With the 2016 superhero movies well on their
way, I thought I’d take this time to talk about my 10 favorite superhero movie action
scenes. Just upfront, I haven’t seen any of the Ninja Turtles movies, any of the Blade
movies, any of the Hellboy movies, or any of the Dredd movies. So sorry, but don’t
expect to see anything from any of those franchises here. Also, these are superhero movie action
scenes, so there won’t be any TV stuff here. If I was including TV, just for the record,
that Daredevil hallway fight might have been my number 1. Anyway, let’s get into this. Kicking off the list at number 10, I’m gonna
go with the 12 bullets scene from Deadpool. Now, when it was announced that Deadpool would
be rated-r, I was kind of wondering, how rated-r will this be. Like will there just be a couple
of more curse words and a little extra blood and that’s it? Well, turns out it was a
little bit more than that, and this action scene perfectly embodies that. Not only is
it violent in an over-the-top way that perfectly fits this character, but it’s also just
extremely entertaining. Deadpool is flipping around, shooting grenades in people’s hands,
and counting down the bullets the whole time. It’s unique, it’s crazy, and this is the
kind of stuff I wanna see more of in the sequel. The music by Junkie XL fits the scene perfectly,
and this is just a great scene that summarizes this character in a nutshell, funny, violent,
ridiculous, and insane. At number 9 is the Iron Man vs the terrorists
fight…from Iron Man. I don’t know, there’s really not much to say about this scene except
it’s so cool. Like, this is the definition of badass in my opinion. It’s exactly what
you wanna see, Iron Man kicking the crap out of a bunch of terrorists. And unlike other
superheroes, Tony Stark hasn’t made any resolutions to not kill bad guys, so he just
murders these terrorists. Hits them up against walls, shoots them with repulsors, blows them
up with a tank missile, you name it. It was also the first time we’d seen the Iron Man
suit in action and if you ask me this is the coolest version of the suit so far. Overall,
just an awesome scene in an awesome movie. Coming in at number 8 is another MCU scene,
this one being Hulk vs the Hulkbuster from Age of Ultron. While I personally thought
that some of the action in Avengers 2, especially towards the end, was good, but was also a
tad bit jumbled and CG, I think the Hulkbuster fight is one of the best Marvel action scenes
to date. I mean, this was the big action scene this movie was being sold on. It was this
epic thing that Marvel had been building up to, it was something fans had wanted to see
for years, and when it finally arrived it did not disappoint. It was huge, it was funny,
the visuals were incredible. And this scene did something that other superhero movies
haven’t in the past and subsequently have been criticized for, and that’s actually
showing the heroes trying to save people. Sure, Iron Man and Hulk plow through buildings,
but Tony Stark goes out of his way to save civilians during the battle, which is great.
That’s what we want our heroes to do. If you’re gonna have superheroes destroy cities,
try to show them actually doing what superheroes would do, that being saving people. And even
if you take all that out, it’s just a fun scene on it’s own. Now for number 7 let’s move over to DC to
the Dark Knight Rises. I had a tough time deciding whether I would put the back-breaking
scene or the final fight here, but in the end I chose the latter. While that other scene
is fantastic as well, that final battle is just so epic that I felt it deserved a spot
here. And also, it’s just a lot of fun to see Batman actually kicking ass again and
not getting his ass kicked. Seeing him finally get some good punches in there on Bane is
so satisfying, and the fight is just really well shot and choreographed. Plus it’s also
large scale, the largest scale action scene in this entire trilogy if I’m not mistaken,
and again, it just feels like the epic conclusion to a saga, which is why it got this place
on this list. At number 6, I have the train fight from Spider-Man
2. I’m actually kind of surprised that this isn’t higher, but I guess that’s just
a testament to the other 5 entries on this list that they could beat something as great
as this. This was the first action scene in a superhero movie where I was kind of in awe
of how cool it was. Like, this is the perfect Spider-Man fight scene. And as a kid, this
was the coolest thing ever. Now, this is known as “the train fight” but it really starts
on this clocktower, and that whole fight is great as well. *clip* But when it really steps
up is when Spidey and Doctor Octopus start fighting on a moving train. In 2004, no one
had seen anything like this in a superhero movie, and unlike other action scenes from
movies back then this one absolutely holds up today. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s
really fast-paced and kind of intense, and it’s generally just a ton of fun to watch.
Again, this is the best use of Spider-Man in an action scene that we’ve seen so far
in my opinion. Moving back to the MCU, number 5 is the knife
fight from the Winter Soldier. As far as a hand-to-hand fight scene, this is by far the
best in any superhero movie in my opinion. The opening of the Winter Soldier gave us
an idea of what kind of stuff the Russoes could do in terms of action, but we didn’t
really see it fully until that highway fight. It was also the first time since Iron Man
that one of these MCU fight scenes felt pretty grounded to me. The other ones are great,
but this actually felt real to me, like there was some actual danger and someone could get
killed. And it was also nice to see Captain America using some pretty awesome new martial
arts fighting skills. Like from that super soldier serum he got enhanced strength, agility,
durability (I guess), and he also got a pretty sweet shield. But he never really had anything
that set him apart that much physically, at least to me. But now he’s learned all of
these fighting techniques from SHIELD training and so he’s able to hold his own against
a trained assassin. And it all together leads to a pretty great fight sequence. Clocking in at number 4 is the Dark Knight
car chase. Now this is probably the best-made action scene on this list. As far directing,
sound design, that kind of stuff. And yet it’s also one of the most entertaining.
The Dark Knight has a ton of great action scenes to chose from. A lot of people don’t
like Christopher Nolan’s action directing, I personally quite enjoy it, most of the time.
But this scene is just pretty much perfect all the way through. It is everything an action
scene like this should be. It’s very memorable, it has a ton of awesome moments, and like
I said before it’s just really well put together on the technical side of things.
And the visual effects are also incredible. I can’t really say much about this scene
except, go to YouTube right now and watch it. Matter of fact, scratch that, just go
watch The Dark Knight again. Now, I’d just like to mention, my Top 3
here, I moved these around in every way imaginable, and honestly my ranking for these might change
tomorrow. But as of right now, here’s how I put them. At number 3, I’m gonna have
the airport battle from Captain America: Civil War. I mean, everyone’s already gushed over
this scene, including myself, but that’s for a good reason. This action sequence is
truly incredible. It’s exactly what comic book fans want to see, and even if you’re
not a comic book fan it’s still extremely entertaining. This is the big Civil War battle,
the final fight between Cap, Bucky, and Tony, while fantastic, is more of a personal fight.
This is just the all out brawl, everyone vs everyone. It’s the first time we saw Spider-Man
in the MCU, Ant-Man goes giant, it’s funny, it’s exciting, it goes on for like, 15 minutes.
It also does what I think the Russoes set out to do, which is give every character something
to do. *clip from ScreenJunkies* Overall, a fantastic Marvel action scene that realistically
could’ve been number 1 or 2, I just happened to place it like this. Now for my number 2, this was a really tough
call, but I’m gonna go with the Quicksilver scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Now
yes, the Quicksilver scene from X-Men: Apocalypse is also really great, but I don’t think
you can top the first time you saw it. In Days of Future Past, no one was expecting
this kind of thing and it just blew everyone’s minds. What the crew of that film went through
to make this scene work effects-wise is insane, and it absolutely paid off. It was also nice
to see a bit of a more light-hearted scene here, like this movie is funny and not too
dark, but this was good way to break up the tension a bit and have something of a comic
book-y moment. Also, the song used here is a perfect choice. Now before I get to my number 1, here are
a couple of other superhero action scenes that are pretty awesome, but just couldn’t
make the cut. Superman Returns – plane catch scene
Kick-Ass – hallelujah machine gun scene Iron Man 3 – final fight scene
Iron Man 2 – racetrack fight X2 – opening scene
Batman v Superman – Batman fight Ok, my number 1 pick for the best superhero
movie action scene is the final battle from the Avengers. Now again, I had a hard time
placing this here, especially when it was up against that epic Civil War fight. But
to me it really came down to the difference between seeing all of these heroes fighting
together for the first time, or seeing these heroes fighting each other for the first time.
Or I guess not first time, but you get what I mean. On this kind of scale. And in the
end I decided to go with the first one. This may be my nostalgia coming into play here,
but when I saw this final battle in the cinema, my 10 or 11 year old mind was blown, and still
to this day it’s just a phenomenal action scene. There are explosions, there are heroes
quipping, there are tons of disposable aliens to kill, there’s fantastic music, there
are crazy visual effects, there’s that epic circle shot. It’s just so much fun seeing
these heroes that we’ve followed for years now finally coming together and just working
as an awesome team. It’s just pure entertainment all the way through, perfect summer blockbuster
action. Again, some of these other scenes are probably better put together or better
directed, but this is my subjective list, and seeing these heroes that I loved coming
together for the first time and fighting together for a solid 20 minutes, that is an experience
I will never forget and so I gotta put it at the number 1 spot. So those were my 10 favorite superhero movie
action scenes. What are yours? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below.
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David Anderson

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