Top 10 Superhero Creepypastas

Top 10 Superhero Creepypastas

Welcome back nerds, Im your friendly neighborhood
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movie is. Now lets get down to todays list – the Top
10 Superhero Creepypastas #10 Superwoman
This young lady always wanted to have telekinetic skills and even spent countless hours researching
how this could be possible. She finds a comic book called Steps to unlocking
your hidden powers. It goes into great detail about the steps
needed to be taken for her to achieve this. After reading through she begins testing them
without even finishing the comic. She quickly runs through the steps and then
tries a simple maneuver of getting her curtains to close with her mind. She hears a whoosh of fabric and the curtains
close. Thats when she noticing two glowing red eyes
outside of her window, she jumps up to close the blinds and runs back to the comic. On the last page it was a photo of her dressed
as superwoman and behind her was a demonic figure with the same red eyes. The next page shook her to the core. The text box read – Your powers are unlocked,
but your soul now belongs to me. #9 Real Life Superheroes
This story tells a tale of superheroes that people only believed to exist in movies. The superheroes seemed to possess real life
powers and abilities. Although he knew the darker side of it all. Beneath there smiles and tales of victory
he learned of their personal lives. He even goes into descriptive detail about
Captain Ultra dependency on alcohol, Madland abusing his family and Lady Luck waking in
horrid shrieks from terrible nightmares. He finishes the story by saying that as long
as the public never saw who they truly were they would be safe. #8 Look, up in the sky! Our protagonist tells the story of his team
surveying a meteor that had fallen from the sky. The team approached it and our protagonist
was the first to make contact. The giant rock busted open like an egg and
inside was a torn cloth. It latched onto him breaking through his hazmat
suit and bonding with him like a symbiote. He could feel the alien cloth raiding his
memories and controlling his actions. The cloth soon wormed its way to his shoulders
creating a cape that fused with his body. He was endowed with superhuman powers that
many dream of. The cape directed his actions allowing him
to thwart many evil dictators, terrorists and crime of any sort. Soon peace had been achieved on the planet,
but the capes mission never stopped. It longed for absolute peace. This story takes a dark turn when the cape
meant for peace now directs his thoughts to peace of all kinds. The people cheering werent seen as joyful,
but disturbing the peace and even a little girl throwing confetti now plagued his mind
that she was littering. Overwhelmed with thoughts of killing them
he now faces the challenge of resisting the capes urges for destruction. #7 Fear of Victory
As many of you may know Fear of Victory is an episode of the animated Batman series featuring
the Scarecrow. Except in this twisted episode Batman takes
things too far. The protagonist in the story tells us that
everything was seemingly normal about the show it featured Batman and Robin chasing
after Scarecrow. Although Scarecrow was a child, a scared and
very ill child. They rushed after him to save him and once
they find him hiding in an alley they take him to Arkham Asylum. Batman soon visits the child Scarecrow to
find him crying in his cell saying that he never wished for this fate and in a dark turn
of events Batman leaves Scarecrow a note saying – hang yourself. The protagonist is terrified watching this
play out and cant believe his eyes when the screen cuts to black and shows an adult Scarecrow
hanging from a noose. #6 No Heroes
The protagonist gets a copy of Superman No heroes except the cover was completely black
and the Superman logo was cracked. He was used to comic books occasionally have
dark phases, but this one was more than that. The text boxes even said things like – Life
is a fatal disease which slowly eats us away. Youre not perfect. Youre no hero. Superman began destroying everything in sight
leaving bodies of both heroes and villains to rot in the streets. Then the page that scared him the most. Superman appeared to be staring at him and
said – For years you watched us suffer. Now its your turn, hero. He puts down the comic and picks up a Batman
one to just clear his mind, everything is fine until he reaches a page that has a full
panel of the dark superman from the other comic. The speech bubble just says – You dont get
to be happy, hero. #5 The Missing Movie
This is the story of a man who when exploring a comic book shop finds a DVD titled – The
Missing Marvel Movie. The film was Spider-Man 3, but it was different. Peter was depressed and Mary Jane appeared
sad and distraught. Wanting to see the movie he continued watching,
to find that the movie would continuously show a sinister version of Spider-man and
then a news clip of a tragedy. They werent recent tragedies though, they
seemed to be predicting future events. Terrified by this he quickly shut it off to
show his friends, but when they turned on the movie it was just the normal Spider-Man
3 film. #4 Does Whatever a Spider Does
The story begins with a man who chose a life of crime and after stealing a wallet he finds
a piece of paper inside that says – Does whatever a spider does. After robbing a convenience store he hops
into a taxi and just as hes about to rob the driver the man puts his hand on his to stop
him, but oddly says – catches thieves just like flies. He quickly jumps out of the cab and while
walking down the street he hears a man playing guitar singing the words – Spins a web, any
size. The criminal shakes off the weirdness and
sets his sights on a rich older woman walking alone. As he grabs her purse she turns to him and
says – Look out here comes the Spi. Right then he pulls out his gun to threaten
her and out of nowhere something grabs his gun and tosses it out of his hand. Now terrified he runs down an alley to escape
this madness, but suddenly he runs into a giant spider web. Now stuck like a fly, he watches in complete
horror as a man-sized spider begins crawling down the web towards him. The man begins demonically singing – spiderman
spiderman does whatever a spider can. #3 Are You Happy Now? This creepypasta begins with a mysterious
Spider-Man comic and a fan who watches their favorite superhero go through immense pain. Our protagonist loves the early issues of
Spider-Man where hes happy, but still faces terrible things and manages to overcome them
by being positive. He receives a mysterious package in the mail
and inside is a copy of Spider-Man except one hes never seen before – its called Spider-Man
Are you happy now? The comic book features Peter Parker in his
suit but no mask. As he turns through the pages he notices that
Spider-Man is talking to him and purposefully hurting himself because he believes its what
the fans want. After tearing out his own eye and stabbing
himself in the arm, Parker says – is this what you want? Are you Happy Now? The man reading the comic begins to cry saying
out loud that its not the fans who want this, its the creators who have wronged you. He continues turning the pages to see a dumbstruck
Spider-Man that says – Is that true? You dont enjoy watching me hurt? Holding back tears he simply nods as he turns
the page to find Spider-Man saying – thank you. The creepiest part of this story isnt that
it was a talking book its the fact that when he picked it up again to show his friends,
the pages were now blank. #2 The Lost Episode
This scary story starts with our protagonist finding a VHS tape on the side of the road,
it was labelled – Spider-Man The Animated Series Episode 666. Being a fan he thought he had already watched
every episode there was. This seemed to be a lost episode so he was
excited to see what he had been missing. Everything started normally with the usual
intro, but the episode was called The Death of Spiderman. When it starts Spiderman is covered in blood
and his eyes were glowing red. Suddenly it flashes to him in the Daily Bugle,
but everyone inside had been brutally murdered. What happens next would shake him to his core. He watched intently as the screen flashed
and went to black. Now displaying a disfigured Spider-Man on
the screen who let out a blood curdling screech. He watched in absolute horror as Spider-Man
appeared to be looking right at him, slowly opening his mouth to say – You are next. #1 The Forgotten Spider-Man
This is about a man who purchases a strange version of Spider-Man from a comic book shop. He loved collecting comic books and other
Marvel collectibles when he stumbled across a demented looking Spider-Man toy. The toy was completely red, its webbing pattern
was disorganized, even the spider on its chest was crooked and looked like a real spider. The toy actually came with a comic as well. The comic was called The Forgotten Spider-Man
issue zero. When he got home he put the toy on his shelf
and began reading his new comic. It started normally with Peter Parker being
bitten by a radioactive spider, but something was different. When the spider bit him, blood gushed from
his arm sending him into a murderous rage. As he looked up in disbelief his toy on the
shelf was now in a crouching pose and appeared to be staring at him. He kept reading as the comic became even more
gruesome, with Spider-Man killing MJ, then Uncle Ben and then Aunt May. He quickly looked up the comic book to discover
this copy was written by a man who wanted a sinister version of spider-man but had died
due to exhaustion while making it. When he returned to his living room the Spider-Man
toy was missing and so was the comic book. Thats when he heard a voice in his head say
– Til Next time, true believers. Then he receives a knock at his door. There was just a package and when he opened
it, it was a copy of The Forgotten Spider-Man issue #1. And that has been the Top 10 Superhero Creepypastas. For more videos like this click the playlist
on the screen, hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed and dont forget to subscribe. Plus let us know in the comics which one you
loved the most. From Top 10 Nerd Im Johnny Rogers and until
next time, take care.

David Anderson

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