Tusk Trouble | Doc McStuffins Artic Rescue | Disney Junior

Tusk Trouble | Doc McStuffins Artic Rescue | Disney Junior

[Doc]“Tusk Trouble!”-Hey! Ho! Aah!
-Hup hup hup! [Doc] I love
your juggling act, guys. It’ll be great
for the Toy Arctic Talent Show. -Thanks, Doc! Oh! Hey!
-Sorry! Now all we need
is one more act
for the show. -Something musical.
-[toy singing scales] Just like [gasp] that! [chiming]♪ La la la la
la la la la laa ♪
That sounded amazing! What’s your name? Um, Willie. We just wanted to ask
if you’d like to be in the Toy Arctic Talent Show. I can’t.
If I have to open my mouth and sing in front
of a big crowd of toys, they’ll see my wobbly tusk. It’s embarrassing! That’s not so embarrassing. How would you like
to have tiny wings that you can’t even
use to fly? Or a nose that looks
like a carrot? It’s the things
that make us different that make us special! I don’t like feeling different
from everyone else. Willie,
I’m Doc McStuffins. I help broken toys. Would you like me to take
a look at your tusk? Hmm. Looks like a case
of tusk-a-loosa-tosis. I should be able
to tighten it for you. Mm. There. Good as new. No more wobble! [off-key]♪ La la la ♪Ohh! My voice! That beautiful chimey sound
you used to make must have been
your tusk wobbling. Now that it doesn’t wobble, your voice changed. Wait, you mean
my voice was special because of my wobbly tusk? I don’t want
my voice to change! Okay. Open wide again. Mm-uh! There!
Try it now. [chiming]♪ La la la laa ♪♪ La la la laa ♪-[Lambie] Bravo!
-[Stuffy] That sounded amazing! Thanks for everything! I’ve never been happier to have a wobbly tusk. Who knew being different
could also be so great?-♪ La la la la la la ♪
♪ La la la ♪ -[Hallie] Amazing!
-♪ La la la la ♪
♪ La la la la ♪

David Anderson

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