Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

David Anderson

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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

  1. christopher houlihan says:

    Raichu has been completely buried thanks to pikachu's victory over it now no one wants to evolve their pikachu's some even forgets that pikachu evolves lol

  2. The Beginning Of Knowledge says:

    Poke me with a stick, I've been calling it Regi-Ice for years…

  3. Jojo Sugoi says:

    Did anyone peep the narrator saying charizard is a dragon?

  4. Eduardo Sanchez says:

    Pokémon origins is trash

  5. R-Ray Nhish says:

    Notice how these fights are from the old anime. Back when ash wasnt so stupid

  6. Irvine Angelo Lejos says:

    Don't do explanation just let viewers view the video.

  7. BLUE BLUR 1986 says:

    I'd say CHARIZARD vs MAGMAR is the best pokemon battle I've seen but GRENINJA vs CHARIZARD was a fantastic battle even tho Ash gets screwed out of winning the league just to stop him becoming a champion, he'd still travel around as that's who Ash is. This was the first time they made Ash really good and deserving of winning/achieving something big for once but they screwed him over.

    My top 3 are.

  8. Evan Sidener says:

    charizard deserved every one of those spots

  9. RockTheBells says:

    Mew vs Mewtwo

  10. Rachit Thukral says:

    Alakazam vs ginger

  11. Nicholas Crego says:

    This dude needs to learn how to pronounce some pokemon names!

  12. Dylan Ince says:

    Can we say how bad it is Ash v Clair did not get a mention

  13. Mugiwara Darwin says:

    Emerald Splash again!

  14. Jose Sandoval says:

    Fire Blast always reminded me of the Blair Witch Project 🔥

  15. brettdarrellpatrick says:

    so much charizard… creator has an obvious hard on

  16. don mohammed says:

    Ash vs alan
    Charizard vs ashgreninja

  17. christopher houlihan says:

    Ranked most embarrassing losses for pikachu 1-3


  18. Harish Krishnan says:

    Dawn vs zoye..what a contest battle..epic.!!

  19. kushal gajavelly says:

    Who came here after ash wins alola battle!

  20. Richard Ojeda says:

    Why am I just remembering that Regice is that old…. I completely forgot about that episode.

  21. Shamim Ehsan says:

    Just came here after getting the news of Ash wining the Aloha league. So proud. I've waited my entire childhood for this moment!

  22. Matthew Kennedy says:


  23. Alam Severo says:

    You need to do this again

  24. Ankur Dutta says:

    I just had flashback of memories from the day I saw Charizad vs Magmar back in 2005.

  25. Marcus Osborne says:

    Charzard vs magmar should have been number one you dumb fucks

  26. Anony Mous says:

    Infernape vs elctivire still the best battle

  27. Abhishek says:

    You just realize that the old animated series was way better than the one that comes right now.

  28. Alijah Anyagwosi says:

    Greninja vs mega Charizard X was epic as well

  29. SUB-ZERO says:

    The animated series threw around so much bullshit I couldn't watch. I just played the games. Theres no way a fucking Pikachu would take down a Regice.

  30. assassin 97 says:

    Infernape/electiwire should be number one. ALWAYS. EVEN ABOVE THE ALOLA FINALS.

  31. Brandon Moody says:

    7:14 wtf did you just call it

  32. Mickell James says:

    that one strikes mewtwo for shore.

  33. Mickell James says:

    I so like Charzard he;s so cool ev3m wen mega evolution

  34. Dr.Sadat Ullah khan says:


  35. Dr.Sadat Ullah khan says:

    Where is alain vs ash

  36. Jose Mendoza says:

    What about Alian vrs Ash, or Tobias vrs Ash, or Sawyer vrs Ash

  37. Maayta gaming says:

    Type advantage: you took all the logic out of me
    Ash: i dont even know who you are

  38. Maayta gaming says:

    Also i think number one should be red vs blue charizard vs blastoise

  39. Tughral Khan says:

    Charizard vs poliwrath was also a good fight

  40. Daniel Nash says:

    Red vs blue best fight by far

  41. Marcel Schoen says:

    Charizard MVP

  42. Tim Kelly says:

    Charizard vs magmar was the best. When Charizard gave him that seismic toss and he got up and looked like he was going to keep fighting; that was crazy.

  43. Raagull R says:

    Greninja vs Mega Charizard

  44. wesley stanton says:

    Indigo days where amazing honestly the best season

  45. Investing Sensei says:

    Hey you random person scrolling through the comments section, have a wonderful day!!

  46. Thee Bright Lord says:

    So we’re gonna sit here and blame ash for his incompetence? When we really should be trashing the idiot writer 🤦🏽‍♂️

  47. cloud chaser says:

    Yea a pikachu fainting Redgice ? Pshhhhh 😒

  48. Will Feeney says:

    this is so stupid mega charizard x vs new two is by fiat the best fight in the anime and plus most of the fight scenes in Pokémon origins were better than some of these

  49. Marques Rodriguez says:

    If you want to watch anime with kickass battles, Pokemon is the right one for you

  50. jonley Jospin says:

    Just shut up

  51. HookkuX says:

    Pikachu vs Raichu is the best battle ever.

  52. Dino ._. 1016! says:

    To me the best was when ashes charizard fought blazekin.

  53. soulgasm 19238 says:

    They should make a Kanto series from Gary’s POV.

  54. Andrew Lawton says:

    XYZ with ash greninja. final battle

  55. guo ren says:

    1:51 everybody do DA FLOP

  56. Your dad says:

    Great list

  57. Artin YouTuber says:

    My favorite is not on the list

  58. Artin YouTuber says:

    It’s when Ash’s pickachu fights Gary’s evee

  59. d⃟o⃟d⃟o⃟a⃟k⃟k⃟i⃟r⃟w⃟i⃟r⃟s⃟i⃟r⃟z⃟ says:

    10:39 “Yeah Thats The One”

  60. Phantom Gaming says:

    opponent is super strong
    Ash : Its charizard time!!

  61. Sk Jummat says:

  62. George Alilath says:

    Ash vs Gary, ah the classics.

  63. The Conqueror says:

    What about ganger vs nactowl

  64. Lavita Cinderella says:

    To me no. 1 is Charizard against Mewtwo!!

  65. Pikachu Use!! Spirit Gun!! says:

    Charizard had the best fight imo

  66. Y 20 X says:

    "What's more kickass than Charizard taking on Mewtwo?"
    According to you, Bellsprout whooping Bulbasaur and splitting Pikachu's wig.

  67. Almost Everything You Need To Know says:

    Infernape vs electivire deserves a higher spot

  68. Rafael Sevag Karmir says:

    Rename: Top 10 Charizard Battles

  69. Jeff Saville Creative says:

    Nostalgia 😥

  70. FortniteTrollnite says:

    If ash used infernape for kalos league it could of destroyed alains charizard

  71. Ibraheem Productions says:

    pikachu beat lucario.

  72. Suman Rani says:

    Infernape Vs electravire

  73. Bikalpa Bhattarai says:

    My favourite battle is professor kukui vs Ash(tapu Koko vs Pikachu)

  74. Sebastian Grob says:

    Mew vs Mewtwo

  75. Mr Lukz says:

    Watching this video reminded me of Charizard, I remember having a lvl 100 Charizard that I shat on everyone with, (this was when I was 8,) and my friend had a full lvl 100 team with water types and other whatnot. My Charizard casually wiped out his whole squad again and again, even against a lvl 100 Swampert, which is really tough on fire types, and my friend literally asked to trade his whole team for my Charizard alone. I said no. He was priceless

  76. Jeremy weinberg says:

    Charzard vs magmar or mewtwo buff said

  77. Ryan theblaziken101 says:

    When people say charizard is better than blaziken I show them the battle from the anime

  78. hamilton euzarraga says:

    Charizard is NOT a dragon type!!!!!

  79. hamilton euzarraga says:

    Venue saur really? Wtf? It's venus saur

  80. Chris Vincent says:

    Hmmmmm 3:54

  81. Jonathan Quinonez says:

    Respect the OG Pokemon

  82. Jeron Paul says:

    Charizard's greatest hits

  83. Marshall D. Teach says:

    Ash vs Puberty should be at top.

  84. Black Evo says:

    For me the top 1 is charizard vs mewtwo. The pokemon origins.

  85. Arcomador says:

    @watchmojo this needs to be updated, the final episodes from the sun and moon series were epic!

  86. SunTerror55 says:

    Magmar vs Charizard really should be #1

  87. J P says:

    What about ash's metapod standoff?

  88. The Moviemania says:

    Where is Alkazam Vs Gengar

  89. Phenom Gaming says:

    Ash couldnt take down a blaziken with charizard but then tied with a blaziken using a sceptile

  90. dragos pop says:

    Noooo way

  91. Ronald Matos says:

    Matt Stonie: Nobody can defeat me

    Ash: Hold my Pokéballs…

  92. Cubazcubar says:

    I honestly have never liked the mega evolutions

  93. Lankystanky says:

    Love how inaccurate this is

  94. Hunny Senpai says:

    Ash vs adulthood is my favourite Pokemon battle

  95. I Carry says:

    Kirby: I'm the cutest pokemon

    Pikachu: Am I A Joke To You?

  96. Kingdom Key- C says:

    Charizard and blastoise is number one also because it epitomizes the battle most of us had against blue if we picked charmander I was young and didn't know much about stats and weaknesses but when I got to blue in the end it was charizard against blues blastoise thank god for fly and slash he almost had me but a flamethrower ended it all bc it was critical I was so souped plus in origin's reds charizard takes on blues blastoise which was also epic

  97. Jewillz Daprince says:

    What’s so great about “pOkEmOn”

  98. Bastard Gengar says:

    Let’s be real it wasn’t charizard vs mewtwo, it was RED vs. mewtwo

  99. MRPikachuGodzillaKai09 Pika09 says:

    Why do they make RAICHU a Dumb Pokémon

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