Top 10 Worst Animated Rip Offs

Top 10 Worst Animated Rip Offs

Okay! Bring on the rip-offs! (Boo laugh) *Welcome* to a world of jumbled CG… Rambling, disjointed dialogue… And stories that would be an insult to the legally insane! Welcome to the nightmare that is Mockbusters! Many cartoons will pay homage to an original piece of animation — like follow-ups from Toy Story –then there’s just… these 20 cent budget imitation rip-offs that shamelessly attempt to capitalize on the well-intentioned grandma! So let’s check out the “Top 10 Worst Animated MockBusters” We’ll revisit some old animation, as well as check out some new animation. Also, halfway through making the video, I noticed that another channel had aready covered this list recently. I was thinking of cancelling production… But decided that, hopefully, my list can offer at least a bit of a different perspective. Anyway… Onto the countdown! For number 10… “The Little Panda Fighter” They’re ripping off “Kung-Fu Panda” — My advisor said you might not know what movie it’s ripping off. That advisor is now fired. This one was produced by the notorious Vídeo Brinquedo, an *evil* Brazillian Direct-to-DVD company! Intent on swindling *every* grandma in the Bingo Studio! Where to start with “Panda Fighter?” We have music that sounds more like a piano being smashed with a sledgehammer than it does a coherent tune! *sledgehammer on piano!* Strider: And of course, lip syncing was never even considered for a second! Screw timing it right! Just out that “Kung-Fu Panda” look-alike out before grandma puts her specs on! “Little Panda Fighter” stars the… Moldy, heaping blob of CG… Known as.. “Pancada”… And in order for the creator to show off his ability to use the photoshop filters.. Pancada turns his dojo into… A disco… All the faces look very uncanny and strange in this *one* frozen expression! Because most of the time they couldn’t be bothered to animate a face different than… “about to pass gas in the Vatican.” The only plus? The English Dub tried *desperately* to save this flaming car heap! By giving a performance that… wouldn’t make your gut wrench! Pancada: Sorry Mr. Polaris I guess I must’ve drifted off for a second. Strider: But this is one car heap that had to be left to smolder. And coming in at number nine… “What’s Up” Okay, take a guess at what *this one* is ripping off! “Coincidentally” enough, it was produced the same year as “Up!” Almost as though it *MIGHT* have got a *little* inspiration from it! What a surprise! It’s from out old friends Vídeo Brinquedo. Another amazing coincidence! It is my belief that Brinquedo never actually expected anyone to watch this. They just figured they’d throw a bunch of discombobulated CG together — Assuming everyone would get to the DVD menu, realize their horrible mistake, and throw the DVD into the fire! Half the time, “What’s Up” doesn’t even bother moving characters or animation. It’s filled with these long, awkward moments of complete silence! Some guy: Young lady in our city, Amanda. It’s like the voice actors *stopped* to lament their life decisions while reading the script! The dialogue seems to have been written out in 10 minutes by someone who seemed to have a *very* distant grasp on the English language. Our starring voice cast include[s] Michelle Gabriel — Who starred in “Comrades” and “What’s Up,” the movie we’re currently watching. And that’s it! That is literally the only actor listed for this movie! My guess is that anyone else involved in this project demanded to have their identities kept secret! For fear of never working again. I heard the voice actor for Eggman in there too… But I’m guessing I did permanent damage to his career just by stating that. Unless you’re planning on using it as a paperweight, leave “What’s Up” lying in the bargain bin for all eternity! And for number 8… “Kiara the Brave” Welcome to the dreamzone! This hideous abomination of the animation universe is brought to you by Smita Maroo. From.. Mumbai. Now when you see this, you might think you’re looking up the nose of your local carwash guy. But it actually turns out we’re looking at Kiara the Brave’s eyesore of a city. And her.. modernly dressed people. Despite being set in the medieval times. And the wizard has a laptop because… Don’t all wizards have a laptop? I don’t blame the animators or voice actors, they’re probably fresh out of school, desperate for a first project. But these characters really are some of the most misshapen dregs of animation I’ve ever seen. The characters jump and chop around the screen like Vanellope somehow glitched their animation software. Occasionally, when the 7 planets align, the lip syncing will almost match what was originally said. Kiara is plastered all over the advertising, but she doesn’t actually seem to have that many appearances in the movie. Almost as hough they were just capitalizing on another franchise! No! Surely never! They ever rip-off *JESUS* too! That’s just.. WOW. I-I guess sticking Jesus on your movie would allow more.. brand recognition? I can never tell with “Kiara the Brave” if I’m looking at a broken CRT monitor or just a really ugly china doll. Either way, these things are going to haunt my nightmares for weeks! And the seventh worst animated mockbuster is… “Leo Lion: King of the Jungle” Fresh from the streets of South Korea comes… Jet Lag Productions. And they’re here to give us the most repugnant defacing of “The Lion King” we can imagine. Jet Lag Productions also brings us such classics as… “Cinderella” “Sleeping Beauty” “Snow White” “Hercules” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Jeebus.. they, uh, they really got this formula down-pat, don’t they? They just recreate the box cover for every popular Disney movie, and then put something *resembling* a cartoon inside it. After all, once they’re playing it, they’ve obviously already bought it. So who cares? You remember that endless assault on your senses that was “Felix the Cat the Movie?” Well this new middle finger to the cartoon industry rivals even “Felix the Cat!” The visuals are so lazy and unpleasant to look at that watching paint dry will suddenly seem like a refreshing, thrilling experience! If you must touch this *deformed* “Lion King” lookalike, do it with a 10 foot pole! And coming in at number 6… “Jungle Book” by our old friends Jet Lag Productions. This is “Jungle Book” in the most insulting sense of the [name] possible. I’m just gonna call it “Jet Lag Jungle Book.” Because the most entertaining part of the movie is the company that made it. It kinda gives me the thought of flying away from bad movies like this. Jeebus! IS THAT MEANT TO BE MOGLI!? He looks like he’s been possessed by a bizarre alien body-snatcher! There’s little to say about this one. “Jet Lag Jungle Book” is essentially the… “I can’t believe it’s not ‘Jungle Book’ that was universally banned as a visual poison by the FDA!” And just to kick me twice in the nads… They make these poor voice actors sing their broken scripts out. To ensure every child was screaming at their TV to stop! There’s just.. *nothing* to say about the plot! You know who Mogli is *vaguely* meant to be, as well as Balloo and Bagira.. Go watch Disney’s “Jungle Book” or the live action remake. But by all means, do not watch “Jet Lag Jungle Book!” And the fifth *worst* animated mockbuster is… “The Frog Princess” Made by, you guessed it, Brinquedo. Or no! They reversed the two words in the title! You mean this *isn’t* “Princess and the Frog?” How do they keep fooling me like this? “The Frog Princess” somehow ended up being the most *bland* of the mockbusters. With our *entire* 40 minute story taking place in two rooms! As our highly shallow, dead-eyed princess quarrels with the king, and a frog. For 40 minutes. Frog: You don’t need to be afraid, my lady. Strider: There… really is nothing else to the story. Their expressions, or posture, or animation don’t actually change. We have.. two(?) voice actors for this movie? One lady and, once again 4Kids Eggman.*
*Sorry, man. King: Now please prepare yourself to meet Prince Ziriqueedem. Strider: The two scenes for “The Frog Princess” seem to include… The princess in her room… And in the dining room We never actually get to see outside the castle, but I suspect we’re not missing out on *that* much. And for number four… “Little Princess School” What can you even say about a movie that can’t be bothered to animate a flag flickering for more than 2 frames? “Little Princess School” attempts to capitalize on, what else(?), the Disney Princess Market. All the little princesses go to princess school so they can learn to be.. beautiful… That doesn’t even make legitimate sense in a sentence! If your third grade teacher heard you using that kind of grammar, you’d get a severe talking to after class! Produced by Morningstar Entertainment. I’d like to once again say that the most fascinating parts of these movies are the bizarre names of the companies churning them out. This time the creators just said, “Screw it! Maybe if we stick something resembling the princesses in 1 movie… Surely, someone’s *bound* to mistake one of them for the real thing!” I think even the criminally insane could tell the difference between — *THIS* Disney princess — and the flat-faced garbage pale imitation princesses we have here. Like all good mockbusters, the animation just stutters about. And the voice acting seems to be in a completely different *universe* to the actual animation occurring! Abomination 1: Look! Even the stones are running away from us! (Rambling that seems to cause Strider to express more pain than “Hannah Montana.”) Strider: WHAT AM I EVEN WATCHING!? It’s even a bad message! Mostly about the princesses’ strange, foreign, awkward, alien methods to get guys to kiss them. Pale Abomination: You’re right, it’s strange. Strider: Does the demographic for “Little Princess School”even know what a kiss is? I’m not quite convinced the writers even knew what a kiss was. Singing Abomination: In a one horse open sleigh. ‘Ore’ the fields we go! Strider: Oh, come on! “Ore” the fields we go!? They can’t even get the song lyrics for “Jingle Bells” right!? Freaking “Jingle Bells!?” That’s on par with botching up “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!” Okay, we’ve been subjected to enough. I swear, I’ll never complain about Disney stereotyping princesses again! And the third worst animated mockbuster is… “An Ant’s Life” By U.A.V. Corporation Uh-oh, they changed the word “Bug” [to] “Ant!” This is… A *really* bad hair day for Flik. I thought Jet Lag Productions was bad. But I had yet to witness the horror that is the U.A.V Corporation! Bug Horror: I’m Josephine. Strider: Thankfully, “An Ant’s Life” is mercifully short. At only 25 minutes… The creators were gracious enough to *not* turn their demented eye torture into a full-length film. In fact, the original DVD was so horribly awful, that they didn’t even feel confident enough selling it on its own! It was packaged with a bunch of Warner Bros. cartoons because they *knew* they should be paying you to see this movie! Strider: And.. (Ants doing a thing with their feelers while saying weird stuff) WHAT EVEN IS THIS!? Am I watching weird, CG ant sex? And every colour is washed out like you’re looking at a nuclear waste sight. *REAL* bugs are prettier than this! If you want to get out the door, and out of your house… “An Ant’s Life” is the movie to do it! You’ll be so desperate to leave your house… You’ll be tearing down the door and sprinting down the road in maddening terror! And the second *worst* animated mockbuster is… “Ratatoing” Brinquedo is back! And they bring us their *darkest*, worst creation of all time! But I mentioned “Raratoing” in worst animated movies, so I’ll be brief. But there really is just something uniquely awful about “Ratatoing” that separates it from all the rest. Its dialogue sounds more like a long, boring tutorial teaching foreigners how to form basic coherent English sentences. The lips will flicker along from frame, to frame in no way of actually attempting to match the voices. Characters will randomly glitch up on screen, and jump from one place to another. And it just goes *on*, AND ON! Completely irrelevant, uninteresting restaurant banter is just basically continued for half the movie. And why? Why did they give the [female] rats lady parts, and make them wink to the camera? Was the creator trying to inspire… *Rat cosplay!?* There is… ZERO structure to “Ratatoing”! We jump from one scene to the next, and it wasn’t until I looked up a synopsis on the Internet that I actually figured out what was going on. I will never understand *why* my favorite anime English voice actors chose to take part in this! I know English dubbers are poorly paid, but surely it would do more harm than good to have movie on their resume!
[Subtitler’s note: Strider pays pretty well. I am fortunate.] “Ratat-(fart)” And before we get to number 1, I’d like to do some quick *DIS*honourable mentions! “Wings” A wonderful family movie that all ages will enjoy. Stated by the blind, deaf hobo from down the road we paid a hamburger. “Little and Big Monsters” Oh, Morningstar Entertainment! Ripping off “Monster’s vs. Aliens” now? Whatever will we do with you? “Tappy Toes” At least they bothered to change two words of the title in this one! “A Fish Tale” Actually, except for the title, it was *actually* really good! The animation reminded me of “The Iron Giant.” Well paced, well voice acted. I actually really enjoyed it. “Chop Kick Panda” Strangely enough, this was probably the best mockbuster I saw. With a likable cast, and pleasant voice acting. Even the animation is pretty smooth and pleasing. And the dialogue is kind of clever at times. So it certainly quite make the list. “Frozen Land” No! No, they didn’t! No freaking way did they get away with this! Oh, wait, yeah. Actually, they *didn’t* get away with this one. “Braver” They took “Brave,” and added an R! Brilliant! Give that man a million dollars! And with those said, here we go! And the *number one*… *WORST* animated mockbuster is… “A Car’s Life” It is among the worst animated movies, and I think it is *the* worst animated mockbuster of all time! Welcome to the bottom-most rung of our ladder into the pile of crap that is mockbusters! A place where voice acting is a momentary afterthought of verbal explanations. (Gas pump makes an uncomfortable noise.) All colours resemble bodily fluids. And the animation is traumatizingly bad enough to make samurai sepuku seem like a viable option. Welcome, to “A Car’s Life.” “A Car’s Life” was made by.. 1 guy. Most likely in a sweatshop, while he was drunk. And notably, he was so ashamed of this “Cars” mockbuster that it is nearly impossible to find a single trace of Sparkplug Productions on the net! There really is no grasp of character personality, story, stakes, or even a basic grasp of the English language in this animation Black Hole! Green car: Uh-oh, it’s getting late. Artist: “I know it’s the middle of the day, but I can only bother to animate one frame in the sky.” There is… ONE music sound track! Just one! It is about 10 seconds long, and it is just awful! And “A Car’s Life” has a voice so ear-piercing, so wretched that it gives Fred, and Annoying Orange a run for their money! They’re still worse, but, this voice is a close second! Pink abomination: Because a *car* is a LITTLE different, doesn’t mean (Strider groans over top of her). Strider: Could have done, possibly, I dunno, *two* takes!? But then, the *evil* villains very slowly approach them Then they… slowly start to lower their cranes on top of them. Our heroes could of course, I dunno, move away fom them? But I guess their 10 cent animation budget had run out at this point. So out heroes are *doomed*! Yaaay! (Crowd cheering) We get to watch this pink abomination of nature *cut to pieces*! Though, as if to give one final middle finger to the director, even her death cry sounded unconvincing. (Crash of metal)
Pink abomination: (Screams though the actress cares about the the performance but quickly loses interest.) Strider: “A Car’s Life” is the most disastrous dump on an already bad movie I’ve ever seen! Oddly enough though, I actually kind of recommend it. It’s only 40 minutes, but it truly has to be seen to be believed! I recommend you check it out with a friend, and have a few quick laughs. We used to get these mockbusters a lot back in the day. But I think it’s important to clarify *every single* one of these studios went bankrupt! The odd thing is that a lot of these movies *didn’t* fool grandmas. And besides, these mockbusters show just how high out standards for animation are nowadays. Many of us are trying hard than ever to give the next generation the best cartoons possible. And I think that really shows Do you think I missed a bad animated mockbuster? If you have an opinion, feel free to leave it in the comments. And as always, thanks for watching! And I’ll see you next time. Subtitled by Jadrek Myers. Commissioned by Phantom Strider

David Anderson

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