Top 10 Superheroes You Never Knew Got Pregnant

Top 10 Superheroes You Never Knew Got Pregnant

Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd pregnant can’t stop won’t stop don’t want to stop. Did you think I had reached the bottom of
the barrel you thought wrong get ready for more heroes who got pregnant this time heroes
who you didn’t know got pregnant although I’m sure some of you well knew level ten
nerds that you are. So let’s get started and see the Top 10
Superheroes You Never Knew Got Pregnant. I’m Sasha and let’s get started! Let’s do this. Number 10 – Gal Gadot Filming Wonder Woman
– So this is low for obvious reasons gal gadot is the actress who plays wonder woman
but they did have her and linda carter come to the un when they were going to make wonder
woman an ambassador to it and then people got mad saying it was taking away from real
women who contributed so they undid it, it was a thing. Anyway while she was filming wonder woman
she was 5 months pregnant and they just masked it and without having her hold large boxes
or sit down a lot. Just fun fact cause being pregnant doesn’t
mean you can’t do stuff you can’t do as much like at the end but if it’s good during
it you can still do a lot like whatever you could do before you can still do so like if
you were active you can still be active. I’m really passionate about this topic also
not all people get huge some you can barely tell anyway just sharing the more you know. Number 9 – She Hulk – This is an off panel
pregnancy but we know that it happened and more than once in old man Logan where we have
a future where villains have won after successfully banding together and taking out most of the
heroes and mysterio tricked wolverine into murdering all the x-men which he could do
just go with it. So Bruce Banner aka the hulk would seemingly
go mad as the exposure to radiation began to work on his mind and he too would end up
as one of the villains who divide up America into territories and Wolverine lives in his
territory. Which is patrolled by the hulk gang descendants
of the she hulk and the hulk cause he took her as his mate to create more hulk babies
it’s incest cause they’re cousins lots of incest hulk babies. People tend to know about this one cause it
comes up a lot. Number 8 – Dazzler – Yes Dazzler the disco
queen herself was pregnant she got pregnant by longshot who was pretty excited about it. And it was hinted that their baby was shatterstar
Ok let’s go through this. Dazzler and longshot became lovers when they
were both on Genosha and later were also together on mojoworld, so what happened with this baby
well for awhile it looked like a miscarriage but then well that makes editorial uncomfortable
so they dealt with it with a memory loss plot where Dazzler would return to earth before
longshot and forget him and the babies. Baby what baby we would fully deal with this
in x factor 47 with different timelines and time jumps just like we did for sue storm
dead children are too real fix it with time travel. So shatterstar would teleport to a time where
dazzler and longshot were married and they give birth to a young shatterstar and Shatterstar
erased their memories of this event so the baby could be raised to become the shatterstar
he needs to be. Paradox is better than miscarriage says Marvel. Number 7 – Knockout – Knockout starts off
as a villain and often squared off against super boy kon el the 90s one pre black t-shirt
and lex dad. She would end up on the secret six team and
enter a lesbian relationship with fellow member and daughter of vandal savage scandal savage. And she would also soften and become more
of an anti hero. Eventually her and scandal would decide they
wanted to have a child alongside their other partner cause they were in a polyamorous relationship
so who was there to donate his essence. Catman. Catman was chosen cause he was a good friend
to them and he earned that title once more when he accepted. Catman he’ll donate you his sperm he’ll
make you eggs late at night he’ll go on a murder spree if your son is kidnapped stand
up guy. Na na nan a na nana catman. Number 6 – Isabel Kane (Smasher) -Izzy Kane
became a hero to honour her grandfather and would be recruited by Captain America to join
the Avengers. She got pregnant by accident when she slept
with cannonball and just well neither were as thorough in the prevention department as
they could have been. Right after she would be called to return
to shi- ar homeworld where she would decide to tell Cannonball after she moves to chandilar
in order to not have the baby interfere too much with the plot the baby was hyper gestated
and was born in less than 8 months so when she came to cannonball she was just like well
here you go! That’s one way not to have to deal with
it. Number 5 – Wolfsbane – She got pregnant
via the Asgardian Hrimhari – She was on x force but would return to x-factor after
the pregnancy which would dedicate a lot of time to it allowing it to kind of play out. And yet many people miss it. Initially her pregnancy was threatening her
life and the wolf prince would give his life so that the baby and her could live. Now this pregnancy would also be faster than
normal they would just infer on it more narratively this would be because of the lupine natures
of her and the father. The birth of this baby would be odd she would
give birth through her mouth and the baby would instantly get up and attack she would
disown her child as unnatural the irony of this from a mutant was not fully explored
but I appreciate the nuanced unintentional as it was. She would abandon her son and Jack Russell
aka werewolf by night would take her in and she would feel terrible and the writers would
demonstrate this by having her eat ice cream til she threw up. Well handled. She would later go to try and find her son
and well all the x-men have been rebooted now thanks to hickman so yeah. Number 4 – Storm – some of you have been
crying out for storm since we started doing these pregnant lists so let’s go over to
black panther annual 1. This story involves the watcher looking over
the earth and extrapolating possible timelines in one he sees the union of storm and t’challa
leading to a dynasty guess he didn’t get the no marriage memo. This dynasty would rule the world her and
tchalla would have children and she would become like a game of thrones style mom arranging
matches and and talking about how her children were her cubs and how cousins used to get
married to preserve dynasties and we get a revisionist history and it’s um interesting
the beginning well it’s an American story so if it were actually African you’d have
some different acknowledgements just well read it youself and see how you feel the story
is called black to the future it’s trying hard in many ways and failing in others. She convinces her one son who loves his brothers
fiancé to abandon it cause it’s whats best for the people. I’ve read this annual more than once and
it’s complex. Anyway storm and t’challa many kids. Number 3 – Rogue – Rogue has a child with
Captain America in the what if story from What If? Vol 2 #114 in 1998. In this story theavengers went to battle world
in secret wars but never came back instead having to live there forever. They started a whole new world and in the
process Rogue and Cap got together and had a child Sarah Rogers. But what about Rogues abilities you say….yeah. Well in the story everybody is calling Rogue
carol which adds a disturbing question in this universe was the transfer total is it
just Carol’s consciousness in there is that why her powers don’t work I have questions
and the 90s doesn’t have answers for me. Tell me things watcher I need answers, Number 2 – Nova – there has been more
than one nova for our purposes we’re looking at Eve bakian who joins the nova corps to
prevent the annihilation wave before this though she would be serving and pregnant like
full on pregnant and taking on enemies they’re doing the whole it’s fine she has armour
on and that never fails it’s not like one wrong fall would crush and kill her unborn
child it’s all good cause she looks cool. You have to be careful filming a movie with
stunt doubles not the same as fighting invaders. She would have a daughter named Anwen who
would grow up resentful of the corps cause it would take her mother away from her indeed
eve would end up trapped inside the soul gem and Anwen would have to use the stone to visit
her mom see in the comicverse even children can wield the infinity gauntlet take that
mcu tony. I’m so sorry I love you 3000. Number 1 – Natasha Romanoff black widow – So
in the marvel animated movies verse Natasha marries captain America and they have a son
james rogers in honour of bucky can you tell this is a very different continuity not only
has nat not been sterilized but they’re naming their son after bucky in comics her
ex lover. Love it. James made the leap into comics in S.H.I.E.L.D. #4. With the next avengers. Ah the multiverse. Also james is not an only child but he follows
in their heroic footsteps hence he’s the one who gets the glory and a special shield
from tony. So those were ten heroes you never knew were
pregnant how many of these did you remember what three you through a loop tell me!

David Anderson

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