Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Kids Cartoon shows|Merry Christmas Fursatganj | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Kids Cartoon shows|Merry Christmas Fursatganj | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Merry Christmas Vir, bye bye. Vir what happened? How did you get burnt? Grandpa, that Santaclaus was Timbaktoon in disguise, he took away Imli and I have to go to save her. When I made you, my intention was, you would help and save everyone, I thought I was right. But when I see you getting hurt. I feel I made a mistake.I can’t see you getting hurt Vir. Grandpa you haven’t done anything wrong , now I am going to save Imli. But where will you go? Do you know where is she? Whenever any aircraft fly’s, its emits energy , we can follow the energy and find the location. Lets call Gintu. He has gone to celebrate Christmas with his grandpa after so long. We shouldn’t disturb him. We will save Imli. Quickly get into the space ship, the energy tracking device is installed. Hey this the energy trail, Timbaktoon sledge has gone from here. Grandpa, can you see the fort at far distance, that’s Madmax’s hideout, probably. You stay back in the space ship, I and Chulbul will go. Be in touch through phone, keep me posted. the moment you need me I shall come with the space ship. Robo boy suit on. Mummy!! Timbaktoon, what is the news? Boss Imli is in our custody. Imli is here then vir should be here any moment. We will give him such a treatment that he will never forget. Be ready, he would arrive any moment. Vir its not the end. The fight begins now. Haha!!! Imli you run, grandpa is waiting in the spaceship, go fast. I won’t go without you. Haha!! Merry Chirstmas Vir. I am coming to wish you merry Christmas, haha!!! Vir, there will be a control room for these rays, I will try to get you out of the rays. Imli! Chulbul sorry, I didn’t recognize you. Chulbul come fast lets save Vir. Let me have cake and run. Thank you Imli, thanks Chulbul, lets go home, we have to celebrate Christmas with everyone in the town. Yes, lets go. Imli, I’ll be back. Please don’t mind. Help!!!! Grandpa start the spaceship fast. Bunty come, join us in the garden to celebrate the Christmas. Yes, lets go Bunty. I will celebrate here only, I don’t go to people, people come to me. Vir, Imli where were you, we were waiting for you. We had gone to get cakes and sweets. Vir where did the Santaclaus go? He was suppose to give all of us lots of gifts. Did he lied? I was waiting for very long time on my terrace. Munnu, Santaclaus never lies, he will surely come. Gintu, children want to see Santaclaus and want gifts. Kids, who wants a ride on my sledge? We all !! Yeah!! Santaclaus!! I told you to celebrate Christmas with Vir, we would have the chance to travel in the sledge. Bunty, Keki, Feki come on today is Christmas, we all should celebrate it together. Thankyou!! Ok kids, take care of yourself and all the elders, keeping loving and smiling always. Always help the needful, bye bye. Bye!!

David Anderson

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