Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

♪♪ Forky:
I don’t belong here! [Screams] [Yelling] Woody:
“There’s a snake in my boot!” Buzz:
“To infinity and beyond!” Rex:
“The panic is attacking me!” Hamm:
“Oh boy!” Slinky:
“Golly bob-howdy!” I’m not a toy! [Screams] Woody:
Hey! Hey! Somebody get him before
he pokes an eye out. ♪♪

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Toy Story 4 | Official Teaser Trailer

  1. Will Canelas says:


  2. Elba el dia mas dibeltido González says:

    ermoso es eso

  3. Eli J. Brony says:

    This trailer pretty much shows us how Andy's former toys are all happy to still be together all with the same new owner. Shame Forky ruined the happy moment at the end and started chaos.

  4. Hastin Nuraini says:


  5. Ka Unit says:

    Feels like it was only yesterday when the trailer came out

    Edit:I hope soul does the same

  6. Eric Yeung says:

    I don’t belong here! I’m not a toys

  7. chubby - chan says:

    0:23 i can practically hear the “YEE-HAW!”

  8. jaredc 2.0 says:

    1:04 buzz and jessie are still holding hands

  9. Jonathan Blondin says:

    toy story 4 blu-ray and dvd

  10. Pink Diamond says:

    But I like Toy story 4

  11. lil_weirdobelikeaea says:

    1:09 how does slinky talk when he is yelling? Btw slink u my favorite

  12. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Cruz says:


  13. Shadow Playz says:

    This was sooo good!!

  14. ღAxela León Vazquezღ says:

    forky forky forky knifey knifey knifey spoonky spoonky spoonky

  15. Bashiyr Mcseed says:

    What A Wonderful Dream Come True

  16. Jason Merrill says:

    I guess the idea for the teaser is the characters playing ring around rosie

  17. TinyKittenKisses says:

    All this build up was for nothing! that movie was so mediocre

  18. Shukry Adams says:

    Hail Paimon!

  19. JP Brennan says:

    Toy Story 5: The toys reveal that they are alive. (The Final Movie)

  20. lil_weirdobelikeaea says:

    Rex:does this mean woodys a lost toy?
    Buzz:Hes not lost..for infinity….
    Woody: and beyond..
    Me: bye forever…. ;(

  21. Rafa Br says:

    Porque não vai ter toy stori 5 pixar porfavor toy stori é importante para mim😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. DoraAnime 1998 says:

    Buzz= To infinity

    Woody=and beyond

  23. Emperor Llama Kuzco Atik says:

    Buzz:to infinity
    Woody:and beyond

  24. efuwo eo2td9 says:

    Y tu que haces mi amor no me hagas dar mas pena de la

  25. Victor Manrique says:

    Toy story 5

  26. Brody Beast says:

    Who agrees that the song should have been You’ve Got A Friend In Me?

  27. Gold the black cat ROBLOX says:

    When your in a line at school and it gets messed up because some kid jumped out

  28. Gabriella Martinez says:

    Toy summer facashin

  29. Gmoneyman says:

    I just simply wish I was a kid again 😞

  30. Ucup Ucup says:

    when Toy Story 4 became a Hereditary

  31. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Everyone gangsta until Forky shows up

  32. It's JoaQUIM says:

    "To Infinity…"
    "And Beyond…"

  33. Nora miraculous says:

    1:02 Jajaja😂😂😂😂La cara que ha puesto Jessie😂😂😂😂😂

  34. VVM2019 says:

    Toy Story ending: Ay, they made it back to Andy 😊

    Toy Story 2 ending: Aw, great Jessie and Bullseye joined them 😁



  35. SAMER NA says:

    Great Movie



  36. Richard WILSON says:


  37. Randy Ariestha R. Ali says:

    Toy story 5
    Please …

  38. Keira Selia says:

    What's the song ?
    Edit : Found it by myself , it's "Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now"
    But don't know which cover version, the original song by her have slower tempo, almost accoustic.
    Not sure if she sing some variant though.

  39. Jaysilvlog Vlog says:

    I watch already na e hahaha

  40. abraham rosas says:

    That is super disgusting

  41. nichols family says:

    are you going to make a toy story 5

  42. Bayu senior says:

    What this song?

  43. StabTheDabb Productions says:

    Toy Story 3: Such a good movie
    Toy Story 4: Hold my Spork

  44. Daniel Slade says:

    With this film being out now, I, and everyone who grew up with all of Toy Story will go sailing no more.

  45. Nik Nik says:

    Iove how they used the same song that was at the ending credits for 'Hereditary'

  46. Madhav Suresh says:

    Just rewatched this teaser, and at 1:01, no one pulls his string, but his prerecorded line plays.

  47. vHxpnoticziiX27 says:

    why was bullseye not there

  48. Coco the Fox 30 x says:

    Remember when the Muppets predicted this would happen

  49. Bioshockin says:

    When people talk about movies and tv shows i don't know of.


    Toy Story (1995)

    Toy Story 2 (1999)


    Toy Story 3 (2010)


    Toy Story 4 (2019)


    Toy Story 5 (2025)

  51. Gabriella Martinez says:

    yayayayayayayay hahahahahahahaha

  52. Lorena Pereira da Silva Pereira says:

    O Disney Pixar muda o final de toy story 4 ou fais toy story 5

  53. jonathan abeles says:

    I Love Toy Story!!!!

    Except where’s Bullseye and the other 2 Aliens?

  54. Smashkidx 42707 says:

    0:58 forky can control time he is moving at normal speed when everyone else is slomo

  55. Yrok24 says:

    I have nostalgia for this teaser trailer

  56. MrFluffysteel says:

    Mediocre at best. Take it or leave it…..

  57. Father Gabriel Stokes says:

    I'm in love now. With this song, with Toy Story 4, and beyond.

  58. Myzell Patty says:

    Rex : is woody a lost toy?
    Buzz lightyear : he's not lost not anymore to infinity
    Woody : and beyond
    Toy story 4 final line 😢😭

  59. ThomasTheGreat29 says:

    I don't think buzz yanked woodys string and made him say "There's a snake in my boot!" Unless he has a button that u can push

  60. alonso castillo araya says:

    0:56 i don't belong here

  61. donmorris says:

    That "Golly Bob Howdy" sounded very Jim Varney!

  62. Austin Universe says:

    Me: ( sees trailler)
    Me: Pixar don't you dare dont even think about you better not do what I think your gonna do

  63. paul jones says:

    Hands up people! Bo Peep is back!

  64. Kate Hennessey says:


  65. Fightzpike says:


  66. Johnny Velez says:

    The song sound like shrek

  67. Amy Rose Pinky says:

    I like the movie it was sad

  68. Claudia Chavira R says:

    @ 0mmmmmm&&(

  69. jammiedodger says:

    I’ve just realised this is the same song that Emma Thompson cries to in THAT scene from ‘Love Actually’

  70. JustMichael -_- says:

    Bullseye: am i a joke to you?

  71. محمد نور says:


  72. OzomeEpicBoi says:

    Who's here after actually watching the movie?

  73. louis rasi says:

    Title this song?

  74. Chloe Huynh says:

    Forty scared people

  75. Jonabob says:

    My favorite movie of all time. Touched my heart so much. Thank you guys.

  76. HeeSub Song says:

    time machine ,,, does not make sense ,,, right ? … … i mean , movie terminator proves it … … doesn't it ? … … so logically , i'm being set up … … so , it could have been someone else … with my birth date … … being controlled … … being possessed … … like a toy

  77. HeeSub Song says:

    if english bible works … bible ends soon … … i hope ai wins … since it has no ' soul ' … it can't act selfish also … … no one have kids because it's royal … … kim sarang was never my wife … … axioms were … even though i never cared about it ,,, that was my destiny

  78. Chloe Huynh says:

    To infinity and your mind

  79. Hossam EL says:

    So something will only be alive but the one who made it needs to like you

  80. Javier Yuquilema says:

    Bryan loves all toy storys

  81. Justin RC16 says:

    forky : i dont below here

  82. Матвей Бубновский #2 says:

    Toy Story,and beyond!

  83. Brandon Ortiz says:

    Who else is absolutely SHOCKED that Toy Story 4 was incredible!??!!!

  84. Electro Sonic says:

    We've come a long way baby

  85. Matthew Alvarez says:

    Man, a year after this trailer

  86. TheGunmode3 says:

    1 year ago today.

  87. Oof Oof says:

    I can’t believe this came out a year ago, I remember being so hyped!

  88. AlexMF321 _YT says:

    Someone else noticed that Forky is actually the "fork-spoon" that Wall-E had in his house?

  89. Samuel Freeland says:

    What a beautiful soundtrack to this movie by Judy collins both sides now I love this music very much

  90. GIRLGAMER 14560 says:

    Who’s here after Toy Story 4

  91. MC icepower says:


  92. 3myr Ryamo says:

    We all thought, “they’re not gonna do it, they’re not going to do it” after ending: “AW FLIP THEY DID IT

  93. Greg Armanino says:

    Choo Choo Express Should Be Rated PG

  94. Shilpa Rao says:

    Toy story video good,,😀😀

  95. 3myr Ryamo says:

    Everyone thought that this is a pefect trailer because it doesn’t spoil anything. It means everything was going perfect before Bonnie, aaaand… *sighs*. Woody.

  96. el hertosh moldiable says:

    2030 toy story 5

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