Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Robot vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Robot vir | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir your servicing is done, Let me keep these equipment’s back in the bag. I knew that Vir is a robot, I will spoil him completely, so that he will never be repaired forever. Now you are completely fine. Go Vir, now you can play outside, eat and do whatever you wish to. Grandpa, I am a unique robot, first of its kind, to eat and do everything like a normal human. Yes Vir, I have created you like this only because no one doubts on you being a robot. Amazing robot!! Grandpa, something . Vir, what are you doing? Whats the matter? What happened? I don’t know whats happening grandpa. Grandpa, what happened to Vir ? I don’t understand what is happening to Vir. Suddenly he is behaving like a robot. Vir!! Vir lets go inside, Bunty shouldn’t see you like this. Bunty, Vir isn’t at home. Grandpa, he is at home only. Or else Imli & Chulbul won’t be here. I just saw him enter the house. I knew that Vir is here at home, look there. What did you knew ? Vir is doing a break dance here. Today, Vir’s secret of being a robot will get revealed. Mummy! Daddy! Imli, I need some time to repair Vir. But now, this Bunty will gather everyone here. Vir snap your fingers, quickly. Now, only he can help us. What happened? Gintu, there is some problem in Vir’s mechanism. Bunty has a doubt on Vir. He has gone to inform his mom and dad about Vir. Do something. Don’t worry. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Grandpa, you take Vir inside. I shall handle Bunty. Good morning uncle and aunt. How are you both? Hey Bunty, what were you saying? Vir seems completely fine and normal. Dad he is a robot, I just saw. Vir walk like a robot and show us. But Bunty I was practicing break dance, look again, like this. Hey Bunty, what are you saying? Vir is completely fine. Bunty’s mother, hold his ear’s and take him away. Let me dance a bit then I’ll come. Stop! They all are fooling us. Get out from here or else you will be beaten up. Thank god he left. Come on, let’s repair Vir now. I have locked him in a room so that he doesn’t come out. What am I doing here? Whose house is this? How did I come here? Hey Vir, tell me the truth, you are a robot or not? Vir? Who is that? I don’t know. I feel like eating some snacks. Haha!! I think again his mechanism is spoiled. Come I will treat you with some snacks, your name is Vir and my name is Bunty. We both are friends, come lets eat some good hot snacks. Oh no! Vir has gone out from this window. Quickly, lets go and find him. Go, the snack maker is inside. Is he inside? Ok. Keki, Feki, lets call mom and dad, and show them that Vir is a robot. Hey, whats this? Noboby is here. Instead of giving me snacks, he locked me in a room. What kind of friend is he? I am going. Boss, its a good news. I am getting Vir to you. Yes boss! You dropped my snacks. Boss, help me!! Hey, how come he is here? Catch him. You both guard here, he shouldn’t run away. I will get mom and dad. Mummy!! Daddy!! Vir is a robot for sure, I have locked him at Keki’s house. Come with me, I can prove it. Bunty, this time if you lie then I won’t leave you. This boy keeps on troubling us like this. Imli, find Gintu, Bunty has locked Vir at Keki’s house. He will expose Vir. Gintu, fast, lets go before Vir gets exposed, Bunty has locked him in Keki’s house. Who are you? I am Vir, my friend Bunty told me this. Nobody has locked me. Gintu, the spider is on your head. I will make her run away by hitting on your head. Its on your head. Remove it!! Run!! Imli do something quickly, Bunty’s parents have reached at Keki’s place. Sorry Gintu, its an emergency. Oh! Imli, how did I get here? Whats happening? Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. All the dust from your body should be clean and you should be back to normal. Hey Imli, what are we doing here? Thank god, you are fine. Listen! You all go out and look at my acting. Aunty and uncle, Bunty along with Keki, Feki has locked me in this room forcefully. Bunty is very bad. Don’t cry child. Bunty does he look like a robot to you? He is just a normal kid. He is crying like a normal kid. He always makes me look wrong, you ask Keki and Feki. Vir is normal like us, Bunty said to lock him in a room and we did that. Yes aunty, Bunty is always after Vir. Aunty help me, ask Bunty not to trouble me. Grandpa, Bunty again troubled me. Mr.Chadha, please control your son. Today, we will teach him a lesson that he won’t trouble anyone again. He is acting so well, I can’t cry like this in reality. Mummy believe me, he is a robot. Haha!! Bye bye Bunty, haha!! Mummy look, he is a robot. Look at his neck.

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