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Vir!! Vir! How should I finish this Vir? I don’t know. Boss, don’t you ruin yourself in the process of ruining him. Shut up! You work for Vir or me? It is a UFO, let’s go there fast. Go. This alien is unconscious. What type of diamond is this? This diamond gives power to the space ship. Haha!! Untill I have this with me. We can use this star alien for our work. I will use him to finish Vir. Boss ,the star is awake now. I mean star is conscious. What nonsense are you speaking? Hello! Can you understand our language? Zeya. Zak! Zobi! What is he speaking? Zai! Zoo! Zoo! Zak! He is speaking this. My space ship has met with an accident. Hey! My power diamond, where is it? It has been taken over by a bad guy named Vir. We requested him not to take the power diamond away. It’s is yours, but he didn’t listen to us. Without it my space ship won’t work. How will I go back? You will have to destroy Vir. After destroying him you can take your diamond back. Vir is very bad and dangerous. You will have to be careful. Where is Vir? I will fight with him. You people please go out a while. I want to make some arrangements for the war. Who are you? What do you want? He is Vir, finish him off. I will go and help Vir. Grandfather. Grandfather, let’s go fast. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. What am I doing here? Oh! Such beautiful stars! I will collect them and take them home. Imli, this is a star alien. There must be a space ship of this alien too. Come on, let’s go and investigate. Why he is fighting? Haha!! Now nobody can save Vir. I will rule over the world.. And this star alien will be my power. Look! There is the Alien’s spaceship. We will get some information only by going inside. Imli, now even we have gained powers. Come on, let’s go and help Vir. Imli, grandfather, what’s wrong with you? We have come here with star powers. Let’s fight. You all have come with my star powers. But none of you can escape. No! My star powers are finished. We are fighting since long without knowing the reason. You are behind us. You are an alien and not a slave of Mad Max. If you can promise me not to fight. Then I’ll pull you up. We can talk and resolve your problem. You all are good humans. Then why did you steal my power diamond? Please return it back to me. I will leave. My spaceship won’t work without it. A power diamond? Which power diamond? We don’t have any power diamond with us. Green color Star Power diamond. The one which you took away. And now you all are hitting me. No! We haven’t done anything such thing. Mad Max told me that the diamond is with you. So this is the reason why you’re attacking me. But Mad Max has lied to you. I don’t have your power diamond. I am sure it is with Mad Max. Now I don’t have sufficient power to fight with anyone. My friend, I will get your diamond back. Let’s take his spaceship somewhere else and hide it. Look Vir, there is my star diamond. It is with Mad Max. You were right. Mad Max, return the Star Alien’s diamond back. Haha!! Twinkle twinkle my little Star. I have diamond and power. Up above the world so high. Now you will fly in the sky. Boss, take me with you. Thanks a lot to all of you. I am very sorry to fight with you’ll. Bye! See you all soon. Bye!

David Anderson

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