Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Mad Max’s UFO | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Mad Max’s UFO | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir, what is this happening today? Why the breeze is so strong? I guess we are going to face some problem. Hmm. The clouds look weird too. Look at the way they are running. Hey look, there is an ice-cream seller. Come on, it’s been long since we’ve had an ice cream. Timbaktoon, are you ready for plan B? Ready for plan B. Meow! You are genius boss, super duper genius. She is right boss. Chulbul, where is Imli? She was right behind me. I don’t know, she must have gone home. No, she won’t go without informing us. Come on, let’s go and see. But how come Imli just disappeared? There is nothing shown on the screen too. And why the breeze is so strong today? I am not able to understand anything. Grandfather, I feel that this breeze won’t stop now. Please do something. The breeze must have flown Imli away. Now how will we find Imli? Grandfather, I think that, I should go and search Imli. She might be at someplace somewhere. Hey Vir? I think this is some enemy’s plan. Boss, ready for Plan A? Ok! Ready for Plan A. Somebody please save my kid. Help!! Help!! Somebody please save my kid. Robo suit on. Robo suit on. Hold your kid, take care of him. Son, please take your prize. Where, did I reach here? Welcome Vir, welcome to Mad Max’s world. This is my personal UFO Vir. Now you won’t escape from here. You have made us dance a lot Vir, now it’s your turn. Haha!! Imli!! Where are you Imli? Vir, I don’t know where I am. I can see you on the monitor. Vir, please do something soon. Imli, I’m coming. Haha!! Vir, now how will you reach Imli? Let me see Vir. I want to enjoy this game. The name of this game is Operation Imli. Vir, be careful. Vir, now what are you going to do? How will you save Imli? Haha! Laser protection on. Laser protection on. Vir. Vir! Imli, I’m tracking your voice. Don’t worry I’m coming to you. Keep calling my name in breaks. Voice tracking device on. Voice tracking device on. Vir! Oh! So Imli is in that direction. Vir, it’s not so easy to reach Imli. There are many huddles left for you. Haha! Vir, my friend, my brother, how are you? Today you are finally stuck in our trap. You are here to save Imli, but who will save you? Vir, you can’t save Imli but you can see her. Have a look. Imli! Vir, come fast. I am scared. Vir, today you won’t save yourself. Vir! Vir Vir! Vir, Vir! Where has Vir disappeared? Neither I’m able to call him nor is my tracking device detecting his location. Grandfather , my donkey sense says that there is some danger. You please keep on tracking him. Vir. Vir! Vir! X ray vision on. X ray vision on. Imli, I found you. I am coming there. Vir!! Come fast. to help me. Hurry up! What if I darken the room? Then the real Timbaktoon won’t be able to see me. And I’ll catch him by seeing him through my night vision glasses and defeat him. Boss, remove me from here. Boss!! Full power on. Full power on. Imli, go out of the room right now. No!! My UFO!! Vir, I will ruin you. Boss, right now we are being ruined. Run fast. Ahh! Vir. I can’t run Vir. Thank you Vir. You are welcome Imli. Yes! There they are. Vir and Imli both are fine.

David Anderson

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