Touring The Little Mermaid Live Set with Graham Phillips! | Disney Princess

Touring The Little Mermaid Live Set with Graham Phillips! | Disney Princess

– Hi everyone, I’m Sage from
The Disney Princess Club. – And I’m Nathalia. So, everyone, you might notice we’re not in the actual Disney
Princess Clubhouse today. Where are we, Sage? – Well, as you know, there’s
a super special TV event called The Wonderful
World of Disney Presents Little Mermaid Live airing
on ABC on November 5th and today, we’ll get to
be part of their world with our very own personal
tour with Graham Philips. – [Nathalia] Who plays
Prince Eric in the show. Oh, I cannot wait any longer. Let’s go in. (dainty music) (lighthearted upbeat music) – Hey guys. – Hi.
– Hi, I’m Nathalia. – Hi, Nathalia.
– I’m Sage. – I’m Graham, good to meet you Sage. You guys excited? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Let’s do this tour. It’s just this way. All right, guys. So this is it. – [Sage] Wow. – [Nathalia] Oh my gosh. – So that’s the bow of my ship. That’s why it has an E on it for Eric. – Eric. – Let me show you around this way. – That’s the biggest rock I’ve ever seen. – [Sage] Yeah, me too. – So my song, “Her Voice”, which wasn’t in the original film but the guy who wrote all the
music for it, Alan Menken, he wrote it for the Broadway show. And they put it into this version. And at the end of the song,
I end up on that rock. – [Sage] Wow. – Oh my gosh, look at that! Oh, it’s King Triton. Do you ever get like overwhelmed of how big the whole stage is? – At first yeah, but then, you know, we have such
amazing people in the chorus and the ensemble and with the
Ariel dancers and everything, it fills it up really quickly. – What’s the difference between acting with the real live
audience and on camera? – Hmm, that’s a good question. So when you’re just acting for camera, sometimes you feel like things are a little bit more naturalistic and they’re not like projected out. This is all gonna be filled
with audience members, like 400 or 500 adults and kids. It changes, it changes
the energy of the room and it raises your energy. So it feels different. – [Nathalia] All the little details. It’s like broken and cracked. All of it’s awesome. – Yeah, you guys wanna go up? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Oh my God! – So do you have a preference
between acting for camera and on stage? – I’ve always liked acting on stage. I started doing opera in New York. – Really? – Yeah, really. So it’s really fun to come back to this sort of production. – Are you excited that you get to portray your art of singing live? – Oh, so much! I mean, singing was like amazing and so getting to do it again
after taking a bit of a break, it makes me really happy. – Which scene or song are
you most excited to perform? – Hmmm. I think that the scene
that I like the most would be “Fathoms Below”. There’s the aerialists
coming down on these ropes and everybody’s swinging around and it’s really exciting. And that’s kind of why it’s
the first number of the show. It’s supposed to just grip you and say, “Hey, this is gonna be a
bit of a crazy experience.” – Do you have a favorite character in the Little Mermaid film? – Grimsby always made me laugh. Obviously, I mean, Ariel takes the cake. – Yeah, she does, she’s awesome. I love how she thinks a
fork is her hairbrush. – What does she call it again? – Dinglehopper, dinglehopper! Dinglehopper.
– Dinglehopper, that’s what it is.
– Or thingamabob. – Do you have a background
that you like the most? – So when the show is actually running, the ocean moves and there’s
birds that are going across and the clouds are moving. So this even gets better. Oh, I saw a glimpse of
the background and the set for “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. And it’s really cool. There’s like smoke coming up and it’s just all purple and crazy. It’s awesome. – I mean, just looking at that big rock. I mean, look at that. It’s huge!
– I know. I haven’t been up on it yet. Let’s see how this works. Oh, it’s actually not that. – I love how the rock is
the main part of this whole. – I feel like her like when that scene where the water just splashes
on the rock and she’s like. Can you tell us a little bit about what the audience can expect? – So the audience, it’s
kind of interesting, they’re gonna be active
members of the show. They’re gonna be in costume. They’ll have certain props. And I actually think
that they’re gonna have like little earwigs in their ear so that way they can hear directions where it’s like, “Okay,
hold up this prop.” Or, “hold up the cat tail” when we’re doing the ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene through the marshes. – That’s awesome.
– I love that scene. – Auli’I and I get into a boat that’s held up and it’s like on wheels but it gets wheeled through the audience so it looks like the
audience is the water. And so we’re just
floating right above ’em, which is kinda neat. – How’s it like working
with all your cast members, especially Auli’I? – Oh, I love working with Auli’I. She’s got such an amazing voice and she’s got such expressive eyes. We have one song where
we get to sing together in a duet that hasn’t
really been heard before that Alan wrote. So that’s probably my favorite
part of the whole show. And she’s so great to work with. – Well, I have to say the tour was awesome and all the sets were amazing. – I’m happy you guys are happy. – [Nathalia] Make sure to check out the Wonderful World of Disney presents The Little Mermaid Live
on November 5th on ABC. – [In Unison] Bye! (playful music)

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