Top 10 Superheroes Everyone Forgot About

Top 10 Superheroes Everyone Forgot About

To read all the comics it would take you an
estimated 8000 hours or 333 days non-stop. And that’s just the Marvel comics. To read all the comics in the world, it would
take you years. And then think if you add in all the manga. Yikes! With so many comics existing, it’s easy to
understand how some heroes slip through the cracks and end up on the editing room floor
eventually, lost and forgotten. Beyond the sheer multitude of just how much
competition there is for heroes in the comic book world, we are also dealing with real
world views, beliefs and technological advancement that is ever changing. When you add that into the mix, it is actually
easy to understand why some comic book heroes end up disappearing or forgotten. Today we are going to explore those heroes
that we did forget. And if there is someone that we forgot to
mention, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Now let’s time travel back through our memories
and get remembering. 10
Sentry Okay okay okay, I know we all probably are
familiar with the Sentry ourselves. But we can’t have a list about forgotten heroes
and not mention the Sentry, the greatest hero that the world forgot. Sentry has a super sad story, so grab some
tissues and hold them close while I regale you. Robert Reynolds was an addict who after sneaking
into a lab late one night, looking for a fix, stumbled upon the Golden Sentry Formula. After he had quaffed the formula he was transformed
into the Sentry, an amazing hero with a slew of powerful abilities. We’re talking flight, teleportation, molecule
manipulate, super strength and super speed, virtual invulnerability to name a few. Unfortunately, Robert’s mind was unstable
and while embodying the superhero, Sentry he also became his antithesis, the Void. The only way to save the world from the effects
of his super villain alter ego, Mr Fantastic was forced to create a device that would make
Robert and the whole world forget about the Sentry, hoping that it would destroy the Void
and protect Robert from the darker side of himself. 9
Green Lama Introduced in the 1940s, the Green Lama was
hero who embodied the ideals of Buddhism. Oddly enough, sort of like a buddhist Batman,
though his look echoes that of Green Arrow or even perhaps Green Lantern. In other words it involves a lot of green
and even a cute cape. Though interestingly enough the Green Lama
is not a DC hero and not a Marvel one either. He comes to use from Moonstone Books Publishing
and was introduced in their Double Detective series, volume number 5. Something unique that he brings is a more
eastern inspired outlook which would be even more interesting, if he were a genuine character
from Tibet perhaps. Instead he is a student of Buddhism who studied
in Tibet but is from New York. He returned to New York to share his Buddhist
beliefs and provide spiritual guidance. But he ultimately decided that the mystical
buddhist powers he had acquired were even more useful fighting crime. When I said he was similar to Batman, I was
responding to his crime fighting beliefs, in that he does not use a gun, believing they
would make him just as bad as those he seeks to defeat. 8
Phantom Rider Also known as Night Rider. No, I’m not talking about Knight Rider, the
classic tv show starring David Hasselhoff and the high-tech car, KITT. Though Michael Knight is a hero too I suppose. I am talking about Marvel’s Night Rider, aka
Phantom Rider, aka Ghost Rider. That’s right. This Ghost Rider actually predates Johnny
Blaze and Carter Slade, the horse riding, boxing champion of the Wild West who is the
Phantom Rider would have been known as Ghost Rider as well had they not introduced Johnny
after Slade’s death in the comics in 1972. Carter Slade was a man who was near death
when he was taken in and revived by Native Americans who realized that he was a man destined
to fight injustice. They healed him, gave him some magic powder,
a snazzy white cape and a white horse. He went on to round up criminals but met his
end sacrificing his life for his brothers, crushed by rubble. His brother, Lincoln Slade would eventually
adopt the mantle Phantom Rider. Both have returned in spirit form but have
never been resurrected. 7
Jill Trent Also known as the science sleuth. Jill Trent was a hero based out of the US. She took on criminals and solved mysteries
with detective & inventing skills and the power of science. Science is pretty cool. She also had her friend, Daisy to accompany
her. Her and Daisy even shared a bed which makes
a lot of people speculate that she could be one of the first queer heroes to have every
appeared in comics. Jill Trent made her debut in the Fighting
Yank volume 6 in 1943, originally published by Nedor Publishing who has since then ceased
operations. I think Jill would be a rad hero to bring
back. I would love to see a female possibly queer
scientist take down some criminals. 6
ForgetMeNot Although this X-Men was recently introduced
making his debut in the comics in 2014, you may have already forgotten him. Though like with Sentry that might not be
your fault. ForgetMeNot’s ability is imperceptibility. That is to say it is almost impossible to
remember him and he is also hard to target, as your mind struggles to hard to remember
him that he can also sometimes be undetectable. His powers are so strong they even mess with
those also possess telepathic gifts, including Charles Xavier who basically had to set an
hourly psychic alarm to remind himself of ForgetMeNot’s existence so he wouldn’t forget. Now that’s someone who everyone could forget
about. Wait… who were we talking about again? 5
CyberSix When it comes to this hero slash heroine,
I mostly think back to the cartoon series inspired by it and watching it later at night
on tv. The cartoon series by the way was actually
produced in Vancouver Canada, fun fact. Though the animation was done in Japan. The comic book series, like the cartoon series,
also originated in the 1990s. It originated in Argentina but was published
in Italy. Cybersix is the story of a genetically engineered
woman who goes by the same name. She escaped her creator, a Nazi overlord who
seeks world domination. Living in the city she adopts the identity
of a male literature teacher named Adrian Seidelman by day and fights off her creators
creatures at night who have been sent after her. Cybersix also uncovers many mysteries in regards
to her past, fellow siblings, known as Cybers, and her evil creator’s dastardly plots. 4
Captain Ultra We might forget this hero for good reason. When Captain Ultra is first introduced in
the comics, making a brief appearance in Fantastic Four volume 1 issue 177, it is revealed that
he has a fear of fire. That’s one of the first things we learn about
him. And when I say he has a fear, what I really
mean he is borderline terrified. To the point that someone lights a cigarette
and he faints. Griffin Gogol, yup that is Captain Ultra’s
real-life name is what I like to call a background hero. From his brief stint with the Defenders to
his tiniest in appearance in the Civil War 2 event, Griffin is a hero who never really
comes to the forefront in the comics which is why he is probably one who often remains
forgotten. He is also a bit of a knob. When flirting with Hellcat, he gets overly
competitive and aggressive with Nova and Jack of Hearts who he deems as threats to their
love. And keep in mind, he’s just met her at this
point. Later, when Hellcat asks the heroes to stop
fighting over her, he instead gets aggressive with her and accuses her of playing of the
field. Oh boy. Maybe a hero better forgotten. 3
Scorpion [show pic of Mac Gargan as Scorpion] No, not
that Scorpion. The other Scorpion. I’m talking about Carmilla Black. If you are not familiar with Carmilla Black,
no worries at all. I’m going to give you some facts that will
probably want to help you track her down as she is not someone who is often explored in
the comics. Which is unfortunate as she is pretty awesome. She was genetically created by AIM but didn’t
know about this until later as she was raised by adoptive parents who were also secretly
AIM agents. Her powers surfaced on her prom night causing,
what she calls her stinger arm to accidentally shoot her boyfriend and kill him. As if prom night isn’t usually awkward enough. Her abilities allow her full immunity to most
toxins. In fact, she has the ability to absorb toxins
and convert them into her own biological weapon, which she can then use to prick her enemies
with via her stinger-arm. While often being involved in heroic tasks,
she has been involved in both good and bad organizations, having worked for both SHIELD
and HYDRA. And fun fact, she even beat Mac Gargan in
a fight after he came after for using his old name. He had the Venom symbiote with him at the
time and her body was able to absorb some of it and create a neo-symbiote which she
used to send Gargan running before the neo-symbiote died as a result of her body being too toxic
for it. 2
Azreal Whatever happened to Azreal? You might remember this controversial hero
as Batman. After the events of Knightfall, Bruce Wayne
is forced to relinquish his title while takes time to heal after having his back broken. He entrusts Gotham to Azreal and asks him
to watch over the city and take up the mantle of Batman while he is away. Jean-Paul Valley who was trained to be used
as a tool by a radical and evil religious group called the Order of St Dumas a group
who were once a part of the historical Knights Templars. And unfortunately this resulted in him being,
well a little crazy. He regained the city, taking it back from
Bane and then began a brutal onslaught of vigilante justice. While he didn’t kill Bane, he brutalized him
and every other criminal he came across, no matter how minor. It was his lack of restraint that ended up
leading to his downfall at Batman and when Bruce the two ended up having to battle over
the title as Jean-Paul was reluctant to give it up. Once forced to by Bruce Wayne who won the
fight, he wandered homeless and crazy for awhile. He ended up defeating the Order of St Dumas
eventually whom he realized were his enemies but after that he basically just became Bruce
and the Bat families assistant, helping him whenever he called upon and acting on Bruce’s
orders. He died and was briefly resurrected as a Black
Lantern but it would be nice to see a return of Azreal in the comics. Maybe a story where he tries to find and follow
his own path. 1
Stardust the Super Wizard One of the oldest superheroes on our list,
Stardust the Super Wizard comes to use from the Fantastic Comics collection. He debuted in issue 1 in 1939. The series was published by Fox Feature Syndicate
and each issue had a collection of short heroic stories. While you may remember the main hero Samson,
Stardust is one of the others that have fallen by the wayside. Probably one of the first cosmic heroes, Stardust
is often flying around outer space trying to bust criminal space wizards. Yeah, apparently those were a thing back in
the 1930s. His comics are combo of sci-fi and superheroics
as he fights criminals with his astounding number of different rays. He’s a wizard with a ray for every different
occasion: boomerang ray, transporting ray, reducing ray: all the rays! And beams sometimes too. If you weren’t aware of the Fantastic Comics
collections you should check them out. There is even a sort-of female superhero snuck
in one of the issues. I say sort of cause she wasn’t really given
a title but her name is Alice and she is both the romantic partner and adventure partner
of Richard, the Golden Knight who is also featured in the series. Thanks for watching, nerd squad. I hope this list reminded you of some heroes
you’d forgotten or helped you find some new ones that you maybe never knew existed. If you have a favourite lesser known or forgotten
hero that we did not mention, be sure to share it with us in the comments below. I love hearing your thoughts and finding new
series to add my reading list. And while you are on your way down to the
comments section be sure to tap that like, give this list a share, subscribe and turn
on that bell notification. This has been top ten nerd and I’m your host,
Amanda McKnight, reminding you till next time to stay nerdy, YouTube.

David Anderson

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