Top 10 New Attractions Coming to Disney World & Disneyland – D23 2019

Top 10 New Attractions Coming to Disney World & Disneyland – D23 2019

Welcome to TPMvids Disney Beat where we talk
about all things Disney! If you’re new to the channel, hit that subscribe
button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video. We also have Instagram and Twitter- you can
find us @TPMvideos. D23 is the ultimate Disney fan expo that happens
every two years in Anaheim California. The gives us a glimpse into everything Disney
from animation to film and of course the theme parks. This year the Disney Parks booth on the show
floor gave us a lot of insight into Epcot’s transformation that’s currently underway. You can usually expect to hear some exciting
announcements and updates about Disneyland and Walt Disney World at the Parks panel and
this year was no different. Bob Chapek, Chairman of Parks, Experiences
and products, lead this years presentation and the next couple years are definitely an
exciting time for the Disney theme parks. So today we’re gonna be counting down the
Top 10 new additions & attractions Coming to Walt Disney World & Disneyland! Number 10
At Disneyland you can expect to see a brand new daytime parade called Magic Happens make
its way down Main Street USA in Spring of 2020. This new parade will feature characters from
many Disney classics including Moana and Coco. Bob Chapek said the parade will celebrate
awe inspiring moments of magic that are at the heart of so many Disney stories. It’s really great to see some of the newer
films represented in the parade and this all gonna be all tied together by a catchy theme
song written and produced by Todrick Hall. At D23 we got a sneak peak into the song sung
by Jordan Fisher. So look out for Magic Happens coming to Disneyland
in 2020. Number 9With Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge now
set to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, they’re hard at work
on the new Star Wars hotel and at D23 we found out this would be called Star Wars: Galactic
Starcruiser. It’ll be a 2 day 2 night immersive adventure
that will take you into a Galaxy Far Far away on the Hylcian. All of your experiences from dining to activities
will have you interacting with the characters and crew along the way, and the choices you
make affect your journey. This day journey includes a trip into Batuu
and while you’re on the Hylcian, everyone regardless of age will be able to take part
in a training remote and wield a lightsaber. The entire journey is the first of its kind
and will definitely be the most immersive experience Disney has created to date. No opening date was shared but I’m sure
we can expect it to be open by Walt Disney World’s 50th in 2021. Number 8
It was announced earlier this year that Disneyland would be getting Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway
Railway in Toontoon in addition to Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. The ride at Disneyland is set to open in 2022
and at D23 we got concept art of what the outside of the attraction will look like. The El Captitoon theatre will be the home
of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway which will be taking over the current location of
the Gag Factory Five and Dime Gift Shop. Once you enter the El Caption Theatre it will
feature an exhibit set up by the ToonTown hysterical society, then you’re sucked into
the wacky cartoon world of a Mickey Mouse Short. The physical ride itself will be the same
as what’s gonna be opening at Hollywood Studios in Spring of 2020 but it’s really
fun seeing the original design of the exterior and interior. This will be an excellent addition to Mickey’s
Toon town at Disneyland. Number 7
We’ve known since late 2018 that Disney California Adventure would be getting a Marvel
themed land. Construction is well underway at the park
but it was revealed at D23 that this new land will be called Avengers Campus where the Avengers
are getting ready to recruit the next generation of Superheroes. Phase one of Avengers Campus will open in
2020 and will be home to the first ever Spiderman attraction in a Disney theme park. The Spiderman Experience invites you into
the Worldwide Engineering Brigade. Known as WEB for short, Peter Parker is one
of the aspiring inventors. {Scot Drake} We will be welcome to an open
house. Where the kids are excited to invite us for
a test drive of their latest invention: the Web slinger vehicle. This interactive family dark ride lets you
sling webs while you help Spiderman collect the Spider Bots. These kind of interactive attractions are
always a hit at the Disney parks and this looks like its gonna be another really fun
experience. Avengers Campus will also be home to Pym Test
Kitchen themed to Ant Man and the Wasp and will also give you the opportunity to meet
many of your favourite Marvel Superheroes. Number 6
So we just talked about Phase 1 of Avenges Campus but at D23 Bob Chapek also announced
a brand new E- ticket attraction for Phase 2. This building here is the Avengers Headquarters
and it’ll be the home of a brand new attraction. There was no name given but Disney said you’ll
be teaming up with the Avengers in a battle to save the world from one the most powerful
villains you’ll ever face. {Bob Chapek} And for the very first time we
all get to step aboard a Quinjet and fly to Wakanda. The Disney parks blog has said that a new
ride system is being developed, but seeing as how we’ll be flying into Wakanda, a ride
system similar to Flight of Passage in Pandora could possibly lend itself well to this attraction. There’s been no opening date announced for
phase 2 but I’m sure we can expect to see some sort of simulator attraction for this
new Avengers ride as new information becomes available. Number 5
One of the biggest announcements made at D23 was about Epcot’s transformation. Bob Chapek said they’re infusing Epcot with
more ways to dream and more way to be inspired. {Bob Chapek}It’ll be a park that will be
more Disney, more family, more timeless and more relevant to the millions of guests that
visit us each year. Epcot. Dedicated to inspiring everyone. The magic of possibilities. This here is the new Epcot logo which is a
fresh take on the old logo from Epcot Centre. This was the model on display at the parks
booth and there’s a lot to be excited about. Epcot’s transformation which is already
underway includes the redesign of the front entrance. The transformation will continue into what
we currently know as Future World but that name won’t be for too long. Eventually Epcot will get rid of the Future
World name and the park will be unified by four different neighbourhoods. There’s gonna be World Showcase, World Discovery,
World Celebration and World Nature. In addition to the entrance, World Celebration
will feature many kinetic elements throughout the land and will also be home to a multi
level festival centre as well as a brand new statute of Walt Disney. Imagination will also be part of World Celebration,
and although no announcements were made about this pavilion they did announce that Spaceship
Earth will be seeing some updates. *Insert Bob Chapek* {Bob Chapek} The new Spaceship earth will
still feature great moments of human history. But instead of inventions and technology we’ll
focus on something that binds all of humanity together: storytelling. Most of the scenes we all know and love will
remain but this fresh incarnation of the ride will feature some brand new scenes and will
follow what they’re calling the “Story light” through this journey. No specific dates have been announced but
expect a fresh update on this classic attraction in the near future. Number 4
The neighbourhood on the east side of Epcot will be known as World Discovery. At D23 we learned that the Guardians of the
Galaxy attraction will be called Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic rewind. You’ll start your journey in the Galaxarium
which will take you out of earth and onto the planet of Xandar. We’ve known this ride was roller coaster
but it was announced that it’ll be the first Disney coaster with a reverse launch; it’s
definitely gonna be a hit at Epcot. It was announced earlier this year that the
play pavilion would be taking over the home of the former Wonders of Life pavilion and
some new concept art was shared as D23. The Play pavilion will be home to interactive
virtual experiences and will be open in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th in 2021. Next door at Mission Space, construction on
the new Space Restaurant is also underway and at D23 we learned it would be called Space
220 Restaurant. You’re gonna board an elevator that will
connect you to a space station and once you’re inside you’ll take in the views of earth,
220 miles above Epcot; that’s where the 220 name comes from. This is definitely gonna be a one of a kind
dining experience which is set to open Winter of 2019. Number 3
Another one of Epcot’s neighbourhoods will be World Nature and this will be west side
that will includes the Land Pavilion as well as the Seas with Nemo and Friends. We learned at D23 that the new film Awesome
Planet in the Land Pavilion would debut in January of 2020. Also, a brand new attraction experience called
Journey of Water, inspired by Disney’s Moana will make its way into World Nature in the
future. This is the first Moana attraction Disney
has brought into their parks and here you’ll be able to interact with magical living water. Looking at the concept art released, it seems
like Disney will be integrating this IP in a classic way where Moana is just inspiring
elements in this walk through exploration trail. Looking at the concept art, it appears that
Journey of Water will be right about here and will lead into the Seas Pavilion which
is a pretty fitting transition. Number 2
The last neighbourhood at Epcot will be World Showcase. At D23 we learned that the new film in the
China Pavilion would be called Wondrous China. This is gonna be a seamless 360 prevention
but there was no release date was announced. In Canada the new film will be called Far
And Wide in Circle Vision 360 and that will debut in January of 2020. Also in January of 2020 we can expect to see
the new Beauty and the Beast sing A long make its way into the France pavilion. Bob Chapak said we’ll be able to sing along
to our favourite songs while enjoying a comedic twist to this tale as old as time. The comedic twist does sound like this sing
a long could be presented in the same way as the frozen sing a long at Hollywood Studios. We also got a sneak peak into Epcot Forever,
the new firework show that will debut on October 1st. The show looks fantastic and the score really
reflects that classic Epcot sound, featuring the Voices of Liberty {Vocalists} Magic Journeys. Mystic flights. The future world is born today. The show really seems like it’ll be a great
way to celebrate Epcot. It was also announced that the new show preceding
Epcot forever would be called Disney’s Harmonious and its being described as the largest nighttime
spectacular in Epcot’s history. This show will celebrate the power of music
and will debut in 2020, but we’ve saved the best Epcot announcement for last. Number 1
One of the biggest announcements at D23 was that we’ll be stepping in time to a brand
new Mary Poppins attraction in the United Kingdom Pavilion. {Music} Step in time. Step in time. Step in time. Step in time. Never need a reason never need a rhyme. Get in line to step in time. This has been a heavily rumoured addition
coming to World Showcase and it’s great that we finally got confirmation. It marks the first time Mary Poppins is getting
her own attraction. The UK pavilion will be home to Cherry Tree
lane which most likely will be placed in this area back here in the pavilion. When you look closely at the concept art it
shows the characters from Mary Poppins Returns but none the less the attraction will still
celebrate this iconic character. You’ll enter the Banks residence and embark
on what we can only imagine will be a musical journey. There weren’t many specific details shared
at the Expo but I think we can expect a Disney dark ride with this one. I mean that will lend itself really well to
all the magic and nuance of Mary Poppins. No dates were announced but I’m sure we’ll
get more information as Epcot’s transformation continues. So if you had to pick one addition for Disneyland
and one for Walt Disney World, which ones are you looking forward to the most? Also what are you thoughts on Epcot’s transformation? I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed
the video.

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