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Keep digging, keep digging. Once we find the Utanium metal, I will be more powerful than Vir. Boss!! You are searching for this Utanium metal since so long . But you haven’t found it yet. Boss, this looks like a Jinn’s lamp. If a Jinn comes out from it. Then we would not need the Utanium metal ever. Haha!! A Jinn’s lamp! Now I am going to be the owner of this Jinn. Nobody can save Vir from me. I will have Jinn. My own Jinn. Who will listen to my orders? Haha!! Give me the lamp. I will rub it and remove the Jinn out of it. Boss, it is full of dust. Wait, let me clean it for you. Else your hands will become dirty. Tiki tika, tiki tika, tiki tiki taaka. You are my lord, you are my lord. No! You fool. You rubbed the lamp and removed the Jinny out. Tell him that I am your boss. And he has to follow my orders. Jinn brother! He is my boss. He is very intelligent and very brave. And he is very strong. Ok! Now its Vir’s turn. Timbaktoon, order this Jinn to beat up Vir very badly. Ok, Jinn go pick up Vir and beat him. As you say. Timbaktoon, why is he beating me? Ah! Ouch! Mona, save me. Master, you yourself told me that he is very brave. So I am beating him. Your Jinn is as foolish as you are. Timbaktoon, order your Jinn. To make ten robots who will completely resemble me. They should have the world’s most powerful robotic powers in themselves. And even I should have the same powers. So that I can ruin Vir with my own hands. My Jinn, fulfill his wish. As you say. Tiki tiki taaka, tiki tiki taaka. Your wish shall be fulfilled my master. Boss!! I am not able to make out who is the real one and who are the robots. This is me, the real Mad Max with a red scarf around my neck. And rest of them are the robots. Vir, I am coming. Kids, have carrot’s sweet, snack and pudding. Yeah, give me I am hungry. Run! Hey! Where is Vir? Grandfather, I’m here. Robo Boy suit on. Robo Boy suit on. No!! Robo boy, you have become too lazy. You took so much time to come. What if the car would have fallen on us? Do your job efficiently. Hey, you come home with me. Instead of thanking him you are yelling at him. Thank you Robo Boy. Please, don’t mind his words. All the residents of Fursatganj. Call your Robo boy. Where is he today? Why is he not coming in front of me? Haha!! 10 Mad Max. Where did they come from? Vir, time and destiny doesn’t take time to change. Today I am more powerful than you. Today you will attack first & not me. Come on, attack me Vir. Ok, as you wish. Vir, the fight is not yet over. It has just started. My Jinn, make all the Mad Max healthy again. A Jinn with Timbaktoon? Where did he come from? Now it’s my turn Vir. My turn. From where did Timbaktoon find a Jinn? I guess, the lamp which I threw was found by him. You are too much. Now go and help Vir. Oh! My goodness, even he is a Jinn. We need to stop him. Ok. Gintu, if you will go to help Vir. Then we will finish all your friends. If you want to save them, then stand there silently. Vir, now let me see how you will save these people. Haha!! I need to take him away from here. Vir, I will take care of Timbaktoon’s Jinn. You go and deal with Mad Max. Ok Imli. Timbaktoon, we are not scared of your Jinn. My Gintu is more powerful than your Jinn. Look, how huge he can become. I can also become huge. My Gintu can turn tiny and fit in a bottle too. I can also fit in the bottle. Did you see how my Jinn also went inside the bottle? Yes, he is gone. Gintu, now send him to the Jinn land. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. This is cheating. They made a fool out of me boss. Haha!! Boss!! Stop fighting and start running boss. Vir, are you alright? Yes, I’m alright grandfather. Vir, that Jinn has been grounded by GIntu. All the best. Teach a very good lesson to Mad Max. Haha!! Thanks Imli & Gintu. I will go and help Vir right now. No Gintu, today Mad Max should realize. That Vir alone is enough to fight with him. He doesn’t need any Jinn. Timbaktoon, where are you? My robotic Mad Max are breaking. Send your Jinn to help me right now. Which Jinn, boss? Which Jinn are you talking about? I can only talk about dustbin. And that’s all I can inform your right now boss. Timbaktoon, where is your Jinn? Tell him to make one thousand replicas of mine. One thousand. Boss, right now I can just make you fall ill. No! Vir, I’ll come back.

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