Villager News 3 (Minecraft Animation)

Villager News 3 (Minecraft Animation)

(Villager News Intro
sung by the Villagers) Breaking News! A crazed lunatic has taken two of our
citizens as hostages! Armed police arrived at the building
moments ago Villager number 9 is on the scene Thank you Villager number 4.
I’m her today at a building… …where I’m told an armed man has
taken two citizens hostage The street has been cordoned off
to protect the surrounding residents Oh No!…I’m trapped! I have Villager number 43 here. What was
it like when you discovered the situation? Argh! It was horrible I was just
walking al… Oh look! They’re negotiating Citizen! Put down the weapon! Who?… Me?! Yes you! PUT! DOWN!
THE KNIFE! Erm… bu…but I’m making toast! Release the hostages! What hostages?! We are told you have two hostages
in there! But there’s only me and him in here!
– Hello That’s right two hostages! WHAT!? That doesn’t make any.. Hey Look! There’s some stuff going down
on the news! A crazed lunatic has taken
two hostages That’s us! What?…Uh…Argh!…
You’re him…NO! Please don’t hurt me! Im not hurting anyone! What are your demands?! I don’t have any demands!
I just want to make toast! Get this man some toast!
Nobody else needs to get hurt Let’s go in… Hey! Where are you going?! To get an interview! Hello! I’m Villager number 9 from
Villager News Can I ask what brought on this bout
of crazed lunacy? All I want is to make some toast He’s threatening me!
He’s threatening me! No I’m not!
If I don’t make it out alive… …please tell Villager number 4 that
I ate his sandwich! GASP! I knew it was him! It’s gone too far!
We have to move now! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Take him down! Let’s do this!…Let’s Go! What are you doing? Now you’re
all hostages too! WHAT?! NO! I had so much to live for!
I was supposed to be retiring! Wait! I’m not taking ANY hostages! He’s riddled with lies! This just in: The mayor has
been informed of the situation. So what can we do? Your in a position of power
maybe he’ll listen to you… Yes! That’s a good idea.
Let’s go talk to him. YAY! I’m a hostage too! I’ve received important news that
I have also been taken hostage! Well, that’s it for this weeks edition
of Villager News! See you next time! (VILLAGER NEWS OUTRO) Copyright © Element Animation 2015

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Villager News 3 (Minecraft Animation)

  1. Sting the Eel the Cat says:

    1:26 teachers be like

  2. Sakurai says:

    The mayor caught me off guard

  3. Brooks says:

    Who else is here after the collab?

  4. Where Is My Fanta says:

    If he was actually taking hostages he could just stand there because the police force would be taken hostage and therefore be useless.

  5. yaser almafraji says:

    they are stupid but funny make more of them

  6. Lily Bean says:


  7. Kenneth Willoughby says:

    Wait… in the last villager news there was glass behind villager #4 in his office. Did the alien take away the glass? ?

  8. Kidsbestfury&sh#t says:

    HE LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Emerald Bros says:

    wtf did i just watch

  10. Eli Kim says:

    Villager#3 how do you feel when somebody steal your 10,000 emeralds how do you feel????

  11. Classic Guess says:


  12. cjthebomb551 says:

    feminest he's threting me he's threting me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. cjthebomb551 says:

    feminest he's threting me he's threting me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ángel Poyoyon says:


  15. SSF2 MEMES says:

    God calls the toast as the savior of all the hostages

  16. Fares Elkurdi says:

    Imagine this was on bbc news

  17. bossness 102 says:

    The moment when you become your own hostage….

  18. Kyle Norris says:

    Moral of the story, make toast with no one else inside the house.

  19. iainbeith01 says:


  20. Macknificent 101 says:

    im sorry i cant stand but also love this video…



  21. Dakota Williams says:

    Who else wishes that the real world was like this??

  22. (Dylan) Dylan Lockwood says:

    This is the best

    Anyone inside is a hostage

  23. tygamerforce says:

    I’m still laughing

  24. Red Leader says:


  25. Red Leader says:


  26. Alvaro Perez says:

    Villager #9: if I don’t make it out alive, please tell Villager #4 that I ate his Sandwich.
    Villager #4: gasp I knew it was him!

    I’m dead ?

  27. Zirod man says:

    Wow o my god ?

  28. Neon Feels says:

    British police in a nutshell.

  29. Kai Keebler says:

    "YAY! Im a hostage too!" LOL

  30. Kenny Dang says:


    Police: oh s**

  31. Rainmon Pogi says:

    This sucks!

  32. fred the plum says:

    These always make meh lol

  33. Revin Wolfe says:

    Two words: FAKE NEWS

  34. TheGoldNShadow says:

    Who watches Morning Villager News? They mentioned a guy who was taking people hostage but really he just wanted to eat toast

  35. Sour_ Kuhn says:

    Anyone else from a tik tok from this??

    No just me ok.

  36. Sr. GloboXD says:

    In spanish please :v

  37. XGAMING says:


  38. Villager #1 says:

    I was a hostage it was sad

  39. Nep Nep Nep says:

    So all i have to take a whole village hostage, i need to make a toast? Alright, let's get this sh*it done.

  40. Smargin says:

    The Villagers making toast is the smartest Villager.

  41. Jade Batchelor says:

    I JuSt WaNt ToAsT!11!!

  42. izzys new life is here says:

    It’s been 4 years and I am back. I remember watching this with my older brother on the wii..until someone had to put toy disks (transformers cOugh cOugh) and the wii didn’t work at all.

  43. ITZ_ME! says:

    Wait at 3:06 if you pause it there’s a credit that says “Toast Buttering Expert” ??

  44. Michael Gaming says:

    0:30 Brutal Vietcong physcological traps used during the cold war.

  45. BAYERN1742010 says:

    1:28 What are your demahand

  46. Zackery German says:

    then villager #9 went on to save the world

  47. Mia Chan says:

    Why couldn't he just put the knife down?

  48. The917thLlama says:

    who found this from the skindex?

  49. The weirdo ÙwÚ says:

    Oh no im trapped 0:33

  50. Ernst Dittmar says:

    0:34 villager nr. 39 oh no im trapped

  51. EnderRaptorYT says:

    I laughed so hard at this

    On the road to 2k Subs

  52. Wes Irvine says:

    I want toast!!!!!!!

  53. PostMalone Man47 says:

    everyday villager life

  54. Big_pp_person 7 says:

    You have beened banned for saying “i want to make toast” also known as “i want to murder all villagers”

  55. Noah's world,gaming,unboxing,and trips says:

    He’s just making a sandwich

  56. Francis Uyad says:

    Wut kind of linatict that can hostage 10 police officers the mayor and the citizens

  57. Alex Villager #7 says:


  58. Virginia Mullins says:

    "B-but I was making toast."
    Literally every breakfast ever

  59. Jorge Rojas says:


  60. Noah The cool kid says:

    Oh sure a kife your just making some toast for you and your friend oh no they have two hostage

  61. SAVAGE MLG BACON says:

    They think the butter knife is a weapon????

  62. Raul Travieso says:


  63. Aurimary Rojas says:


  64. Bendy The lil’ devil darlin says:

    sees fence walks around it ahh I’m trapped

  65. Dr. Strange Bat says:

    I wouldn't want to live in this village…

    …even if some paid me a whole lot of money.

  66. GG Star Productions says:

    Oh no im trapped

  67. Raul Travieso says:


  68. Sharpshot says:

    Mayor:Yay I'm a hostage too 😀

    Me:Awww how c00t

  69. Linda Drake says:


  70. lalo lalo says:

    Send no

  71. Ozer Heroyumi says:

    the most funny minecraft ever ive never seen xD

  72. Hendrik John 896M says:

    I Like The Video because So Funny And Amanzing

  73. time903 says:

    Villiger 4-This just in, I too have been taken hostage!
    Me-you mean you walked in the front door? XD

  74. Walten's Channel says:

    When i see mario limited edition amiibo 2:11

  75. Steven Carenduff says:

    I’m dieing

  76. Horrible Smile SKM says:

    This is bbc and cnn

  77. Kaito Km says:

    Is nothing now

  78. Nick Wilde Official says:

    My family watching KTLA 5 news
    Me watching villager news
    everyone turns towards me very slowly

  79. Farizuanizam suhaimi says:

    I have no demand….

    I just want to make toast 🙁

  80. Виктория Кузнецова says:


  81. Paul Brents says:

    Does anyone else feel sorry for the guy who wanted to make toast?

  82. Paul Brents says:

    My brother: Put down the magic paper

    Me: I'm just making a study sheet

    M.B.: What do you want?

    Me: I only want to make a good grade!

    M.B.: Then make a study sheet, not an end of the world spell!

    Me: That's what I'm doing

    M.B.: He has just confirmed that he is making an end of the world spell!

    Me: No I have not!

    M.B.: He's riddled with lies!

  83. Connor Conway says:

    Ahhh hotge

  84. Connor Conway says:

    Why mer

  85. Joseph Dioszeghy says:

    flordia man

  86. Hin Chung Chan says:

    let's get some TNT times one thousand

  87. Hin Chung Chan says:

    For blowing up this enemy village

  88. Juanito fonseca says:

    Porque no suben videos en español

  89. Villager # 43 says:

    Thats me on 0:38 yey

  90. villager # 68 says:


    I want….

    IS TOAST!!!!!!!!

  91. villager # 68 says:

    No toast was harmed in the making of this video

  92. bendy the dancing devil darlin says:

    These villagers aren't very bright.

  93. Redaknight Gamer says:

    What are your demands?!?!?!

    I don’t have any demands I’m just making toast!

    G E T T H I S M A N S O M E T O A S T

  94. Arya Shinde says:

    Don’t make toast it’s a crime

  95. Lily Bean says:


  96. TheShadowsLullaby says:

    That villager who's "taking hostages"

  97. Angela Watt says:

    Get this man some toast! I love this video so much! Keep up the good work!

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