Yay! Bedtime story! yay Read the book damnit! Alright, calm down, calm down. This is an ancient tale From many snapshots ago Long before version 1.14 (Cheery winter melody starts playing) Bob lived in the centre of town He thought he was funny, a bit of a clown Bob had a job To guard the town at night But instead, he’d throw snowballs! At anything in sight! The farmers! Librarians! The priest! AND HIS HATS! No-one could escape,
these senseless attacks So the town held a meeting Eyes filled with rage! They screamed, NO MORE SNOWBALLS! AND PUT BOB IN A CAGE!! The townsfolk ignored him Not a single hello He didn’t understand T’was just a prank, bro So Bob apologised It was just a bit of fun I wont throw any snowballs,
i promise, i’m done. So the townsfolk decided,
to let him be freed And Bob kept his promise,
just like he’d agreed There was peace in the houses,
the streets and the park But things changed quite
quickly, when it got dark! ZOMBIES APPEARED! BREAKING DOWN THE DOORS! Destroying all the blocks!
in the walls! and the floors! What should we do!? The townsfolk cried! Everyone should run! escape! and hide! Bob gazed in horror!
While they pillaged and plundered! The townsfolk were hidden,
whispering, they wondered… Why wont Bob do anything?
Does he want the town to fall? But Bob made a promise,
he can’t throw a single snowball Nearby on a farm,
the zombies broke through! The farmer grew pumpkins, but only had two OH NO! MY PUMPKINS!
They’re attacking them both! It was then Bob decided,
he would break his oath! He gathered all the
nearby snow he could find AND BLASTED THE ZOMBIES!
LEAVING NONE BEHIND! (Townsfolk cheering)
(Happy music playing) The townsfolk rejoiced! And put Bob in their songs! Then promptly put Bob Back where, he belongs Bob broke his oath,
so he went back in his cell. But i saved the town!
how could you!? he yelled The townsfolk all cheered But little did they know… Even behind bars… Bob could PUMMEL THEM WITH SNOW! (Narrator laughing manically) (Fade into villager laughing manically) But, what happened to him?
Yeah what happened to him! where is he now? Oh, he’s still out there, waiting… Waiting!? W-what do you mean by waiting? Waiting…anyway! Goodnight! WAITING!? what, no, no come back! aaaaah! (Creepy winter theme plays) (Metal music plays) Hey! do you know what sucks? Your voice? No not that! the algorithm!
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David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “VILLAGER TALES: BOB THE SNOW GOLEM (Animation)

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    Village news

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    Me: But the bell is less than 18 years old…..


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    I was having a rough day but this made it a little brighter. So here's my like and comment for giving me a smile.

  6. Alissa Fire says:

    I liked it 🙂

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    loved this channel since i was like 7

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    Why haven’t we seen this charter before?

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    Here's a comment that shows that I liked this video. Praise the algorithm and may it smile on this video.

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    2:34 TESTIFICATE MAN!!!!

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    What have I witnessed.

  18. Endertazer 091 says:

    Make more villager news I like them their so funny

  19. DrogosBaggins says:

    The sad thing is that those iron bars would have attached themselves to the pumpkin

  20. Richie says:

    Everybody gangsta until Bob starts throwing the snowballs

  21. David Mapping says:

    “T’was just a prank bro”

  22. Bad Thad says:

    I would like to see a doom game but instead of doom guy it’s bob and the demons see replaced with villagers and the guns are different kinds of snowball launchers (pistol, rocket launcher, etc.)

  23. Mylaan Gant says:

    “read the book dammit” ???

  24. Samuel Fuller says:

    Is this a metaphor for guns? I feel like this is a metaphor for guns

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    We live in a society,
    But Bob lives in a villager society

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    How about another joke, Villager #47?
    What do you get when you cross an unloved snow golden with a village that abandons him and treats him like trash?

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    LMFAO I love the Puppet scene in the end!!

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    This is basically my teenage life in a nutshell

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