Top 10 Superheroes Who Got Exposed

Top 10 Superheroes Who Got Exposed

Greetings nerdy list afficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd today we’re looking at superheroes who got exposed what does that
mean, what do you want it to mean. We’re looking at heroes who were revealed
in some way and it has to have changed their lives also. Some of these heroes were villains all alone
others lost anonymity and some were revealed to be something else entirely, are you intrigued
excited? Good! I’m Sasha and these are the Top 10 Superheroes
Who Got Exposed let’s do this! Number 10 – Batman – Tower of Bable – Batman
is now well know as mr contingency man, the man with a plan several plans actually. But there was a time when this wasn’t the
case in fact pre identity crisis Batman was more chill although the paranoia and rough
edges of his personality had been amping up since the 90s. case and point this storyline. So an arc would be unveiled where it would
be revealed that Batman had a series of secret takedown plans for all his allies and friends. That he was keeping what was necessary on
hand to take them down. His plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul who
uses them to defeat the league there’s even a plan in there for Batman someone steals
his parents bodies yeesh is that all it takes renting one backho means I can commit all
the crime in Gotham I want. Sign me up. This would becomes a core staple in Batman’s
relationship with the league and would alter how they came to view him though in more updated
canons it has comes to be viewed as more accepted and practical. Batman is voted off the league with superman
as the deciding vote but when they go into the room where he was waiting he’s already
gone cause well he’s good enough friends with Clark to know how he would vote. Number 9 – Omni Man – This comes to is from
the comic invincible which actually centres around marc grayson omni man’s son. Omni Man is the superman type hero of this
Earth but he had a secret a twist that wasn’t revealed for issues he wasn’t sent to earth
as it’s savior as he had claimed but instead was sent as an advance scout so that he could
prime the Earth for the eventually invasion his son was him breeding with the local populace
for a built in ally who would also share some of his powers with him. He would make his move against his allies
people who had thought they were his friends and he would brutally slay some of them and
his son would turn against him. This would of course destroy his reputation
on Earth and leave his son with quite the mess to clean up and obviously being observed,
the public is not as distrustful of him as you would think they would be though. Number 8 – Maxwell Lord – Now Maxwell lord
was not a traditional superhero by any means but his betrayal is amazing he gets his cred
by bankrolling and promoting the jli the justice league international as well as himself. It appears at first that he just wants a sanctioned
version of the justice league out there and at first it’s pretty straight forward but
a retcon would turn Maxwell Lord into a mastermind who would be using the justice league to strengthen
his position and also hone his psychic powers and keep an eye on people he felt were threats
to the Earth by finding a way to control them. It turned out he had been doing his best to
make the jli ineffective he would create the omacs and would control Superman and force
him to battle batman and wonder woman in attempt to show the world that meta humans were dangerous. It is here when Diana figures out what is
going on that she decides her only option is to kill him. Neck snap. Number 7 – Dick Grayson Forever Evil – The
New 52 would give the world a rather dramatic pivot to the Dick Grayson arc which would
see him shift from Nightwing to Grayson agent of spiral. So during forever evil where the crime syndicate
of Earth 3 took over the world and Nightwing found himself captured and unmasked on live
broadcast for the world to see so everyone learns that Nightwing is Dick Grayson meaning
half of them go to look up just who dick grayson is which really if you follow the trail back
should have revealed way more than it ultimately did. He would die but be brought back to life but
the status quo would be left as him being dead which would lead to him going undercover
as an agent of spyral so they could figure out just what was going on with that place. So we would get dick grayson agent of Spyral
a comic full of more cheesecake than you could eat if it were real instead of metaphorical. Number 6 – Galahad – Galahad is a hero
from Mark Waid’s insufferable a series that was meant to drive digital comic sales and
prove digital comics could be a viable medium it didn’t exactly do that. Galahad is the son of nocturnus and the two
were living a batman and robin dynamic duo crime fighting sort of experience only with
resentment bitterness and the friction of father’s and sons being more prominent to
the point where it ultimately overwhelmed the mission. One night Galahad would trip out and remove
his mask screaming at his father in front of a bevvy of reporters this would out the
both of them. While Nocturnus would burn his identity and
go on the run Galahad would embrace his newfound notoriety and become a twitter celebrity who
broadcast his exploits to the world he went full troll too like replying to people on
forums and the like don’t reply to people on forums don’t do it. Number 5- Spider-Man Miles Morales – After
Miles gains his powers he is at first horrified by them and wants nothing to do with a superhero
life but he would ultimately change his mind after witnessing the death of peter parker’s
spider-man at the hands of the green goblin so he would put on a spider-suit and set out
but….the rest of the superhero community would find this offensive especially since
he was wearing the exact same costume. So spider woman would arrest him and unmask
him which would reveal to the rest of the supers just how young he really was. Shield enlists his help aka lightly blackmails
him and after he aids them he gets his new now iconic black and red costume and the blessing
of 616 spider-man hooray. And so miles was on his way he was only exposed
to the rest of the superhero community so that’s better? Number 4 – The Deep – We’re talking about
the deep from the amazon prime tv series the boys not the garth Ennis comic the characters
are depicted very differently. Here the Deep is an insecure power hungry
Aquaman inspired hero who uses his power and position to assault fellow member of the seven
starlight. Who eventually cracks and tells the world
what he did but it’s very vague. Still that exposure on television is enough
for his handlers over at bought industries to figure out who it is and so as punishment
and to hopefully prevent future incidents the deep is shipped away to a middle of nowhere
town given his stature and has sad adventures with sea creatures. Not all exposing have to be huge to have big
consequences. Number 3 -The Plutonian – The Plutonian
comes from mark waid’s series irredeemable which charts the spectacular downfall of superman
style hero the plutonian. The plutonian had his superhero identity exposed
by the woman he was dating when she found out he hadn’t told her she flipped out saying
he was a liar and so she ran into the media booth where they worked and screamed at the
top of her lungs that he was the plutonian just like that his entire life was shattered
his identity was useless and he became to plutonian fully. He was already unstable being able to hear
everything people said about him the whispers the judgements the snipes despite all he did
began to brew inside him and he would dissociate becoming more cruel and engaging in odd behaviors. He would fully snap when he truly did make
a mistake and knew he would not be forgiven for it despite all he had done cause he could
hear people already and so he killed to keep his secret and set himself firmly on the path
towards becoming irredeemable. Number 2 – Batman Arkham Knight – The Arkham
series video games are classics at this point established their own verse. At the end of Arkham knight the third game
which was released in 2015. Batman is captured by the scarecrow who forces
commissioner Gordon to unmask him on live broadcast revealing to the world that he is
bruce wayne. Batman remains bruce wayne for as long as
the city needs him so one last night before instituting the Knightfall protocol which
leads to the world believing he has died. Intense that ending is intense this game series
is such a good time. Number 1 – The Confessor – Astro City in
at number 1 finally it’s a good day, the confessor makes up part of astro’s city
trio in so much as they have one. The first confessor is Jeremiah Parrish he
came to astro city as a young priest in 1869 when a stone worker got injured he went to
take care of him but found himself drawn to a woman there so he kept going back only for
her to be revealed as a vampire and turn him he was chased away by the towns people and
walled himself up in the cathedral he had helped build he didn’t emerge properly for
over a century in the 70s he came out and decided enough brooding time to be productive
so he tried his hand at being a superhero he would eventually take on a side kick altar
boy and the two would work well together but also be at odds as Brian Kinney altar boy
could tell that the confessor was keeping something from him. The situation of heroes vs the public escalates
to heroes being hunted down while Brian quits under the pressure the confessor cant and
ends up having a battle on the hill side with the mayor it all looks pretty bad especially
after the confessor shoots him hoever at that point the mayor morphs back into his true
form he was an alien however in this process the confessor had to reveal himself in daylight
not only was he revealed to the world as a vampire but he died. His former sidekick would be so inspired he
would take up the mantle in his name and because of confusion over what had happened people
would mistake him for the first confessor and believe he was a vampire something he
used to his advantage as much as possible. So those were 10 superheroes who got exposed…

David Anderson

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