Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The giant spider | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The giant spider | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Meow boss, spider! Moss!! Paider!! Haha!! this is not a paider and Iam not moss. I am The Boss and this is a spider. The giant spider robot. You will sit inside its cockpit and throw spider web on Vir. Vir will get stuck into it you have to drag him on the ground and bring him here. Meow! Boss, you are genius, you are super duper genius. She is right boss, she is right. Timbaktooon, switch it off. Sorry boss, sorry. Haha!! Look, such a big spider. Run!! Haha!! Timbaktoon, let Vir come, he will be finished today. Haha!!! Thank you Vir, oh I mean Robo boy. Your welcome. Haha!! Now the fun begins. Vir!! Vir, my friend, how are you? Did you see? You are nothing in front of my power. Timbaktoon, you fool, the power is mine, not yours. Sorry boss sorry, I made a mistake. I have imprisoned him here. Now you can do anything with him. Haha!! I’ll be there in few minutes. I have to settle a lots of accounts with Vir. Ok Timbaktoon, If you can imprison me here by your shrewdness. Then even I can make a fool out of you by using my brain. Holographic image on. How are you Timbaktoon? Haha, you have caught a duplicate Robo boy. I’m the real one. No, this is not possible. I won’t leave you too. How come two Vir’s Imli? One is down and one is up. I guess this is Vir’s image. Real Vir is down in the well and I’m going to rescue him. Thanks Imli. I’m here Timbaktoon. Take this. Robo boy, save me !! Save me!! Yeah, Robo boy, yes!! Imli thank you for helping me. You are welcome Robo boy. Robo boy, yes!!

David Anderson

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72 thoughts on “Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The giant spider | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

  1. Hentai Senpai says:

    I like this cartoon

  2. DHUGGA Gursharan says:

    a sec ago vewi it was 11 now it is 20 view

  3. Hentai Senpai says:

    U r very good cartoon maker wow kidz

  4. Angel Love says:

    What what day did you guys post vir videos

  5. Aziz Khan says:

    very nice

  6. Muhammad Abdullah Kashif says:

    Nice. cartoon

  7. ishwor rayamajhi says:

    Good luck

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  9. saba khan says:

    I love wow kidz cartoons


    it so good

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  15. Rijwa Najran says:

    I like this cartoon

  16. Jamal Akhtar says:

    very nice

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  19. Nandaniya sati says:

    Very good

  20. Mani Pandey says:

    good video

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  23. Sekh Rubya says:

    M hmm

  24. Nawab Khan says:

    vir the robot boy a best cartoon

  25. Veenu Arora says:

    I love you Vir

  26. Pawan Raj says:

    I love you

  27. gouri pd says:

    Nice cartoon,

  28. Maria Shakoor says:

    V furv

  29. Saif Rehman says:

    I love vir cartoons

  30. Aslam Shaikh says:

    I love vir channel

  31. super Mukesh says:


  32. Shiv Shankar says:

    robot boy suit on

  33. Parwati Kumari says:


  34. Arif Mansuri says:

    Video so nice

  35. Arif Mansuri says:

    I am you bay fan

  36. Prashanna Adhikari says:

    Nice video

  37. Lata Jain says:

    I love this cartoon

  38. A.r.rahman Qaji says:

    So beautiful Vir the Robot Boy

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  40. Abdul Quadir says:

    I love vir

  41. indrapal paikra says:


  42. Joban singh says:

    all is superrrrrrrrrr

  43. Suneel Yadav says:

    ?? Vir my favourite cartoon vir the Robo boy and vir the superhero

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  45. Rajesh Gupta says:

    very smart

  46. muhammad Rashid Rashid says:

    I love vir

  47. farman Soomro says:

    My brother liked this cartoon ????

  48. Ram charitra Yadav says:

    ??????? mast

  49. Vinod Yadav says:

    Vir is a very good cartoon

  50. Golu Hindustani says:

    Super duper hit

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  53. Fitness World says:

    I love vir

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  55. Abinash Raj says:

    very nice vir

  56. Haider Ali says:

    I liked vir the robo boy

  57. Ashfaqul Islam Rihan says:

    Very nice

  58. paxxang lepcha says:

    NYS episode

  59. Babu Jena says:


  60. Babu Jena says:

    I love you vir

  61. Mohammed Mueen Haindade says:

    Nice very very nice

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    I like this vir

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    I love the vir

  65. 01628330967 M01628330977 says:

    i likat vir tha robo boy

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