Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The mask of vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The mask of vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Hmm! Maskcuta. Today is the day to show boss, that you can make anybody’s mask in this world. Come on now, make a mask of boss. Thank you Timbaktoon. Here, take your boss Mad Max’s mask. How did this happen? How did I turned so fat? This cannot be me. Ohh!! Mummy!! You are fat boss, very very fat. She is right boss, she is right. From where did Timbaktoon’s voice come? If he sees me like this, then he will laugh at me. But boss, I am not visible in the mirror. You are so slim that’s why you aren’t visible in the mirror. Thank you boss, thank you. I did not say anything, then how did this mirror speak? Something is wrong boss. Meow!! She is right boss she is right. This is Timbaktoon but his face looks like mine. How is this possible? How? What is this nonsense Timbaktoon? You scared me. How did you get my mask? Boss, this is Mr. Maskcuta. He can make anybody’s mask in this world. Look, he has made one more mask. Cat Mona, attack!!! Haha!!! I always wanted to see Vir screaming like this. Today I feel satisfied. Mr. Maskcuta will wear Vir’s mask and he will harass the people in the city. People will not tolerate this and they will remove Vir from Fursatganj. Then Vir will be mine. Haha!! How is my plan? You are genius boss super duper genius. She is right boss. She is right. I don’t know why such ideas don’t come in my mind. Vir, riding a bicycle here is prohibited. Haha!! Stop, listen to me Vir. If Vir can ride cycle here then why can’t I? Keike Feiki, let’s go. Bunty, stop. What are you all doing? Haha!! Don’t worry Sir, Principal sir has permitted us to ride bicycle in the corridor. I am the principal and I haven’t given the permission. Sorry sir. Today, why are all the students riding bicycle in the corridor? Because you have told everybody that I have given the permission. You have done such a mistake for the first time. So I will leave now by just giving you a detention of one hour after your class. Don’t dare to repeat this mistake. But sir. I haven’t done anything like that. Yes Sir, Vir was with me. Two hours detention. But Sir? Two and a half hour’s detention. Somebody is trying to play games with me. Somebody wants to trap me. But who? Mr. Maskcuta, you played a great drama in the school. Now please do something like that in the market too. Hey friends, Do you want to eat chocolates and sweets? Yes. Vir, what are you doing? Take it. Hey Kids, get aside, these chocolates are mine. Hey kids, get aside, run away. Dare if you touch my chocolates. What’s wrong with Vir? Let’s go to Grandfather. I am not able to believe you people. But I know you all won’t lie. Give me a minute. I would like to talk to Vir personally. Grandfather, I’m telling you the truth. I have not done anything. I completely trust you Vir. But I need to check the recording through an inbuilt camera within you. I need to see what you have done since morning. Somebody is trying to spoil your reputation. I believe that there is a duplicate of yours. Who is doing all the dirty work to put you in trouble. Grandfather, I will find him anyhow. I will go and explain others. You don’t worry. Why are we sitting here? As soon as my duplicate comes, I will catch him. Look. He looks exactly like me. What are you doing? Stop. Yeah!!! We are going home early. Principal sir has said that today is a holiday. Everybody go home. Wait, everybody wait. I will go and inform principal sir. Vir, this time I will rusticate you from the school. That won’t be required. Haha!! Bye bye Vir. Uncle please inform principal sir that my duplicate was doing all this nonsense. I will go and catch him. Hahaha!!! Sorry Robo boy, sorry. It’s ok. Diving suit on. Today I will see how much strength you have. Leave me. Please leave me. I will never come back again. I wore your mask and fooled people. I was asked by Timbaktoon to do this work. Please leave me. Oh, So Mad Max has sent you here. And you are an expert in making masks. Very good Here is a duplicate of Vir who was spoiling Vir’s name. But where is Vir? Oh, he is in school. He is the person who has harassed everybody. He has troubled everybody a lot. No, now I will never come back here again. Please let me go. Haha!! Now he won’t come back here. Ok I should leave now.

David Anderson

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