Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The lizard man | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The lizard man | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

This time I shall make such a robot that Vir can’t destroy it nor Vir will be saved. Boss what is happening? Help!! Boss help!!! Timbaktoon what have you done? My entire hardship down the drain. Boss, what is this? What happened to me? Meow, boss he has become a lizard man. Hahaha!! Madmax is glad, very very glad. By mistake but I have created such a thing, may be Dr.Prem Sahay could manage to make it. Go and destroy Vir and show Dr.Prem that I am a great scientist then him. Go!! Boss please make me normal, how will I fight with Vir, he is stronger than me. You are strongest, you too have super powers .Your tongue itself is a weapon. What? My tongue is a weapon. Hey what are you doing ? Timbaktoon leave me. Ok. Boss, haha!! Chulbul you swing, I will have some snacks and come. Gintu wait, how can I play in Seesaw alone without you. Even I am coming with you. I’ll have carrots. Gintu lets have carrots. Chulbul , sometimes eat some tasty snacks. Eat carrots, its very tasty. Wow! My mouth is watering. Ok, first some snacks then carrots. Ok. Hey Chulbul if you want to eat snacks ask for a plate don’t eat from mine. When did I have? Gintu don’t blame me. Look Chulbul, don’t act smart. Don’t know what you are saying. Ok I am going from here . Go, I will have my snacks in peace. You ate my snacks. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadum dum dumadum. Boss here a real lizard has arrived, what to do boss ? It looks very dangerous. Imli! Vir help me!! Robo boy suit on. Leave me. Vir help me!! Vir help!! Imli!! Run!! In our town 2 dangerous huge lizards have been seen by the people. One is fond of eating snacks and the other one is fighting with the Robo boy. That’s it for now, stay tuned with us. This second one came from where? Someone help us. Thankyou Robo boy!! I will teach you a lesson. Haha! Vir the Robo boy, what will you do now? You are finished. Timbaktoon good job done, get him to me, haha!! I am glad, very very glad.Haha!!! Laser wall on. Where are you running Timbaktoon, you are yet to see the entire world. Thank you Vir, thankyou. My brave Vir, you have destroyed that lizard. But there is one more lizard, who is very fond of snacks and is roaming in the market. I am very sure its Gintu, come on Imli lets get him or else entire market snacks will be eaten up. Hahaha!! What am I doing in lizard disguise? Vir, there was a huge lizard here, I made her run away. There was a one more lizard, who ate all the snacks of the town. Haha!!

David Anderson

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    Mohammad the robot Boy

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    The laws of physics are no longer relevant.

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    I like to make a robot like vir and be his friend also emili!

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    I like vir the robot boy

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    maybe bana pao

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    Vir is very nice

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    I want to like robot like vit please contact me

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    I love robot boy ?????

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    I love my vir

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    You are very strong

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