Top 10 Superheroes Who Built Their Own Tech

Top 10 Superheroes Who Built Their Own Tech

Hey guy! Welcome to Top 10 Nerd. I’m Kat Jovey and today we’re going to
be looking at Tech. It’s a more and more popular topic in the
world and comic books too. What’s most exciting though is that the
real world is started to catch up to tech now. I’m sure in some ways, inspired by the tech
from comic books. Today we’re going to look at some of the
inspirational inventors from the super hero realms with 10 Superheroes Who Built Their
Own Tech. 10) At number 10 we have Blue Beetle AKA Ted
Kord Now, the original Blue Beetle was Dan Garrent
but Kord, a friend and student of his took over the name and legacy of Garret when he
was killed in a cave-in. Kord was an inventor and made lots of different
gadgets to aid his missions. His main staples though, were his self made
utility belt flying craft named The bug ( no wonder he never went big). The ship had a crime lab in it and a ton of
fire powers. 9) At number 9 we have Green Arrow aka Oliver
Queen He is one of the wealthiest characters in
comics with more money than one could spend in 12 lifetimes (challenge accepted). However, he was stranded on a desert island
and forced to hunt for food. He ended up making a bow and arrow and honed
his skills to survive. It also inspired him to design other arrows
with different purposes. Once he got back to the real world and his
fortune he put his new skills to work fighting crime. Also, now that he was back in civilization
he was able to level up his design with technology. He used the money and tech to make a top secret
base, a suit and a quiver loaded with specially designed arrows. 8)At number 8 we have Mr Terrific aka Michael
Holt In 1997, the mantle of Mister Terrific was
passed on to Michael Holt. Thankfully he was just as talented as the
first with multiple black belts, many degrees and doctorates in a plethora of fields. Said to be the third smartest man in the world…hey,
it’s why he’s number 8. He is the talented inventor of the T-Sphere,
this is a small AI device that he controls with his mask and ear piece. They can cloak him constantly, they can fly,
create holographic images, shoot off electrical charges, hack satellites and computers and
can even be used at projectiles. 7)At number 7 we have Steel aka Dr John Henry
Irons. After Superman saved his life he asked him
how we could repay him and Superman told him to “live a life worth saving”. This changed him forever. Shortly after this Superman has a showdown
with Doomsday and dies. Dr Irons, who is currently a weapons expert,
decides he needs to look after the people of metropolis now. However, he is just a man, he doesn’t have
the super powers that Superman had so he uses his genius mind to build a mechanical suit
to replicate Supermans powers. It has jet boots to make him fly, it boosts
his strength and his down touch is a super sledgehammer that has both length and non
lethal ammo as firepower. In honour of Superman he also adds an ‘S’
to his chest and calls himself the Man of Steel. He becomes known at Steel one Superman is
resurrected and nicknames him that instead. 6)At number 6 we have Oracle aka Batgirl aka
Barbara Gordon Batman is of course a great detective and
had superior fighting skills but he doesn’t really make his own tech. Others build it for him. Batgirl on the other hand is the more impressive
techie in Gotham. Once she becomes Oracle she is able to give
Batman a view of Gotham like never before. She is able to hack into any database on earth,
she invents secret communication tools for the bat-gang and is able to track down any
for Batman’s looking to hunt down. She’s like the all-seeing eye they’ve
always needed. 5)At number 5 we haveThe Atom aka Ray Palmer
I know, you’re thinking, what about Hank??! Well Ray was first so this time we’re gonna
talk about him. The Atom is a tech and physics genius that
becomes a superhero with the Justice League thanks to his invention of the Shrinking Lens. He uses pieces of what star matter and is
able to shrink himself down to sub-atomic size while still having his full strength. 4)At number 4 we have Forge
He is a Native American that was originally trained as a medicine man but favours technology. This ends up making him leave his elders and
enlist in the military. He has a natural ability to recognize the
potential use of any piece of technology. He can create, assemble, disassemble, or create
countermeasures to anything. On account of this, he is one of the few mutants
who doesn’t feel as austisized. He doesn’t have blue skin or any other disfigurations. Well, other than he loses his arm and hand
in Vietnam, but lucky for him, he’s extraordinary with technology and builds himself bionic
ones instead. He’s worked on government contracts but
of course is most memorable with the X-men working with X -Factor and X-Force too. 3)At 3 we have Spiderman
He of course has his spidey-sense, ability to stick to walls and super strength but he
also is a genius. With an IQ north of 250 he’s been putting
that intellect to good use over the years. From early on making his own suit, mechanical
web shoots, utility belt and spider tracers. To later on making different Web fluids versions
that include acid, foam, ice, cement as well as ones that are magnetic or electrified depending
on the baddy he’s up against. For example when we was up against Equinox
more flight power was needed than just web slinging so he made a Green Goblin-esk Spider-Gilder
that was a jet powered. While we worked at Horizon Labshe made a lot
of amazing things like a special suit to counteract Hobgoblin’s scream attacks as well as Cryo
cubes that could quickly freeze a target without damaging them. And those are just to name a phew. *Deep breath*. 2)In number 2 we have Iron Man aka Tony Stark
Really a man that needs no introduction. His father was a genius inventor and so is
he. He owns Stark Industries and creates cutting
edge technology. Then he is captured by terrorists and forced
to come up with a way to escape. He creates a device that is an almost endless
supply of energy and his first exo-suit loaded with as much tech as he can figure out with
what he has around. Not pretty but perfectly functional to escape. Once he gets back to his money and Stark Industries
he’s able to build a much sleeker version with way more bells and whistles. It gives him super strength, allows him to
fly like a jet fighter, he can go stealth, it has tons of sensors as well as fatal and
non-fatal weaponry. It even has his computer AI to assist him
while he’s in it. I never get sick of seeing what else it can
do or what new versions are made. 1) At number 1 we have who some would argue
is the smartest man in the world, Mr Fantastic aka Reed Richards
Not only does he have the ability to morph and stretch his body but he has a big beautiful
scientific brain that comes up with ingenious inventions to beat bad guys and save the world
again and again. He designed and invited the teams Fantasti-Car
that is kind of like the Power Rangers megazord where it can be split into separate vehicles
or combined together into one ship. He also created the Unstable Molecules that
allow the team to be suited up in suits that work with their special powers. Thus not lighting the Human Torch’s threats
on fire or splitting with the Thing kicking ass. He made the Stimulator, which is a device
that can restore lost superpowers or give them to someone who doesn’t have them. As well as a coma cannon, an antimatter injection
system, an afterlife transporter, a cosmic ray, an atomic space displacer, the list goes
on and on and on and on. Some good, some bad, all very impressive. There you have it.

David Anderson

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