Venom Spidey vs Hulk! | Marvel Super Hero Adventures – Cloudy With A Chance of Smiles | SHORT

♪♪♪ [grunts] Aahh! Whoa! What’s going on? He took the bat and
now we can’t play. Getting frustrated sometimes
is OK; it happens to everyone. You can’t choose how you feel,
but you can choose how you act. That’s something
Hulk learned when we had to defeat
the evil Venom. One veggie dog
with ketchup. Absolutely! Veggie dog with
ketchup. [growling] Aaahhh! Ha ha! You want veggie dogs? Well, too bad! I’m Venom now and I’m here
to cause some evil trouble! Aahh! Hey! Give me all your money! Help! [crash] I hear trouble. Uh oh! Taking over Hulk would
make me even stronger, so I can cause more trouble. What happened? Huh? What are you doing? Whoa! Watch out, Hulk! Venom’s trying to wrap around
you to control your mind and make you do evil things! Ha ha, no problem. Hulk Smash! Smashing him isn’t
going to work, green guy. The only way to defeat Venom
is to take a deep breath and choose another way. I’d rather smash,
but OK, I’ll grab! Grabbing him won’t
work either. Look out! I’m spider strong. Now I can cause more trouble! Eat web, Hulk! Ha ha! Venom took over
Spidey’s body now? Ugh, I don’t like
that Venom turned you into a new evil spider. Hulk smash! You need some
trouble too. Ha ha! I love being bad
and causing trouble! It’s my favorite thing to do. [crash] Oh, glad to see you back,
Hulk. Have some web! Ah! Tired of web. Aw, too bad! Stick around, get it? I am frustrated! [car alarm blaring] Taking over Spider-Man
makes being bad so much fun. [smash] [grunts] I will catch bad Spidey! Oh, you want more? Come on! Get angry. No, I won’t smash. I’m not helping you
get what you want. What? [growling] Need to choose a better way. That’s right, Spider-Man,
resist Venom’s takeover. Have to channel my frustration,
in a more positive direction! Huh, I feel much lighter now. [low groaning] Hello. Oh, I bet you’re
looking to get away. [growls] [clang] Got it! One order of Venom to go! [low groan] Ha, good to see real
Spider-Man again. Even though I was frustrated,
I didn’t have to smash. [grunts] Thank you
for saving me. No problem. The police have to transfer
Venom to the Gamma chamber, then we’ll get your
cart back to you. I’m glad we captured
that super villain, Venom. Hungry after all that work. Mm hm! Oo, I’ll buy you a veggie
dog when we get back. Extra onions, please. Want to give it
another try? I’m ready! This time choose to
focus all your energy on hitting the ball. Gotcha, Spidey. [crack] I did it! Ha ha ha! Whoa! Yay! Now that’s a hit!

David Anderson

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