parks and it’s not as not as good as not eating healthy I do feel like every time you try
and venture out into the healthy side Jen: I’m not as thrilled. Brandon: Yes Jen: I will say NBC was good with that though. Brandon: Oh, NBC Sports Grill really good I almost wish we were vlogging that night Jen: Yeah Brandon: So good! So we decided we’re gonna do Islands of
Adventure. Jen: Cause we did all Universal yesterday. Brandon: And then around 3:45 ish maybe head over to Universal so we can
join that Parade Float Jen we’re gonna try and stay warm today it’s only gonna
get cooler and I did not dress accordingly as I am wearing shorts It’s gonna be a rough night. Jen: I asked if you wanted to go home and get pants. Brandon: We’re here though. Jen: I know, but we’re close enough. Brandon: We’re here Okay we are headed to Marvel
Superhero Island Such a fun roller coaster Alright, we walked into a store because it
was starting to get a little chilly with that wind. Check out these Tervis’ Jen: It’s like the comic book, I guess but it’s not… I feel like it’s too dark. Brandon: and then you got the genius Kind of neat. Jen: These are nice it’s like
that that rose gold one I like Brandon: Oh yeah Jen: $29 Brandon: is it Tervis? Jen: No Brandon: Thomas could eat
out of a Black Panther bowl Jen: and Captain America Brandon: How much are these? $12. That’s not bad for a pet bowl They’ve got a Black Panther Tervis That’s really neat looking Jen: It is Tevis, yeah $25 Brandon: $25 for the
Black Panther Tervis Jen: That is a cool one Brandon: That is a neat one. Oh, check it out! There is a Hulk one Jen: That’s cool! Brandon: that is neat Jen: That’s a cool one. Brandon: That’s me when I wake up in the morning. Jen: but this one’s $24.95 where as… Black Panther was actually $25. Brandon: Hmm.. five cents savings Jen: Yeah Brandon: Spider-Man Jen: Yeah I tell you what Why would anyone want to ride this in the cold. It’s like 60 degrees and people are riding this. Jen: More power to ya Brandon: it looks like it hits them right in the
face Jen: It looks like it hurts smack in the face whack-whack
whack-whack Let’s see well brave souls are riding the Jurassic Park River adventure Here they come Whooo that was misty Here we are at the Jurassic
Park World Check it out there is a lot of construction going on We pretty much know
it’s gonna be a roller coaster they just haven’t announced it. Jen: We don’t know Brandon: They’re being very secretive Jen: Yeah Brandon: but yeah They cut down a lot of trees like a lot but they have pictures of trees So they chopped down a lot of trees and now you can see Hogwarts clear as day while listening to Jurassic Park music yeah, there’s something wrong with this picture. and music oh Jen’s got her wand out! Did you ever tell anybody what your wand was?
Like who? Jen: It’s Hermione’s! Brandon: It’s Hermione’s. Jen: I had a tough time choosing.
It took me like an hour. Brandon: Yeah? Jen: Yeah Brandon: I think I had a hard time choosing mine too Jen: You did Brandon: but I ended up going with Snape Jen: Yeah Brandon: We are in Hogsmeade as we
continue our way around Islands of Adventure Jen’s casting spells recklessly Jen: Incendio! [Explosion] Brandon: So as expected, it is super crowded in Hogsmeade so we might want to
dip over the universal here soon What do you think? Jen: Yeah Brandon: Yeah? As it is, there is no
spells gonna be cast today Check that out. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures
Motorbike Adventure’s down for today Jen: That’s probably why it’s super busy in here. Brandon: Yeah everyone’s back here, but they can’t
wait in line Jen: They probably kicked everyone out of the line. Brandon: So we decided to go into
Honeydukes to try some strange candy this one was the one that we were looking at the other day Jen: Yeah Brandon: Exploding Bon Bons Eyeball Bonanza What’s this? Woah! Jen: A Chocolate Cauldron! Ton-Tongue Toffee Choco Balls. That looks good What’s You-No-Poo? Jen: The constipation sensation! Brandon: Oh my God It’s chocolate. It’s like M&Ms. Brandon: Wow Jen: So we were going to get a sweet treat from Honeydukes, but it was crazy We were gonna take the Hogwarts Express
but that’s crazy so we’re gonna walk it! Brandon: Thanks Hagrid! Jen: Hagrid! Get your ride ride back on! Alright, we got a chocolate frog from the main gift store I know it’s not as good as Honeydukes, but we didn’t want to wait in that line at Honeydukes, so we just got
it at that store instead. What wizard do you think we got? Or witch?! Jen: Uhh… I don’t know. You can’t tell. Brandon: Ohhh that’s a frog alright! Jen: Bertie Bott! Brandon: What?! Jen: It’s the guy who makes the Bertie Botts Every flavor of Jelly Beans. Brandon: Bertie Botts.
What does it say on the back? Jen: Bertie Bott. He invented Bertie Botts every flavor beans quite by mistake his original purpose was to create tasty
sweets from food after an accident during his experiment,
he recognized the sales potential of flavors that range from delicious to
disgusting including marshmallow, tutti frutti, grass,
soap and earwax. Brandon: Yumm Jen: I love it! It’s such a random character. That’s cool! Brandon: I didn’t know thats what he looked like Jen: No! I didn’t know what he looked like either. Brandon: So here we are back at Universal Orlando Happy Mardi Gras! “Smooth Sailings Ahead!” “Are we live right now?” Yes! “Hi mom! I made it! How are you?” Happy Mardi Gras! “You guys have fun” [Live Band Playing] Jen: He’s awesome! [Live Band Playing] [Cheering] [Cheering] Jen: I didn’t realize how close to the drummer I was Brandon: So did you enjoy this so far? Jen: Yeah! It’s cool! It’s fun! Brandon: You think you’ll come back? Jen: Yeah! Especially like to just have a drink and hangout. Brandon: There’s some fun excitement going on over there! So Jen! What did you think about the dancing? Jen: That was fun! Brandon: Yeah, Now
we’re headed over to the floats. We’re about to ride one for tonight’s festivities. Jen: The plan was to ride last night and watch tonight, but… Brandon: Oh well, we’re gonna ride it tonight. Brandon: So we are about to go inside the holding area. Jen: Yeah Brandon: We’re about
to sign a waiver though you know in case the float blows over with us on it. we are waiting to go into the pet show area where they hold us We got our wristbands. Thanks Jen! Jen: That’s really tight on you Brandon: It says Friday. It is. Jen: Sorry Brandon: Alright we are on the Riverboat Float which is the very first one. Jen: So maybe I’ll be able to see the parade too. Brandon: Maybe. Probably not. So this is where we get our costumes for
each float and they take our picture How cool is that? So these are the different
costumes for all the different floats How cool is that? Shipwreck Island. But we are on Riverboat.
Which is the very first float. Looking fashionable Jen: This is so cool! Brandon: We’re on the float! Jen: I’m not very good at throwing far. Brandon: You just kind of frisbee it. just got a frisbee it! Look at this! What a view! Jen: This is so cool! Brandon: This is awesome! Jen: Yeah! You think we can get it all the way
over there? oops Not enough Alright, you ready? Winding up! almost made the trashcan Jen: I’m not good at throwing Brandon: Ready? Woo! Here we go! We’re winding up! Jen: This is awesome! Brandon: Yeah, I know right! Woo! Hey! Ready? Woo! Look at the confetti! Jen: Yeah! CONFETTI!!! Brandon: Ready?! Woo! Jen: Almost Brandon: Man! I’m not good at this. Jen: No other way! I love it this. This so much fun. Oh look! you can see like Brandon: Yeah look! Brandon: Ohhh!!! Universal Teammember: Oh my God, she is so mad. Look at her! Brandon: She spilt her beer Universal Teammember: We’re sorry! Brandon: she went for it. she was the one who jumped for it. That was awesome! Universal Teammember: Ooo she’s telling him the story of what happened! Brandon: At least she’s wearing it That was great! Jen: This is awesome! Aww too close. I was trying to get it over her head. Brandon: Everyone’s like.. alright see where this is going Woo! Jen: Would you rather throw the beads or get pelted by beads? Brandon: Right?! Woo! Jen: I’m gonna try to get it in
the tree! Brandon: Don’t get it in the tree! Alright We are half way Brandon: Way to go! Jen: Hufflepuffs! Jen: Good throw! Brandon: There’s A bunch of Slytherins and Ravenclaws! There’s some Ravenclaws in the house! Brandon: Ready? [Camera Shutter] Brandon: You wanna hold the beads up? [Camera Shutter] Oh my gosh! I’m not gonna be able to get rid of these! That was fun! Jen: That was awesome! Well that wraps up a fantastic evening
here at Universal Orlando. We loved Sapphire Falls. Clearly we had a
great time at Mardi Gras. If you like that video be sure to hit that video directly above our heads that goes back to when we did another Mardi Gras event
just last week over at Universal. And that video over there is a YouTube video
that they think it’s best for you. If they want to join our adventures, tell them to do. Hit that subscribe button and hit that notification bell. Until next time, See ya real soon!

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