Twin Telepathy Giant Slime Challenge | SuperHero Kids Challenges

Twin Telepathy Giant Slime Challenge | SuperHero Kids Challenges

(laughing) – Eden calm down. (screaming) – Hey, guys! I’m Hope. (pop) – I’m Eden. (pop) – And I’m Noah. (pop) – And we’re the Super Hero
Kids! (upbeat organ music) – And today we are going to be playing the Twin Telepathy Slime
Challenge. (blooping) Sis versus sis versus bro. – Brothers. – And round number one is glue! So we’re gonna play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who goes first. – But first… (ding) – But first. – Comment down below if
you guys would want to see some Super Hero Kid spatula merch! – Aaahhhhh! – Okay, okay now let’s
play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Me and Eden first, then
the winner and Noah. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yes! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Darn. The two options for this round is either purple glitter glue (thunk) or
(gasping) pink glitter glue. Here we go! (grunting) Ooh, this is hard. Because I feel like he’d pick this one because it’s more
masculine, but that’s why I think he would pick this one, but… – [Zane cameraman] Everyone hold them up. Three, two, one! (cheering) (slap) – We did that in the
last video too, remember? – I know. – Hope got it wrong. – Ha, haaaaaa! (sobbing) – [Noah] What do I do with it? Okay. (calypso music) I’m so weak. (popping) Cool! (laughing) (plopping) – Eeww! – Ready, guys? I got one point right by the way because I guessed Noah’s
glitter glue right. – So did I. – So I get to pick the
next one next round. – [Hope] Shut up. (popping) – [Eden] Ew – whee! That’s it. – [Noah] Zew-whee momma!
(tapping) (giggling) – Wait, I’m gonna make
a smiley face first. Boop, boop, here’s its hair all up here. And then it got a little bit of pimples. – [Zane] How is that a smiley face? – [Hope] It got some pimples. (laughing) Well okay these are eyes. – [Eden] I can’t even see the face. – [Hope] That’s a nose. That’s like its mouth slash
pimple and that’s its hair. I got this. I got the muscle. – [Eden] Cheers – [Noah] Mine’s empty. (Plopping) – Mine’s so ugly. (plopping) – [Hope] I’m makin a beat. Go along with the beat guys. (plopping) (crickets chirping) – That did not sound like a beat. (laughing) – Okay – It sounds like a– – (laughing) All done! – Time for round dos! – Okay, so for round dos we
have just regular colored glue (jazzy piano music) instead
of glitter glue for it and Eden’s the one that’s
going to be picking and her options are blue or green. And since we only have
one jug of each we are, me and Noah are just going
to be writing the color on our magic white boards. (thunking) Okay Eden – Ready? – Pick glue. Pick-a-roo away. – (Humming Mission Impossible theme song) Okay I picked. – [Zane] Alright slide that
one forward a little bit and slide the other one back (sliding). Alright now you guys
write down your answer. – I spelt it bad on
purpose. (chord) (laughing) No, I don’t have no room. – Green or blue? How did you spell either of those bad? – Nope, I purposely did it. I wanna be funny. – (elvish voice) I wanna be funny. – See I have no room. I don’t want to have to
draw it, do another one. (hollering) (thunking) – One – I just know it’s gonna be the opposite. – Two – Three! – Oh yeah! – [Zane] Noah, what’d you pick? – Blue! And I wrote a shark down on the bottom. You like it? – Yes – [Zane] Wait, let me see Noah. – I totally did blue too! We got it right! (laughing) – Here I go! Aahhh! Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. (giggling) (humming Mission Impossible Theme song) Ooh, hoo! – [Noah] Numma na! Let’s stir this thing baby. – [Eden] That’s really pretty. – [Noah] It’s like the galaxy. It’s like the whole galaxy! – [Zane] Whoa – [Eden] That looks like a monster. It’s like Mike and what’s
his face except purple. – [Zane] Mike and Sulley. – [Eden] How did I forget those names? – [Hope] It’s not Sulley. It’s Mike and that evil dude
that was roommates with him in the– – [Eden] Oh! – [Zane] Randall? – [Hope And Eden] Randall (sliding) – Just put an eyeball in it and it will be Mike Wazowski. (thunking) – [Noah] You can go mix
it not stab it to death. – Okay, okay, well put
your head on your side of the dividers please. – Look how beautiful though.
(swing orchestra music) – Mine is glittery. – Look look. – I’m not looking at your
stupid dark purple disaster. Mine is bright and colorful – [Eden] It’s not dark purple,
it’s blue with sparkles. It looks like an ocean of magic happiness. – [Hope] Mine looks like
Mike, okay, mine is gorgeous – [Eden] It doesn’t
smell very good though. – Okay guys, so for round
three we either have foam or floam. It’s my turn to finally pick. So here we go. I’m going to be picking (squeaking)
(swing orchestra music). This one. – [Zane] Oooh, interesting,
alright everyone ready? – [Noah] We got this! – [Eden] Yes – [Zane] Hold it up! Three, two, one! (cheering) – It’ll make mine a
really nice minty light (squirting) fluffy. It’s gonna make it a nice minty white. – [Zane] Oh my gosh. – [Eden] It’s probably
gonna start activating. – [Hope] The shaving foam
has like activated in it or something. – [Zane] That is thick. – Well, I like it that way! – Shhhhhhh. – Mine is amazing. Ya’ll are gonna be in love
with it. (piano swing music) – [Eden] You sure about that? – [Hope] Stop bullying me. (laughing) – [Zane] Everybody I have
an announcement to make! – Stop bullying! – Wait, guys guys guys, ready? (thunk) – [Zane] Oh my goodness! – [Hope] It feels so soft. (squirting) – Ew! (laughing) That was lame! (squirting) (humming Mission Impossible Theme song) Why is this so pathetic? – [Zane] Shake it! (squirting) (laughing) – [Eden] It’s still pretty pathetic. Oh, I’m gonna squirt and
see if it’s like more. – It’s like you! Eden finally found her twin. – [Eden] (sad slow mo Mission
Impossible theme song) – I don’t think she’s pathetic. I think that you’re pathetic. – (cackling) Got that right. – You’re the one that’s
pathetic. – Mine quit. (squirting) See? – [Zane] What a little
chicken nugget. (squirt) There you go Noah. Hold the bowl up so you
can hold the can up. – [Noah] There we go. That’s what I’m talking about. – [Announcer] 2000 years later. (flute elevator music) (squirting) – You’re the pathetic one. (laughing) – [Zane] Oh my gosh – Okay, okay, okay. – Okay that’s enough. – [Hope] You can’t copy me. – [Eden] You used so much. – [Noah] I wanna see if I need any more. – [Eden] Okay – [Noah] Eden has two and I
have one and Hope has one. No Hope has zero. – [Eden] Hope has one. We all got the shaving cream. – [Noah] Oh then I have two too. Tu-tu. – Round Four is more slime, more glue. It’s gonna be gross because
either one will make mine look disgusting. – [Zane] Why? – Because it’s like a year old. – [Zane] What? How old? – Like a year. – [Zane] Ho ho ho! – It’s disgusting! – [Zane] What if there’s
like a cockroach in it or something? – [Noah] Wait a minute! Remember the last video when
that big chunk fell out of it? – I’m not excited because
either color will make mine look disgusting. – They’re gonna be so gross
cause they’re a year old. I remember these slimes. You made them a long time ago. – [Zane] What if there’s like mold in it? – Oh! – [Zane] (chuckling)
alright, what you gonna pick? Ooohhh! Pick it up! Alright Eden (thump). – [Noah] Ah! – [Zane] His hands are too slippery. Alright Eden. – I can’t pick it up. – [Zane] (laughing) Hide it. Don’t let them see. – I think (clapping)
I’m gonna pick this one. – [Zane] Ooh interesting! – I’m gonna get it wrong so (sigh) – [Zane] Use your twin telepathy. Think! – This one I think. – [Noah] I think I put a
little too much shaving cream in here. – [Zane] At three everyone hold them up! – I’m gonna be so wrong I swear! – [Zane] Three, two, one! (cheering) – Well we both get it wrong from Noah. – I was gonna pick blue. – [Zane] Touch it! It looks like paint. (clap) (gasping) – Whoa! – Kay ready? – [Hope] Do you all see this? – [Eden] Pretty color though. – [Hope] That is so cool though. – [Zane] How is that even slime? – [Eden] It’s melted
old slime – deactivated. (clapping) (whooing) – [Eden] Mine looks pretty! Let me get my spatula. – [Noah] That’s gorgeous! This bad boy’s gorgeous. Whoa! – [Zane] Are those spider eggs? – [Eden] Ew! – [Zane] Eww! – [Hope] Actually doesn’t look bad. It looks like a watermelon, yeah. – [Noah] Guys I made myself a new earth. – [Zane] It’s like burning a hole. (laughing) – Why didn’t I get a star? – Because I am A star, ooooooh! And you’re not. – [Noah] What? – Okay, round five is either, da da da da! Fake instant snow or kinetic sando! But it’s not just ordinary kinetic sando. It is beach Sando! Okay, Eden’s picking. – [Eden] Kinetic sand – [Hope] What you gonna do… (singing) – I really like both of them but I think because it’s a crowd favorite
or at least a me favorite, cause I played with this
stuff for like hours. – [Zane] Alright, Noah what you pickin? Hold it up. (thump thump) (deflating breath) – Did not mean to do that. – [Zane] Reveal it in three, two, one! – Yay! – Cheers. – Cheers – [Eden] You could just–
(squirting) (thunk) – [Hope] Crunchy water. – [Zane] What? – [Hope] (vocal stirring) – My thing is sky blue. (ding) – (sigh) Okay all done. – [Eden] (robotic voice singing) Ooh! (vocalizing machine sounds) – Ninky minjas. – [Noah] Let’s mix it
in and with my uglies. – [Eden] Road work ahead. – [Hope] I sure hope it does. (thumping) – [Noah] Mine is so thickly. – Okay, let’s all clap. Ready? Three, two, one, (CLAP). – Ohh! – All our picks are
blue clay or green clay. (whispering) Do what I’m gonna pick– – Ooh, what am I picking? – That will look best for my slime? So, that means this. – I know which one it is. It’s obvious. It’s this one. But I think this one will
look good for my slime, so I’m picking this one. – [Zane] Alright everyone
hold them up close together on three. – [Noah] two – [Zane] One, two, three! – [Noah] It’s green! – Wha, hahaha! – I thought it was green! – I knew you were gonna pick blue! – It’s gonna look so bad in my slime. – How will it look in my slime? – I wanted to trick them
and it was worth nothing! – [Eden] A ba ba ba, a
ba ba ba, a bada wada, bada boda. It’s totally unmixable. (pop) – [Noah] Wow! – [Hope] Why did you add
snow but it still looks soft? (vocal popping) (jazz bass music) Mine looks so clumpy. – [Noah] Ker-munky. – [Eden] Ooh, ooh, there we go. – [Noah] Plop! (thumping) (xylophone music) – [Zane] Noah what did you get on you? – Ha, ha, gee willikers! I got it all over me! (chuckling) I’m fine though. (clapping) – [Eden] Diddle-ee-do that’s
just some crazy stuff there. (clapping) – Okay guys, so for round
eight we have different types of beads and it’s Noah’s turn to pick. – Yah, let’s go. – [Hope] So we have
perler beads, pony beads. – I like these beautiful ones (gasping). I’m gonna just use them. – [Hope] Oops. – [Zane] Alright so Eden what you thinkin? – [Noah] Come on Eden you’ve got this. We are twins. We’re twins. We have twin telepathy.
(upbeat children’s theme music) – This one. – [Zane] Alright, now Hope. Ready? Three, two, one! – Yeah! Ahh! – Oh Noah! – [Zane] Whoa – We got it right and we
spilled some in mine already. – [Zane] Alright go for it. (whooing) – [Noah] Did you miss? – [Eden] They’re my sprinkles. – [Zane] Yours is so thick! – [Noah] And fluffy! That’s right! (sprinkling) – [Zane] Goodness! – [Hope] That was aggressive. (rattling and thumping) – [Zane] Mix those perlers in. – [Noah] (singing) Keep doin’
that boy, keep doin’ that boy, keep doin’ that. – [Hope] You think you know good batter. – [Eden] Stop that! – Oh gosh, I’m gonna get
an arm workout today guys. Welcome to my arm
workout. (elevator music) So, how I do this is…hahaha. (grunting) – [Noah] Look at how thick this bowl is. – Your two options are for charms, so we have a cute little
baby cow or a whale. – [Noah] I think since
Eden is like an ocean color it will be this one. – I think since mine’s like a grass color, the earth, I’m gonna be picking this. – [Eden] You’re not supposed
to be picking what you want. – [Zane] Hold it still. Show it where I can see it. – Yeah, well it’s the
last round. (squeaking) – [Zane] Three, two, one! – DING ding! – [Noah] Aw, I was right. – Noah and I are literally twins. I think we’ve gotten
every single one right. How many rounds did Noah and I get right? And we have twin telepathy (explosion)! Comment down below. – And how many rounds did I get wrong? – Okay, I’m gonna add my charm in now. – Three, two one, boop! – Now we’re activating! Activator please. (clapping) – Get ready, ready? – [Eden] Don’t add too
much or it will be runny. – [Zane] Do it! – [Noah] (singing) Just do it, just do it! – [Zane] Whoa! – Ooh it’s digging a hole. – I think that’s enough activator. – (sing songy) Whoooo! – Ew! – [Hope] Have to mix the clay in. – [Noah] I’m not actually
sure I’m into slime. – Alright! It’s time to remove our dividers (panting) and reveal our slimes! Three, two, one! (tape pulling) (thunking) – Ta da! – I need more activator. – I need less activator. _ [Noah] Wait, I need some more… everyone quiet! (pounding) Need some more! – Listen, ready, ready? – [Hope] Sizzle, crack and pop! – [Noah] Wait, wait, crack! K, ready, ready, ready? Stop Eden. (soft crackling) – That was the most unsatisfying ASMR I’ve ever heard in my life. Oh, look it, the cow’s in there too. – [Zane] No way, how did
the cow get in there? You’re not supposed to be in there Buddy. Aah, nooo, Coweee! What’s his name? – Um, Murmoo. – [Zane] Ferguson Moo moo McFerguson! – Yes (pounding) And then say goodbye. – Mine is blueberry blast. – Mine’s deep blue surprise. – And mine– – What could it be? – Is Earth. (laughing) – Earth (pounding) – Let’s go Earth. It’s gonna look like something. – Stop messing up my water! – Do we mix it all together
and make one giant slime? – Comment down below! – (ding) What’d he say? What’d he say? What’d he say? Oh my gosh! I gotta look really close. I think. – I think they said yes! – I think the majority says we should. – Yeah. – What’s that guys? (thump) – Yeah, let’s do it! – [Zane] Hey look it’s a comment! It’s a comment! – Whoa! It says sure guys. Let’s do it! – Let’s do it! (thumping) They all think we should. – Okay ready? – Ready, three, two, one. (thumping) – [Noah] Eden stooooop! – [Eden] My twenty! (cackling) – [Noah] Eden calm down! (screaming) (Eden raucously laughing). – It’s the Earth when there was one land and a water world. (THUMP) – [Noah] 72% water – I got slime on my scrunchie! – I got slime everywhere on my body. Oh wait guys. We’re so glad that you
had fun watching our sis versus sis versus bro twin
telepathy slime challenge. So again, make sure (ding)
to comment down below what your favorite slime was: earth, what was yours? – I forgot – Berry something no his was blueberry blastic. – No blueberry blast. – Okay, but yeah. So make sure to hit that
subscribe button and click right here for
another video and we’ll see you there!

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