Top 10 Superhero Movies of ALL TIME

Top 10 Superhero Movies of ALL TIME

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Superhero Movies of ALL TIME

  1. MG1932 Romero says:

    Batman the lamest superhero got number one!! Are you kidding me a billionaire with a bat suit and a few gadgets!!! Lame!!!

  2. Riccardo Calista says:


  3. Dziesebei Angela says:

    Top 10 best movies of all time perfect
    Just one problem


  4. ivan forget about me says:

    My list superhero movies

    Spiderman two

    The dark Knight


    The avengers

    Kick ass


    The Incredibles

    Guardians of the galaxy


    Avengers endgame

  5. James William says:

    The Dark Knight
    Hellboy Golden Army
    V For Vendetta

  6. Gamingz Nepal says:

    Where is MAN OF STEEL😏

  7. Gaurav Mishra says:

    Guardians of galaxy no never…. Why would you even consider a talking racoon and a talking tree movie to be of superhero genre?

  8. the batman says:

    This is better
    1 Dark Knight
    2 Logan
    3 Spider Man 2
    4 captain America winter soldier
    5 unbreakable
    6 incredibles
    7 guardians of the galaxy
    8 iron-man
    9 Superman 1978
    10 batman 1989
    Honorable mention's
    Superman 2
    Batman returns
    Civil war
    Infinity war
    Batman beings

  9. Albert Cheng says:

    As MCU fan, I'm still in favor of TDK in first

  10. William Stanley says:

    The Avengers is not one of the best superhero movies of all time. Hell, it’s not even the best Avengers movie!!!

  11. William Stanley says:

    WTF is Logan!?!? 😡

  12. Desi J. The Illest says:

    Best Superhero: Batman
    Best Supervillain: Joker
    Best Superhero Movie: The Dark Knight (Also One of the Best Movies of All Time)
    Best Superhero Animated Movie: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    I'm not an DC or Marvel fan. I AM AN BATMAN FAN

  13. Tv Games Killer says:

    Fucking watchmen ?!

  14. Zack Shan says:

    Re-make this list with Avengers Endgame included

  15. Dewey Cedarblade says:

    You got # 1 right. But no Watchmen? Not even in the honorable mentions? The movie that explores what it means to be a super hero?

  16. Mitch Tucker says:

    Dark Knight is so unbelievably over rated

  17. Stephy The Bride says:

    You know you are a huge fan of superhero movies when you recognize half the films on this list.

  18. Christopher O Donoghue says:

    My personal lidt
    10. Guardians of the galaxy volume 2
    9. Ragnarock
    8. Shazam
    7. Age of ultron
    6. Logan
    5. Civil war
    4. Infinty war
    3. Spider verse
    2. Far from home
    1. Endgame

  19. Dawa Gyaltsen says:

    The Green hornets

  20. Lokirogers Officiel says:


  21. Ricky playz says:

    Flash is the best

  22. Bobby Princeton1901 says:

    guardians of the galaxy and the avengers should've been higher on this list

  23. christopher flewelling says:


  24. Eric Jackson says:

    The dark Knight is not the best superhero film man of steel

  25. Super Tomato says:


  26. Priya Singh says:

    Nice plz like

  27. Renzo Garcia says:

    TDK at the top for me

  28. vyux says:

    there's no way Civil War is better than Spider-Man 2

  29. vyux says:

    My top 5:

    5. Man of Steel (there are people who don't like this movie but who cares I love it)
    4. Infinity War(It was amazing, if I were a bigger fan of marvel maybe higher)
    3. Logan
    2. Spider-Man.2
    1. The Dark Knight

    Top 3 doesn't need explanation

  30. Piyangshu Das says:

    The Dark Knight Rises 2012 is no. 1

  31. Bishal Shaw says:

    The last one is the Great One

  32. CPPower10Gamer -Norsk Gaming says:

    1: Avengers: Endgame/Spider-Man: Far From Home (My favorite superhero-movies of all-time!) 10/10

    2: Batman Begins/Avengers: Infinity War (These two are both masterpieces!) 10/10

    3: Spider-Man 3 (My favorite Spider-Man-movie) 10/10

    4: Spider-Man (Yeah, I like Spider-Man 3 more than this one, but it is great! xD) 10/10

    5: Marvel's The Avengers (My 2nd favorite MCU-movie) 10/10

    6: The Dark Knight (Yep, I put The Dark Knight here!) 9/10

    7: Deadpool (The best action-comedy ever made!) 9/10

    8: Venom (It's so underrated, but I love it myself) 9/10

    9: Shazam! (Yeah, every time I think about this movie, it puts a grin on my face!) 9/10

    10: X-Men: Days Of Future Past (This is all I wish from an X-Men-movie!) 9/10

    11: The Incredibles (One of the most entertaining movies in history) 9/10

    12: Batman (1989) (Oh lala, this is super good!) 9/10

    13: Logan (First time I watched this, I hated it, but the second time, I loved it.) 9/10

    14: The Dark Knight Rises (Oh, boy. I love this Batman-movie!) 9/10

    15: Captain America: Civil War (Oh, boy. The best Captain America movie of all time!) 9/10

    16: Guardians Of The Galaxy (One of my favorite-MCU movies) 9/10

    17: Black Panther (A bit generic, but still very entertaining!) 9/10

    18: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (My 2nd favorite animation movie!) 9/10

    19: The Incredibles 2 (Fun family-entertainment) 9/10

    20: Shazam! (Yep, it is super-funny!) 9/10

    21: Thor: Ragnarok (It is so funny!) 9/10

    22: Unbreakable (Samuel L Jackson is the reason why it is on the list!) 9/10

    23: Aquaman (Jason Momoa and all the other actors play awesome) 9/10

    24: Spider-Man 2 (Oh, boy. Yeah, you maybe think I'm an idiot, but it is my reason!) 8/10

    25: Iron Man 2 (It's so freakin' underrated!) 8/10

    26: The Amazing Spider-Man (Also an underrated movie!) 8/10

    27: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (This movie is just fine
    ) 8/10

    28: Wonder Woman (I had it very fun with this, but I wish it was better) 7/10

    29: Chronicle (It is entertaining) 7/10

    30; Kick Ass (It was fun first time I saw it, but the second time, not so muc

  33. Toprak Kurtulan says:

    my personal favourites are Sam Raimi SM trilpgy and Christopher Nolan TDK trilogy

  34. Pablo Deuliand says:

    1 TDK
    2 the movie of shaquiell oneal 😀

  35. Darth Vader says:

    Can't wait to see Thor The Dark World at number one here

  36. The Punisher says:

    Civil War beat Spider-Man 2 ? Thanks for joking

  37. Arnav Carpenter says:

    Not even avengers infinity war or Avengers endgame were better than the dark knight

  38. James Bond says:

    Who here is excited to see if Joaquin Phoenix will make it on these lists soon?

  39. hydrolito says:

    Ironman is one of the Avengers, has spin off Characters War Machine, Cobalt Man, etc. His Company even made the Avengers Quin Jet, He is even made a King in the Avengers Chess Game by Hasbro so how is he a B list character?

  40. Chenny Shahir says:

    The Dark Knight used to be the best superhero movie of all times, but it's record broke at Infinity War

  41. Jack Liu says:

    Iron man is a B-list character? Hes one of the top-tier marvel superheroes ever.

  42. Sagar Ahir says:

    Hey where is deadpool

  43. Tyrique Billings says:

    Where’s days of future past

  44. Awet Z says:

    where is spiderman 1 spiderman homecoming and captain america winter soldier

  45. Gopal Dey says:

    Wtf spider man 2 in 4 ??

  46. Super Mario Rene says:

    My list
    10. The Incredibles
    9. TMNT 1990
    8. Superman the movie
    7. Batman begins
    6. Iron man
    5. The avengers
    4. Logan
    3. The dark knight
    2. Avengers infinity war
    1. Spider man 2002

  47. MOChamp says:

    10. The dark knight rises
    9. Captain America: the winter soldier
    8. Avengers
    7. Batman begins
    6. Spider-Man 2
    5. Captain America civil war
    4. Avengers endgame
    3. Iron man
    2. Avengers infinity war
    1. The dark knight

  48. YuGiCik says:

    Watchmen should be in it.

  49. if you ask zack says:


  50. Phil Bagg says:

    In many ways, I consider Avengers Endgame the ultimate superhero movie of all time

  51. Srinivasan says:

    Even without crossing no:10 I know no:1 will be Batman dark night

  52. KualaRanksMovies _ says:

    My Top 10:

    (#1) Spider-Man 2
    (#2) The Dark Knight
    (#3) Captain America The Winter Soldier
    (#4) Avengers Infinity War
    (#5) Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse
    (#6) Logan
    (#7) Batman Begins
    (#8) Avengers Endgame
    (#9) Captain America Civil War
    (#10) X-Men First Class

  53. ArthropodicDesigns says:

    spiderman 2 deserves to be at least 3. and spider 1 deserves to be on the list..also…..watchmen?

  54. Moath Rafat says:

    Why the hell didn’t Batman begins and captain America the Winter Soldier make to this list

  55. Tronald Dump says:

    No Batman&Robin and Superman IV.

  56. Gene fildes says:

    2.spiderman 2
    3.Batman Begins
    4.Guardians of the galaxy v1
    5. Thor ragnarok
    6. The dark knight rises
    7. The incredibles
    8. Iron man
    9. Batman 89
    10. Endgame

  57. Jack Jerry says:

    10. Xmen 9. The Avengers 8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7. Blade 6. Antman 5. Ironman 4. Hulk 3. Spiderman 2. Batman 1989 1. Superman

  58. shreyansh shukla says:

    I just now watched the dark knight. And im here to make dure that it is on no. 1

  59. Giuseppe Napolano says:

    My Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time:
    1)“The Dark Knight” (2008)
    2)“Superman” (1978)
    3)“Captain America: Civil War” (2016)
    4)“Spider-Man 2” (2004)
    5)”Logan” (2017)
    6)“Batman” (1989)
    7)”Avengers: Endgame” (2019)
    8)”Watchmen” (2009)
    9)”V for Vendetta” (2005)
    10)“X-Men: Days of Future Past” (2014)
    HM: “Guardians of the Galaxy” (2014); “Iron Man” (2008); “Wonder Woman” (2017); “Red” (2010)

  60. Nolan Writes says:

    They need to update this with endgame & infinity war

  61. Gavin Kelley says:

    10. Black Panther
    9. Spidey 2
    8. GOTG
    7. Spidey 1
    6. Iron Man
    5. Avengers 1
    4. Civil War
    3. Infinity War
    1. Endgame & The Dark Knight
    HM: Winter Soldier, Spiderverse, Incredibles, FFH, Dark Knight Rises, X2

  62. Szymon Robak says:

    for me batman dark kinight and avengers endgame/infinity war are the best but still batman is very good (yes i am marvel fan)

  63. Benjamin 23 says:

    1.) Logan
    2.) The Dark Knight
    3.) Avengers Infinity War
    4.) 1st Avengers
    5.) Avengers Endgame
    6.) Gaurdians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1
    7.) Captain America Civil War
    8.) X men: Days Of Future Past
    9.) Dead Pool 1&2
    10.) Spiderman 2

  64. Vijay Pakhale says:

    Dark knight trilogy

  65. yee says:

    My list (I'm a Marvel fan):
    10: Spider-man 2
    9. Spider-Man: Far From Home
    8. Batman Begins
    7. The Avengers
    6. Batman (1989)
    5. Thor: Ragnarok
    4. Iron Man
    3. Captain America: The Winter Solider
    2. Guardians of the Galaxy
    Honorable Metions: The dark knight rises,
    Spider-Man: Homecoming
    Captain america: The first Avenger,
    Captain America: Civil War,
    Avengers: Endgame,
    Avengers: Infinity War,
    Avengers: Age of Age of Ultron,
    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,
    Super-Man: The Movie (1978)

    1: The Dark Knight

  66. Traigen Simmons says:

    Toms Spider-Man man is awesome but I don’t have favorites and Tobeys Spider-Man is what I grew up with. It is AMAZING👏

  67. Traigen Simmons says:

    Although some points in the Dark Knight did need some better editing but I still loved it. And cmon Ledgar as Joker? Hek ya

  68. movie splash says:

    Whenever I watch superhero movies being ranked, no. 2 and beyond are always different, but the no. 1 spot is always constant; The Dark Knight

  69. 409LP says:

    My top 10

    10: Batman (1989)
    9: Superman 2
    8: The incredibles 2
    7: Batman Begins
    6: Guardians of the galaxy
    5: Spiderman 2
    4: The Dark Knight rises
    3: The incredibles
    2: Watchmen
    1: The Dark Knight

  70. Bluecake Videos says:

    Was Avengers Endgame made cause it would take top spot!

  71. Jar Jar Binks says:

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Avengers: Endgame
    3. Avengers: Infinity War
    4. Logan
    5. Captain America: Civil War
    6. The Avengers
    7. Spider-Man 2
    8. Joker
    9. Iron Man
    10. The Dark Knight Rises
    11. Guardians Of The Galaxy
    12. Batman Begins
    13. Deadpool
    14. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    15. Wonder Woman
    16. Superman
    17. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse
    18. The Incredible's
    19. Shazam!
    20. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

    Movies 1-8 (10/10)
    Movies 9-14 (9/10)
    Movies 15-20 (8/10)

  72. Wilgames_ YT says:

    What captain America civil war 2106

  73. MARGEL official says:

    you f**ker fan of dc

  74. Riyad Matabar says:

    The averages is number1

  75. Felix Ventura says:

    Endgame, and infinity war were better than the Dark Knight I didn’t really feel like there was anything special other than ledger’s performance on the movie the Dark Knight rises was a better movie in my opinion. 💯🤨

  76. Ninja way says:

    Well for me
    1 I don't have to say the name everyone knows that
    2 Spiderman 2 (raimi trilogy)
    3 Logan

  77. Loki de Asgard says:

    1 – The Dark Knight
    2 – Joker
    3 – Avengers Endgame/The Avengers
    4 – Spider-Man 2
    5 – Batman Begins
    6 – Captain América: Winter Soldier
    7 – Avengers: Infinity War
    8 – Thor Ragnarok
    9 – Iron Man
    10 – Spider-Man

    Honorable Mentions
    Man of Steel
    Captain América: Civil War
    Black Panther
    Superman 1/2
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Wonder Woman
    Guardians of the Galaxy

  78. TheTradge says:

    Little premature making this list I feel….

  79. Miguel Velarde says:

    The best superhero movies ever :
    1) The Dark Knight (2008)
    2) Logan (2017)
    3) The Avengers (2012)
    4) Spider-Man 2 (2004)
    5) Avengers : End Game (2019)
    6) Captain America : The Winter soldier (2014)
    7) Superman (1978)
    8) The Incredibles (2004)
    9) Iron Man (2008)
    10) Captain America : Civil War (2016)
    11) Guardians of The galaxy (2014)
    12) Batman (1989)
    13) Robocop (1987)
    14) Spider-Man : into The Spider-verse (2018)
    15) X-men 2 (2003)
    16) Batman : mask of The phantasm (1993)
    17) Spider-Man (2002)

  80. Melisha Mitchell says:

    My Top 10:
    10: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    9: The Incredibles
    8: Captain America: Civil War
    7: Iron Man
    6: Batman
    5: The Avengers
    4: Spider-Man ll
    3: Avengers: Endgame
    2: Superman
    1: The Dark Knight

  81. Melisha Mitchell says:

    Honorable Mention: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm(1993)

  82. syed andalif says:

    This video should have waited for Infinity War

  83. The Castle Of Anime says:

    put the joker as the thumbnail and the video will gain a lot of views

  84. Kane Frame says:

    I can't believe u left out the original spider-man

  85. phil thompson says:

    The only MCU movie that belongs in this list is Iron Man 1 the rest are average or worse

  86. Akash das says:

    The dark knight rises deserve in this list

  87. Rodolfo Cortez says:

    Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy, Tim Burton’s Batman Films, Logan, Joker, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Incredibles, & like around the half of the MCU are at the top of league of comic book movies.

  88. Harvey Johnson says:

    If the dark night isn’t 1st and Logan isn’t top 5 I will riot

  89. Jadon Sheridan says:

    Now it’s endgame #1

  90. Hey.miklas says:

    Am i not supposed to have what i want? What i need?

  91. Matt Gassy says:

    My Top 5

    5. Logan
    4. Joker
    3. Spider-Man 2
    2. Winter Soldier
    1. Dark Knight

  92. Anamul Dhiman says:

    My list
    10.X men days of future past
    09. Ironman
    08. Captain america civil war
    07. logan
    06. The Watchmen
    05. Batman begins
    04. Avenger
    03.Spider-man 2
    02. V for vandetta
    01. The dark knight

  93. Clyde22 says:

    Honestly Ant Man could've made the least. Somehow my fave Marvel movie

  94. pie guy says:

    TOP 5:
    5: Avengers
    4: X2
    3: The dark Night
    2: Spiderman
    1: Spiderman 2

  95. Rent My Ego says:

    10) X Men 2
    9) Kick Ass
    8) Deadpool 2
    7) Logan
    6) The Incredibles
    5) Spider Man
    4) Spider Man 2
    3) The Dark Knight Rises
    2) The Dark Knight
    1) Batman Begins

  96. Rocky Silver says:

    X men
    The incredibles
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Iron man
    Batman Tim Burton
    Spider Man Tobey Maguire
    Captain America
    The Dark Knight

  97. bruh says:

    1. Dark knight
    2. Endgame
    3. Dark knight rises
    4. Infinity war
    5. Black panther
    6. Incredibles
    7. Civil war
    8. Guardians
    9. Joker
    10. The avengers

  98. Daniel Coria says:

    The Dark Knight was the greatest super hero film ever if I were to talk to you about how this movie right here can never be topped I'd say first hold my beer

  99. Izaan ur rehman says:

    10:- Captain America:-Winter soldier
    9:- Logan
    8:- Avengers:- Infinity war
    7:- Avengers Endgame
    6:- Batman(1989)
    5:- Spider-Man 2
    4:- Superman(1978)
    3:- The Dark Knight Rises
    2:- The Dark Knight
    1:- sorry but it's actually
    Spider-Man 3.(childhood)

  100. The Punisher says:

    My List:

    #10: Batman (1989)

    #9: Superman II (1980)

    #8: Batman Returns (1992)

    #7: Spider-Man (2002)

    #6: Batman Begins (2005)

    #5: Superman: The Movie (1978)

    #4: Logan (2017)

    #3: Unbreakable (2000)

    #2: Spider-Man 2 (2004)

    Honorables Mentions:

    – Watchmen (2009)

    – V for Vendetta (2005)

    – Joker (2019)

    #1: The Dark Knight (2008)

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