Top 10 Disney Ride Break Downs | Stuck on Disney Rides

Top 10 Disney Ride Break Downs | Stuck on Disney Rides

Welcome to TPM Vids: Disney Beat, where we talk about all things Disney! If you’re new to the channel, hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video. We also have Instagram and Twitter, you can find us at @TPMvideos. As you step through the gates of any Disney theme park, the magic comes alive immediately. You walk into the park with an attraction in mind, and head on over to that ride right away But, sometimes the magic comes to a slight halt… Although it’s Disney where everything seems perfect, the rides do break down from time to time, especially since they’re running constantly upwards of 12 hours straight, some days with very little downtime. This could be frustrating, especially if it’s one of the rides you are really looking forward to. Usually when a ride breaks down and you’re let off the ride, a Cast Member will give you a FastPass as a consolation for the inconvenience. Disney actually likes to use the term “In-Show Exit” when a ride does break down and guests need to be let off. It has more of a magical ring to it, don’t you think? Now, although getting stuck on a ride is usually not the most ideal situation, for us Disney fans, it’s something that we kind of wish happens from time to time, having to go through an In-Show Exit usually means you’ll get a view of the attraction that the average guest wouldn’t normally see. So today, We’re gonna be counting down the top ten Disney ride breakdowns and In-Show Exits. Number 10: The Little Mermaid. Whether it’s Journey of The Little Mermaid at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, or the Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea adventure at Disney California Adventure, This ride seems to always break down. The Omnimover ride system is a continuous circuit of vehicles that keep moving. But, it does stop from time to time when people need assistance at the load or unload, or for other minor reasons. It’s usually just a brief stop, and you can expect to hear this: Sebastian: Oh, what’s this? Sebastian: You’ve come to a stop! Sebastian: Hmm…maybe it’s that sea witch! Sebastian: Hmph! Sebastian: Listen to me! Sebastian: Stay seated in your clam shell while I get to the bottom of this! This isn’t really considered a breakdown, since the ride usually starts back up again in a matter of seconds or minutes. But sometimes, it’s a more complicated issue that requires everyone to get off the ride. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. Announcer: We regret that our adventure cannot continue at this time. You’ll normally know this is about to happen because the work lights in the show building will turn on so Cast Members can assist you for the In-Show Exit. In this particular ride you actually get pretty close to the animatronics while you’re walking off the attraction. *Indistinct conversations* Number nine: Pirates of the Caribbean. If you’ve been on this ride before, you’ll know you’re riding on a boat surrounded by water for most of the ride. So you might be wondering: What happens when this ride breaks down and, no. It doesn’t involve swimming. At least… not for the guests. So first off, the boats get backed up and become stacked behind one another on the ride path, and then it’s Cast Members to the rescue! A very lucky cast member gets suited up in rubber waders, hops in the water, then pushes the boats along the ride path towards the closest dock. Once you get closer to the dock, Another Cast Member then pulls the boat with a ride to its position Then, another team of Cast Members help you out of the boat to continue your In-Show Exit. Cast Member: Congratulations! Cast Member: You made it! Woman: Thank you! Number eight :Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. In the Buzz Lightyear rides across the Disney Parks, your ride vehicle and a lot of the show scenes take place on two different levels. The show scenes are much lower than the vehicle track. There’s a good couple feet difference from the ground to the track. Disney is all about safety first. Announcer: Please remain seated! Announcer: This ride has stopped temporarily. So when the ride stops, and there’s a possibility of an In-Show Exit, the work lights come on, and a railing is raised to create a barrier between the ride track and the show scenes. This ensures that everyone who may need to walk off the ride is safe. Now sometimes, They don’t need to actually go through with the In-Show Exit, so the railings are lowered the work lights turn off Why you can say goodbye to your score no matter how many points you hide they get reset to zero during this process But the good thing is that you actually get to go through the ride Number seven Radiator Springs racers at Disney California Adventure, you get the opportunity to take a fast speed ride through Radiator Springs now this ride usually breaks down due to Mechanical issues or bad weather if the outdoor portion of the right track has the potential to get wet then this could cause problems for the ride vehicles So they stop the ride if you get stopped while you’re riding through the high-speed race it can be a bit jarring In this case the right vehicle stops so close to the load and unload platform that it wasn’t a far walk along the track to the exit and Even during in show exits. You don’t stop standing in a line. I mean it wouldn’t be Disney without lines right but in all seriousness Disney always puts safety first and since this ride has a gap in the floor of the right track They place a yellow and black metal plate over the gap for you to cross over making sure Everyone’s okay while getting them through as quickly as possible Number six frozen ever after when frozen ever after opened at Epcot. It was constantly going down Apparently the ride opened a little too soon in June of 2016 before all the tests had officially been completed So it was fairly common for the ride to break down sometimes it was an issue with the animatronics not working a Sensor could have been tripped or even the switch track that allows your boat to go down the flume at the end of the ride stopped working and most of these Situations the work lights come on and cast members come into the ride to assist the guests for the intro exit Now depending exactly where the riot stops you’ll either be guided through a back door or Like in this clip taken along the platform on the side of the flume out to the attractions exit Number five aqua topia at Tokyo DisneySea aqua topia opened in 2001 and was actually the second ride in Disney park history to utilize a trackless ride system So you sit in a vehicle that resembles a hovercraft That moves fairly quickly through the shallow Lagoon the water is only about two inches deep But it seems like cast members at this attraction are always equipped with rubber boots to be able to walk through the water Like this cast member here who goes in to retrieve an umbrella from the lagoon? When this ride does stop working and breaks down the right vehicles are unable to move leaving the riders stuck in the lagoon? But never fear this attraction also seems to have a lifetime supply of rubber boots for the guests Now here’s a serious question Do you think the cast members collect the shoe size of each guest or do they just hand out any boot hoping that it fits? oh No It also appears that since the lagoon is so shallow that the water does begin to drain for the in show exit even though there Probably wouldn’t be much water left in the lagoon the boots are most likely handed out to ensure the guests safety Number four The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to arguably one of the most popular thrill rides at the resort the Ride system in Florida uses a wired guided vehicle that relies on a magnetic sensor to determine direction and speed of the vehicle Sometimes the ride vehicle misses the magnet and is off by one 64th of an inch causing the ride to stop Is experiencing technical difficulties at this time when this happens Cast members come to the elevator vehicle with a stepstool to guide you off the ride safely one thing to note about these cast members especially is how reassuring and calming they are towards the guests and Although you may be sitting in the right vehicle for over thirty minutes like any other in show exit They make sure the guests are looked after Three Splash Mountain So Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom does break down from time to time? it’s common that the animatronics stopped working or the music stops By it like the other water rides the vehicles get into a bit of a log jam before officially breaking down Once the logs have stopped moving a cast member then comes to assist each vehicle They use a yellow rod to unlock the lap bars, then help guests onto the platform Once everyone is safely out of their logs They’re escorted by a cast member through the ride to the nearest exit Like The Little Mermaid ride this intial exit usually gets riders pretty close to the animatronics Which is a pretty cool opportunity to be honest the path to the nearest exit definitely gives you a different perspective And view of certain scenes in Splash Mountain like this view of the finale Number 2 Space Mountain Most of the rollercoasters at the Disney parks are enclosed indoors and in the dark such as Space Mountain and Disneyland If you’ve ridden before you’ve probably been curious to know what the ride would look like if it wasn’t in the dark It’s probably every Disney fans dream to go through this ride with the lights on and if the ride does go down You’ll most likely get this view Travelers and rockets. Please really see it as your final continue elements both travelers awaiting departure Your hostess will direct you Now a few things can happen if Space Mountain goes down One the lights turn on and a cast member needs to come assist your rocket and manually push it down the track You then ride the rest of the rollercoaster with the lights on Or two you’re greeted by a cast member helps out of Yurok. It safely and proceed with the in show exit through the attraction number one Ellen’s energy adventure on August 13 2017 Ellen’s energy adventure at Epcot had its last day of operation on this attractions very last ride ever Over 300 riders were in for a little surprise and experienced What is probably the best Disney ride breakdown to ever happen? According to this cast member vehicle one had a bad battery pack so As the vehicles approached the diorama scene the battery gave out the ride stopped and the work lights came on cast members then began the in show exit but as they were going through the procedures cast members allowed guests to walk around the diorama take pictures and get really close to the Animatronics, this is pretty much any Disney fans dream being able to roam around a Disney attraction freely It’s obviously not the ideal last ride that the universe of energy management team wanted But in true Disney fashion this cast member made sure the experience ended on a high note I mean even this giraffe on Kilimanjaro safaris blocking the path couldn’t have stopped in a better place Sometimes your ride experiences might not go as planned, but you can always find that little bit of Disney magic in every situation so Are you one of those people that hopes? They get stuck and gets to experience an in show exit on a Disney ride has it ever happened to you Where a ride broke down what’s right was it leave a comment down below and start a conversation don’t forget to enter the holiday giveaway TPM crew link is in the Description and you could win one of three Awesome prizes if you have any videos from the Disney parks that you’d like to share with us to be used in future videos Follow the link in the description below Thanks so much for watching The TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel and check out some of these other videos, which we’re sure you’ll like

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    Trabalho ñ falta para os cast membros, ainda bem que tudo é resolvido e volta ao normal, é muito movimento o ano todo, tem que ter permanente supervisão, parabéns pelo trabalho incansável pela segurança e aconchego para todos se divertirem, mesmo se algo dá errado!

  3. The Best Of Kayla says:

    I want on the tower of terror and it’s heart stoping scary

  4. The Best Of Kayla says:

    Space mountain is so fast when I want on it I was screaming for my life it’s so dark

  5. 🦉Brianna_owlfan🦉 says:

    That's cool

  6. nylito1 says:

    Here is my story:

    So this was a few months ago and My family and I were at Disney’s Mickys not so scary Halloween party and we went to go on The Haunted Mansion to chill because our feet were hurting. (We were walking a lot) Them my mom and me went to get into the vehicle thing. Then suddenly the ride stopped and Me and my mom were under the FREAZING COLD air conditioner. And then we got back on the tracks. Then the ride stoped again. We waited about 5 mins then the ride went on. But then the DARN RIDE STOPPED AGAIN so we were upset because this was wasting a lot of time. Then finally the ride finished and we went on with our night.

    I hoped you liked my story

  7. pawser99 says:

    Got stuck on rockin roller coaster… apparently they store everything under the tracks, including a bbq!

  8. Cassidy Uhre says:

    I was stuck on the river one in California adventure park for 30 minutes last week 😂

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    I love walt Disney world!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Master Jink says:

    Yo me hapond un cars land in all rides😭

  11. Quinn Carey says:

    I was on Test Track in EBCOT in 2013 and it broke down on a near miss election which ruined the adrenaline rush of excitement

  12. Chenelle Tirta says:

    It was when i rode the pirates of caribbean and the boat moves faster than the music and stuff, and we got to ride that one more time !!

  13. Jade Augustus says:

    I zit in the nemo attraction we Gent stuck and Theo help us out hahaha it was in Disneyland Parijs

  14. Winnie Tong says:

    I got stuck in space mountain one time. The best thing ever, all lights are on and we see how the space mountain structure! And they keep the light on, and we were pushed to the finish line.

  15. Isabella Rodriguez says:

    I got stuck on space mountain the first time

  16. Isbel Nair says:

    Lesson: never trust roller coasters or elevators

  17. LLOR Gouge says:

    i got stuck on the pirates of the carribean and it was in the biggest room where the fight was and i had to listen to this one song for hours

  18. Damien Cortez says:

    I was at Knott's Berry farm one of the rides broke down with the iron reef

  19. Shaula Garcia says:

    What is TPM ??????????

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    One time I was a the Californias haunted Mansion and it was Gus next to the hat box ghost

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    I got stuck in the little mermaid and the song was soooo annoying and i
    watched people get stuck in California screams!

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    The feeling of Disney is So amazing

  25. Casper X says:

    This happend on Pinocchio in Disney land

  26. Imdoneomg2279 says:

    A ride broke down when I was enjoying it and I almost fell asleep

  27. Doctor Diabetics says:

    We where on the haunted mansion I was like 4 so I was scared of the rude and the ride stoped exactly at the creepiest part there where red eyes staring and bats flying above my head I was terrified and I said I will always hate this ride next year my parents made me get on it and I fricken loved it.

  28. Oliver Burg says:

    On the cars ride, I got stopped in a similar area as seen first

  29. Alley Farley says:

    "Splash Mountain breaks down from time to time"
    By time to time do you mean at least 20 times every trip?

  30. TheTon1789 says:

    I went on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters several times when it stopped early on in its soft openings and a little bit after that but never had an evacuation. I have been evacuated off three Disney rides thus far. Matterhorn Bobsleds, but only at the very end of the left side right before the station. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad right before the second lift hill by the goat. The coolest was on Roger Rabit's Cartoon Spin because we got to walk through the ride. We were stopped in the warehouse scene and got to walk the length of the rest of the ride, including seeing how the effect with the moving tunnel hole works. Only other time I've been stuck on something was at Universal Studios Hollywood on Transformers 3D. That was an odd one because the effect of the car stop working so the simulator aspect disappears, but the screens keep playing and you can see the hydraulics lower you down in a couple sections.

  31. Linzi Lynch says:

    i love your chanell

  32. Chloe Johnson says:

    So many breakdowns have happend for me Xd especially on the peoplemover 😤

  33. FeraligatrMaster1 says:

    The makers of the attractions: How much safety do you want?
    Disney: YES

  34. Becky Piskura says:

    A long, long time ago when I was a child me and my family were on Spaceship Earth (before they redid the inside of the ride) and this ride had a tendency to break down but never a show exit. One fateful day however it did and we were able to walk through some of the science and space area before being showed off completely. I was confused but also in wonder lol. I look back on that memory fondly

  35. Maggie Cunningham says:


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    Lol I went to Disneyland this summer and literally 5 of the rides got stopped.

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    Tower of terror is now guardians of the galaxy

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    I got stuck on the Peter Pan ride at Magic Kingdom we were up there for 5 minutes

  39. slasherandrew09 says:

    no i haven't, not yet lol

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    6:09 when you're lonely and have a really big problem

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    At the animal kingdom in Dino land USA on the spinning Dinosaur ride we stop near the end

  42. starlight snow says:


  43. Bri La Gringa says:

    Ive been stuck on space mountain like 10 times lol and I went 15 times in one row since it was empty and I got stuck 3 times on those gets which is crazy !

  44. Zero Knight says:

    Radiator Springs Racers is constantly breaking down

  45. Lollipop girl says:

    I got stuck on cars once😂

  46. Heather Short says:

    Who else that that Ellen’s adventure was dedicated to Ellen degeneres

  47. Abirds104 says:

    Space ranger spin broke down once. But it was a brief stop and I got lots of points from the volcano in the ride.

  48. Zachery Morrow says:


  49. Jayden Games says:

    When I was six, I went on the space mountain ride, and it broke down on the part where it spirals up about 2 to 3 stories. The work lights came on and two crewmembers came up. They pushed the vehicle up the spiral the rest of the way and the lights turned back off again to resume the ride. In hindsight, I give props to the two crewmembers who pushed a loaded railcar up two stories of track. That's commitment to their job right there.

  50. Inky Lulu says:

    I watched this just to see if I was in any of the breakdowns.

    A lot of the rides I rode kept stopping and starting, ok?!?!?

  51. FordTheSurvivorBoi 312 says:

    In 2017 when I went to Singapore Universal Studios,when I was in the animal ride thing I tried to move the vehicle over and over it is not working though so the guy came and fixed it.

  52. bella k says:

    One time, I got stuck on the dinosaur ride. Cool part is, it was right in front of a dinosaur!

  53. PabloPlayz Yt says:

    I've been stuck on the buzz lightyear space ranger ride in Disneyland California we had to get off but we got to take pictures with the weird creatures

  54. pinky unicorn says:

    I heard something similar in the haunted mansion the ride would stop if a disabled person needed help getting on and it was really cool because they would turn on the lights and play scary music

  55. Haleigh Garcia says:


  56. Marcel du Crocq says:

    I have never bin thair 😅

  57. Logan Forasnatch says:

    I got stuck on FROZEN and it was actually a cool experience (as an adult) but I felt really bad for the kids

  58. Natania Oglesby says:

    I got stopped before going up a hill on splash mountain but it went again I also got stuck on 1 or 2 other rides but they worked again

  59. MLPLov3r360 says:

    I HAVE indeed gotten stuck on the Haunted Mansion the day before New Year's Eve lol! But in a few minutes it started up again!😹😹😹

  60. Arianna & Wilbur says:

    I've never experienced an In-show exit. But it's my dream to experience one

  61. XxXxMoonDuskXOXxX Xx says:

    I’m scared of rides

  62. Lavender honey 123 says:

    On haunted mansion we got stuck and a cast member quickly ran down the hall. It scared us so badly and we were scared the man quickly ran up the other side and let us all off and we got to see the whole inside. That also happened to me in the Snow White ride .

  63. Gacha Zane says:

    Oh my gosh! The little mermaid ride at Orlando stopped SO many times! I only rode it once

  64. CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian says:

    I've had an in show exit at space mountain CA

  65. Kim S. says:

    I got stuck at the end of DINOSAUR for an hour and they didn’t really do anything to make it magical 😔 We weren’t even in front of any cool anamontronics, just the toaster-looking section at the end that’s supposedly supposed to be a time machine

  66. Ryan Spaulding says:

    I got stuck on peter pan

  67. MrWesdotcom says:

    I was on The Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride broke down. The pirates ate the tourists……….

  68. Sencilia says:

    Not really a break down but I went on the People Mover when I went to Disney World and during the ride you can hear the radio say that the ride never stops but for me it did stop once so a woman who couldn't walk properly could safely hop on.

  69. XxDarelisseXx OwO says:

    I remember on the Pirates of the caribean ride it almost broke down i was scared bc it stopped in an area that has fake skeletons of mermaids lol i was crying but it brakes down alot i think

  70. Natalie Emmons says:

    I want to get stuck on some rides
    Also click on my photo and watch my video

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    Omg when I went on the Ariel ride Sebastian said that Ursula line, I thought it was part of the ride cause I was at the part with the lil clips from the movie so I thought it just stopped there so we could see the clips..XD I guess I was wrong

  72. Slendergirl 07 says:

    I was on the little mermaid ride in disney world and they had to stop us bc i wanted to go with my sibling but i wasn't the age do be able too so some people got to stop for a moment

  73. Grayson Burgess says:

    I was stuck on the little mermaid ride for about half an hour and then I Peed my pants well I was under a air vent😯😅😋

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    I got stuck on that raft ride

  75. Kokoro Chan •-• says:

    Bro, I got stuck on the people mover for like 5 minutes but we were stuck in the space mountain part. I am absolutely terrified of space mountain because it’s pitch black and all you can hear is the track, the futuristic sounds, and people screaming. It was not fun

  76. Ducky-witha -knife says:

    At 1:37 you can see in the corner of the screen thares a word that kinda looks like the f word but it really said Flickr. Just saying in case someone gets afended or wants to change it!

  77. Lickablebunnydude says:

    When I went on a ride, which the line was 3 hours long, the ride broke down twice

  78. Emi Ann says:

    Guy: you're the one they chose to push?
    Girl: excitedly yeah! 😀

  79. Amy Brydon says:

    I had a fast pass for tower of terror and as we were walking into the park there was a thunderstorm and the tower got hit with lightning, we couldn’t believe it, it was off for the rest of the day and we had another fast pass a few days later and there was only one lift working

  80. Beriah Ross says:

    This is how many times he said cast members


  81. Kaiya B says:

    Recently in Disney world I was on splash mountain in a seat crammed with me, a girl in her 20s and my cousin…
    We were so squished and we were like good thing we’ll be off soon. Also we had just waited like 2 hours for this ride. We get all the way to the end of the ride and maybe 10 feet if even from the boarding area it breaks down and zip a dee do dah was playing. For some reason it was stuck there for over 20 minutes while I was squished, soaking wet, and extremely tired of the words “zip a dee do dah”

  82. Jason Colburn says:


  83. PrincessJFG says:

    "Or for other minor reasons."

  84. Vine Lord says:

    I have been to the Haunted Mansion ride, and multiple times it has lead me to being escorted off the ride, the best part was the ride always seemed to stop in the weirdest positions for me!

  85. Rachel Parks says:

    I got stuck on Splash Mountain and had to get off and yes, we got to see the animatronics but the music was OFF so it was super creepy…we could see them all moving and hear the creaking and it was just super weird

  86. DJ KAI says:

    My ride that broke down was the mansion on DisneylandParis. It was horrible for me bc it was my sister obling me to do that. The ride stopped at the cart part. Then for 2 mins i was very scared. Then it started back on

  87. Annie Herbert says:

    Once I got stuck on the ratatouille ride at Disney Paris and ummmm…. one of the people came along and told us to go because the cue was so long but some people snuck onto the ride to see what was wrong and one of the carriage things (I think there carriages I don’t really remember much) had like decided to just spin around and around luckily it was an empty one. We finally got to go on it after a while tho

  88. TrebleMaker YT says:

    This video has restored my faith in Disney..

  89. Alex Maggs says:

    I got stuck on Spaceship Earth. 15 minutes of watching two squeaky guys with a squeaky boat.

  90. Jacob Samuelson says:


  91. Official mr_Springtrap says:

    Got stuck on the haunted mansion ride once. No in show exit. Just sat there for like 10 minutes watching the doors move…

  92. ZY ana says:

    😂😂😂😂 3:23 “is that girl married???”the little boy is adorable

  93. KasukeGamer says:

    I was on splash mountain this year and it stopped right next to the drop causing us to get soaked Twice we were there for 30 mins

    This was un florida

  94. TreeWhobruNspapr the3rd says:

    I went to Disney with my schools club last year and when we went, we did a class in the morning where we learned about how the rides worked. We went to space mountain and we rode it twice before the park opened and we rode space mountain with the lights on then lights off. Pretty cool with the lights on.

  95. Just a peace of cake says:

    It might be 1 year old but I'm bored

  96. Bethany Johnson says:

    I was at space Mountain, and it broke down when I was at the top of the hill. We saw other riders below as they turned on the lights, and we took selfie’s and pictures of all of the tracks in the light. The cast members soon came up and pushed our cart Down and they kept the lights on. They let us stay in the carts and go again with the lights off.

  97. Kitty Games says:

    it happened to me on the safari ride but instead of a giraffe

    IT WAS A


  98. Sparky The Dragon says:

    I got stuck on the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland, but my score didn’t disappear. I was ranking up points and got a really good score. We didn’t use the in-show exit, though. I also got a Zerg, cuz why not.

  99. Anthony lopez says:

    6:10 freaking olafs face OMG

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