Top 10 Superheroes Useless In A Fight – Part 2

Top 10 Superheroes Useless In A Fight – Part 2

The crazy this to me about heroes is when
it comes to the efficiency of their powers, a lot of them are useless. If you don’t believe me you should check out
the web serial novel called Worm by John C McCrae which explores this idea. But at the end of the day, superheroes do
what they do to give us a story, to create a page turning fight. In today’s list we explore the idea of what
would happen if they fight was a little shorter than one or three comic book issues and take
a look at some of the most, sometimes conditionally, useless superheroes in a fight. This list a part 2 to Sasha’s part 1 so strap
in and get ready to hear about some more useless instances of superheroes. Here we go. 10
Maggott You might be thinking, Amanda stop picking
on Maggott, Japeth has got it hard enough. And I feel you. Dude, has to live with two maggots in his
intestine that burrow in and out of him which depicted as being crazy painful. That’s how he gains power and sustenance. But the crazy thing about his abilities is
that rely solely on his connection to his maggots. If you take Maggott’s maggots away—hold
on, if you take Japeth’s maggots away, he’s useless. Sure he has a little psychometric ability
which allows him to see glimpses into the past or future of a location that he is in,
but that is a very minute ability for him. And definitely not enough to carry him to
victory or survival in a fight. It seems to me that it’s a bit of a flaw that
your power source can leave you, leaving both you and them vulnerable. In other words, if you’re in a fight with
Japeth just keep him from his maggots. 9
Almighty Dollar This hero comes to us from the NFL SuperPro
comic series, published by Marvel. Yeah, that’s right, even the NFL has a league
of superheroes, everyone is doing it. The league of heroes was called the Happy
Campers, so named because they got their powers at a self-esteem camp which was actually a
front for mad scientist who just wanted to dole out superpowers for some reason. The power that the Almighty Dollar received? Can you guess it? Yes, he is able to shoot change from his wrist. And if you ever been hit by a pocketful of
change, you might think, “oww that doesn’t feel great.” But you’re not going to die or anything from
it. In other words, not gonna be great in a fight. Almighty Dollar up against any supervillain
and the supervillain would win hands down. Hands down. 8
Cypher So in the comment of for part one of this
list many of you expressed surprise that Cypher was not on this list. Shock, awe. Why would we have left him out? Well I know a bunch of you loyal Cypher fans
may be watching, but I agreed with the people in the last video’s comments and so I brought
him forth for you to flaunt as useless. Your welcome. Useless in a fight of course and only really
in a fight that can’t be avoided by resolving miscommunications. But if we are already in the midst and the
reasons we’re fighting feel very clear, Cypher would not be much help there. His powers are based around understanding
and communication using a variety of different languages, including alien and technological
languages as well. But in a situation where we are just two people
who don’t see eye to eye, all the languages in the world cannot help you take a hit or
dodge a fist. Unfortunately. 7
Bailey Hoskins Coming to us from the comic series, and I’m
not making this up, X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever, we have Bailey Hoskins. He has powers that are similar to Marvel villain,
Nitro, which is that he can self detonate. The difference is Nitro can reform where Bailey
can’t, which means in any fight all he has in one shot. In the comic story where he is presented he
is used in more a fight of politics to turn the tides against corrupt mutants. But in any other fight, that ability means
that he would die. And as much as I wanna say you don’t have
to survive a fight to be considered a victor–which granted, you don’t–it’s really hard to continue
fighting if you’re dead. So in any greater story arc where have a fight
that is spanning over a few comics, his power would be pretty useless. And if his explosion ended up missing his
target. Like for example, if the person he’s fighting
has super speed or teleportation abilities. Or magic abilities obviously. But when are magic abilities not a problem
in the world of comics? 6
Captain Ultra Sure Captain Ultra has a ton of powers, especially
for playing such a small role in the Marvel universe, but he also has one very large weakness. His powers including flight, super strength,
speed, stamina and even breath as well as penetrating vision. If you’re wondering what penetrating vision
is, it’s basically x-ray vision, he can see through solid matter. And I really don’t like the term penetrating
vision so for those of you who a terminology triggered, just imagine that when I say, x-ray
vision, I’m saying… the other one. Anyways, even with all these abilities, Captain
Ultra is still not infallible and I’d even go so far as to categorize him as yes, being
useless in a fight. Why? Because he has an extreme phobia, an intense
fear of fire to the point that he is show fainting in the comics simply when someone
lights a match. And he’s super embarrassed about it. Given that some of the supervillain community
know about this, it would make him super easy to defeat in a fight. Little fire in his face and watch him faint. Granted he has worked through therapy to overcome
his phobia and has had some success but even after all these years in the comics, his phobia
is still sort of an issue. 5
Professor Xavier Come on! How could Professor X be useless in a fight,
right? He’s one of the strongest telepaths in the
world! He can influence people’s thoughts, change
their minds, inception, jedi mind tricks, the whole nine yards! But what if he was fighting robots? It he was fighting any army of creatures without
a mind but simply circuiting and programming what could he do. He doesn’t have influence over beings without
consciousness. He doesn’t have the telekinetic abilities
of Jean Grey. Professor X would be screwed and possibly
wind up dead all over again. Face it. Robots vs Professor X equals his doom. 4
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter is one of the founding members
of the Justice League, an alien who has the powers to shapeshift and manipulate minds
he is an opponent you normally wouldn’t want to go up against. He was even able to cure Joker’s insanity
for a brief moment in the comics. But he was one insane weakness, his love for
oreos! Naww, I’m just kidding. His fear of fire. That’s right, Manhunter has a next level fear
of fire. Batman’s contingency plan for him in the Tower
of Babel even prays on this fear. Bruce’s plan if Martian Manhunter goes off
the rails is to cover him in nannites which make him feel the fire more intensely as well
as make him way more flammable. Granted Martian Manhunter has worked hard
to combat his deep-seated phobia–even more deep-seated than Captain Ultra, I would say–but
still the fact remains, if you set him on fire, he would instantly start freaking out
and become completely useless in a fight. Though granted, so would I. 3
Color Kid First appearing in DC’s Adventure Comics #342,
Color Kid has some pretty useless superpowers. He can change the colour of things. I mean this is a power that can be used to
… I don’t know. It’s neat but not particularly useful. He could try to confuse someone or maybe try
to create some camouflage. Even then it seem like he is better suited
to helping avoid fights rather than participate in them. What is it with characters with rainbow related
powers? Rainbow Girl and Rainbow Kid are just both
heroes that aren’t really useful. Like DC, just no more rainbow supers, okay? Let’s leave them back in the 1960s where they
were conceived and try to forget that you were still trying to make Rainbow Girl a thing
in 2008. 2
Superman I know Superman was already one part one. But we have more to talk about when it comes
to Superman being sometimes so useless. This time I want to remind you all about the
red sun issue. And no not the Superman comic where we explore
an alternate world where Superman is raised in communist Russia entitled Red Son by Mark
Millar, which you should read by the way. Check it out. We are talking about the sun in the sky. Superman’s abilities become so powerful as
a result of our sun, fun fact. But it takes a specific kind of sun to power
his abilities. A yellow one. While the red sun appears to drain or cancel
out his super abilities. This hasn’t been the most consistent depicted
weakness of Superman, in terms of how long it takes him to get weak but the fact remains
that if he under a red sun’s rays, he loses his powers.This has to do with the fact that
he isn’t receiving energy from the red sun to keep him powered up. Meaning that he might have his powers for
a split second after but as soon as his yellow sun solar energy stores are used up, he’s
just a normal guy. And normal guys are pretty easy for someone
super to beat in a fight. 1
Tony Stark Ooooo. Yeah, we’re going there. Iron Man is obviously a super op hero. He was the golden boy of the MCU up until
recently. RIP, Tony. And he was on the original Avengers in the
comics. He’s a brilliant guy with an insane number
of tech gadgets and Iron Man suits to prove it. So how could he be useless in a fight. Tony Stark was at one time an alcoholic, which
as we have seen when they delved into these issues with his character in the MCU and in
the comics in the story entitled Demon in a Bottle which explores Stark’s addiction
and resolution to get help at the end. Involving a storyline where he has some drinks,
dons his Iron Man suit and goes to meet an ambassador whose a serious fan boy, and then
kills him. Granted this was not Iron Man’s fault as he
was being controlled by nemesis, Justin Hammer the CEO of a rival company. But if Hammer was able to get the best of
him while he was drinking, who knows how easy he’d be to defeat in a fight. I mean Rhodey definitely proved how useless
he could be. The moral don’t drink and get into a superfight. Thanks for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. Are there conditions where you have found
other heroes to be even more useless than those listed here? If so be sure to spark a debate in the comments
below. Maybe we’ll give you a part four. And while you are on your way down there,
don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and ring that bell so you get those nerdy notifications. Till next time, this is top 10 nerd and I’m
your host Amanda McKnight, reminding you to stay nerdy, YouTube.

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