Ultimate Animal Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying ALL Of The Disney World Treats

Ultimate Animal Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying ALL Of The Disney World Treats

– I like Kevin. (Kevin shrieks)
Whoa, Jesus Christ! (people laugh) That wasn’t very funny. Hi guys, it’s your favorite
childless millennial back in Disney World. Back in Florida. You know how much I love it here. We’re here at Animal Kingdom,
today, as you can see. We’re gonna eat our way through the park. Gonna eat something like 20 items, savory, sweet, everything in between. I’m gonna see how that goes. Oh, the sweat has reached my butt. It very well might be a disaster. Might be the best day of
my life. I don’t know yet. We’ll find out. (claps) Let’s go. (energetic tribal music) I should start by saying
that for all those concerned, I am wearing plenty of sunscreen. This is just what I look
like when I go outside at any given point in the year. We have baked mac and
cheese with pulled pork. I think it’s like 9:30 in
the morning, I don’t know. This is the first thing I’m eating today, but, honestly, good for
me, and aren’t you jealous? For all those who know, what the best mac and cheese
in the whole world is, this is what it tastes like. The correct answer, by
the way, is Boston Market. This tastes like Boston
Market mac and cheese. – Boston Market?
– Boston Market. It’s the best. It’s the
best in the whole world. They didn’t pay me to say
that, but they should. (parrots squawk)
There’re parrots (moans) I hate animals. That’s not true, I don’t hate animals. I just like dogs. I don’t like parrots. Don’t at me PETA. (light whimsical music) – [Chelsea] Okay, real quick. If you were a Disney
character, who would you be? – (bleep) Belle. – Belle?
– Yeah, obviously Belle. – [Chelsea] You’re too sassy for Belle. – I think I have her kind
and gentle nature. (laughs) – [Chelsea] Who the
(bleep) are you kidding? – We have french fries that
are laden with pulled pork with cheese sauce with barbecue
sauce and some jalapenos. Like look at that beautiful striping. How cute and zebra-like. – [Chelsea] Oh, man. – That tastes good. I need to
come up with a different word for describing cheese sauces
’cause all I can think of is luscious, but this is thick. I wanna say gloopy, but
that’s the wrong word. ‘Cause gloopy is a negative
connotation normally, but I think this is gloopy
in a very positive way. Mm! Is that real? Is he real? Is he planking? Are you real? Ooh! It’s looking at me with
its beady little eyes. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Okay, we need to leave. We’ve got a lion paw cookie, you guys. You can get these at all ice cream carts in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
I think it’s like a sugar, like a frosted sugar
cookie type situation, but. (moans) Not today, Satan. Mm. You can’t have it. Oh my god. He called all his friends. Sweet and soft, moist all the way through. Good bite. (light whimsical music) Look at this little guy. I love how compact he is. Fun to share with your friends. If you’re into that kind of thing. I normally get a little
skeptical when I see a crust like fluff up like this, but I’m not hating it
’cause it’s super light. Little cheese pull in every bite. Never hurt anyone. (funky groovy music) Saw a bee. Funny thing about Animal Kingdom is there’re a lot of animals in the park. But anyway. Mm! That was a gorgeously
light and fluffy bite. I don’t know if you saw it like rebound after I bit into it. Look, look, look. No complaints except
for the oppressive heat and how I probably look right now. All good. Pandora time. (epic music) (attraction growling) Is it digesting? That’s what my body sounds like after an episode of these. (epic music) We’re about to eat the
lumpia from Pandora. I’m excited. They look vaguely like
my favorite blintzes from my favorite New Jersey diner. Firstly, look at this
sugar coating right here. It is fantastically sugared. And it should be stuffed
with like a cream cheese and pineapple type situation. Kind of my favorite thing so far. That is like gorgeously tropical. Even though I have sugar and flakey pastry all over my face, I don’t care. Can I have one minute to myself? Chelsea, stop. Chelsea (laughs). You know
what, it wouldn’t be Disney if I didn’t eat one phallic thing. I just want to be alone. (climatic dance music) Every moment I’m alive here, I die. – [Chelsea] I don’t know. – We got a mo’ara margarita because I saw people
walking by with blue things, and I thought I need to drink that. Bonus, it’s alcoholic. I truly, I have no idea
what’s actually in here. Tastes like margarita. Boba time. – [Chelsea] That’s not
tequila boba, is it? – That’s not possible. That’s not a thing. Oh, I could eat that by the spoonful. – This is like our first time coming. – [Chelsea] Yeah, first visit! – So we were like
watching all your videos. – [Chelsea] Oh, that’s so fun! – Okay, come take pictures. – Okay. – Do you want a sip of my marg? That’s a little weird, we just met. – Okay (laughs). – Oh no, that’s not. We’re going this way! I’m honestly so likable, you guys. I don’t know why you all hate me. We wandered from Pongu
Pongu right across the. It’s not a street. 300 feet away to Satu’li Canteen and we got one of these like make your own Satu’li bowl type things. We gotta mix the protein, ’cause honestly, haven’t had much protein
today that wasn’t cheese. We have a slaw, we have
this like red potato and sweet potato hash type feel and honestly more boba. Are these gonna be savory in real life? I have honestly no idea. Only one way to find out, oh! That tastes like strawberry and balsamic. Okay, I’m eating it all in. Mm, this is yummy. Another one of those situations where if I hadn’t eaten everything I would eat all of this. Oh,
you know I want some beef. I didn’t even try some, oh my god. These are very large slices of beef. Inappropriate to put that
in my mouth on camera. Mm, love me some thinly shaved beef. I’m into this. It feels like very like
hardedly fulfilling in a way that you would meal prep it and not come to Disney world to get it. So, I’m into this change
of pace right now. It’s not a bad thing. (energetic dance music) May I please have a malva cake sundae and both of the Simba things. – [Man] I’m too much of
a camera person (laughs). (gasps) (Chelsea gasps) (tape rewinds)
(gasping) (sad piano music) I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna do it. (moans) Oh my god. Thank you. What am I doing with my life. This is wild. Okay. Every Disney video I drop
something on the ground. (screams) (Chelsea laughs) (warped talking) I’ll pick it up, I’ll pick it up. It’s fine. I am so sorry at Walt Disney. We’re falling apart, guys. I’m getting like a lot of like cinnamon and nutmeg? Mm. I’m just gonna jump into the river. It’s all I wanna do. Eat my malva cake and jump into the river. What do you want from me? I’m in a terrible mood now. (mystical music) We love the Lion King. We love a friendly lion. We love Simba. That tastes like my childhood. We’d ordered a Simba
Sunset, but then we realized there was an option
that had alcohol in it. This is the King’s Cooler, and it has coconut rum all mixed in, so that’s a good time. Anyway, it’s a Dole whip with some like strawberry syrup kind of
like interwoven throughout. Making friends everywhere we go. Where’s my rum? I want my rum. I do taste the rum though when I sip. 100% you are not meant to sip that. That’s not how it’s meant to be consumed. But, how tropical and fun? A Dole whip with
strawberry and coconut rum. Glass and glass. (fun whimsical music) Let’s try and get a whole, a
bite of everything all at once. That’s not gonna be possible, is it? Oh god. That’s a little spicy. Wow. I wanna eat this all the time. If you’re in the park
and you’re looking for that part of your lunch
that is gonna sustain you throughout the day, this
is 100% the option I’d go. Ooh, god. I am such a train wreck, it’s wild. We’re having fun. I truly have no idea what this is. I guess I can find out,
but it does look vaguely like fist-sized mochi
like which is kinda cool with these crunchy little bits here. I don’t know, let’s see. I kind of just wanna see
what happens if I explode it. (laughs) That was so fun. Oh, I wish I could do it again. This is colder. I was gonna say cooler, but it’s colder than most of the food I’ve eaten today. So, I am all about this
most beautiful cake. I love you. Mm. You do have the option of getting this with some sort of alcohol,
but we’re abstaining as. I don’t know if you can see it in my eyes, but we’re slowly losing it. I’ve not a clue what flavors these gorgeous colors actually are. God, I hope it’s like
grapefruit or something. (gaps) It’s so cold, and I love it. I love it, I love it. This is not the kind of
thing I’d mind eating on a day like today. I love it! (festive dance music) This grilled corn is
dipped in a butter bath. There’s some curry salt happening here, which is why I’m smelling
so much smoke I suppose. It actually also smells very like sweet and like maple syrup-y a little bit. That salt is all up on here. Let’s try it. Mm. Oh, wow. There’s a lot of like smoke
and heat that hits you. Like I took a bite that
was a little too spicy, but, wow, that butter like
tamps it down a little bit. I can’t wait for you to all tell me that I ate my corn wrong. (epic tribal music) Mm. It’s like flaked to the Nth degree. Wow, I love that a lot. It’s held together with all this like
sugary syrup type stuff. I don’t know if it translates on camera. But like if you’re to destroy it, do you see what I’m talking about, all that sugar up in there? I kinda just wanna like
peel it, like unravel it, just keep going like a game, you know? Mm. I’d eat it for breakfast. If I make it through today. If I live to see another day. Would eat this again
for breakfast tomorrow. (epic music) It looks deeply fried
which I am thrilled about. Mm. Tastes like a deep-fried wonton. Oh. Oh no. You know what, if I’m gonna
get stained by anything and it’s not gonna be my
own blood, sweat, and tears, I want it to be dumpling
sauce from Mr. Kamal’s. You’re meant to like kind of
combine all the dipping sauces. I don’t quite know what I did here. I know there was a ketchup. There was a saffron aioli. We have a honey mustard which is darker. And some sort of sriracha based sauce. Again, I don’t. Should I get
a little bit of everything? Probably? Yeah? Uh-oh. Oh, it’s sweeter than I anticipated. I used a lot of like
paprika coating these. I don’t know if you can tell. Oh! It’s spicy. (club music) I just need like one minute. I just, like one minute. That’s all I need. One minute. Oh my god. (acid jazz music) ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ – Hold on. Hold on. – [Chelsea] Keep going! – It’s so yummy. And so cold. It’s so good and so cold. Ah! I think I taste Oreo and chocolate and gummy worm. This presents a challenge today. I’m not trying to drop my
18th ice cream of the day so. Oh. We’ll keep it moving, but wow! That is a treat. (acid jazz music) ♪ One more time again ♪ ♪ Mm ♪ – We’ve got some corn chips. We’ve got some shredded cheese. We’ve got chili. We’ve got jalapenos. We’ve got sour cream, which, fun fact, has some chives in there. I hate to say it, but this
tastes like my mom’s chili. That was a gigantic compliment. My mom makes fantastic chili. My internal body temperature
is like 114 degrees. This is not helping, but (bleep). I love it. Oh. (bleep) my (bleep) life. We’re not done, by the way. There’s more. Also, is this a flattering way to sit? Or is this a flattering way to sit? Leave your answer in the comments below. (acid jazz music) ♪ I’m going away ♪ ♪ But I’m feeling all right ♪ ♪ Feeling all right ♪ – Looks like some beautiful ice cream. Some strawberry shortcake. Two sugar cookies with a
bunch of pink stuff on it. Mm-hmm. Oh, it’s so cold. I hope everyone I love in this lifetime gets a chance to eat this sandwich. It’s like those pops they
used to give you at camp at the end of the day. Wow. What a glorious, sprinkley mess. One more ice cream to go. One more food to go. As in the same thing. Last thing is ice cream. It’s a Scrooge McDucks
billionaire bacon caramel sundae. I think I said all the words. Anyway I know there’s candied bacon, and there’s caramel whipped cream, and there are these little
gold dusted chocolate bits, and there’s vanilla ice cream down there. Also probably white chocolate. Mm. Oh, that fell apart real fast. Okay. Salty and sweet, and delicious and lovely and cold, so cold. Mm. This is delicious. I’ve never had caramel
whipped cream before. I don’t think. Anyway, this has been a blast. Time for a ride. Oh, maybe I’ll eat that. Whatever, I’m just gonna eat everything. Goodbye. Oh, Jesus. (gasps) Oh no, I don’t like that. I don’t understand. My lever’s not doing anything. I’m gonna projectile
vomit all over Dino Land, (laughing) and then what are you gonna do? Oh, okay. Chelsea Lupkin. I don’t think you’re funny. (fun tribal music)

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