Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Shaitan liliputs | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Shaitan liliputs | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir, this looks so beautiful. Yes It’s really cute. It’s beautiful and cute but the best is the horse. Chulbul this isn’t horse, it’s a unicorn. You may don’t know, it’s a magical horse. It’s very powerful. Vir. Breakfast is ready. If they were alive today. It would be so nice. We could have played and had lots of fun. Right Gintu? It’s not a big deal. Agadam bagadam aalam phalam ikadam tikadum dum dumadum. No! Gintu don’t use the magic. I simply mentioned. Imli, the breakfast is for you too. Gintu, your snacks and Chulbul your Carrot’s pudding are waiting. Breakfast. Let’s move Imli. Thank you, Grandfather, come Vir let’s go getting late for school. It’s so tempting. Let’s go and eat. So students, now you have to tell. What will be the summation of 5860 + 2322? So here the answer is. 8182. Vir, I want you to solve what I ask on the black board. Ok sir. What happened Vir? Don’t know sir. Someone tied my shoe lace. Haha!! By the word question to be solved, Vir fell off. Haha!! Ok. Tie your shoe lace and later I will ask your question. You come bunty. Sir look Vir ate my tiffin. Hey!! Who are you? Who lifted me? Leave me!! Mummy! Bunty! What is it? Get down. Sir. I said get down. You were walking on that wall? How? It’s strange mischief But it’s wonderfull. Do it again and show. Sir, I’ve not done it. I can’t understand how it happened. What a joke is this. Do it again. I will get your name registered in the gymnast team. Sir, I can’t do it. You can, try it. He was doing just ago. When I asked he started falling again & and again. He is so strange. Bunty, had done it. But how? Tak Dhina Dhin Dhin. Tell me which work is incomplete without me? This Bunty just now walked over the wall. I know its your magic. No, I haven’t done it. I was at home eating my snacks. I don’t have unnecessary time to waste. I am going and continue to eat my tasty snack. Every time you blame on me. My snack. Hey! Stop. Hey! Where is this sir running and going with the chair? Sir, listen. Hey, why all of you have come in my office? Without my permission. Is this office or corridor? Sir, this is corridor Hey, how did I come here ? I was in the room. Something is serious wrong. I will have to find it out. X-ray vision on. X-ray vision on. Hey, you are from Gulivar travels book’s liliputs, aren’t you? Then how have you come here? Got it, these are Gintu’s doing. I will catch you all and take you to Gintu. Hey! What is this? Hey! Listen! Hey, who did this? Whoever has done it, it’s good. Haha! I am enjoying it. Hey, these are liliputs. And this one is unicorn. Yess! Hey! So beautiful they are. Wish it was big. I must have rided on him. Bunty, stop Bunty. I said, I wish it was big, its really grown big. That means. This will listen to whatever I say. Come on take me for a ride in the sky. Come on liliputs lets go. No Bunty, stop don’t go. Gintu. Now what happened? Why are you screaming? You re’ asking me, why am I screaming. It’s all your doings. How those liliputs from the gullivers travels book became alive? You would have done the magic. Yeah, you are right. I spelled the magic but forgot about it completely. Now Bunty is flying, get him back. And get back all the things in normal. Ok, boss. Agadam bagdam , alam – falam , ikadam – tikadam , dam – damadam Get Bunty back and get back all the things in normal. My magic isn’t working on them at all. Because these are made from my magic. You need to do something. Let me give you a unicorn. Chase him. Go Vir. Ghintu. Go. I’ll also go. Wow! Can’t believe I can fly. Stop Bunty, let’s go back. This is magical unicorn. And this has to send back. Vir, you can’t catch me. I won’t return it. Vir it’s difficult to catch him like this. Imli you just hold me tight. Let me do something. Hey, Bunty can you do this? You can’t do the way I do. Yes, why not? I can do anything. Look at this . Yahoo!! It’s great fun. Imli, don’t be scared I’m enjoying Vir. Vir. Help!! Help!! My little friends. I request you all to return back into your books. You saved us from falling down, we obey you. Anyways, here it’s lot of danger. Bye! Bye! Unicorn kindly return back to your size. Yes. Gintu remove my horn. Not my wings, it’s fun to fly. Hey! What did you do? Return the wings. Hey!! Stop. Hey, how come I am here? I was flying in the sky on the unicorn. Sure you must have seen a day dream Bunty. Come on lets go in the class. Was I dreaming? I don’t believe this. Everything seem real. Haha!!

David Anderson

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