Top 10 Superheroes Useless In A Fight

Top 10 Superheroes Useless In A Fight

Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd. Today we’re looking at heroes and a list
that was actually fairly difficult to compile because well if you’ve made it to superhero
status you most likely have something to offer in the fight department. Whether it’s tech based or not so we’re
going to have to get situation specific with a lot of these in other situations these heroes
might be just who you need but in other situations you’ll wish you had someone else. I’m Sasha and these are the Top 10 superheroes
who are useless in a fight with the caveat it depends upon the fight. So I hope you haven’t exercised yet today
cause we’re about to stretch. Number 10 – Green Lantern – Ringless most
times when I say green lantern I mean Hal poor tripping over his feet Hal. The lantern rings function on will drawn to
people with the capacity for great will and ability to overcome fear through the force
of that will. Once selected the bearer has access to the
full scope of the rings abilities including conjuring of objects the limits of which are
only the imagination. They can encase themselves in a forcefield
travel the galaxy learn to be able to affect things that are yellow coloured, even the
time limit isn’t as intense as it used to be. All in all it’s a great too but what happens
when you don’t have it. Well you’re just a person. This has come up a few times in fights on
the rare occasion that the rings runs our of charge. Or when the ring has been passed to someone
else but someone is still coming for the first bearer. There’s actually a great moment at the end
of the new 52 where Hal passes his ring off to Bruce who for years canonically it’s
just kind of been accepted could wield it except for that brief period in johns run
after rebirth when hal and bruce were patching up their relationship and Bruce was the jerk
for some reason for remembering all those people hal killed he took the ring and couldn’t
handle it. Ok sure Jan. Anyways without his ring Hal
is pretty average all the human lanterns are even if they’re trained in martial arts
or have a gun looking at you Baz. They still are probably going to be useless
as if you brought the green lantern it wasn’t your average fight and you may even be in
space in which case they’re dead. Number 9 – Spider Woman while pregnant – We’re
talking about Jessica Drew here. Now Jessica Drew initially had no interest
in motherhood so it made for a compelling and for some perplexing arc when she decided
that actually she did want to be a parent. There was also a whole who’s the babies
daddy arc cause I guess the writer just saw one too many maury episodes. Here’s the thing she still fought crime
for a bit and this stressed me out to no end. I have a baby in no way am I saying when you’re
pregnant you need to go hide away from the world but there’s a difference between going
to work and the gym and fighting crime. Even the images of her in costume pregnant
stress me out. And she fought not always intentionally and
super pregnant too just ok now they weren’t going to do anything but in reality these
were villains one kick one punch one bad fall one object falling on her and her baby dead. The comics didn’t depict her as useless
she kicked an unrealistic amount of butt. I’ve been nine months pregnant and I can
hear the but she’s spider woman and has a super baby. No look at this cover Her baby has spider sense also maybe she’s
in labour and skrulls you know when you’re fighting and pregnant when you have no choice. She’s best friends with carol no one could
make it so she had a smooth pregnancy. Oh but she wanted to help you say. One kick one parenting starts before the baby
is born that’s all I’m saying. I’m pressed. Number 8 – Wildcat – Now cause old. Ok so wildcat is a member of the JSA the justice
society of America and is a hero from the golden age. So when DC initially dealt with the golden
and silver ages it was reconciled by making these heroes older than their silver age counter
parts. So Wildcat became a mentor to many younger
heroes or heroes who stayed young such as Batman And Superman. However, he’s getting older and essentially,
he’s just a dude a dude with nine lives but just a dude. So if he’s up against someone with powers,
increased tech or even just someone significantly younger he’s not going to be much help. Yes experience counts for a lot and can help
you strategize but when it comes to stamina and strength sometimes you just age out it’s
a compelling story if told well. Justice league unlimited had a fun time with
it. Number 7 Superman in a magical fight. Yes, I picked magic over kryptonite cause
depending upon where you are in the timeline you can walk to the store and buy some kryptonite. No magic is a more complex nebulous weakness
for supes. Doubly so cause sometimes it turns him into
being a liability in a fight meaning he can find himself being controlled. The man of steel may be able to dodge a speeding
bullet but he’s incredibly susceptible to spells. He’s had his powers taken away, swapped,
been frozen just many bad things for Clark. However, the good thing is he knows this is
a weakness for him so tries not to be too involved in these conflicts instead preferring
to send leaguers if it is a league issue who are better suited for the threat. Also he just tends to find magic irritating
I would too more powerful than a locomotive taken down by a woman talking backwards. Number 6 – Billy Batson – Not Shazam come
on reach with me feel the burn So Billy Batson turns into Shazam aka Captain Marvel when
he says the magic word Shazam. However other than that he’s just a kid
a regular little kid. This is worse than being just an average person
cause well he’s an untrained kid. So yeah he has the stamina but he’s small
not as strong easy to capture. If you can keep Billy from transforming you
have a massive advantage. And there are many ways to do it. One of the best billy surprise transformations
is in the justice league unlimited when captain marvel still called that he hadn’t lost
that lawsuit yet joins the justice league. And superman gets jealous of him and the two
end up fighting quite brutally later in the episode only for Billy to accidentally transform
back mid fight and for superman to realize he’s been fighting and been jealous of like
a 10 year old. Awkward. Number 5 – Gladiator – When Sad. So Gladiator is one of those heroes who’s
powers and abilities are tied to their emotional state or self confidence this isn’t the
most uncommon thing but it’s not too hard to activate this in Gladiator. He doesn’t have the thickest skin out there. If this happens in a fight all of a sudden
strength down powers not landing or being ineffectual that makes him feel worse now
you’re trapped in a shame spiral and probably dying cause your backup is too busy feeling
bad about how they’re not saving you sometimes you’re not in a position to give a pep talk. Sometimes you just need someone who’s powers
work no matter what. Gladiator, and Captain Britain too. Both of y’all self esteem classes on your
spare time. Number 4 – Constantine Avoidance. Now Constantine may seem like an odd choice
for those of you who well know how powerful he is and what he can do here’s the thing
Constantine will avoid fighting as much as possible if he can get out of having to fight
Constantine will. So he’s not the best back up you know demons
everywhere blood everywhere Constantine seeing if there’s someway he can maybe summon etrigan
or get an item to do what needs to be done perhaps broker a sleazy deal of some kind. It makes him interesting that’s for sure
but when the chips are down and you need someone to come in ready to smite. Well Constantine will help but only if he
absolutely has to. He’s also going to sass you the entire time
which contrary to what movies will try and convey is not cool or helpful while you’re
fighting in fact it’s annoying. Number 3 – Mogo The Living Planet. This is a speed and mobility deal if you land
on mogo well then good luck mogo can manipulate it’s environment and make it quite an unpleasant
time for you trapped on a living planet that has literally turned against you. But Mogo is a planet so the fight needs to
be near it in order for it to be able to do some serious damage. Now Mogo can move but being a planet it’s
not exactly zipping across the galaxy. More like lumbering slowly I wonder what that
would be like if you were on Mogo. Mogo is extremely powerful and an integral
member of the green lantern core which it joined cause it wanted to and what greater
display of will is there than that. So Mogo useful but you need to get it there
first and Kyle really needs to stay off Mogo he always has such a terrible time. Kyle just has a hard time in general though
when people remember him that is I remember Kyle and not just cause his girlfriend ended
up in the fridge. Number 2 – Storm in a small space – This
is so high up cause this has happened more than once demonstrable proof. We can put our arms down. Storm may be mistress of the elements but
she is also horribly claustrophobic small spaces or spaces where she feels trapped enclosed. She’s paralyzed with fear when this happens
and all that power well it’s not worth anything if you can’t use it that’s the thing with
all hypothetical powers if you can’t access them well then I might as well be there with
Billy. Storm is aware this is a weakness and works
hard to overcome it as she does all her fears. Hey we all have something. Number 1 – Hindsight Lad – Hindight lad
might as well be called post mortem boy cause well that’s what he does he can look at
a battle after it’s happened and analyze just where exactly things were deficient how
things went wrong and what can be done about it next time, but he himself is soft untrained
and not protected really so if you threw him into a fight well he could tell you why he
lost it after but coming in as backup not the most helpful. I mean unless you were going up against one
of those loses powers cause of self esteem villains cause then you could tell them how
bad their past plans were and deal with the threat that way. Your last scheme was embarrassing, it wasn’t
even on brand. Green looks terrible on you. That’s like a death sentence in the marvel
universe green is the villain colour of choice. So those were 10 superheroes who are useless
in very specific fights who do you think would be useless in a fight and why share your thoughts
down below. Thanks so much for watching top 10 nerd don’t
forget to like share comment and subscribe for more nerdy lists. I’m Sasha and I’ll see you again soon
here in top 10 nerd bye bye.

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Superheroes Useless In A Fight

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    You're cute

  2. CptColumbo says:

    Cypher – Being able to read French isn't really useful in a fist fight.

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    Me: Hold my forehead

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    Mogo is the DC Equal to Ego from Marvel.

  7. Moonbeam 87 says:

    yes Storm would Get Along well with Benjaman Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce from M*A*S*H 4077.

  8. CelticVictory says:

    "More powerful than a locomotive, taken down by a woman talking backwards." Good summation.

  9. Michael Iv says:

    Seriously, going to a powerless GL first? You just gave a slot to a normal person, not the hero!

  10. Mc Plot says:

    One Wonder Twin.

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  16. HScarlet says:

    I'm always irritated by the stories where Superman loses his 'powers' or they transfer to someone else. It's dumb, he's not a power ranger where he can just lose his powers. His abilities are a by-product of his alien physiology.

  17. True Black Knight says:

    Well that's pretty obvious out of everybody in every scenario hindsight lad is the worst because he can't even fight at least all the other ones can do powers that are helpful granite Superman being weak to magic is a handicap if you on the Wonder woman type mission or are you trying to take down Raven's dad Trigon with Supermanbut still for nine times out of 10 of all the fights I rather have Superman watching my back just not when it comes to magic 💯

  18. Top 10 Nerd says:

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  19. Kemsah Bikuziri says:

    Sasha you are my dream girl. Smart pretty and into nerdy $#!t. I'll be at NYCC if you want to go get something to eat. (My treat of course)

  20. Chris Acker says:

    This seems more like a list of hero weaknesses than useless in a fight. :/

  21. Dragnmastralex says:

    wolverine with bone claws

  22. Rubeus Archos says:

    I am.going say quicksilver take away his speed and he is nothing. Take way Jean greys powers And that's a rap too. Same deal if you take away what made captain america what he is..

  23. Rubeus Archos says:

    I going also say 99% most hero's would be use less if they had fight Mr Manhattan..we know don't matter if you had power or not lol..

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    Postmortem boy… Good one

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    So there really is a Captain Hindsight. Huh.

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    What about all the heroes fighting against them self about saving people.

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    Girl, black cat has that old man strength

  36. John Shannon says:

    If the Avengers battled the Justice League, I'd assign Scarlet Witch to attack Superman – she'd take him down.

  37. 78's 79 says:

    Simple,Batman without prep time. Just ask Jim Gordon from the Grim Knight's universe.

  38. Nora Beth says:

    Jessica was wearing this force field thing on her stomach that Carol gave her. But I can understand you're stress.

  39. Talyn LeViathyn says:

    I love the saga shirt your wearing in this video! One of my favorite graphic novels!

  40. Adam Luther says:

    Everybody comes in mentioning Cypher for being useless in a fight, but nobody mentions Arm-Fall-Off-Boy? He literally falls apart under pressure. Literally.

  41. Urffy The magic manatee says:

    Batman w/o Alfred

  42. NGMonocrom says:

    Hold on! No, there was more to that fight between Superman and Shazaam. Guess who Lex Luther easily manipulated in that episode. In the end, Shazaam made a Holier Than All of You speech to the Justice League. Basically saying how they were the ones he looked up to, but not anymore. How he was basically disgusted with them, and had no desire to join them. Then the episode ends. I would have liked for Superman to stand up, call him a naive kid who still had a helluva lot of growing up to do, and that he'd realize just how the real world works soon enough. Followed by telling him to get lost and grow up.

    But of course, Superman would never say something like that. Though Hawk girl would have. That would have been a much better conclusion to the episode than listening to what is essentially a little boy in an adult man's body telling the Justice League how shameful they are for not being as moronically ignorant as he is in terms of being "Good."

  43. Jay Kay says:

    Wait a minute, Superman got all jealous because for a second it didn't seem like he was godhood levels stronger than everyone around him? What a guy. Wow, all it took to level out his ego was for Billy to accidentally turn back and for Supes to realize he has the advantage in that he can prevent the transformation from ever occurring if he so chooses. What. A. Guy.

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  45. William Kit Sabado II says:

    Just got the info that ate sasha has a baby Im schocked now

  46. TITEN2099 says:

    Pick 1.
    DC comics.
    Marvel Comics.
    Pick a top 10 in 1 universe.

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  57. John Miller says:

    The Earth is moving roughly 1000 miles an hour around its center, since we're talking one rotation in just a little less than an hour. Then, there's Earth's orbit around the Sun, which is about 67,000 mph. Or, if you have a real need for speed, since we're tagging along with the Sun while circumnavigating the Sun, we're now talking about 448,000 mph. Yeah, yeah, it takes 230 million years, give or take, but it's a big galaxy. Just saying Mogo might not be moving that slow.

    I've never heard of Hindsight Lad, until today. But out of curiosity, is he related to Dr. Doug Murphy, from Scrubs?

  58. Fandom With ReploidBill says:

    I agree with a lot of this but not the Hal Jordan part. He has proven himself without the ring many, many times.

  59. Callan Runacres says:

    But Constantine has taken on the most powerful DC Comics characters and won most of the time

  60. ZombieTex says:

    5:00 Superman vs Magic. I get very frustrated at this topic as this is where he tends to put on his heaviest plot-armor. When the stakes are super low, he tends to be completely vulnerable to magic … but if the stakes are super high, he's still nigh-invulnerable … just not quite as nigh-invulnerable as he would be against non-magical attacks. He's like … 98% nigh-invulnerable to magic when the stakes are high … which is BULL SH*! He's either vulnerable or he's not! Pick one and stick with it, DC Comics!

    For example … any time he fights Black Adam or Shazam, Superman should 100% get his A$$ handed to him, but he doesn't. He holds his own and usually wins … which is 100% BULL SH*!

  61. Anonimusly Hidden says:

    Cough cough mumen rider best hero

  62. loverofmonstergirls says:

    I actually saw that cartoon episode. Superman wasn't jealous of Shazam. They were fighting because super man was tearing apart a low income housing development built by Lex Corp because he was sure Lex Luthor was up to something and Billy wanted to give Lex "the benefit of the doubt" thinking maybe he really had "turned over a new leaf".

  63. Steven Lambert says:

    Cipher of the New Mutants, he had the ability to translate languages and they kept taking him into firefights. Eventually was shot in the back

  64. Mistress Darkness says:

    Hal was in the Air Force so he’d be okay in a normal fight

  65. Cereal Killer says:

    I hate when Superman whines about being vulnerable to magic. It’s like, “Take a number and stand in line, jerk! Everyone’s vulnerable to magic!” I mean, as soon as he realizes he’s vulnerable to attack (just like everyone else) he becomes a coward? He sends other people to fight in his place? Pathetic.

  66. Greg Williams says:

    Sound is hard to take. There's a hollow echo.

  67. Jaketheripper says:

    Dude I’m waiting for an explanation on what situation matter eater lad would be useful in

  68. ZenoDLC says:

    Wait… I thought Batman is supposed to be just a mortal?

  69. bevis 316 says:

    Aquaman and namor out of water not on here…REALLY?

  70. Pipa Obala says:

    Because, when you take away his gadgets, car and suit, he is only……….trained ninja (by League of Shadows), master of multiple fighting disciplines, meditation master (Shaolin teachings and Indian), detective, genius, charismatic, world class athlete and muscular…………ok NVM.

  71. Antonio Ro says:

    I think you guys should retitled this from "top 10 superheroes useless in a fight" to "Top 10 superheroes with crippling weaknesses that can be exploited."

  72. Kedar Padgur says:

    This applies to everyone. Iron Man without suit, Thor without Hammer, all normal heroes against meta-humans.

  73. Matthew Joslin says:

    Agree with JoshJournalism: Cypher should be here.

  74. Neil Hale says:

    Bruce Banner on Prozac

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  76. Luis Dantas says:

    Hal Jordan will never be rid of the stain that Kevin Dooley and Ron Marz threw on him, despite explicit retcons. I sort of understand that. But it is revolting that the exact opposite happened with darned Kyle Rayner.

  77. Billy Oneill says:

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  78. hydrolito says:

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  79. hydrolito says:

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  85. The Scorch 93.6 says:

    Happy Hulk, Cap without Super Soldier serum, Cap without a shield, Deadpool without a weapon, Aquaman without water, Superman against magic/kryptonite/no sunlight. Generally all hero’s. I’m a nice guy I normally give videos a chance to pointless videos but everyone knows superheroes have weakness’s, but saying Superman or other hero’s are worthless in a fight, they will all fight back and most won’t lose. This video was entirely pointless. Don’t do this. If you make a video like this find a hero who is useless all the time.

  86. skeletal Wolverine says:

    To be honest that chick being pregnant is useless in a fight

  87. Jonathan Lopez says:

    The only person who's always useful even without powers is BATMAN

  88. Hernando Garibaldi says:

    Wait… wasn't Spiderwoman the Skrull queen all along this time? Did I miss something?

  89. Marz Family says:


  90. fido says:

    Don't know invisible boy is pretty useless I mean the guy can only be invisible when no one is watching him.
    The "All New All Different Marvel" that Disney pushed out and rebooted three times, is not what I would put on the list
    Sorry but that version of Spider-Woman was the worst and one I would rather forget.
    Wildcat the one thing people forget about him is he feels no pain, and this is something writers seem to forget most of all.
    As for Justice League unlimited they did not do a fight between Captain Marvel and Superman justice because Captain Marvel/AKA Shazam
    can punch holes in reality.

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  93. Malakai Blue says:

    "Top 10 Specific Scenarios Where These Superheroes Would Be Useless In A Fight"

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  96. Koala From Tomorrow says:

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    The one superhero… I mean superheroine that's the most useless in a fight is pregnant Spider-Woman…I mean yeah I love pregnant women, their a blessing, but seriously, not while one of my favorite girl with her own spidersona is on a maternity leave! Also, this should have totally been number 1!! Jeez.

  98. valkerymillenia says:


  99. Brian Hensley says:

    I like the mirrors on his helmet though.

  100. Anti Virace says:

    best way to beat shazam… pretend to be a dentist and cut billies tongue off

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