Top 10 Superheroes Who Met Their Alternate Versions

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back to top 10 nerd, ever since the dawn of the multiverse with the flash of two worlds
fans have loved seeing alternate versions of heroes meet but there are some who have
yet to cross paths that fans would love to see have more interaction or just love that
they do. And let’s talk about some of them shall we. I’m Sasha and these are the Top
10 Superheroes Alternate Versions Who Have Met. Let’s get started. I can’t wait to
delve into some of the messed up timelines that let this happen. Number 10 – L’il Batman – Starting off
with a fun one from the Superman/Batman teamup series that began in 2003. So in this story
all of a sudden little chibi versions of the characters are running around. Issue 51. Superman
also meets a little superman and they’re very over the top caricatures of the two lil
batman is super angry and gruff I like to imagine he has the high pitched version of
a Christian bale growl and the superman one is really enthusiastic and peppy. So this
whole plot is zany up until the characters cause we end up with a whole chibi league
fight their chibi villains and they end up getting hurt cause well in the mainverse cartoon
logic doesn’t rule it turns out this is all being orchestrated by bat mite and mr
mystzylpltlick and well it all works out all right in the end. I will never stop recommending
the 2003 batman and superman run. It was so fun. Number 9 – Justice Lords – Let’s pop
on over to the dcau that’s the dc animated universe to a time when the justice league
met their evil alternates not the crime syndicate but rather the justice lords and superman
had a great extra costume and was lobotomizing people. So this universe was prompted after
the death of their flash who is very much a lynchpin of the team in the dcau his pep
and optimism make him an integral part of the core this was wally by the way part of
the almost 25 years wally was the flash while Barry was dead. So yeah for a whole new generation
of fans coming up during the start of the superhero adaptation renaissance he was the
flash. So the justice lords catch wind of the main universe in the DCAU and feel that
they’re just letting their world fall to pieces so they come over to impose their own
brand of order. Which after seeing well how many lobotomies and militias and martial law
it takes the regular justice league is not there for. So yeah they met their alternate
versions and weren’t here for it how would you feel if you alternates were dystopian
overlords like I wouldn’t approve but at the same time I would like to see the costumes
evil alternates always get the best costumes. Number 8 – Captain America Hydra Cap this
is mostly on here cause I like how complicated it is to explain and I refuse to let that
new narrative their pushing take hold that hydra cap was the alternate cap naw fam the
way they retconned that made it so the entire timeline shifted and young cap who was classic
cap lived a life where he was always a hydra agent he was always cap. So yeah the cap who
is now cap who the cosmic cube drew from that other timelines past is from another timeline
he’s not classic cap that’s now hydra cap but we’re going to go with he was the
real cap cause well that’s how the story really should have unfolded. Making hydra
cap always cap was guaranteed to increase the backlash on a story that was already going
to ruffle feathers when you’re working on a legacy character it’s not all about you
and your vision it’s also about keeping the character recognisable cause you’re
not going to be writing that character forever someone else will take over and people are
going to in theory be reading the character in an ongoing fashion. Anyway the cap we want
came back and beat up hydra supreme so hard his costume flew off. Number 7 – Thomas Wayne Bruce Wayne One of
the emotional moments to come from Flashpoint I mean aside from Barry getting to see his
mom again was that Thomas Wayne who was batman in that universe cause it was Bruce who died
in the alley but when he learned of his son’s life in another universe he took the time
to write him a letter that barry gave to him when he fixed the timeline and by fixed I
mean gave us the new 52 so maybe he should have just let atlantis and themyscira destroy
the world ok that was mean it wasn’t that bad and bruce getting a letter from his dad
aww. He also hung out with his dad late in the tom king run, and that’s all I have
to say about that. Number 6 – Spider-Man Spider-Gwen – Spider-man
has met many alternate versions thank to the spider verse spider totems etc. There are
many meetings one could choose from here so I’m saving some in case there’s a part
2 no blanket spider-man for me. Spider- Gwen debuted in the edge of spider-verse storyline
and became one of the breakout alternate spideys due in no small part to her costume which
is still one many fans adore. She came from a universe where gwen was bitten by spider
not peter who died. So obviously when she met so many peter’s including main peter
the feelings were high. So in the run at the time of this recording she’s splitting her
time between her universe and the main 616 verse why cause. Well they want stuff to happen
in main continuity. Spider gwen was having a thing with miles too. So spideys alternate
spideys meeing each other everywhere. Number 5 – Deadpool Corps – Of course Deadpool
has a a whole corps of alternate versions of himself. He would and he did. This series
was all about alternate versions of Deadpool coming together to create a super group the
pooliest group they could be you’ve got lady Deadpool headpool kidpool it was all
as zany and madcap as you would imagine. Oh dogpool gotta remember dogpool. Of all the
characters to meet alternate versions of themselves it falls the most in line for Deadpool what
with all his fourth wall breaking antics and the like. If anybody should have a corps of
themselves it’s him. Number 4 – Nightwing And Deathwing I just
love saying deathwing it sounds so extra. Deathwing!! So deathwing is a version of dick
from a future timeline where he married donna and had a son who became the supervillain
lord chaos I hope he went evil young or there is no excuse. Lord chaos. So he would end
up joining the titans in the past when a mission takes them to the new teen titans present.
Zero hour erased this timeline but not deathwing. And then later he was retconned to not be
dick grayson cause well deathwing a lot happened there he was also a rapist after he became
corrupted by a dark version of Raven. And well you know how comics feel about their
characters being tied to questionable actions unless you’re an anti hero it doesn’t
fly say it with me now the phoenix was a force, parallax is a fear entity. Deathwing was never
nightwing. Number 3 – Gwenpool and everyone So Gwenpool
debuted as a variant version on Deadpool secret secret wars and is she Deadpool yes but no
is she gwen yes but no who is she she’s a character created cause cosplayers really
liked her costume. Her name is literally gwenpool. People get confused about who she is though
and that makes sense cause she looks like gwen wearing a pink Deadpool costume if you’re
not following everything closely being confused makes sense. She’s met Deadpool and gwen
and she is just well anywhere she wants to be in the marvel universe her official in
canon backstory is that she’s a comic book fan from our world who got sucked into comics. Number 2 – Reed Richards The Maker – So
nice guy dad reed current canon marvel reed and the evil reed from the former ultimate
verse earth 1610. I guess I should add sexy dad the comics really want me to think that
so for accuracy I guess Dilf oh god aaah. Reed and the maker met before the maker went
full villain in fact they were working together to take on god emperor doom but they had vast
differences in opinion about what to do reed found that he had far more of a moral streak
to uphold than the maker who wanted to kill doom and all their enemies he would eventually
try to kill reed. And he now haunts the prime earth, haunts he’s still alive. The maker
is reed with all humanity stripped away and well he actually freaked reed out. The maker
is really intimidating. I love it. Evil Reed. Check him out in absolute carnage not spawn
just some of the panels there how he’s drawn it’s really disturbing.
Number 1 – Flash Of Two Worlds– number 1 has to go to the story that started it all
the story that started the whole multiverse when the golden age and silver age flashs
met for the first time in 1961. When barry allen the flash vibrates his molecules in
a way he hasn’t previously he finds himself in key stone city rather than central city
the home of the golden age flash jay Garrick he’s an older flash and in barry world a
comic book character who had retired when his comic had been cancelled on earth one.
The two would team up and this would be the establishment of earth 2 which would become
a world of golden age heroes and plot lines. And this earth 2 would span into many more
earths many more teamups and many more crossovers it could be said that all the other numbers
on this list owe a little something to the flash of two worlds. In the early days characters
would traverse between these two earths some even coming to live permanently on earth one
like black canary. Still eventually it would all get convoluted and Dc would try to compress
the universes with crisis on infinite earths only to bring it back years later. Now there’s
a negative multiverse and apex lex and all kinds of things. What’s your favourite instance of alternate
versions of characters meeting each other please share down below. I’m Sasha and thanks
so much for watching top 10 nerd please don’t forget to.

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